• Jenn, I am your #1 fan girl! Your recipes are now some of my family's all time favorites and I share them frequently. As a Maryland girl myself, I am especially fond of your crab cakes! Keep them coming and I'll be first in line for your cookbook! - Melissa

  • I have been cooking and creating in the kitchen all my adult life...I have finally found a chef and recipe author whose creations are absolutely infallible. By now, I have likely tried one-third of Jenn's recipes. I never waver; I never veer; I read the pre and post instructions. I LOVE OUAC! This website is key to my life's passions and livelihood. I appreciate the photos, the tips, the substitutions, and the menu options...Please keep up the yummy work!! - Liz B.

  • chocolate chunk cookies

    Hi Jenn! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing recipes. My husband and I are newlyweds and I've been trying to gain more confidence in the kitchen. Finding the right recipes is always key to that and your blog is a true find...You make everything simple and leave nothing unsaid. It's as if you are in my kitchen talking me through each step. Thank you! -Kaylie

  • focaccia

    "Hi Jenn, I have made over 10 recipes on your website -- all of which have been absolutely delicious. Most recent, I tried your chicken chili--so darn good! I just wanted to thank you for posting these recipes, making easy to follow directions and overall being an amazing chef!" -Joni

  • sangria

    “Aloha Jennifer, I just had to say a HUGE thank you for sharing all your great recipes. They are a staple in my home and honestly there hasn’t been one that I’ve made that my family did not like. Looking forward to more awesome recipes! Mahalo!” -Carrie

  • “I made your Middle Eastern Chicken Kababs and the Basmati Pilaf recipes last night. They were a MASSIVE hit and I have passed along the recipe along with your site.Thanks for making delicious food so simple :)” -Laura

  • pavlova

    “Hi Jenn - Just wanted to let you know I love your new newsletter. It goes without saying that I also love your recipes. Many of them have become my favorite ”go to” when I’m looking for something simple but delicious. Keep up the good work!” -Donna

  • apple crumble

    “Hi Jenn! Just wanted to let you know that I created a menu entirely composed of your recipes for my son’s graduation….Everyone loved it and I handed out the recipe printouts to several guests who just had to have them. Thank you for making my life easy and filled with delicious foods!” -Sofia

  • strawberry cake

    "I just wanted to say I LOVE your site! I have tried a few of your recipes and so far everything has turned out perfectly!! I love that they are simple yet very flavorful and most ingredients I keep in my pantry. I am a busy Mom, like so many, and I can prepare most of these dishes fairly quickly at the end of a long work day." -Lana

  • broccoli soup

    "Thank you so much, Jenn...Your beautiful photos and step-by-steps have been so helpful, educational, and fail-proof. I love that they don't assume prior knowledge (because I have none) and your photos provide a helpful, comparative basis to allow checking to see if I'm on the right track or not...Thank you!" Natasha

  • Blueberry Maple Syrup

    "I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your site and your recipes. Your recipes are well thought out, easy to follow and darn good! Thanks for making cooking a little more enjoyable." -Randy

  • quinoa salad

    "I just made the Thai Quinoa Salad with Fresh Herbs and Lime Vinaigrette and KILLED IT...I am so lucky to have found your website with all these GREAT, TOP NOTCH recipes." -Paula

  • quiche

    "Hello Jen! I just HAD to write to you about your Spinach & Gruyère Quiche recipe. It is the BEST quiche recipe I have used in the past 30 years...AWESOME! Thank you!" -Anne Marie

  • Baja fish tacos

    "We have a 'rating' system in our house for dinner. And without a doubt every time I make a recipe from this website it gets a 10/10. Everything I've tried is tasty especially the Mexican recipes. I now have 10 cans of chipotle chillis in abodo sauce in my cupboard!" -Fiona

  • salad

    "Jenn, I just want to thank you so much for your truly beautiful recipes. You've inspired me and amazed me with every new recipe I've tried...You've made cooking exciting again!" -Jul

  • honey cake

    "I am 66 and have cooked my whole life. I do believe that your site is the absolute best! We have a 100 home retirement community here with a monthly pot luck...All of your recipes that I have cooked have taken the number one spot. Thank you for including photos of ingredients and of how the recipe should look...It's very helpful."

