It’s easy to buy a tub of hummus at the store but I much prefer the taste of homemade. Store-bought is typically made with soybean oil as opposed to olive oil, citric acid as opposed to lemon juice and preservatives. Homemade hummus is healthier, and it’s made from ingredients you can keep readily on hand: a few cans of chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil, a scoop of tahini, freshly squeezed lemon juice, garlic and spices. Just give it all a whirl in the food processor and you’re done.

Before we get to the recipe, a few words about the ingredients. Some hummus aficionados will tell you it’s important to use dried chickpeas but I assure you it’s not worth the effort. I’ve made hummus using both dried and canned and there’s virtually no difference. Just look for organic canned chickpeas without extra salt and additives (if you’re going to cheat, do it properly!). You’ll also find some recipes out there that call for peeling the chickpeas. I’m not joking. Supposedly, the skins prevent the hummus from getting super creamy. Again, I’ve tried it, it took forever and I could barely tell a difference. The important thing is to have the right balance of flavors, and enough liquid to achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.

Begin by draining the chickpeas in a colander. You’ll need to save the canning liquid for the recipe and set aside a few whole chickpeas for serving.

Next, combine the chickpeas, some of the canning liquid, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and spices in the bowl of a food processor.

Blitz for a few minutes until smooth and creamy, adding more of the reserved liquid to thin the hummus if desired. It should hold its shape, but not be claggy.

Transfer the dip to a bowl and use a spoon to form a shallow well in the center. Drizzle a bit of olive oil in the well, sprinkle with paprika and parsley, and top with reserved whole chick peas. Serve with pita wedges, pita chips or crudités. Enjoy!


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Servings: About 3 cups


  • 2 15-1/2 oz. cans chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans)
  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, from 2 lemons
  • 1/4 cup sesame tahini, well stirred (preferably Joyva Sesame Tahini)
  • 2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
  • Heaping 1/4 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling
  • 1 tablespoon freshly chopped parsley, for serving (optional)
  • Paprika, for serving (optional)


  1. Reserving the liquid from the can, drain the chick peas in a colander. Set a few chickpeas aside for garnish.
  2. In the bowl of a food processor fitted with metal blade, combine the chickpeas, 1/3 cup reserved canning liquid, lemon juice, tahini, garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, salt and olive oil. Process for several minutes until smooth and creamy. The hummus should hold its shape but not be claggy; add more liquid and process again if it seems too thick. Taste and add more lemon and seasoning if desired.
  3. Transfer mixture to a serving dish. Use a spoon to make a shallow well in the center. Drizzle olive oil in the well, sprinkle with parsley and parika, and garnish with reserved chickpeas. Serve at room temperature.


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  • Anne Freedman

    So simple, and so delicious. Thank you.

  • Marcia

    Since the can of Tahini paste is so large, I measure the leftovers into 1/4 C portions in small paper cups, cover them with Press and Seal Wrap and freeze them. Once frozen you can put them all into a gallon size ziploc bag and you have ready made portions for your next batch of hummus. Be sure and put the date on the bag – they will keep, frozen, for about a year.

    • Carin

      Thanks Marcia! I was wondering what to do with that big can of tahini!

    • jeri

      I got tired of tahini going bad so now I use peanut butter instead. I haven’t tried it yet but I imagine almond or cashew butter would be good too. Just make sure no one is allergic.

  • Thank you for reminding me how easy hummus is to make! And it makes the perfect meal for summertime.

  • Karen

    Totally agree with you about the ease of making your own hummus. I have been doing this for years. I used Emeril’s recipe which is very similar to this one. I will definitely try using the reserved juice from the beans next time and think that is a great way to moisten the finished product. My daughter actually took hummus and pita every day for lunch when she was a senior in high school. I had my recipe memorized!

  • Ginny Cass

    I’ve made hummus for years, and I’ve never used cayenne or cumin, otherwise this recipe is right on! Thanks Marcia for the idea of freezing the tahini, it’s a real winner.

