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Holiday Cocktail Fun + A Giveaway!

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Do you love craft cocktails? Yet do you find yourself staring blankly into your liquor cabinet thinking, “I’d make that drink if only I had smoked sugar syrup, orange bitters, or fill in the blank?” I have a solution! My friends Judy and Alison have created a fun concept called Twist Your Spirits that features a variety of cocktail kits that enable anyone to create the perfect cocktail at home. Each kit contains cocktail mixers, a garnish, bar tools, and a recipe, so the only thing you need is the alcohol — and, of course, some friends to share the drinks with! These kits also make wonderful host or hostess gifts, and are much more enthusiastically received than yet another bottle of re-gifted wine (guilty!).

Judy and Alison have generously offered to give away a craft cocktail kit to three lucky Once Upon a Chef readers. (The contest is open to newsletter subscribers only; you can sign up under “Hungry for More” below.) To enter to win the kit of your choice, simply enter your name and email address here. Hurry — the contest ends December 24th! Cheers and good luck!