  • holiday cut-out butter cookies

    "Jenn, I just wanted to thank you for the detailed efforts you put into ALL of your work. When I see your recipes, pictures, detail that goes into your instructions, and explanations for any question one might have, I melt. I feel validated for having what I thought was a silly question....it's answered before I wonder how I am going to pull off the next step...The way you describe everything is "on fleek." So, thanks from one mom to another for being so great at what you do." -Abbe

  • cedar planked salmon

    I am such a fan! I consider myself a pretty sophisticated cook and enjoy trying new recipes...every recipe Jenn publishes is a big hit! I will even make her recipes for company -- for the first time! That's how much I trust that they will taste fantastic! -Pam

  • A BIG shoutout for your Beef Stew with carrots & potato recipe. The directions were easy to follow, the ingredients were easy to find at home and in the grocery, the cooking details were spot on. Now the really good part....my family relished every bite for our Christmas Eve dinner...Thank you for making me a "chef" for this important family get together. -Michael T.

  • cupcakes

    I did a random search for vanilla buttermilk cupcakes, and found your site and recipe. I made about 50 of them today, and my husband ate one before I could decorate them, and declared that these are the BEST CUPCAKES EVER!! -Elisabeth Brown

  • white chicken chili

    Last Saturday evening our community sponsored a chili contest. I prepared and entered your white chicken chili with lime recipe. The two judges, owners of a local, very popular, restaurant, Vin 909, chose my offering. They cited the ying and yang of the chili spices heightened by the lime juice as the reason for its standout flavor. Thank you for a wonderful blog that never fails to shine! -Carole Falk

  • chinese vegetable stir-fry

    Being a single mom can be tough to cook for a picky teen; but I decided one of my New Year's resolutions was to eat healthier. Love your recipes and how easy they are to follow! Thanks for understanding - from one busy mom to another! - Lori

  • chili con carne

    We love your Beef Stew with Carrots & Potatoes. I've made it 3 times--2 times for us & once for a friend's family. Also made your White Bean Chicken Chilli and we love it,too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes! -Joyce

  • salad

    I have enjoyed many of your recipes many times, but they mean even more to me now that I need really appetizing meals that I know are healthy for me as I fight cancer. This week I am sharing your recipe for Black Bean & Corn Salad with Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette with a friend whose huge corn patch will soon be producing a main ingredient for it! It is my favorite one! -Barbara

  • Moroccan Brisket

    My family had Easter brunch yesterday, and once we compared notes, we had to laugh because we realized every single recipe was from your website (6 different dishes)! The whole spread was truly gourmet, and everyone raved. You have such a gift for making amazing food approachable for the home cook. I look forward to your posts every week, and can't wait for the cookbook to arrive! Thank you! - Katie

  • beef with broccoli
    how to make beef with broccoli

    "Thank you for sharing your recipes! I serve dinner with great pride these days. I've simply never cooked food this delicious before in all my 37 years." -Ann-Marie

  • balsamic vinaigrette
    flourless chocolate cake

    "Heard about your website from my daughter. Made the Tilapia Fingers with Garlic Mayo...and have been hooked ever since! None of your recipes ever disappoint. It's my go-to for special occasion meals...even though I have dozens of cookbooks and frequently attend culinary classes. Thank you so much for all the great recipes and inspiration!" -Carol

  • "Hi Jenn, THANK YOU for having what I consider to be the best food blog on the net. I've tried more of your recipes than I can even count at this point, and not a single one has ever disappointed...Perhaps the ultimate compliment I can pay is that I wouldn't hesitate to make one of your recipes for company without having tested it first, because I know your recipes are guaranteed to turn out great...I hope you continue posting for years to come so my family can benefit from all of your great recipes!" -Alyson Smith

  • how to make banana bread
    banana bread

    "I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your website!! It is extraordinary and every time I get a new email from you I am giddy with excitement! The recipes are all TOP NOTCH and just to die for! The format of the instructions are just flawless, the pictures of ingredients (which I LOVE the best) and steps of cooking them are the ultimate in guidance. Thank you- Thank you- Thank you- for all your dedication and attention to details- It is impressive!" -Chad

  • how to make a frittata

    How do you do it!?? Every recipe on your site is a huge crowd pleaser!! Everyone has wanted the recipes and my sister and I shadily referred to anything we make from your site as "An Old Family Recipe," followed by LOLs. But now everyone we cook for knows where the amazing recipes really come from. Thanks for making all the good times we have together even better with such great food!! -Michelle

