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8 Creamy, Dreamy Desserts

  1. banana-pudding-parfait

    Banana Pudding Parfaits

    Banana Pudding is an old-fashioned Southern dessert traditionally made with layers of Nilla wafers, vanilla pudding and sliced bananas. This version is a little more gourmet than most, and bucks tradition a bit, but still tastes wonderfully nostalgic and delicious.

  2. ricotta-cheesecake-with-raspberries

    Ricotta Cheesecake with Fresh Raspberries

    Made with cream cheese, ricotta cheese and a ground almond crust, the cake is a hybrid between an American-style cheesecake and an Italian-style cheesecake. The tart sweetness of the jam and fresh raspberry topping is the perfect contrast to the cake, which isn’t overly sweet.

  3. Bailey's-Irish-Cream-Tiramisu

    Irish Cream Tiramisu

    If you’re a fan of Baileys Irish Cream as I am, you’ll love this fun twist on tiramisu. It’s a dinner party regular at my house.

  4. Chocolate-Cream-Pie

    Chocolate Cream Pie

    With a chocolate cookie crust, silky chocolate pudding center and pillowy whipped cream topping, this pie is a chocolate lover’s dream.

  5. 6a0115721bb963970b0134862551d5970c-450wi

    Coconut Dream Pie

    Based on the signature Coconut Cream Pie served at The Capital Grille, this dreamy pie has a coconut cookie crust on the bottom, a creamy coconut custard in the middle, and heaps of whipped cream and toasted coconut on top.

  6. tres-leches

    Tres Leches Cake with Dulce de Leche Glaze

    Popular in Latin America, this is a light and fluffy cake is soaked with a mixture of three milks: sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. In this version, rum is added to the soaking liquid and a simple rum-spiked dulce de leche glaze covers the cake. My husband calls it “heaven on earth.”

  7. Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Icebox-Cake

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Icebox Cake

    This make-ahead cake doesn’t even require an oven. Simply layer store-bought chocolate wafers with peanut butter-flavored whipped cream in a loaf pan, and then chill the dessert overnight. In the fridge, the cookies soften and meld with the cream, creating a dessert that resembles a fancy layered mousse cake.

  8. ice-cream-sandwiches

    Semi-Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Kids love them, adults them, these ice cream sandwiches are hard to beat!

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