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WÜSTHOF Classic 6-Piece Knife Block Set Giveaway (CLOSED)

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  • Thanks Jenn !

  • I reviewed many of your recipes,but
    I have not posted here everyday,but entered on the giveaway which ones that I went through~Does that count?
    I saved several to my Yum Account.
    Thank-You for a chance to win,and hope I did it correctly.

  • Can’t wait to try the honey, lime and Sciracha chicken skewers…yummy!!. Love your site too!!.

  • Can’t wait to try the Summer Strawberry Cake. Strawberry is my Mom’s favorite; so, I love to try new recipes to treat her. Your website is wonderful – great recipes & beautiful photos. Also, can’t wait to make the Chocolate Cream Pie for Father’s Day.

  • Every recipe has been a success – they are delicious, and easy to use!
    Wish I had this site long before now – thanks!

  • Just baked the strawberry muffins for an office meeting. They were easy to make, looks great and were loved by all. Thanks.

  • You have such s lovely blog and I have enjoyed many recipes!!! Will go review one or two now for the sake of the knife set:o) I should anyway b/c so many are fantastic! thanks!

  • thanks for everything you share with us! I love that your recipes are so practical without sacrificing taste or presentation!

  • Love your Cesar salad dressing! Will never buy ion the store again. Thank you.

  • I shared the giveaway on Facebook but don’t see the bonus points.
    I have made your recipe for The Cranberry Nut Bread times and love it. I made it during the holidays for gifting. Very well received.

    • — Stephanie Schiltz
    • Reply
  • Absolutely love Wusthof knives, and would be so excited to win this set! Thanks for all the inspiring recipes!!

  • I love the recipes!

  • I recently came upon your website. Live the recipes and the pictures! Keep it up!

  • Love your recipes. Shrimp tacos are a favorite! Of course chocolate cup cakes are high on our list too.

  • I love your recipes. I make several off them regularly. I am in need of a wonderful knife set too. All my knives are very dull and frustrating to user. These are beautiful.

    • — Connie Gregory
    • Reply
  • Read your email every morning. Love my Wusthof knives and would love to win this starter set for my granddaughter who will be getting married in Dec.

  • Jen:
    I love your recipes. Your Website is my “go-to” site when I want to find a recipe. And the nutritional info makes it a bonus. Thanks

    • — Lou Polsinelli
    • Reply
  • Hey Quick Question. I followed on Pinterest and shared on FB, but when I look back at the page it doesn’t show up as an entry. It only checked one entry on the box. Am I doing something wrong or should the boxes be checked and greyed that I entered on these sites? Thanks!

    • Hi Tamara, You did everything correctly. I’ll make sure it registered as two entries.

  • Would love to have such a high quality knife set!

  • I love your recipes. They are always a hit with our family. Can’t wait to try the strawberry muffins!

    • — Teresa Cochran
    • Reply
  • Recently found your website. I love the weekly newsletter and am looking forward to trying more recipes!

    Wusthof knives are wonderful and a joy to use – my son/daughter in law have a set which I use when visiting!

    • — Debra Christiansen
    • Reply
  • I just found out about your website and made some recipes. Loved them and can’t wait to make more. Thanks for sharing those wonderful recipes with us.

  • I made Drunken French Toast for the groom and his groomsmen and it was a hit! Thank you for all of your delicious recipes!

  • Hi Jen
    Love your recipes and all the photos that go with this. My son had recently moved out of home and I often print out a recipe for him and with your step by step instructions he is clearly becoming a great cook! He is even cooking for me now which is so lovely.

  • Your my go-to chef for most of my recipes, I just love surprising my family with something I’ve read from your website! One of my favourites I takevto work for my co-workers is the Candied Pecans!!

    • — Bea Baker-Dyer
    • Reply
  • Love getting my weekly newsletter. Have made your bolognese sauce and it is now a freezer staple for us!

  • Dear Jenn,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! All the recipies I have tried are excellent. Love the sticky toffee banana cake…….expecially the sauce! Happy Mothers Day!

    • — Joani Frenette
    • Reply
  • I love your recipes! I have tried many and they are always delicious. Beautiful knife set. We are due for an upgrade!

  • I love this website ….thanks for the recipes

  • Your recipes are my go-to source for weekly menu planning! My family loves the Moroccan chicken (super flavorful!), and we serve it with your carrot salad. All the salads are terrific and slightly different than the same-ole thing. Thank you!

  • My family and I love your scone recipe! It is a Sunday morning staple at our house. Thank you for sharing.

  • Congratulations on your TV appearence with your lovely children! I have been following your blog for about 2 years. Love many many recipes

  • Your recipes are the BEST! The quiche recipes are just off the chart delicious! I trust the recipes will turn out perfect every time! Thanks so much!!

    • — Mary Armstrong
    • Reply
  • Love so many of your recipes! The asian chopped salads, the candied pecans, the pureed cauliflower, to name some I’ve made just this week! And your burgers are on tap for tonight! thank you–

  • I love your recipes!

  • Hi Jenn, I have saved your newsletters in a folder on my PC since I first found your website and the wonderful meatballs. Your recipes have found their way from my table to my ladies “Fun Bunch”.Thank you so much,

    • — Margaret Truesdail
    • Reply
  • Love your blog and recipes!

    • — Cheryl Blakley
    • Reply
  • Love your site. I will be making these muffins for grandson today.

    • — Rosemary Pauline
    • Reply
  • I love your website and have made many of your recipes….they are alwasy a hit!!
    Thanks so much for sharing….

    • — Julie D'Alesandro
    • Reply
  • love your recipes….tried texas beef chili, it was very good!

    • — sharon heisler
    • Reply
  • Congrats on your first Live TV appearance! That must have been exciting for you and your kids! Happy Mother’s Day! Looking forward to making your Strawberry muffins. We love all of your recipes and we added many to our weekly menu (hubby loves the chicken tacos, shrimp tacos and the Beef stew..to name just a few).
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Super nice knife set! I could really use it!

  • Your blog is one of my go-to recipe blogs. Your recipes are reliably great, cover all sorts of food and occasions and are easy-to-follow. Thanks, Jenn!

    • — Stephanie Macdonald
    • Reply
  • Yours are some of the best recipes I have ever seen. I have 100’s of cookbooks that I have collected since I was a young woman but I look forward to the emails I get from you AND trying them. So glad I found your website.

  • I love your site, thank you for the great recipes you entice our tastebuds to enjoy. I have peaches and mangos in the freezer it will be my next smoothie. Thank you

  • The Spicy Chicken Thighs with Sweet & Tangy Honey Glaze was easy, quick and delicious…my family and guests loved it and it’s now my new go-to for chicken.

    • — Gay Lee Freedman
    • Reply
  • We love your recipes! Thank you for sharing them.

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