  • how to make asian slaw
    how to make caramel french toast

    "I just wanted to tell you how much I love cooking with your recipes. I have tried a bunch of your recipes from breads to fish and they have all turned out wonderfully. I just made pumpkin bread this afternoon and my husband was so excited when he got home from work...Thank you for sharing your awesome talent with all of us." -Laura

  • strawberry
    ice cream sandwiches

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I discovered your website recently...I've made about 5 of your recipes, and they all worked. Sometimes I would follow directions very closely, and a dish just doesn't taste good. That's not the case at all with your recipes. It all comes out exactly as you describe, and I just love flavor combinations you suggest. So, thank you! Greetings from the Netherlands!" - Olga

  • English muffin pizzas
    parmesan crusted chicken

    “Hello Jenn, You have become my “cooking guru”. EVERYTHING I make for my dinner parties comes directly from your site. I LOVE YOUR RECIPES and how they are presented…When I see your name I can’t wait to see what treat is next in store for our taste buds.” - Marilyn R.

  • how to make cheese straws
    creamed zucchini

    "I just want to say your website is among the most professional I have ever come across. Your recipes are excellent. The pictures superb. Personally I don't make a recipe unless I see the finished product first. A recipe has to inspire me so much so that it becomes a pleasant challenge to create it myself, then to enjoy it with friends and family. Thank you Jenn for enriching my life and that of many others as well." -Alissa

  • chicken Marbella
    sautéed asparagus

    “Your instructions, photos & hints make for a no-fail dish on the very first time. Great recipes, great stories, great pics …when’s the cookbook coming out???” - Patti B.

  • coconut cream pie
    coconut shrimp

    “Just a note to say how much I love your recipe blog. The beautiful pictures and warm commentary that you include with each of your recipes makes me feel like I’m wrapped in a soft blanket and sitting in front of a fireplace – - a very cozy and inviting feeling! Thank you!” - Paula F.

  • rosemary nuts
    grilled asparagus

    Well here’s to Jennifer yet again. I wanted to make crackle cookies this year. After reading a few recipes in this years magazines, I decided to move on. But then it dawned on me…try the archives of MY GO TO GIRL!!! And there it was. I always know that Jennifer has done the work, so without question I was off in a flash to the store. I made them this morning and they are hands down the best holiday cookie I have ever had. THANK YOU SO MUCH JENNIFER, YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN!” - Judi

  • carrot salad
    grilled pesto shrimp

    “Every recipe I’ve tried has been truly amazing and you break everything down so simply anyone can follow them! Your posts are the ones I most look forward to in my Google Reader. Bless the day I found you on taste spotting!” - Natalie

  • chocolate cupcakes

    “Your flavor profiles are amazingly well-balanced and sophisticated, and I always feel like a pro when I cook from one of your recipes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!” - Nancy

  • kale salad
    grilled chicken

    “Whenever friends ask for food blogs to follow, yours is always on my recommendation list! Your pumpkin bread is a go to for the holidays…I’ll be making it soon! I always look forward to your next creation. Thanks!” - Cynthia

  • parfaits

    “You are the best, and the only place I go for recipes. I should just give my cookbooks away since they are never opened…Your site is the best on the entire web!” - Regina

  • grilled asparagus

    “I LOVE your blog! My husband and I both do! I can honestly say your blog is one of the few blogs I follow religiously. Your recipes are delicious and yet simple. Thank you for blogging!” - Danielle

  • scones

    “Jenn– You seriously changed my life!! It is because of YOU that I have truly learned how to cook and feel confident entertaining!! I always look forward to the emails with new recipes!! Thanks–and keep up the amazing work!!” - Carole S.

  • ranch dressing

    “I LOVE your recipes and blog!! Your recipes are great because they involve fresh ingredients and things I probably have around the house. They make me feel like a real cook and are family friendly. Last week I made the Curry Chicken Salad and it was amazing—my husband raved about it. Keep up the great job!” - Denise G.

  • rugelach

    “Jenn, I discovered your blog over a year ago and am often referring to it for ideas, inspiration, and always a good recipe! Your blog provides good, reliable recipes that are manageable…Anyway, just wanted to let you know your recipe sharing is greatly appreciated in my small farmhouse kitchen in Ohio. ” - Tara G.

