Black Bean Salad with Corn, Red Peppers & Avocado With Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette

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Black Bean Corn Salad

This recipe was inspired by one of my readers, Ellen Koh, who sent me a fabulous Mexican Bean Salad recipe. Over the years, it has become the most popular recipe on my site; it has been pinned over 800,000 times on Pinterest and called “Veggie Crack” because it’s so addictive! I love it for entertaining because it’s festive and you can make it ahead of time — in fact, you should because it gets better and better the longer it sits.  Try serving it with my Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken and Cornbread Muffins.

how to make a black bean salad

Begin by cutting the corn off the cobs.

how to make a black bean salad

Rinse the black beans.


Combine the corn and black beans with the remaining ingredients, except for the avocado.

how to make a black bean salad

Toss and chill until ready to serve.

how to make a black bean salad

Before serving, dice the avocado and add to the salad.

how to make a black bean salad

Toss well, then taste and adjust seasoning, if necessary.

how to make a black bean salad

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy!

how to make black bean corn salad    

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Black Bean Salad with Corn, Red Peppers and Avocado in a Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette

Servings: 6-8
Total Time: 30 Minutes


  • 2 15-ounce cans black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 3 ears fresh cooked corn, kernels cut off the cob
  • 2 red bell peppers, diced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons minced shallots, from one medium shallot
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 9 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, best quality such as Colavita
  • 1 teaspoon lime zest (be sure to zest limes before juicing them)
  • 6 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro, plus more for garnish
  • 2 Hass avocados, chopped


  1. Combine all ingredients except for avocados in a large bowl and mix well. Cover and chill for a few hours or overnight. Right before serving, add avocados and mix gently, being careful not to mash avocados. Garnish with a more chopped cilantro if desired. Serve at room temperature.
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Nutrition Information

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  • Per serving (8 servings)
  • Serving size: 3/4 - 1 cup
  • Calories: 464
  • Fat: 24g
  • Saturated fat: 3g
  • Carbohydrates: 52g
  • Sugar: 7g
  • Fiber: 15g
  • Protein: 13g
  • Sodium: 591mg
  • Cholesterol: 0mg

This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.

Reviews & Comments

  • 5 stars

    I love it!

    - O Foster on August 16, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Yummo. I cut the sugar in half, but everything else was perfect.

    - Karen on August 5, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Made this to pair with your shrimp tacos. Yummy! This salad will be a regular in our household now. So healthy, easy to make & flavourful!!!

    - TracyV on July 29, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    this is a beautiful delicious salad and way to eat veggies. Great for company and summer days! I’ve made this and the similar salad with chipotle honey vinagrette. Both are fabulous. I’m reaching for this one more often though as it’s easier and faster with no blending and just as delicious. Great to have both in the toolkit for variety and different tastes. Thanks again Jenn!

    - Janet on July 15, 2018 Reply
  • Loved this!! It’s not easy finding summery salads like this with no tomatoes…dating a man who doesn’t eat them. Crazy right?? Anyway, everyone loved it…the only thing I added was some chopped up pickled jalepenos.

    - shari struyk on July 12, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Wow!! Hit of the party! Thanks, Jenn! I always trust your recipes to be “HITS”!

    - Pat on July 4, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I have made this recipe countless times (ok, maybe 30 or so), and it continues to be a go-to! I usually use it as a meal – add lots of grilled chicken and eat on lettuce or with tortilla chips. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    - Erin on June 25, 2018 Reply
  • I have made this several times in the last year, and it is always a hit. What I find unnecessarily annoying is measurements like “9 Tablespoons” or even “6 Tablespoons” when one could more helpfully list: “1/2 cup plus 1 Tbsp oil” or “1/4 cup plus 2 Tbsp of lime juice.”

    - Sherman Hesselgrave on June 3, 2018 Reply
  • Is the corn cooked? If so how did you cook it first?

    - Lisa on May 24, 2018 Reply
    • Hi Lisa, if you’re using fresh corn, you should cook it first. Check out this recipe for guidance on cooking it.

      - Jenn on May 24, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Great recipe and easy to make. I made only two changes – I reduced the oil by 1 Tablespoon and cut the sugar and salt by half given our palettes.

    - Kathy on May 6, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Made this salad and it was absolutely delicious!!

    - Saimeen Siddique on May 2, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Everybody loved this salad, I ate the leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Only thing I altered was the amount of sugar, which I halved.

    - Karen Firth on April 29, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I have made this many times for picnics and potlucks, and EVERY time it gets raves. Fresh corn makes all the difference, so save this one to be a seasonal treat! Because it can be made ahead, scales easily and holds at ambient temps, it is a great “no stress” side dish. I could make a meal of it by itself!

    - Susan on April 27, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this for my book club recently. It was really delicious, and kept well in the fridge for a few days afterwards – a good thing because it made an enormous amount. I couldn’t find canned black beans (they’re not common where I live) so substituted red kidney beans, and used frozen corn. It was even good without the avos which makes it easy to serve year-round. This’s going into the recipe file.

    - Lynnsey Schneider on April 16, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This has become a family favorite. I make it for every occasion. It keeps a long time in the refrigerator and gets better every day. My daughter is allergic to avocados so I just leave a portion out for her. It’s wonderful even without the avocados. I also use frozen corn. Easy and delicious.

    - Ruth on April 11, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Amazing salad. We loved it and will use it as a go to all summer! Beautiful to look at and delicious!

    - Deb on March 5, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    My family loves this salad! We usually double the recipe so we’ll have leftovers. We use half as much oil and keep the avocado on the side (I’m allergic, sadly), and serve it with Jenn’s tequila lime chicken. This also makes a great salsa served with chips the next day!

    - Amy on March 1, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is one of my go to vegan recipes that always wows people. The flavors dance in your mouth. It’s a perfect summertime pot luck dish.

    - Becky on February 23, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is one of our favorite recipes! It has become a go-to for any kind of potluck or picnic. It’s great by itself or on top of a salad. We used frozen corn and dried cilantro last time with good success. I like it with olive oil best, but you can’t really taste a specific oil in the dressing. Soaking the onion in water really makes a big difference in the strength of the onions!

    - Grace on February 4, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I love this recipe! The first time, I made it exactly as written. However, I’m the only one who likes black beans and even with the recipe halved it lasts a few days. So when making it for just me, I leave out the avocado altogether. And because I really like things tart, I decrease the olive oil by half and added fresh lemon juice to the lime juice. Sorry, I can’t help tweaking recipes! The cayenne adds just the right amount of heat. I would never have thought to do that. When I make it for guests or a potluck, I make it as is. Thanks for a great recipe, Jenn!

    - Mary on February 1, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is a great recipe. The honey, chipotle dressing makes the salad. All my family and friends request I bring this to all pot lucks. I recommend taking the time to use fresh corn.

    - Lisa S on February 1, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Another awesome recipe! This was simple and quick to make and was especially tasty the next day. I served it alongside some chicken tacos for dinner. My husband, who wasn’t sure he liked black beans, really liked this recipe. I had the leftovers for lunch the next day with some chicken, it was so good! I am happy to say I can practically make this with my eyes closed, it’s so easy!

    - Christina on December 13, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    My extended family and us love this recipe! I’ve made this several times over the past few months. I made it for our family dinner last fall and surprised and shocked my family with how tasty the dish. It was the hit of the evening! Even the 4 year old ate the salad and everyone said she wouldn’t like it due to the peppers. I never told her about them and she didn’t complain or fuss. EXCELLENT recipe!!

    - Barbara on November 30, 2017 Reply
  • This is the perfect salad for summer lunch. Lots of fresh flavors that are tied together with a great dressing.

    - Tami on November 30, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is one of the recipes I made when I bought a dozen limes. I also made the Tequila Lime Chicken and Cilantro Lime Sweet Corn when I made this salad. This salad is substantial and makes a great go to work lunch. It also can be served to vegan or gluten free friends. The black beans are also great for my cholesterol reduction goals. The best part is that this salad tastes great and has numerous layers of flavor.

    - Ruth Beckett on November 30, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    like so many, this is my FAVORITE recipe so far! it’s my go-to for any gathering and is always the first bowl empty.

    when i cook the corn, i cook it in veggie broth (i use Seitenbacher Vegetarian Vegetable Broth) to add a little depth of flavor to the corn. thank you for this incredible recipe Jenn! xx

    - Debbie McD on November 30, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I love this salad! I made it this summer for a taco bar party and it was a hit! I just made it to add to my work Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow. Yes, Thanksgiving, Texas style! I only made one change both times. I omitted the cayenne pepper and substituted 1 fresh Jalapeno seeded and finely diced. (We grow them; please wear gloves when you handle hot peppers). I think it adds a little heat taste that goes well with the other ingredients. Thank you for such a great recipe!

    - Marcella on November 22, 2017 Reply
  • Hi can the lime juice be substuted for lemon juice?

    - Graeme Orr on October 15, 2017 Reply
    • Sure, Graeme, I think that would work though it will have a slightly different flavor. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on October 15, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I used your dressing on 1 can of black beans and a variety of veggies I had in the fridge. Delicious!

