Fact Checking Policy

The trust of Once Upon a Chef readers is of utmost importance. We make it a priority to be very clear, detailed, and precise when presenting our content and aim for 100% accuracy in what we publish on the site. Those that write for Once Upon a Chef always verify the information they gather and are committed to transparency when utilizing information from other sources.

Ethics Policy

It is expected that anyone that works for Once Upon Chef demonstrates the highest standards of integrity and ethics. As such, employees are committed to treating each other with respect. Any offensive, abusive, or discriminating behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Employees are in an environment that encourages open communication and one that allows them to feel comfortable speaking their mind in regard to any ethics concerns they may have.

Corrections Policy

At Once Upon a Chef, our goal is to present completely truthful, accurate information. In the unlikely event that incorrect information has been published on the website, Once Upon a Chef takes full responsibility for the mistake and for informing readers in a timely manner about both the error and the correction. Additionally, we are in the practice of updating information that is factually correct but may lack the necessary detail that our readers count on.

Ownership & Funding Info

Once Upon a Chef, LLC is owned 100% by Jennifer Segal. There is zero debt on the company and no outstanding loans. The company has never sought funding.

Editorial Team Info

Jennifer Segal is the founder and editor of Once Upon a Chef. She is a classically trained chef (L’Academie de Cuisine) and author of two bestselling cookbooks.

Betsy Goldstein is a writer and assistant editor for Once Upon a Chef. She has over 14 years of experience in recipe editing, content creation, menu planning and operations.