  • Maxine Brand

    I also add green onions which I think gives it a great flavor.

  • This looks like delicious hummus! I love hummus :)

  • mimi

    What is tahini and where can this be purchased?

    • Jenn

      Hi Mimi, Tahini is sesame paste and it can be purchased at most large grocery stores. Whole Foods carries it as well.

  • sharon

    I’ve made the hummus many times without adding the tahini…just as good!

  • Leslie

    Thanks not a fan of store-bought either but will try this. Also love Marcia’s tip on freezing the Tahini.

  • Gladys

    Thank you Sooooo much for sharing this recipe. I love hummus.

  • gotta agree with you-nothing to beat the bang on flavour & taste of homemade hummus !

  • sylvia

    i love hummus, too. and have made my own, but will try this one, too. thanks

  • Christian

    Made this today – so delicious! Much easier than I thought to make and now I don’t have to buy it anymore!

  • Karen

    I have to comment again after making this, even though I already commented about making homemade hummus for years. I tried this one which is slightly different than my go to Emeril recipe and I have to say, I like this better. This will be my new go to hummus recipe. I like the texture better with adding the bean juice and I love the flavor of the added spices. I used the low sodium beans…who knew there was such a disparity in sodium! This is a keeper!

  • Julie Backas

    A guilt-free snack when eaten with crudités-love it! I plan to have this as a staple in our refrigerator. I may try adding roasted peppers next time.

  • Nicki Howerton

    This is my first attempt at making hummus, and can’t believe how easy it is to do. The only thing I added was to top it with Sirahcha sauce. My husband won’t even try it, so I had to eat it all by myself. :)

  • Winston

    I thought this was a little under seasoned and needed just a touch more salt. Otherwise it’s near perfect Hummus.

  • Danita

    Very good. My husband eats a lot of hummus and he said this was the best. One of our favorites is edamame hummus, which I buy at Trader Joes. Could I use your recipe and substitute edamame for the chickpeas? Or 1/2 chickpeas?

    • Jenn

      Hi Danita, I think it would work…start with half edamame and half chickpeas. Please let me know how it comes out!

  • Andie

    I was introduced to your website last year with this recipe. I absolutely love making this hummus and I make it all the time. Its easy to make, tasty, and came with a very clever tip to save time and money on the Tahini.
    I’m a big fan of the other recipes as well. I always trust you’re posting something worth making. ;)

  • Dee

    I love hummus and find it SO EASY to make, and much less expensive (and better tasting) when making it at home.

    Though the basic ingredients are often the same, I’m always on the look for a new twist so tried your recipe. It was really good!

    The only difference I made was — instead of using the reserved liquid (I never do that), I used water instead. Still came out great.

    Thank you for always sharing your recipes and wisdom.

  • Saundra

    This is very similar to the Hummus recipe that I have used for ages- Love it. I make a double batch then divide it into thirds and add different flavors. ie this week there is mild Hatch chilis, hot Hatch and pesto. It is so versatile.

  • Amber

    I have made this a couple of different times, with mixed results. I usually have to use more tahini and oil to get it creamy. However, I don’t think the recipe is the problem: my conclusion is that the brand of canned beans used makes a world of difference. I have never found organic at my local grocery store, so I have used a name brand and the cheap store brand. Pay the little extra for the name brand beans. The store brand’s texture was awful! I had to add so much more tahini and oil to make it smooth, and it never really came out with the texture I wanted. I think I may make a trip to Trader Joe’s or Central Market and stock up on organic, no salt added chick peas and see if that helps.

  • Alfreida Dacosta

    I love Hummus and always wanted to try making it. Once I saw how simple the recipe was along with the pictures, I thought I’d give it a try. Needless to say, I have NEVER gone back to store bought!
    I have made many variations, esp love it with Kalamata olives and red peppers.
    This is a winner. Thanks again!!

  • You make this look so simple, I’m going to have to get this one a try! Thank you for the recipe!

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