    - Nora on September 25, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Fresh and fabulous! Easy to make and very satisfying. The cilantro is delicious here and even my daughter who prefers no cilantro usually agrees it was great. A definite keeper. Thanks Jenn.

    - Janet Boisjoli on September 20, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this last week with a friend, and LOVED it. I thought it was good right after it was made but it really does get better as it sits.

    - Carrie Funk on September 20, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Recently took this to a potluck and expected to have some to take home! Boy was I wrong, it was all gone! Made it just as written except used frozen car. Thanks for another great recipe!

    - Linda on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I’ve tried making several black bean/corn salads and this one is the BEST. I even use it as an appetizer with corn chips and everyone loves it. Make sure not to mash the avocado when stirring because they are “fragile”. Leave them in small chunks. I also use Green Giant White Shoepeg corn rather than fresh corn on the cob just to cut down on time.

    - Suellen Horvath on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Due to a rain delay and an emergency room, I’ve a lot of experience with this recipe. Here’s what I’ve learned:
    Don’t waste time with dried beans. Canned are equivalent.
    The salad will not hold more than a day after the lime juice is in. It’s safer to marinate not so long than dump and redo when the ingredients are over-marinated.
    I’d pan-sauté the corn, even if that means using olive oil from the dressing to keep it light.
    As you might glean, I worked hard for a serving of this salad. That’s because I stole some from the rain-delayed batch and it was perfection. I couldn’t give up!

    - Sarah Beauchamp on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Great recipe.

    I substituted a mango for the sugar the first time I made it. Yesterday I tried using a large nectarine. I should have used two. Mango is best though, in my opinion. The salad definitely needs to sit overnight. It’s much better the next day.

    - Anne on September 13, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Can this be made the evening before a mid afternoon bbq the next day without sacrificing texture or freshness? Or best to do chopping prep the night before (except avocados, do that the day of) then combine in morning to allow a few hours for flavor mingling?

    Haven’t actually made it yet (clearly), but expect it’ll be worthy of 5 stars!

    - Laura on August 25, 2017 Reply
    • Yes, you can definitely make it the night before. It actually gets better as it sits! Just add the avocado right before serving.

      - Jenn on August 27, 2017 Reply
    • 5 stars

      Yes! Definitely make it the day before, leaving the avocados out. The salad needs to sit for the flavours to come out. Wait for the last minute before serving to add the avocados.

      - Anne on September 13, 2017 Reply
  • 4 stars

    Love this recipe. For me personally I will omit the sugar next time as I feel the peppers are sweet enough on their own and the added sugar was just too much for me. I may also add a little cumin next time as it is another flavor I love. Thanks for sharing!

    - Sarah on August 4, 2017 Reply
  • Are you supposed to add vinegar to this recipe?

    - Ke on July 15, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Ke, no vinegar is necessary for this. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on July 17, 2017 Reply
    • 5 stars

      I added a little apple cider vinegar and really liked it. I left out the shallots and sugar, used green instead of red pepper, and red pepper flakes instead of cayenne, and added rice. May grab cilantro from the store tonight to add to it, but its really good w/o it too. How would you freeze this?

      - Chas on July 31, 2017 Reply
      • Hi Chas, unfortunately, this recipe won’t freeze well- sorry!

        - Jenn on August 1, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Delicious summer salad; a perfect side for a grilled entree or Mexican cuisine. I had to make a few modifications (based on what I had in my refrig). These included substituting minced red onion for the shallots (worked well and added color); did not use lime zest since I already had 4 limes in my refrig from which the zest had been used. The lime flavor came through with just the juice. In terms of procedures, I did not bother boiling the corn. I like the “fresh” corn flavor and if you use a ceramic knife to remove the kernels the corn won’t “bleed” juice into the dressing. This recipe is hearty enough to serve as a meatless lunch. Will make it often.

    - Ellie O on June 25, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is so good. I can’t wait for company to make it so I cut in half when it’s just us. I use Trader Joe’s frozen grilled sweet corn and Goya low sodium black beans. delicious. Thanks Jen.

    - Stacy on June 21, 2017 Reply
  • 4 stars

    Just made this exactly as written and it was delicious. My only critique was that it was slightly sweeter than I would have liked so next time I will half the sugar. Great recipe!

    - JoyinChaos on June 21, 2017 Reply
  • Hi I would like to try this salad for a graduation party this week. If I use frozen corn how much should I use? What is the equivalent of 3 ears fresh corn?
    Thank you so much!

    - Jennifer on May 21, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Jennifer, You’d need between 2 – 2 1/4 cups. Hope everyone enjoys!

      - Jenn on May 21, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this black bean/corn/red pepper & avocado in lime cilantro vinaigrette salad this weekend and it is delicious. This recipe is definitely a keeper. I did make a few changes to suit our tastes: I used only 1 red bell pepper, 1 clove of garlic, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper, and 8 Tablespoons of olive oil. Everything else was done as the recipe called for. Just before serving I cut the avocado into pieces and put about 1 tablespoon lime juice over the avocados before adding to the salad. I believe this helped to keep the avocado from turning brown, as the second day they still looked green and the salad was delicious. My company enjoyed this new recipe also. Thank you!

    - Jean L Roecker on May 16, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    OMG! This salad is AWESOME!! It’s my new favorite. I loved every part of the salad. I am new to avocados and appreciated the creaminess it added to the salad. If the salad is served over more than 2 days I would add the avocado fresh each time it’s served so it doesn’t lose its fresh creaminess. With or without the avocado it’s really fabulous!

    - Carol on May 16, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    The black bean salad was great! I would like to use it in a wrap. Would I have to make any changes to the recipe? How long could they be refrigerated without becoming soggy?

    - Linda Rushton on May 11, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Linda, glad you like the salad! You could use this in a wrap with no adjustments, but I do think they would get soggy if assembled in advanced. I’d roll them into the wraps right before serving.

      - Jenn on May 12, 2017 Reply
  • 4 stars

    I made this last night and it was a huge hit. But my question is, why is there sugar in the recipe? I was going to leave it out but since I had never made this before I decided to stick with the recipe. Why the sugar?

    - Lisa on May 6, 2017 Reply
    • A little sugar works beautifully to balance the chile heat and give it more dimension, and it underscores the sweetness of the corn and red pepper.

      - kaostheory on June 17, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Luv luv luv this salad. I add extra cilantro and lime juice.

    - Louise. Baker on May 1, 2017 Reply
  • One of my favorite salads EVER!

    - Maggie on April 27, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    can I used canned corn? How many cups of corn?

    - Judy on April 22, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Judy, Yes, you can use canned corn. You’d need between 2 – 2 1/4 cups. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on April 23, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Love this recipe. I cook my own black beans using black heirloom turtle beans. When getting close to done I add low sodium roasted chicken base. To give the beans more flavor. Cooking until still a little firm. Then drain. I also add some diced jalapeño. To give it a little more kick. Everyone loves them. Great recipe!

    - Rachael Montague on April 15, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Delicious and easy recipe! I made with frozen sweetcorn steamed briefly, no sugar, and less oil. Still very tasty.

    - Emily on March 19, 2017 Reply
  • Sounds so great but I have a concern on the amount of sodium….is there a way to get the same great meal with out so much sodium in the dish???

    - Jane Ivey on January 16, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Jane, Most of the sodium comes from the black beans and the added salt. I would suggest purchasing reduced-sodium black beans and cutting back on the added salt. Hope that helps!

      - Jenn on January 16, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I’ve made the “crack” three times and have cut the olive oil down to 1 T. I’ve also reduced the amount of sugar each time I’ve made it. Neither adjustment has impacted the flavor.

    - Kathy Miller on January 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    The BEST salad made ever!!!! Why??? Simple …. Everybody just loves it!!!! Grandparents loved it. My kids love it. My husband and I also. All friends and family as well!!!! There is never any leftover! I just substitute the corn with canned sweet corn. Everything else as directed!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    - Kalliopi on December 31, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Love this!

    - Toni Dick on December 18, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Favorite bean salad! I made this as directed and it is a favorite in our household! Love it as a side dish or even with some chips.

    - Mina on December 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Excellent salad! The dressing is out of this world delicious. Follow directions as written

    - Natalie on December 1, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I took this salad to a summer fish fry and everyone loved it. It was so light and not buried in oil. Everyone loved the fresh grilled corn.

    - Sally Baldwin on December 1, 2016 Reply
  • Hi Jenn!
    Your recipes are amazing-thankyou! 2018 is soooo far for the book!
    A quick one for this salad: Is it okay to substitute the regular corn with sweet corn? And if I do should I leave out the sugar? I ask because where I live regular corn can be extremely tough. Thanks!

    - Sarah on November 11, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Sarah- so glad you enjoy the recipes! Sure, it’s fine to use sweet corn here. You can keep the amount of sugar the same, but feel free to cut it back a bit and add more to taste if you feel it’s needed. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on November 11, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    We love this recipe and make it at least once every couple weeks. I like to add some finely diced serrano, fresno, or jalepeno peppers. I’m also a little more liberal with the lime juice.

    - Robert on November 8, 2016 Reply
  • Hi! Since fresh corn is out of season, but I don’t want to stop making this salad, what do you recommend I use? Frozen? Canned? Love this recipe and all of your others! Thanks!