  • salad
    how to make salad

    “Jennifer, I am so grateful I have your blog coming into my inbox. It brightens my day when I see a recipe come from you. I have spread your blog around like softened sweet, butter! Creating simple dishes from ingredients most have on hand with tasty results is a big accomplishment…Thank you for coming into my kitchen and my life. You are a class act! ” - Karen T.

  • zucchini

    "About two months ago I googled "Peruvian Chicken Recipe" and I stumbled upon your recipe for the chicken with green sauce...I'm hooked. It's absolutely amazing. Yesterday I went looking for a middle eastern kebab recipe. I picked a seemingly random recipe and made it for dinner tonight. Once again, we were amazed at how good it was. I went back to note the recipe and what do you know? It's from the same site! Both recipes were amazing...Thanks so much for sharing!" -Todd

  • peaches & berries
    blueberry muffins

    "Jenn, I finally have to write and tell you that you are a part of most of my meals at home each week...I love how easy your recipes are and how you use common ingredients that I usually have at home. Best of all, everything always turns out just as you promise in your recipe. Thank you for giving such a great and tasty variety of foods for my family to enjoy. I will be having your food at our table for a very long time." -Van

  • biscotti
    grape cake

    "My sister in law and I (both foodies) are currently obsessed with this blog! Every recipe truly is perfected! We can't wait to keep chipping away until we make everything! Thank you for the easy to follow recipes and delicious food!" -Lisa

  • how to make biscotti
    how to make chilled red pepper soup

    "Hi Jenn-you have the best food site that I have seen: Beautifully displayed pictures, lovely recipes, adorable kids, and the expertise to support everything you post. I found it looking for a thai crunch salad recipe and have made your recipe numerous times along with others. Thank you!" -Lisa

  • how to make cheese straws

    "Jenn - You have become my 'go to' for bullet proof recipes that are an out of the park hit time after time - I must confess I have lost count of how many times I've served your Moroccan chicken (WINNER, WINNER!) and literally dozens of others...I love everything from the photos (especially love!), to the step by step instructions that are so clearly laid out and so easy to follow. The capper is the delightful result time and time again." -Trace, aka Another Happy Test Kitchen on the West Coast of Canada!

  • salad
    white chicken chili

    "After making your Doughnut Muffins this morning, I could no longer put off writing to thank you for your amazing recipes. To date, I have tried the Doughnut Muffins, the Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread, the Chicken Tortilla Soup, and the Parmesan Crusted Chicken; and every single one has been delicious! Most importantly, though, my kids have loved them all, which is HUGE in this household, where there are precious few dishes that everyone in the family enjoys and devours. All of your recipes I have tried fall into that category, and I am so glad to have happened upon your blog." -Lorie

  • scones
    how to make scones

    "I have tried three recipes so far this week from your blog and my husband and I loved the dishes. I love the way the recipes are written, the step by step instructions with the photos, and the reviews from others who have provided feedback. Thank you so much for sharing your tasty creations and for creating this blog." -Naya

  • asian kale salad
    chicken soup

    "Hi Jenn! I've made your White Chicken Chili multiple times for my husband and family and it has been a huge hit! It was back on the table by popular demand tonight. It has the perfect blend of savory spices! Thanks for your recipes - I've never been disappointed!" -Laura

  • tres leches cake

    "I have found your site the BEST by far for recipes. Thank You for sharing! So far I've made 4 of your desserts: Pumpkin Spiced Cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart, French Apple Cake and the Tres Leche Cake. Amazing!!!!" -Myla

  • how to make pumpkin bread
    how to make pumpkin bread

    "Thank you for the wonderful recipes Jenn, your website is beautiful and your recipes call for ingredients that I would normally have at home. So far, I've made your banana pancakes, Nigella's party popcorn as well as your Peruvian chicken…all a success! Tonight I will be making your Asian chicken recipe! All relish!!! Thank you again for making our meals so special!!" -Denise

  • Pasta e Fagioli soup

    "I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your recipes. I'm an experienced cook who likes to draw from many sources and am always pleased when I find a new one. Every recipe of yours that I've tried has been wonderful. Because of that, I never hesitate to make one of your dishes for the first time when I will be serving it to guests. Your efforts and talents are appreciated." -Anna G.

