Welcome to my cooking blog! I started this website as a hobby in 2009 when my youngest child started school. Since then, it’s blossomed into a career and consuming passion. Here’s a little bit about me…

Once upon a time, I was a chef. Tall hat, white coat, checked pants….the works!  Technically, I’m still a chef but without the tall hat, demanding customers, and accoutrements of a fancy restaurant kitchen. That’s all been replaced with apron strings, mommy dos and a hungry family.  I still have a busy kitchen, but I’m the prep cook, chef and dishwasher all wrapped into one.  Fortunately, I love to cook so it’s a pretty good gig.

I also love to share my recipes, many of which you’ll find here.  It’s an evolving repertoire…one that reflects my life.  These days, that’s a mix of family-friendly food and elegant adult fare.  As a mom, I need recipes the whole family will enjoy, but the chef in me needs to eat too!  All my recipes are simple, even when they’re gourmet.  I stay away from fancy sauces, long lists of ingredients and difficult techniques because I believe cooking at home should be relaxing and fun.

I hope you’ll visit often and be inspired to cook.  Or, better yet, sign up for free to receive all my new recipes by email. I love to share my passion for food, with or without the tall hat!

- Jennifer


Do you have professional training? Yes, I’m a graduate of L’Academie de Cuisine.

Who takes your photographs? I take most of my own photographs using a Nikon D5100. I am still learning…

Where do you get your recipes? I develop most of my own recipes. On occasion, I’ll adapt a recipe from another source or share favorites from my cookbook collection (sources are always cited under the recipe title). Every recipe on this site has been tested and perfected by me in my home kitchen.  I want my recipes to work for you the very first time, so I don’t share a new recipe until I think it’s delicious and foolproof.

Do you teach cooking classes? Sorry, at the present time I do not.

Can I republish your recipes and photos on my blog? All content including recipes, pictures, design, code and any other material that is provided or is part of the site is copyrighted. If you would like to feature a recipe from Once Upon A Chef, please email me at jennifer@onceuponachef.com