    - Mary S on October 13, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Mary, you can use either frozen or canned corn when fresh isn’t available/out of season.

      - Jenn on October 13, 2016 Reply
      • 5 stars

        I’ve made this before and like all your recipes, Jenn, it is super. I am wondering, if using frozen corn, would you need to cook it first?

        - Barb on May 12, 2017 Reply
        • Glad you like this Barb! No need to cook the corn, but I’d let it defrost.

          - Jenn on May 12, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This salad is delicious! It was very quick and easy to put together and the ingredients are in every grocery store. We were asked to bring a Mexican salad to a dinner party the night before and this one did the trick. I highly recommend it!

    - Patti Anderson on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is my go-to summer salad. It’s delicious, especially with fresh corn. I do cut the olive oil down to 5 or 6 tbls—otherwise, it’s perfect as written.

    - Melissa Kittay on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is absolutely delicious!! So many layers of flavors!! Well worth the $20 I spent for the ingredients…bringing it to a tennis luncheon today…saved a little for me at home as I know it will disappear quickly!

    - Wendy G Schoenburg on September 27, 2016 Reply
  • 2 stars

    Hmmm! Not impressed with this recipe. Have had similar and I was tasty but for some reason I found this one go be tasteless. I’m surprised cause I expected it to be good given the ingredients but there’s something that it lacks, just can’t put my finger on it. I will search for another recipe.

    - k on September 19, 2016 Reply
    • 4 stars

      Make and eat it fresh.Tomatoes should never be put in the fridge, they become tasteless. I also add sweet onions to this salad

      - Denise L. on September 22, 2016 Reply
    • I have made almost identical salads and there’s always been some cumin and,or, chili powder added. Pretty sure that’s it. Cumin is my favorite mexican spice!

      - Gail on June 14, 2017 Reply
      • 5 stars

        Oh yeah I added some chili powder and ginger too! Yum!

        - Chas on July 31, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I came upon this when I searched for black bean salad recipes. Fantastic!

    - Mary Young on September 17, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I ate this at a party it was by far the best I ever ate so much so I walked around half the party asking everyone who made it just so I could get the recipe Thankyou mary Catherine my hat off to you especial since I don’t like beans or cilantro an this is delicious an one way I will eat both now

    - sherry on September 14, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This made a huge hit at a family reunion, and it’s now a staple for me when I have a lot of people coming over. You can do it ahead (add the avocado at the last minute) and everybody loves it. This woman is a genius.

    - Silver Lake on August 30, 2016 Reply
  • Why do you now suggest to cook the corn? I thought it was strange to not cook it but I have now made it twice and it’s great and crunchy! Is it hard on your stomach like one person mentioned? I didn’t notice any issues with mine.

    - Nata on July 20, 2016 Reply
    • Nate, cooking it makes the corn a bit more tender, but if you enjoy the texture without cooking it, no need to change anything!

      - Jenn on July 20, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was so good! I took this to the beach and it was perfect!! My boyfriend whom is very picky approves

    - Angela on July 18, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Absolutely the best ever! My whole family and co-workers love it too!

    - Hazel on July 6, 2016 Reply
  • I made this last year for a neighborhood gathering and it was a hit. I followed the tips in your video which were particularly helpful. Is the video still available? I can no longer find it.

    - Cheryl on July 5, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Cheryl, I’m glad everyone enjoyed it! Unfortunately the video is no longer available — I’m sorry!

      - Jenn on July 5, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this today with a couple of omissions (cilantro and garlic) and sautéed the shallot since I’m allergic to raw onions and shallots. It was such a big hit! Thanks, Jenn, for giving us such a winner. My picky husband absolutely loved it too even though he was skeptical at first!

    - Sammy Pineau on July 3, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This salad looks delightful! I plan to add just a bit of finely chopped jalapeno for some kick, and then also add some small cooked shrimp to make it into a main dish salad. Pinned, and looking forward to making this soon! –G

    - Ginger Wroot on July 2, 2016 Reply

    - C on June 26, 2016 Reply
  • This is the very best corn/bean salad I have ever eaten and it is now requested for family gatherings all summer long. I found it tastes a bit better when I add some ground cumin to the dressing. Don’t spare the dressing! I had to make more the first couple of times I made it-then I learned to double it. I also add yellow bell pepper.

    - Holly on May 21, 2016 Reply
    • How many limes are needed to get the 6 tablespoons (the original recipe amount)?

      - kim on June 1, 2016 Reply
      • 5 stars

        It’s been a while since I’ve made this, but I think I usually get around 2 tablespoons per lime

        - DJR on June 3, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    just made this for a potluck, DELICIOUS! Will be making this again soon! Used 6 TB spoon oil instead of 9 and didn’t think it was missing anything, otherwise made as is…yum!

    - Julie on April 28, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I found your recipe while searching for a black bean salad without cumin (which I find sometimes overpowering). Typically I’m not a reviewer but I just MUST thank you. “Veggie Crack” sums it up. I’ve never seen sugar in a black bean salad before but it sure works! Now I have high hopes for your Sausage Lasagne…and I’m of Italian heritage.

    - Patti on April 25, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This recipe is AMAZING. So tasty, I love to make a big bowl of it and put it over a grilled chicken salad, on top of smoked breasts, or just eat it alone! I would like to know what you consider a serving size? I have been logging my food in a health app and I need to know how much would be considered the standard amount (I know it says 6-8 servings, but that seems like a lot per serving!) Thanks in advance!

    - MC on April 7, 2016 Reply
    • Hi MC, so glad you like the salad! Each serving is between 3/4 and 1 cup.

      - Jenn on April 7, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I love this recipe. Despite loving to cook, I have always struggled in the kitchen and have had many failures. This is an incredibly easy, healthy and delicious recipe that my family and friends rave about. Thank you for such a wonderful salad.

    - Michelle Glasson on March 22, 2016 Reply
  • 4 stars

    my daughter doesn’t like cilantro. Any substitutes besides parsley? Thanks.

    - Claudia on February 21, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Claudia, I think basil would be good too.

      - Jenn on February 22, 2016 Reply
  • Oops, I meant Roma tomatoes!

    - Donna on February 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I am substituting tomato for red peppers. How many Roman tomatoes do I use?

    - Donna on February 6, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Donna, I’m guessing about 6 — be sure to seed them. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on February 7, 2016 Reply
  • My question is about the avocado. Do you cut it up and add it before you let it sit in the frig for a few hours or overnight even? I would think you’d add it just before putting it on the table but I don’t see anything like that in the directions or in the questions. I don’t want to end up with brown avocados!

    - Sherry on January 20, 2016 Reply
    • Yes Sherry, the avocados should be chopped added right before serving. Hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on January 20, 2016 Reply
  • Is the corn raw or cooked?

    - Tim on January 17, 2016 Reply
    • Tim, If you’re cutting corn off the cob, I would steam it first. If you’re using canned or frozen corn, no need to cook!

      - Jenn on January 17, 2016 Reply
      • 5 stars

        BBQ the corn husk off drizzled
        in olive oil and the flavor is amazing. The browned kernels make it look GREAT!

        - Laura Nardi on July 17, 2016 Reply
  • What seasoning?

    - Cheryl Blue on January 11, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Cheryl, The seasonings I’m referring to in the salad are the salt, cayenne pepper and sugar. Hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on January 12, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is delicious! So versatile and healthy! For a lighter version I took out the olive oil and sugar and just added a little orange blossom honey. It was great!

    - Leslie on January 11, 2016 Reply
    • How much honey?

      - Linda on July 7, 2017 Reply
  • How many calories per serving and how big is the serving?

    - Jan on January 10, 2016 Reply
    • Each serving is approximately 3/4 to 1 cup.

      - Jenn on January 11, 2016 Reply
  • How big is a serving size? 1 cup?
    I saw how many servings it makes just not the size of servings.
    Thank you.

    - Clare on January 10, 2016 Reply
    • Each serving is between 3/4 and 1 cup.

      - Jenn on January 11, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    How much is a serving? One cup?

    - Colleen on January 9, 2016 Reply
    • Between 3/4 and 1 cup.

      - Jenn on January 11, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is WONDERFUL. It goes even further if you add chunks of grocery store rotisserie chicken.

    - Debra P on January 9, 2016 Reply
    • 5 stars

      this is wonderful thanks

      - sara on May 11, 2017 Reply
  • This recipe looks great! I have 2 questions. This recipe says there are 8 servings-what is the serving size-1/2 cup? 3/4 cup? It doesn’t specify on the recipe. Also, looking at the carb information, 52 g for a serving? That is a whole lot! As a mom of a Type 1 diabetic, I look at carbs all the time! This seems awfully high for something that is nutritionally sound! I realize corn is high in carbs, but 52 seems high to me. Thanks for looking and answering my questions! I will be trying this!

    - Danielle Senn on January 8, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Danielle, I started adding nutritional information to the site after many of the recipes were already entered, so I am guesstimating the serving sizes. That said, I think a serving here would be between 3/4 and 1 cup each. And the carbs in the nutritional info. are correct. Both the beans and corn are high in carbs, kind of elevating that number. Hope that helps!