  • how to make almond biscotti
    how to make almond biscotti

    "I just want to say that I discovered your website this fall...and have continued to try your recipes on a weekly basis (black bean soup, breakfast bread casserole, kale/apple pancetta salad, swedish meatballs, ginger garlic and chili shrimp, french lentil soup and chicken chili with white beans). All have been WONDERFUL and I cannot wait to try more. I enjoy cooking, but work full time and have 2 young kids. Your recipes are simple to follow and never disappoint...Thank you, Thank you!!" -Quincy W

  • tandoori chicken

    "Your website has become my new go to for new recipes! I have loved every recipe I have tried so far and can't wait to try them all!" -Vanessa

  • how to make pound cake
    pound cake

    "I'm an experienced cook but I frequently rely on your recipes when entertaining for large groups or when I am looking for new ideas. They are amazing. Delicious. And you make me look like a rock star. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and training with us." Sheryl

  • cupcakes

    "Since joining this site I rarely search for any other online recipes. We all know there are thousands of options! Receiving new postings to my email provides a convenient boost to my cooking repertoire and meal planning. I have made many of your recipes and they are consistently excellent.....tasty, appealing, healthy and always 'doable' The pictorial tutorials are helpful.I am thankful; thanks for doing a good job." -Karen

  • cinnamon buns
    how to make soda bread

    "I have only been on the site for about a month now and I have make at least 10 of your dishes. I recently made the challah bread pudding for brunch for my in-laws last week. I didn't even bother trying it once before I made it for them...I knew it would be great based on the other recipes I had tried. This morning, my 6 year old and I made the cinnamon rolls. So good! As a stay at home mom of 3 little ones here in DC, your blog is my now to go to place to get quick and yummy recipes!" Amy

  • how to make rhubarb crisp
    how to make rhubarb crisp

    "Hi Jenn, Just wanted to send a note to say that your website has become one of my go-to places for recipes. I've tried many of your recipes now, and every dish I make ends up on our "family favorites" list! It's obvious that you put a lot of love and attention into your recipes because everything comes out with a little something extra. The food isn't just GOOD -- it has heart! Thanks for making all of these recipes free, and for making average home cooks like me seem WAY better than we are!" -Erika

  • how to make strata

    "Thank you so much for taking the time to help aspiring cooking enthusiasts such as myself with your impeccable & profound knowledge in the art of cooking...I'm just so grateful to finally have somebody that I can trust and rely on for recipes. I could spend an hour letting you know how much of a relief it is to not have to second guess if what I'm making will turn out the way it should if I do everything correctly. I love cooking, and I look forward to growing and learning more and more from your insight." -Michael

  • how to make strawberry muffins
    strawberry muffins

    "I've been following your blog for some time now and have introduced a number of my friends to it (mainly through sharing the recipes for things I've been bringing to gatherings lately.) I have to tell you I simply LOVE what you do. I've made countless recipes for my family and have really loved just about every single one of them...Thank you for taking the time to share your talents, insights and recipes! I appreciate it...and you!" -Rebecca

  • salad

    "Your recipes and instructions are marvelous. I have tried over 10 of your recipes with perfect results...You have helped me reignite my love of cooking. All I can say is WOW." -Sherry

  • double chocolate chip cookies
    how to make double chocolate chip cookies

    "I rarely give testimonials, but since discovering your website about two months ago I have been delighted with the newsletter and recipes which always seems to work. They give me, a seasoned home cook, a variety of new ways to make old recipes better, and the new ones have added zest to my repetoire. Thank you." -Suepam

  • how to make cupcakes

    "Your recipes give me rock star status in my house! Seriously, I've made several of your recipes and each one has been delicious. Thank you for sharing." -Tammy

  • cucumber salad
    how to make cucumber salad

    "Jenn, I am so thrilled that I stumbled upon Once Upon a Chef. Your site is well thought out, has great recipes, beautiful pictures, with such clear instructions for getting every recipe right every time. I used to love to cook but over the years have lost that love. Thanks to you, I am enjoying cooking and baking again. I've tried about 15 of your recipes, from salads, main courses and desserts and every single one of them are 5 star. My family is also enjoying all the recipes. I am telling every one I know about your great site. Thank you!" -Barb

  • how to make deviled eggs

    Jen, I know you have many of your followers saying similar things but I felt compelled to let you know you reignited my interest in cooking after years on the sidelines. Empty nest, cancer and lack of interest dominated my world until I started looking at your recipes that were delicious to look at but also sparked my interest to start trying to cook again. I love your choice in recipes and now I go to your blog for everything. Thank you for being so talented. -Geri

