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New Site is Live!

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Hi Everyone, I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new website!   I hope you’ll click through here and check it out.  You’ll notice all sorts of new features, but most importantly much better search capabilities.

As you can see from the screenshot below, you can now search recipes from a drop down menu in the header bar.

When you click on the category you want, you’ll see thumbnails of all the recipes in that category.  It’s much more fun to browse, and old recipes are no longer buried in the archives.  No more scrolling for pages and pages to find the recipe you want!   There’s also a prominent search box in the upper right hand corner, so you can just type in what you’re looking for and any posts that match your criteria will pop up.

For those of you who like to share on social media sites, there’s a floating share box to the left of every recipe so you can tweet, like or pin to your heart’s content.

Lots more bells and whistles (including this fancy new email post format). I hope you’ll visit the site and check it out.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support. More delicious posts coming your way very soon!

*Special thanks to Niya at Ritual Labs for all her hard work and talent in designing the site.


  • Love the new site. The RED header is amazing and makes me want to see more!

  • Hi Jenn.

    I am absolutely in love with this site! The thing is, I am an “over-60” woman who is trying to get rid of some very unwanted weight, so some of the recipes I’ve tried to slim down a bit, but they don’t seem to taste as good as the “real” thing, if you know what I mean. Do you think you will ever come up with some calorie friendly menus at some point? Thanks so much for all your hard work :o)

  • Jenn I’m so happy I found your website!! I’ve tried two of your vege recipes, a soup, a salmon dish, and tacos and they have ALL turned out excellent!! I’m always looking to expand my repertoire of easy, delicious dishes. Your website is so good that I no longer go to Food Network for new recipes to cook to keep things interesting!!

    • Thanks, Tami! So glad you’re enjoying all the recipes.

  • The new site looks great Jennifer, nice layout, good color scheme. I like the share it popup.

  • Love the new website. Much more user-friendly and love the new search engine!

  • Jenn, it makes me so happy to see your viewers comments about the site. Very satisfying. YAY!

    ps: I’ve became a new fan in the process of creating the site. Do you know how hard it was not to work on this site when I was hungry? At one point I jumped out of the chair to make the Chocoholic Muffins. Now I get your recipes delivered in my mailbox. Nice!

  • I have one word for this site BEAUTIFUL! Keep up the good work!

  • Beautiful new site. Congratulations! It will be fun navigating through all the recipes.

  • I love your new website and your recipes. I made your scones last week. Yummy!


  • I love that color!! I always come to your site every time you post a new recipe but I’ve never tried to look around just in general, that will have to change now. I know where I’ll be looking when I make my dinner list next week!

  • I love it – very nice work! Love the simple colors white and orange. Very clean look!

  • Your new site is beautiful and easy to navigate. I have repinned it on Pinterest for all to see and emailed friends to make sure they look at it too. I’m looking forward to trying more of your wonderful recipes (my husband is too – your banana bread is a staple is our house). I have a notebook of all your recipes I have made & they have been great! Thanks for your hard work!

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