      - Jenn on January 11, 2016 Reply
  • Is there no vinaigrette or did I miss a step?
    Just the lime juice and EVOO to make the vinaigrette?

    - Laveda albright on January 8, 2016 Reply
    • Correct!

      - Jenn on January 8, 2016 Reply
      • Lemon or lime juice can easily replace any vinegar.

        - Samantha May Lee on January 21, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Its winter so I need to use frozen corn. How many cups is 3 ears of corn? Thank you – this looks delicious! I just found your site and made a couple of things now. Each is 10 stars! You’re turning me into a cook 🙂

    - janet on January 7, 2016 Reply
    • Each ear of corn is the equivalent of about 3/4 cup of corn, so I’d suggest approximately 2 1/4 cups for this.

      - Jenn on January 8, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Sorry if this was a question already asked but I read several reviews and didn’t see anything. What is something you would recommend that you can replace the sugar with? Thank you!

    - Kat on January 7, 2016 Reply
    • Kat, you can leave out the sugar, or replace it with some agave if you have that.

      - Jenn on January 7, 2016 Reply
  • Can you serve with nacho chips?
    Any pre-made dressing you would recommend for last minute prep?

    - Pam on January 6, 2016 Reply
    • Sure Pam, this would be nice with nacho chips (for scooping :). And I think a basic vinaigrette would work for the salad in a pinch.

      - Jenn on January 7, 2016 Reply
  • you can actually cut the oil down in this recipe to less than half and not spoil the flavor at all.

    - teri on January 5, 2016 Reply
    • But olive oil is good for you and helps your brain register satiety, and its healthy fats help your body absorb the many vitamins and minerals in the salad, so please don’t cut it down too far. If you’re looking to cut calories/carbs, swap in chopped tomatoes for the corn.

      - JJ on January 12, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I add halved grape tomatoes to the mix.

    - David Barclay on January 4, 2016 Reply
  • I don’t do well with acidic foods, what can I use instead of peppers or tomatoes, it looks delicious!

    - Vicki on January 3, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Vicki, No problem, just add more corn. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on January 3, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is a very flavorful combination of fresh ingredients that will make anyone say wow. It is super easy to make and sure to impress.

    - karen bellomy on December 27, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I served this colorful and delicious salad to a family crowd of 11 last night. It was a huge success, and enjoyed by kids and adults equally. I made it a day in advance, and it could not have been easier.

    - Carolie Frazer on December 20, 2015 Reply
  • Is corn cooked or used raw?

    - Fran Cook on December 17, 2015 Reply
    • If you’re cutting corn off the cob, I would steam it first. If you’re using canned or frozen corn, no need to cook!

      - Jenn on December 17, 2015 Reply
    • I used frozen corn, uncooked, but look forward to fresh in the summer. Definitely fresh lime juice, and the zest is important.

      - Carolie Frazer on December 20, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is a great recipe, perfect as written! It’s delicious in the summer but also good for the holidays with the red and green colors.

    - Tierney on December 11, 2015 Reply
    • Tierney, It’s fine to leave it out but your cookies won’t be shiny. You’ll also need to add a bit more milk to get the icing the right consistency.

      - Jenn on December 12, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I make this salad quite often…my family doesn’t tire of it and my guests always rave over it! The measurements are perfectly calculated. I would highly recommend using fresh lime juice, as stated in the recipe…no comparison to bottled.

    - Gay Lee Freedman on December 3, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is the PERFECT salad/meal! I love that I can find the ingredients just about anywhere I am – the ingredients are so available. And if you can’t find an avocado it doesn’t matter. I love that I can put it together the night before and just toss before eating. Makes it perfect for potlucks! I have served it on quesadillas, on it’s own, on a bed of lettuce, as leftovers….LOVE LOVE LOVE and end up having to share the recipe repeatedly.

    - Locke Jaeger on November 19, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is an absolutely wonderful salad especially when sweet summer corn is available. Every time I haven served it my friends have asked for the recipe. Actually, every time I have made a recipe from this site, people have asked for the recipe. Thank you for another delicious recipe.

    - robin on October 31, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this recipe! We’ve been making meals for a friend and her family going through cancer treatment and she requested bean salad/vegetarian type meals, which I am horrible at! I can never find good recipes. I googled “bean salads” and your site came up with this recipe. It looked promising, so I went for it. Oh my goodness, it is DELICIOUS! I replaced cilantro with parsley and the scallions with onion, but everything else was the same. I was able to make your cornbread muffins with it for them….great combination. Will definitely use both recipes again! Thank you!

    - Stacey on September 10, 2015 Reply
  • Love this! I have been making this for a few years. still a go to summer church pot luck dish I am asked to bring.

    - Laura on August 28, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    We make this throughout the summer. It’s always a BIG hit. Terrific flavor and texture and it’s beautiful on the plate. Nothing compares to the sweet, delicate crunch of farm fresh summer corn. The more substantial crunch of jicama (this recipe introduced me to it) is wonderful too. All flavors and textures play beautifully.

    - Renee B on August 27, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    My go to salad for potlucks. Everyone loves it, especially since there are a lot of gluten free people in the family.

    - Byul Hutchinson on August 27, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Yum! I know this is a great side salad with Mexican themed dinners, but for me, this salad is a meal in itself! Super easy to make (because I’m lazy and use canned corn), great for a healthy lunch at the office, and super delicious! What more can you ask for?

    - Emmy on August 27, 2015 Reply
  • Just decided to wing it with the mango and its fabulous!

    - Patty on August 25, 2015 Reply
  • Has anyone tried adding mango? Seems like it would be good but was hoping to hear if already tried. Thanks

    - Patty on August 25, 2015 Reply
  • My family won’t eat this probably;). I was wondering if once mixed up if smaller portions could be frozen for later use?

    - Rachael on August 25, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Rachael, This salad won’t freeze well — but you could easily cut the recipe in half.

      - Jenn on August 25, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Simple and delicious. Make it!!! I made cornbread on the side. Family loved it.

    - Jen on August 23, 2015 Reply
  • I’ve never eaten uncooked fresh corn-is it a little, um, hard on the system?

    - Susan on August 18, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Susan, The corn is actually cooked in this recipe.

      - Jenn on August 19, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this with 1 TBL oil, no sugar and just 1 avocado and it was delicious for just 213 calories/serving. Goes great with grilled chicken. I will definitely make this again. Thanks.

    - Kelly on August 18, 2015 Reply
  • Wjat size serving dish do I need for this wonderful Salad?

    - sharon hoadley on August 15, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Sharon, I use a 2-quart bowl.

      - Jenn on August 15, 2015 Reply
  • I’m going to try this for a family gathering this weekend. How do you zest a lime? Thanks!

    - Danielle on August 7, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Could I use a tomato and parsley instead of re pepper and cilantro? Would chick peas work as well as the corn and beans?

    - Barb on August 6, 2015 Reply
    • Yes to tomatoes, parsley and chickpeas, but I’d keep the corn no matter what 🙂

      - Jenn on August 7, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I just finished making this for our neighborhood’s “Nite to Unite.” I love this!! It took me longer to prepare since I was watching the video for each step. The video tips were great. I’ve always hated dealing with cilantro, although I love it, and I’ve made chopping bell peppers much harder than it needs to be. I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes!

    - Cheryl H on August 4, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    What can I substitute for the cilantro????

    - Jackie on July 31, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Jackie, Just go ahead and leave it out — will still be delish 🙂

      - Jenn on July 31, 2015 Reply
      • 5 stars

        I like to sub flat parsley for cilantro sometimes!

        - Bonnie on August 17, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this today. Subbed a stalk of finely chopped celery for the onion (heartburn woes). It was delicious! I think this will be a regular summer salad. Thank you! 🙂

    - Heather! on July 30, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Hi Jenn. This salad was delicious! I love your site and have made many of your recipes which always turn out wonderfully.
    This is definitely one of my favorites!

    - Evann on July 30, 2015 Reply
  • I want to make this for our neighborhood night out which goes from 5 to 9. Do you think I can add the avocado before carrying it to the gathering? I’ve never made this before and can’t wait to try it!!

    - Cheryl on July 30, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Cheryl, Yes that will be fine; just squirt a little lime over the avocado.

      - Jenn on July 30, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Made this for the first time for a family BBQ last week. Followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great! Will make again!

    - Nancy K. on July 22, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Wow, what a great salad. I’m not hugely fond of black beans, so substituted 1 can of borlotti beans and 1 can of the same mixed with some other pulses (lentil, barley and a some others). I didn’t have shallot to hand, so used finely minced red onion, and opted for frozen corn because we are currently w/o air conditioning. The microwave produces zero heat! I experimented with something I’ve been finding handy lately: confectioner’s sugar. I find that it dissolves quite a bit more readily than granulated sugar(s). A super summer dish that can be made without any fire! And, absolutely delish. Thanks Jennifer.

    - George Ponaparte on July 20, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Fantastic, and so easy – thanks, Jenn! I’m making it for the third time next weekend for a large gathering. per my husband’s request. It’s always a hit – and very rarely are there leftovers. I add cubed jicama to it as well. The second time I made it, I only had one can or black beans, so I added a can of red kidney beans – still as wonderful.