  • mimosas

    I’ve actually never written to anyone online before, but really felt compelled to say how much I love your website - it's my go-to whenever I have to entertain, which is a lot! Made my entire Easter brunch from your recipes - the Spinach and Cheese Strata was divine, as were the Mimosas! Sounds like you love what you do - good for you for making such a success of it all. Wishing you continued success in the future - we're all excited to see what's coming next! -Mary

  • greek shrimp

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website and making your meals. You never let me down. The website is organized and easy to read. Tonite was a success, and I made it so quickly- shrimp with feta and the salad with arugula and apples. Not one recipe has disappointed me- you are with me when I'm cooking, and I look forward to making new things with you. Just thanks!! -Maria

  • chicken tikka masala
    key lime pie ice cream

    I just want to say thank you, Jenn. So many of our memories are centered around food. I wasn't even able to brown hamburger when I got married and now can create wonderful meals for my family all thanks to you. Thank you for sharing your gift! I'm truly grateful. God Bless! -Heather H.

  • macerated berries

    You never disappoint, Jenn! My friend is visiting and I have awed her with your recipes. I made the black bean corn salad and it was perfect. The coup was the Macerated Berries with Greek Yogurt Cream. WOW! It was to-die-for. Sunday will be the Roasted Red Pepper Soup. I cannot wait for your cookbook. Thank you for such delicious, no-fail recipes! -Liz B.

  • cilantro lime sweet corn

    I discovered your website a couple months ago and since then I have made a number of recipes for my family, including my 2 boys (ages 12 and 14). Every recipe has been so amazing and my family loves them! Your directions are so helpful and recipes are simple yet taste like something you would get in a restaurant. I can't wait for your cookbook! - Michelle M.

  • peach cake
    chicken tacos

    You are the best thing I have done this summer. You inspire me and my dishes have never been better. You've made my kitchen come alive again, just when I was terribly bored with food. Thank you for making it all look so easy, I forgot how much fun it was to be in the kitchen. You are a sweet gift to me and my family, (I tripped over you on Instagram and just was so incredibly inspired. I can’t thank you enough.
    -Melinda D.

  • blueberry coffee cake

    Approximately once a month, my friends and I make lunch for 150. Your site is our secret weapon. The recipes are unfailingly simple to prepare, yielding delicious, nutritious, impressive results. They scale up beautifully, and we always, always get rave reviews. This site has been a Godsend, and I look forward to the cookbook. -Angela O.

  • cheesecake bars
    how to make burrito bowls

    I absolutely LOVE the "Pair With" tab at the top of some recipes. I also adore your menu tab because I often find a recipe for a side or main dish that I want to try out, but then I'm at a loss for what to pair it with. Thank you so very much for the attention to detail you put into your work. Love it! - Ruth T.

  • how to make barley salad
    how to make noodle kugel

    This past summer my husband and I entertained friends and family frequently at our cottage and most of the dishes we served were from recipes on your website. I just love how you make the ‘perfected recipes’ so simple and so tasty! It was a joy to cook knowing in advance that your recipes are stellar. I got so many compliments from our guests which I pass on to you. I appreciate your sweet spirit that shines through and your desire to communicate what you know directly to your reader in an easy going way. Masterful! - Carol M.

  • how to make sloppy joe's

    I'm not quite sure how I found your web site but it's now the highlight of my week. The recipes I've tried are terrific and, although I have favourites, I now love to use anything new that comes on the screen and let guests do the sampling with stunning results. The feedback from my husband and any unsuspecting guests is that Jenn's recipes are some of the best food they've eaten. Thank you so much for a wonderful website. -Gae F.

  • rustic french apple tart
    spinach salad with warm bacon dressing

    I wanted to applaud you for your website and wonderful recipes. I am a 49-year-old wife and mother of two teen daughters and I have never been a confident cook. I make the basics during the week but have always shied away from cooking for company out of fear that it would turn out badly. About a year ago, I discovered your website and tried one of the desserts. Since that initial success, I have been making my way through many of your recipes. I love that they are all easy to follow, not overly complex, and delicious. For the first time in my life, I am developing confidence in myself as a cook, even preparing meals for company. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon your website and am excitedly awaiting the publication of your cookbook. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource and learning opportunity for me. -Audrey S.

