Aperol Spritz

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Unwind with an Aperol spritz, the laid-back cocktail with the perfect balance of bitter, sweet, and bubbly.

Aperol Spritz

This past spring, Michael and I visited our son in Europe, where he was studying abroad. Nearly every afternoon, we treated ourselves to an Aperol spritz at a sidewalk café. It’s the perfect drink after a day of walking and sightseeing—refreshing, bubbly, and not too high in alcohol. Over there, it’s simply called a “spritz,” and while the specific apéritif can vary, this classic Italian cocktail is all about easy, laid-back enjoyment. Traditionally, it’s made with 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol (a vibrant liqueur with a unique bitter-sweet flavor), and 1 part soda water. But I like to go a bit lighter on the Aperol for a less bitter, more bubbly drink. Serve it over ice, garnish with a slice of orange, and let it bring a little brightness to your day!

What You’ll Need To Make An Aperol Spritz

ingredients or aperol spritz
  • Prosecco: The base of the cocktail, this sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy, named after the village of Prosecco, is known for its light, refreshing taste; its crisp acidity and fine bubbles make it an excellent base for cocktails.
  • Aperol: This Italian apéritif with a vibrant orange hue and citrusy, bittersweet flavor has a lower alcohol content than other apéritifs, which contributes to the light, refreshing quality of the spritz.
  • Soda Water: Adds a fizzy lift to the spritz, balancing the sweetness of the Prosecco and the bitterness of the Aperol.
  • Orange Slice: Used as a garnish, adding a pop of color and a hint of fresh citrus flavor.
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Step-By-Step Instructions

Fill a wine glass or a large stem glass halfway with ice.

glass filled halfway with ice cubes

Pour the Prosecco into the glass.

pouring Prosecco into large wineglass filled halfway with ice

Add the Aperol.

adding aperol into large wine glass with ice cubes and Prosecco

Pour in the soda water.

soda water added to large wine glass with ice cubes, Prosecco, and aperol

Stir to combine

stirring Prosecco, aperol, and soda water in large wine glass with ice cubes

Garnish with an orange slice.

aperol spritz in large wine glass with ice cubes and orange garnish


aperol spritz with bottle of aperol

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Aperol Spritz

Unwind with an Aperol spritz, the laid-back cocktail with the perfect balance of bitter, sweet, and bubbly.

Servings: 1 drink
Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Total Time: 5 Minutes


  • Ice
  • 6 oz Prosecco, chilled
  • 1 to 2 oz Aperol, to taste
  • 2 oz soda water, chilled
  • Orange slice


  1. Fill a wine glass or a large stem glass halfway with ice. Pour the Prosecco into the glass, followed by the Aperol and soda water. Gently stir to mix the ingredients and garnish with an orange slice.

Nutrition Information

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  • Per serving (1 servings)
  • Serving size: 1 drink
  • Calories: 172
  • Fat: 0 g
  • Saturated fat: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 8 g
  • Sugar: 4 g
  • Fiber: 0 g
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Sodium: 22 mg
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg

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Gluten-Free Adaptable Note

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  • Thanks for sharing this refreshing drink. I had it in Europe last year and now I am able to make it myself. Very delicious, great summer drink.

    • — Edith on July 6, 2024
    • Reply
  • Thank you for reminding me of my favorite Italian cocktail! I bought splits or small prosecco bottles so I can make one at a time ;-). No prosecco waste. Or is there such a thing?!

    • — MELISSA S on June 25, 2024
    • Reply
  • I love that you added this recipe to your collection. We visited my daughter in Florence this Spring, who was also doing Study Abroad. And we’ve been been making/enjoying Aperol Spritz for years and loved them in Italy. Love the Hugo Spritz too. Cheers!

    • — Caroline Cooksey on June 21, 2024
    • Reply
  • I live in Northern Virginia — a suburb of Washington DC. I cannot find Aperol liquer for sale anywhere near me. The ones available online are all non-alcoholic. Any advice as to where to find this? Thanks.

    • — Sunflower on June 16, 2024
    • Reply
    • Hi, Aperol is pretty widely available in liquor stores so I’m assuming you’ve just overlooked it. The next store you go to, I’d ask an employee to point you in the right direction. Hope you enjoy the drinks when you make them!

      • — Jenn on June 18, 2024
      • Reply
    • I’m in Richmond, VA and just bought a bottle at an ABC store two weeks ago, they had plenty in all sizes so I’d be surprised if you can’t find it in NOVA, too. Check your area ABC stores online (their online ordering is pretty efficient). Good luck, we love our cool Aperol Spritzes in this heat!

      • — Leigh on June 29, 2024
      • Reply
  • Just had my first Lillet Spritz…same thing with Lillet subbing in for Aperol. Both are deliciously refreshing.

    • — SMS on June 16, 2024
    • Reply
  • My boyfriend and I discovered the Aperol Spritz in Italy also. We kept seeing people sitting at outdoor tables looking happy while drinking this pretty orange drink. When we order one at home in the US, the results aren’t that great. I will print your recipe to share with a few of our favorite places here. Thank you Jenn.

    • — Rebecca on June 16, 2024
    • Reply
  • Had this is Florence a few years ago and have been making it at home- exact proportions as yours.
    My favorite cocktail!

    • — Susanna on June 16, 2024
    • Reply
  • We enjoyed these in Italy this spring. Would be fun to make at home! Thank you!

    • — DeLynn on June 16, 2024
    • Reply

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