    - Ana on July 19, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was fantastic. I served with grilled steaks and everyone loved it (including my picky eater son). I had to send the link to my friends so they could make it too. You are correct about it getting better the longer it sits. I had what little was left with my lunch today and was disappointed there wasn’t more. Thanks for posting it.

    - Winifred on July 11, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this for two separate events already this summer-a graduation party(with vegans) and July 4th with my usual carnivores. A huge hit both times. The best things are you can and should make it ahead and you don’t have to worry about a “mayo” based salad sitting out. Fresh and Fabulous!

    - Christine on July 8, 2015 Reply
  • do we cook the corn and/or beans first?

    - Stephanie on July 6, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Stephanie, The corn is fresh so it would need to be cooked but canned beans are already cooked and ready to use.

      - Jenn on July 7, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Made this for 4th of July cookout. Everyone loved it!!! will definitely make it again!

    - Stephanie on July 5, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Have made this dish twice just as it’s written. It is superb! both times my guests have raved about it and asked for the recipe ~ definetely a keeper!

    - Kim on June 30, 2015 Reply
  • this sounds great…so is this salad gluten free? i am not gluten free but have a friend that is and am thinking i can serve this to her. can’t wait to try it!

    - Debbie on June 26, 2015 Reply
  • Can the avocado bean corn salad use less oil to reduce fat calories? Thx.

    - Joy kneita on June 25, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Joy, I would decrease the dressing overall instead of just reducing the oil; that way the flavors will stay balanced.

      - Jenn on June 30, 2015 Reply
  • Hi,

    I was just wondering how far in advance you can make this (without adding the avocado). I was hoping to make it for lunches.

    Thanks! Can’t wait to try it 🙂


    - Kerri on June 21, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Kerri, It keeps well for several days in the fridge.

      - Jenn on June 21, 2015 Reply
  • Hi. How far in advance can this salad be prepared? Is a full day alright? (prepared Friday afternoon for serving on Saturday at 5 pm) What would be the ingredient amounts if making for a wedding party of 200?
    Thank you very much.

    - Deanna on June 9, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Deanna, A day ahead is perfectly fine. As for the quantities and how much you’ll need, it really depends on what else is being served.

      - Jenn on June 10, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This recipe is absolutely fantastic. The only thing I changed was that I cut it in half because I didn’t want the avocado to go bad since I was making it for just two people with a couple other minor adjustments. I added the whole shallot, lime zest, garlic and added a 1/2 tsp of cumin and the rest of the diced jalapeño that I used for marinating my cilantro lime chicken. This was just fantastic. I will make this over and over and know I will be asked for the recipe.

    - Jaime on May 28, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is now a family favorite. We made enough to take to two different bbq’s – served as a dip at one and as a salad at the other – and both were a huge hit.

    - Beth in NY on May 25, 2015 Reply
  • I would like to make your corn, black bean, red pepper and avocado salad. It calls for some garlic. One of my family is allergic to garlic. Should I try without? Since I have not had this salad, I’m not sure how big a part the garlic plays.

    Thank you! Your recipes look amazing.

    - Jody on May 24, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Jody, It’s fine to leave the garlic put. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on May 24, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was simply amazing. My husband and I have been raving about this. As the warm weather is setting in, we are looking for lighter fare, and this is perfect. Fresh, colorful, delicious. Will be my new go-to potluck dish.

    - Alisha on May 15, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Wow Jenn! You will reach a million pins of this recipe! Kudos kiddo! You ROCK!

    - Heather Lampman on May 14, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was delicious!!! Lasted 3 days and never went “bad”:) Making it again this weekend for my kids.

    - Devon on May 6, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was a really refreshing salad with great flavours from the lime and cilantro combination. I halved the recipe, however, I will definitely make the full amount next time, so we can have some leftovers! This is a wonderful site for excellent recipes!

    - Isabel Gibson on May 4, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Outstanding! I used green onions instead of scallions because that’s what I had on hand, and it seemed to work beautifully. Fresh, flavorful, light, healthy, and lovely– what more could you ask for in a dish? Perfection.

    - Mellie on April 14, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is the first OnceUponAChef recipe I tried – was at a potluck and someone made it. PHENOMENAL! I searched to find the recipe, and since I’ve found it, I’ve made it several times, AND tried other great recipes. Nothing you make is bad. It’s all REAL food that tastes great. I’m making this for an Easter potluck we’re going to, and I know it will be a smash hit.

    - Sue Ebbers on March 26, 2015 Reply
  • 4 stars

    I love this salad! I made a big batch if it and had tasty lunches for a few days

    - Anna n on March 22, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Just took this salad to a quilting retreat. Everyone loved it because it tasted so fresh and healthy. Love, love your blog!

    - sally on March 22, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    How have I not reviewed this?! I have made it so much and call it my veggie crack… I love everything about it but will say, living in Canada in the winter, I have made it with frozen corn and it’s still amazing….

    - Shannon on March 22, 2015 Reply
  • I have made this recipe since the week it was first published. It’s the reason I started follwoing OUC when she had the orginal blog. It’s a highly requested recipe and I still get requests for the recipe.

    - Laura on March 20, 2015 Reply
  • 3 stars

    I might add some cumin and diced red onion. The cilantro can be blended into the viniagrette. And fresh corn is only available in summer. Frozen corn is a good substitute and if one has time, the frozen or canned corn can be drained and roasted with a bit of olive oil and some kosher salt. This is a great party recipe.

    - Tracy on January 28, 2015 Reply
    • 5 stars

      Trader Joe’s has a frozen sweet white corn that is amazing– try that, as it tastes just like corn that is fresh off of the cob!

      - Trish on April 2, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I’m snowed in and just made this salad to go along with the grilled tequila lime chicken. Although my chicken is still marinating, I just want to say how absolutely delicious this salad is!!! I made it exactly as called for except I halved it and used canned corn instead of fresh (didn’t have any fresh). It tastes amazing even before chilling! This is a winner and I can’t wait to grill up my chicken. Thank you!! Can’t wait to try more recipes!!

    - Nancy on January 27, 2015 Reply
  • I am looking forward to trying the “veggie crack’ recipe. It says it uses a vinaigrette, but I do not see any vinegar in the recipe, haha. I always like a bit of vinegar, any suggestions? Thanks! Lesli

    - Lesli Layer on January 26, 2015 Reply
    • Hi Lesli, Feel free to replace some of the lime juice with red or white wine vinegar.

      - Jenn on January 26, 2015 Reply
      • 5 stars

        Don’t do it, Lesli! The lime juice is what makes this dish sublime (no pun intended). Go with it!

        - Kelly on January 27, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is a delicious salad, it is worth every bit of effort it takes to make the recipe. I have made this many times and always to rave reviews.

    - Mary on December 14, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I love your website! And, this salad is delicious, healthy and seriously addictive — no wonder it’s one of your most popular recipes! I can’t wait to try all of your other recipes that I’ve saved. Thank you for all of the wonderful recipes and a great website. I seriously hope a cookbook is in the works and will soon be a reality!

    - Merilyn Rowand on December 14, 2014 Reply
    • Thank you, Merilyn 🙂

      - Jenn on December 14, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I first pinned this salad in 2010 and gained about 3 mil followers on Pinterest afterwards. It’s THAT good. Healthy, delicious and filling.

    - Yana Mazur on December 10, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I took this to an annual pool party last year. About a week before this year’s party, one of the guys who attended the party last year, said you are going to make the avocado black bean dish again right? I figured if he remembered it a year later, it must be great. And it is, so I took it!

    - Valerie Holt on December 8, 2014 Reply
  • Hello,

    If you are making the salad the day before, do you add the avocado at the last minute? Or just put the whole thing together to make sure the flavors blend.

    Thank you.


    - Katherine on November 1, 2014 Reply
    • Hi Katherine, I would definitely add it at the last minute.

      - Jenn on November 1, 2014 Reply
  • This looks delicious, I can’t wait to make it. If you have to substitute frozen or canned corn for the fresh corn, do you know how many cups of corn you need to equal 3 ears of corn?

    - Missy on October 9, 2014 Reply
    • Hi Missy, I would say you’d need about 1-1/2 cups.

      - Jenn on October 9, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    In spite of the preparation involved – not the least of which is 15-20 minutes to cook corn – this is a seriously fantastic dish. As mentioned, we let it set for a few hours and it paid off (we had before/after taste tests). The one thing we didn’t do was mix in the avocado. We diced a couple but let people add them separately. It just seemed like a soft-ish avocado wouldn’t withstand any mixing and would turn brown over time, in spite of the lime juice.
    I couldn’t stop eating this!

    - Kelly McIvor on September 28, 2014 Reply
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    - on September 25, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this in a double batch this past weekend but served it as a salsa with blue corn chips. It was gone in minutes. I was most surprised at how all my little nephews loved it. It definitely needs to sit because when I first made it I thought it was way too salty and that was after I only used half the salt in the recipe. With time the lime and cilantro and other flavors took away the salty flavor. Definitely cut sugar in half and reduce the oil. I probably used a little more than half the oil called for and that was just becuase I added a little more when I first tasted how salty it was. Delicicious and cant wait to make it again. To be honest, making a double batch was a lot of chopping and took some time but definitely worth it in the end.