  • crustless broccoli quiche

    I wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful recipes. I've been cooking off of your site for 2-3 years, and I am so impressed at how well your recipes turn out. It is so helpful to have a place to reliably go to for a dinner recipe, especially when you're exhausted from the day and can barely get yourself to pull something together. I especially love when you make menu suggestions since I sometimes have a tough time thinking of what to pair with what. Your white chicken chili, salmon, peach cobbler and crustless quiche are just some of my favorites. Thanks again! -Natalie R.

  • how to make chocolate cream pie
    how to make chocolate cream pie

    Okay Jenn, I had to write to you and say you have got it going on. I am a 29 year old bachelor who has spent most of his life afraid of the kitchen. Recently I have started trying new recipes and whenever I try a recipe on the internet I usually end up thinking "how many times has this person even made this dish?" But your recipes CRUSH every single time and it is obvious that you have tested these recipes to perfection. You are miles ahead of your competition. Thank you for all your hard work! -Adam M.

  • beef stew
    how to make beef stew

    I eagerly look forward to your recipes in my inbox each week with which to delight myself & the man. My first "Jenn" creation was the Tres Leches Cake & it came out perfectly, yummy & oh so gone in 2 days! I had never made a chiffon style cake & a few co workers told me they are challenging -"but NOT if you follow Jenn" I said. Your directions are flawless. Then on to the chocolate chip cookies-oh my gosh those were amazing & they poofed up as promised, yay! Didn't think you could top yourself until this week's mail: the Black Bean Soup...The man & I devoured it like it was feeding time at the zoo! It was fragrant! It was velvety! It was comforting! And it's the most perfect food for cold, damp, foggy short days. I work in retail liquor & enjoy referring you to a LOT of my customers for some of the tastiest & healthiest (that heavenly soup) food on the planet. I'm looking forward to purchasing your cookbook & setting up camp in my kitchen. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift & talents with us all! - Maryane

  • bourbon pecan pie

    Jenn, Thank you for your advice, encouragement, patience and hard work to make cooking easy and pleasurable. Right off, your introductions make the dishes sound very doable, your explanations are clear and brilliantly aided with step by step pictures, and the conversions take away the math for those of us who work with metric measurements
    I wish you continued success with your business, and in developing happy cooks. - Janice

  • how to make salmon cakes

    I stumbled onto your blog about a year ago and I really enjoy it. I love the fact that you are a trained chef, so, therefore, know things that an avid at home baker and cook like myself probably doesn't know. I also want to tell you......I love your recipes. To me that is the most important thing. Does a blog have recipes that appeal to me and do they actually turn out when you try them? Yours do. I have made quite a number of yours and really love them. - Jen

  • how to make chicken marsala
    oat and nut energy bites

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for several years now, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your recipes. They are clearly written, well tested, and produce spectacular results. Yours is the only food blog that I trust - you give me enough confidence to make something for the first time when I’m having guests over! I can’t wait for your book to come out - I’ve already pre-ordered it. Thank you so much for making me look like a great cook! - Linda

  • pesto pizza
    how to make pan-seared salmon

    As obviously hundreds if not more have stated, you are simply AMAZING. I cook for my family literally every night and wait to see their faces as they try something I made...priceless. So no questions but merely a thank you from a guy, husband, and father that appreciates your cooking genius. Like all the others, we support you and love you for all that you provide. Nothing confirms a wonderful meal more than someone asking, "could I have more?"...and priceless when your children do it. -Anthon

  • how to make chocolate truffles

    A random search for a potato leek soup led me to your site. I made the soup, and my husband commented that it was the best potato leek soup he's ever had. Intrigued, I tried another recipe and another. ALL have been touted to be the best ever. I find myself looking forward to seeing everyone's reaction, and then I eagerly send everyone to your site. You are amazing! Thank you. - Alexandra

  • how to make creamy feta dressing
    blueberry muffins

    Dear Jenn, I started following your blog 2 years ago after my then-12-year-old son found and made your Best Ever Blueberry Muffins. When I heard that your cookbook was coming out, I was delighted and quickly placed a pre-order. Now that I have the cookbook in hand, I couldn't be more pleased. I have loved cooking all my adult life and fancied myself a good cook but using your cookbook has taken my cooking to a whole new level. We eat over 90% of our meals at home and, as a working wife and mother, being able to deliver healthy, tasty, restaurant-worthy meals not just once but day after day "warms the cockles of my heart". Thank you, thank you! - Mary

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