    - Trish on August 18, 2014 Reply
    • 5 stars

      I call this salsa as well but have always used the lime tortilla chips to scoop it with. So good!!!

      - Diana on February 17, 2015 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This recipe is so fast, easy and delicious. The second time I made it I used frozen organic non GMO corn from Whole Foods and cooked it for about 2-3 minutes. I peeled the red pepper before I chopped it and instead of the sugar I added a splash of Agave. This is a healthy recipe by itself for a quick snack or lunch or as a side with chicken or Fajitas etc. Love it!

    - Arlene on July 24, 2014 Reply
  • I would like to try this recipe for a tea party. Do you think if I charr the corn, then will it change the flavor? Also can i serve it as individual portions on butter lettuce cups. Thank you

    - Neha on July 21, 2014 Reply
    • Hi Neha, Charring the corn will change the flavor a bit, but not in a bad way 🙂 Go for it! I think the lettuce cups sounds perfect.

      - Jenn on July 22, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This salad is fantastic! My family loves recipes that use chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, as they add so much flavor. Thanks, Jenn, for sharing your wonderful recipes!

    - Sarah on July 21, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Doesn’t get any better than this.

    - Susanne Allen on July 19, 2014 Reply
  • If I multiply this recipe x 4, how do I multiply the seasonings , such as salt, cayenne, sugar ? Thanks

    - Susan Pauly on July 18, 2014 Reply
    • The salt would be 8 tsp, cayenne would be 1 tsp and sugar would be 8 tbsp

      - Christina on July 18, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Black bean corn salad was absolutely delicious and very popular at my party.
    Would like to be able to print the recipe so it’s on one page.

    - Mary Rigney on July 18, 2014 Reply
  • 4 stars

    I tried the Chipolte version first and I prefer it over this recipe. This one is good too, but I like the kick of the other version plus the honey in the dressing compliments the salad too.

    - Berit on July 17, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    this salad is to “die for”. I generally don’t like bean salad but this one is exceptional. The avocado and fresh corn makes it above average….. way above!

    - Sheryl Tingley on July 10, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I attended a party where this recipe was served, and it was a stand-out! Not only is it pretty to look at, it tasted wonderful! In fact, when I came home, I Googled some of the ingredients to see if I could find the recipe, and viola! I found it – AND I found your excellent website with other fantastic recipes I can’t wait to try.

    - Sue Ebbers on July 7, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Wonderful recipe! I doubled the recipe and took it to a potluck all of it eaten! I took the sugar down to 1 Tbs and the olive oil too. Will be using this recipe in my regular rotation of dinners.

    - Suzanne on July 2, 2014 Reply
  • Sounds great for my 7 year old and rest of family!!! Can I leave out sugar and substitute red onion for shallot? Can I make 3 days in advance? Thanks

    - Bethel on June 30, 2014 Reply
    • Hi Bethel, You can definitely leave out the sugar and substitute red onion for shallots, but I probably would only make this salad 1-2 days ahead of time (wait to add the avocado until just before serving).

      - Jenn on July 1, 2014 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This salad stole the show at our neighborhood potluck. Wonderful recipe!

    - kate on June 27, 2014 Reply
  • 4 stars

    Recipe would have been delicious but it’s waaaay too salty. I would half the salt if I did it again.

    - Tanya on June 27, 2014 Reply
  • This was just about the best salad I’ve ever had.

    - Kirsten on June 24, 2014 Reply
  • Number of calories per serving or in whatever amount is appropriate is never given. How about doing that???????

    - Marlys Tobias on June 11, 2014 Reply
  • Hi there! This post couldn’t be written much better! Looking
    through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He constantly kept preaching about this. I will forward this information to him.

    Pretty sure he’ll have a great read. I appreciate you for sharing!

    - myVEGAS Hack on June 11, 2014 Reply
  • This is a great dish. I made it for a party at work & it was a hit! Also I added green onions and used agave instead of sugar 🙂 the recipe was simple and the taste was awesome… Thank you!

    - Angel on May 29, 2014 Reply
  • You don’t have to cook the corn. I use corn straight off the cob for another salad and it gives it a nice crunch. I did it today uncooked for this. We will see how it goes over! But I think it’s yummy!

    - Harmony on May 26, 2014 Reply
  • I made this with raw corn and half a red onion instead of a shallot. It is amazing, I think I will scale back a touch on the sugar it is almost too sweet because the corn I get is super fresh and sweet all on its own.

    - Liz on May 23, 2014 Reply
  • I am adding sweet potato to it! Going to a potluck with mexican theme! Thanks

    - Terry day on May 14, 2014 Reply
  • loved it. Replaced the corn with chick peas. cut recipe in 1/2 and it was a lot!.

    - martha on May 10, 2014 Reply
  • I have made this all year long, with fresh and frozen corn, even substituted lemon when I didn’t have Lime. It is a hit every time, and is requested at gatherings. SO easy, and healthy. It usually gets scooped up with corn chips and sometimes it is gone before we dish up the meal.

    I wish the nutritional information was included though…..

    - Elaine on April 19, 2014 Reply
  • I made this salad and it was wonderful. I did use frozen corn – the white shoe peg, and it had great flavor, I just rinsed under cold water and let it drain. Great recipe! Thank you!

    - Cathie Lang on April 17, 2014 Reply
  • 2 TB of sugar seems like alot – is this sweet or do you recommend reducing?

    - chris on April 9, 2014 Reply
    • Hi Chris, It’s not sweet at all but the sugar balances the acidity. That said, some readers have reduced or omitted the sugar. I suggest making it first without and adding it taste. A lot depends on the natural sweetness of the corn and bell peppers.

      - Jenn on April 9, 2014 Reply
  • I’ve made this recipe a dozen times now, and it is fantastic! I reduce the amount of olive oil and nix the sugar completely. Delicious! I make a big batch on Sundays and take it to work for lunch throughout the week.

    - Emily on March 23, 2014 Reply
  • AWESOME just the way it is and I loved it! for my gluten free, dairy free, yeast, corn and soy free (I know it’s a lot of free’s) I changed the corn to chick peas, lowered the oil, and took out the sugar. YUMMO too!!

    - CJ on March 18, 2014 Reply
  • This looks amazing! Will have to pair it with your cilantro lime chicken like you suggest! Thanks for sharing!

    - Dianne on March 17, 2014 Reply
  • A friend sent me this recipe last summer and it has become a family favorite. My kids ask for it all the time. I sub fresh corn with frozen in the winter and it’s still amazing. I’ve used Newmans Light Lime dressing as a substitute in a pinch and it’s ok but I like this one much better!!

    - Keriann on March 16, 2014 Reply
  • Are you supposed to cook the corn for this salad?

    - Carol on March 14, 2014 Reply
    • Hi Carol, Yes definitely cook it.

      - Jenn on March 14, 2014 Reply
    • 5 stars

      No. Don’t cook it. Just shave directly off of the cob.

      - Michelle on June 22, 2014 Reply
  • I plan on grocery shop tomorrow for the ingredients for this. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture

    - wharton on March 2, 2014 Reply
  • AMAZING!!!

    - Brittany on February 19, 2014 Reply
  • I add shrimp or chicken and mozzerela as well….simply amazing!!!

    - Jacqui on February 8, 2014 Reply
  • Starting the virgin diet, and found this recipe, I love chickpeas and may need to substitute the corn for chickpeas. Posted it on my Facebook page for my friends.

    - Christine on January 25, 2014 Reply
  • Outstanding. I roasted the corn and added cukes. Now, will have for lunch next two days!!

    - Angie on January 17, 2014 Reply
  • I love this so much! Great for nursing moms on dairy, soy, nut and egg free diets! Add chicken and it makes the perfect meal!!! This is the best!

    - Erin on December 28, 2013 Reply
  • i’ve never cooked corn before. how is it best cooked? boiled or steamed?

    - korn on December 24, 2013 Reply
    • I like to boil it.

      - Jenn on December 25, 2013 Reply
  • I made this for an office potluck and everyone ate multiple servings, even someone who claimed to NOT like black beans. Ha! The only thing I did differently was to add chopped fresh jalapeno, and reduce the oil by 1 or 2 tbsp, otherwise, just as is and it is fabulous!

    - Karen T on December 19, 2013 Reply
  • Absolutely delicious. I too added quinoa, it extended the recipe and it was a big hit at the potluck. My son, who is a picky eater, kept coming back for more. I love it as it is so healthy.

    - janette on December 8, 2013 Reply
  • Just have to say.. this is a WONDERFUL recipe! I have made it now five times for five potlucks and tomorrow it will be headed with me to a baby shower.. I have gotten more compliments and been asked for this recipe every time! Best part? After my hands smell like cilantro and lime.. <3

    - Carol on December 7, 2013 Reply
    • Forgot to say.. I always make it the night before.. it’s great the day of (first time).. but THAT much better the next day 🙂

      - Carol on December 7, 2013 Reply
  • I’m going to try it with frozen corn. I expect it will lose a little flavor, but we only get local fresh corn for a month or two in the summer.

    - Nancy on December 1, 2013 Reply
  • This salad is so beautiful and refreshing! Didn’t change a thing. It lasted for several days even with the avocado because of the lime juice. Would be great for a pot luck. Any suggestions on making black beans more digestion friendly? I rinsed them very well before putting them in but they still cause problems for some people.

    - Linda on November 15, 2013 Reply
  • Made this salad countless times over the summer. Used fresh corn , onions and tomatoes from the garden. The only change I made was in the sugar…used barely a tablespoon. It is delicious. Everyone who ate it loved it!

    - Janet lester on November 14, 2013 Reply
  • I’ve made this salad several times for family and work functions and it’s always a hit. I like that I can make it (mostly) the day before and just add the avocados right before I serve it. The recipe is simple, easy to follow and delicious!!! The only thing I do different is I roast the red peppers and the corn. It adds a nice flavor to the dish!

    - Kim on November 7, 2013 Reply
  • This is awesome. I do not like lime but loved this. The combination of flavors is yummy!

    - Stephanie on November 6, 2013 Reply
  • Fantastic Video and fantastic recipe. Congratulations on all the new changes to your presentations and your site. We love your recipes and this new phase will be wonderful.
    Pat and Family

    - Pat on November 6, 2013 Reply
    • Thank you, Pat!

      - Jenn on November 6, 2013 Reply
  • This is the bomb digity!! I can’t get enough of this. I could eat it everyday forever 🙂

    - Jennifer on November 6, 2013 Reply
  • I made this salad for a big party along with the Asian Slaw, it looked great and was a hit. I’ll make this one again.

    - Debbie on November 5, 2013 Reply
  • I haven’t made this yet, but it sure is a keeper! I have a similar salad and one of the only differences is the dressing consisted of oil, sugar and vinegar instead of lime juice. But the dressing was heated on the stove until the sugar dissolved, then cooled before adding to the salad. Maybe that helps in preventing the oil from congealing, but I suspect it could have been other factors. I am going to try this with the lime juice and fresh corn this time – this sounds delish!

    - Gail on October 6, 2013 Reply
  • Yes I did. Now I did substitute the corn for chick peas. And it didn’t do it until around day 3 or 4.

    - Sandra on September 15, 2013 Reply
    • Very odd…the only thing I can think of is that maybe your fridge was really cold. Or if the chick peas weren’t well rinsed, perhaps the thick liquid from the can congealed.

      - Jenn on September 16, 2013 Reply
  • I have trouble with the oil coagulating when I refrigerate. Any suggestions?

    - Sandra on September 15, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Sandra, That is strange…did you use olive oil?

      - Jenn on September 15, 2013 Reply
  • Can I use kidney beans?
    I love your pictures with all the ingredients ready and am so jealous of all the lovely stuff you can get in USA.

    - Judy on September 8, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Judy, I probably wouldn’t use kidney beans. Perhaps you could sub cannellini beans instead?

      - Jenn on September 8, 2013 Reply
  • thanks for this most awesome salad recipe but can you suggest an alternative to the black turtle beans as they’re almost impossible to find in Australia.
    Thanks again.

    - Johanna on September 3, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Johanna, Any small bean will work – can you get navy beans or cannellini beans?

      - Jenn on September 3, 2013 Reply
  • Do you think I could freeze the leftovers? Has anyone tried doing that?

    - Jessica on September 2, 2013 Reply
  • Love love love this dish! Made it for the first time for a family BBQ, and OMG everyone was raving about and making me feel so proud! Thank you so very much!

    - Jannette on September 2, 2013 Reply
    • You’re welcome, Jannette. I’m so happy everyone enjoyed it!

      - Jenn on September 2, 2013 Reply
  • Too salty? Can I fix it?

    - Rhonda on September 1, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Rhonda, if it is too salty for you, add more olive oil and lime.

      - Jenn on September 1, 2013 Reply
  • Can this recipe be canned

    - Norine on August 29, 2013 Reply
  • I made 1/2 the recipe, in case I didn’t like it. I wish I doubled the recipe, because it is so tasty and fresh. Thank you for sharing recipe, now I can’t wait to share this salad with family! God bless

    - Melanie on August 26, 2013 Reply
  • I’ve probably made this a half dozen times since coming across the recipe. Served it to many, and everyone raves. I omit the avocado (personal preference) and play around with it every time. I just made a batch for lunch this week – because it’s easy, fresh, and gives a nice lift to my day. Thanks so much for posting, it’s now a staple for me. 🙂

    - Nichole on August 25, 2013 Reply
  • What can I use in place of cilantro? (I am not a fan of cilantro; it tastes like what I imagine dish washing detergent would be like.)

    - Ella on August 21, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Ella, if you have an aversion to cilantro, you can either leave it out or use Italian parsley.

      - Jenn on August 21, 2013 Reply
    Oh Gosh it is sinfully delicious!
    Thank you! Also, a BIG thank you to my lovely
    neighbor CARRIE who shared your website with me.

    - Addie on August 20, 2013 Reply
  • Delicious and very fresh!!

    - Susie on August 18, 2013 Reply
  • Do you think you can freeze the left overs and eat it at a later time? Would it still taste good?

    - Katie on August 18, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Katie, Unfortunately this salad does not freeze well. Sorry!

      - Jenn on August 23, 2013 Reply
  • Awesome salad. I halved the recipe and had to make modifications based on what I had or didn’t have on hand. I used a cup of frozen corn (didn’t have fresh), omitted the avocado (didn’t have any), and had to substitute basil for cilantro and finely minced onion for the shallots. Lastly I added a cup of fresh chopped baby spinach. Definite keeper. Thanks!

    - Monsooni on August 15, 2013 Reply
  • I have made this. Roast the corn on the grill, then cut it off the cob!!!! DELICIOUS!!!!

    - Denise on August 14, 2013 Reply
  • How long do you think this would last in the fridge? I’m hoping to make this for a week’s worth of lunches.

    - Sara on August 12, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Sara, I’d say it keeps well for 3-4 days.

      - Jenn on August 12, 2013 Reply
  • Well i made this tonight so i have yet to present the finalized version to my friends at our bbq tomorrow. It was a fair amt of chopping but i dont mind that. I used white onion instead of shallots, they are hard to find. Also, to my horror, when i opened up my cabinet to get the black beans it turned out i had multiple cans of refried black beans and one can of regular. Yikes! Improvise mode…i used white beans, red beans, chick peas that i toasted with cumin first, and the can of black beans. I tasted it and it is indeed delicious like the other reviwers said. I will not be adding the avacado until tomorrow. The only problem i see is it is a little mushy from the diffeent beans. All black beans would have been best like in the original recipe
    Also maybe a jalepeno. Otherwise a great and fresh tasty recipe!

    - ingrid on August 10, 2013 Reply
  • Does semebody know how many calories?

    - Carmen on July 30, 2013 Reply
  • Great recipe! I just made it for a get-together tomorrow evening. It’s chilling in the fridge. I sampled it and it tastes great, but I’ll be good and save it for my friends!

    - Cat on July 18, 2013 Reply
  • Love it

    - David Smith on July 11, 2013 Reply
  • I made this today and it is amazing! I can’t stop eating it and it hasn’t even had a chance to chill yet! I’m planning to serve it over lettuce as a way to get in more veggies!! Even my picky vegetarian boyfriend likes it, so thanks for helping me get him to eat healthy! 🙂

    - Rebekah on July 6, 2013 Reply
  • Amazing. I roasted peppers and corn first. Even better!

    - Rick on July 3, 2013 Reply
  • We LOVE this salad! I’ve made it several times and the only thing I’ve changed is the name…. we call it Yummy Salad. Thanks for the fantastic recipe!

    - Kim on July 2, 2013 Reply
  • This looks delicious! Could I also add some mozzarella pearls?

    - Val Anderson on July 1, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Val, I don’t see why not. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on July 1, 2013 Reply
  • I’m not a big fan of avacodo anything I could substitute it for?

    - Jane on June 29, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Jane, It is totally fine to just leave it out. I’ve made it that way and it is still delicious.

      - Jenn on June 29, 2013 Reply
  • Made this for our Memorial Day BBQ. My boyfriend was digging into it before anybody even showed up and he is NOT a fan of healthy food. Thanks for sharing!

    - Ashley on June 19, 2013 Reply
  • I have been making a version of this for some years now. I don’t use any oil at all as I think the lime juice is sufficient. It has a fresh summer taste I absolutely love. My differences are I use red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers chopped small for a little crunch and a lot of beautiful color and no salt as I think the canned black beans are salty enough. I would suggest that you serve this in a clear glass bowl because it is stunning and will be a hit at any picnic, BBQ or pot luck. I also add two small to medium jalapenos along with good black pepper and a dash of cayenne to give it a little bit of extra heat. I use green onions instead of shallots (just a personal prep cook preference) and I quarter grape tomatoes instead of chopped tomatoes as I think they hold up better and they’re just so pretty. When I can get them at the farmers market I love to add yellow grape tomatoes too for another layer of color. I actually do chop up one of my avocados and mix half to three quarters of it into the salad after I’ve mixed all the ingredients together. I generally only make it a few hours in advance and I squeeze the juice of two limes over it and stir it before adding more larger avocado slices around the perimeter of the bowl again for aesthetics. Whereas I know it can be made a day in advance I think making it and then letting it sit at room temperature for an hour or so before serving it is the best way. Right before I put it out I squeeze another half juice from a lime to brighten it up, fanning a couple more fresh green long slices of avocado across the middle and serve it with a big spoon next to a bowl of lightly salted homemade baked corn tortilla chips. Some like to eat it as a salad (my way) and some like to eat it like a salsa. Either way it is fresh and beautiful and a huge hit every time.

    - Mary on June 17, 2013 Reply
  • Shazaam! This was delish! I whipped it up Saturday and then brought it to the beach for a Father’s Day cook out and it was amazing! Only changes I made were I added a diced tomato. We all went back like 3 times for more. This will for sure be in my summer salad rotation 🙂

    *For those of you wondering about the avacado – I added it just before serving yesterday and I just peeked in on it and the avacados are still perfect. Thanks to the lime juice, they haven’t turned. Which is greaat because this mama is about to go to town with the leftovers.

    - Rose on June 17, 2013 Reply
  • Made this but added chopped mangoes…. SO yummy!!! Thanks for my new summer recipe! 🙂

    - Maria on June 16, 2013 Reply
  • How much lime zest should be added?

    - D on June 12, 2013 Reply
    • One teaspoon

      - Jenn on June 12, 2013 Reply
      • Thank you so much- it was absolutely delicious!

        - D on June 12, 2013 Reply
  • We just had it, and although it is a lot of chopping and preparing, I have to admit that it is VERY MUCH WORTH IT! Delish! Even my 7-year-old picky eater gobbled it down (after complaining loudly that she didn’t want to have to eat red pepper).

    - Kathy on June 10, 2013 Reply
  • your recipes look amazing! can’t wait to try them

    - laura bodson on June 4, 2013 Reply
  • Shut up, this is so good I couldn’t stop eating it. There was no patience for chilling it. I added onion and tomato, too. Dang good. Nice work!

    - Andrea on May 30, 2013 Reply
  • Looks delicious! I think I might try adding cumin, I do love cumin. And maybe green onions, but only if the shallots aren’t enough (I’ve never used shallots before!) thanks for the recipe!

    - Veronika on May 27, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Veronika, Cumin is a great idea…it would work perfectly. And green onions certainly wouldn’t hurt.

      - Jenn on May 27, 2013 Reply
  • Is the corn cooked or raw?

    - Judy on May 27, 2013 Reply
    • Never mind. I missed reading it in the ingredient list. I’m making it today. Can’t wait to try it!

      - Judy on May 27, 2013 Reply
  • I’m not a fan of cilantro, is there a substitute for it?

    - Sara on May 27, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Sara, You can just leave it out or substitute basil.

      - Jenn on May 27, 2013 Reply
  • This looks very yummy, but we are not big red pepper fans in my house. Is there something that can be substitued for the red peppers????

    - Leslie on May 26, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Leslie, you could use more corn or tomatoes or a combination. Hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on May 26, 2013 Reply
  • This salad is delicious. It is healthy, fresh and summery tasting! I have made it for friends and family, they really love it (most of them at least 😉

    - Krista on May 25, 2013 Reply
  • Love this recipe! Instantly became a favorite at our house! I reduced the olive oil significantly to suit our more lean recipe profile lifestyle. It was awesome even with very little oil!

    - Dana on May 19, 2013 Reply
  • This looks delicious, will definitely be trying it!

    - Jean Anderson on May 13, 2013 Reply
  • I threw this salad together today–delicious!

    - Cat on May 12, 2013 Reply
  • I use parsley instead of cilantro and honey instead of sugar. Also used another can of kidney beans. It got rave reviews from my family

    - Margie on May 10, 2013 Reply
  • This salad is wonderful! But I think it calls for a LOT more oil than is necessary. I put only 3 Tbsp, and I think I could have cut down to 2 Tbsp quite easily. Other than that, wow. This recipe is wonderful.

    As we were eating some of the leftovers, we also had a bunch of quinoa left over, so my husband tried adding some. It was also very good that way, and adds an extra grain/protein kick.

    - Jamie on May 5, 2013 Reply
  • Instead of olive oil I used zesty lemon wildtree grapeseed oil. Fantastic also added the jalepeno pepper blend (wildtree) instead of cayenne. Was fabulous. And better for you. Also have done with jalepeno grapeseed oil. Adds wonderful flavor!!!

    - Brandy on April 20, 2013 Reply
  • I once had a black bean salad with shoe peg corn tomatoes and cilantro among some ingredients that I can remember.This was at a club meeting of people who owned Miata cars.It was a fabulous recipe that everyone loved.I was only the guest of a guest of a member.the point is I have searched far and wide for this recipe without success.It looks as though I have come across a recipe that will take away any need or desire to look any further for that recipe.This recipe,I am positive will be fabulous anywhere and at anytime.Thank you so much for sharing this and I will most certainly not take away any of the olive oil or anything else.The only thing I would ever substitute is the fresh corn with frozen shoe peg corn only because of the difficulty of fresh corn.Honestly though it is worth it to do the fresh corn ahead and freeze it for the occasion.Good luck to me and anybody else who is clever enough to try this recipe.I do believe that if we follow the original one posted here that we can not be disappointed.Thank You!

    - Debbie on April 16, 2013 Reply
  • I thought this had way to much oil in it. The taste was great. Next time I will cute the oil in half. Thanks for sharing.

    - julie marshall on April 14, 2013 Reply
  • If I use sea salt instead of table salt do I have to change the quantity?

    - Rachel on April 6, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Rachel, Sea salt is great…use the same amount.

      - Jenn on April 6, 2013 Reply
  • Whenever I have a potluck, this is my staple and everyone raves about it. I substitute parsley for cilantro (in the I hate cilantro club), and cut the oil in half.

    - Erica on March 29, 2013 Reply
  • This is my all time fav!!!!

    - Judee Diehl on March 15, 2013 Reply
  • Okay, just have to tell you that it was a huge hit! I didn’t have quite enough red pepper, so I added green onions. As for the avacado, I mixed it in this morning and placed plastic wrap right on top, touching the salad, and it was still bright green at lunchtime. I was asked for the recipe! Thanks tons!

    - katrina on March 14, 2013 Reply
  • Thanks so much for the quick answer! I’ve been pondering what to do all day. After all the rave reviews I feel fairly confident serving this without having made it before. I can’t see how it won’t be delicious.

    - katrina on March 12, 2013 Reply
    • You will love it, Katrina — it’s always a crowd pleaser!

      - Jenn on March 12, 2013 Reply
  • This looks great! Want to make it for a luncheon and am wondering if the avacado will turn brown. It will be about 4 hrs before serving. Thanks

    - katrina on March 12, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Katrina, If you sprinkle it with lime and cover with saran wrap, it might be ok. But if it’s possible to add the avocado at the last minute, I’d do that to be safe.

      - Jenn on March 12, 2013 Reply
  • This is the first recipe I made from Once Upon a Chef and I’ve made it multiple times. It makes a lot – a great side when having people over for dinner!

    - Lindsay on March 11, 2013 Reply
  • I have made this recipe more than a few times and I love it so much! It reminds me of warmer weather, something I’ve been craving lately. 🙂 I originally found this recipe through Pinterest, so I featured it on my blog:

    Thanks for the great recipe!

    - Jaime on February 20, 2013 Reply
  • I love black bean salad! I’ve been making something similar for years without the avocado. The seasonings I use are cumin, chili powder, garlic and cilantro, along with lime juice and olive oil. I’m bookmarking this so I can try this next time I got a taste for it.

    - Hona on February 18, 2013 Reply
  • Salad is AMAZING! I had to get the recipe from a friend who made it and I was immediately in love. I took it to a potluck today and there was nothing left. Cut the olive oil down to 3 tbsp with no change in the finished product (I made it the night before and let it sit overnight). YUM!

    - Alyssa on February 16, 2013 Reply
  • Any idea what the carb count is? I have a Type 1 diabetic daughter and we always have to count carbs. Thanks!

    - Michele on February 16, 2013 Reply
    • Sorry, Michele. I am not set up yet to provide nutritional info on my recipes. It is something I’m working on…

      - Jenn on February 17, 2013 Reply
  • I’ve made this numerous times now and it is a HUGE hit. For those of you who want to spice it up a little, I use the fire roasted corn from trader joes. It’s full of amazing flavor and gives this already amazing recipe a little kick.

    - Ashley on February 3, 2013 Reply
  • Thank you Jenn. I will try that.

    - Leslie on January 30, 2013 Reply
  • I am allergic to corn anything else I can use instead? No tomatoes either. Thanks

    - Leslie on January 27, 2013 Reply
    • Hi Leslie, I’d just replace the corn with some yellow or orange bell peppers. The sweetness will be good and the color will be pretty.

      - Jenn on January 27, 2013 Reply
  • Wow! I made this tonight and it was amazing!!,

    - Leah on January 24, 2013 Reply
  • I make something similar and add dill and basil and an Italian dressing. LOVE the idea of lime in the mix!

    - BusyWorkingMama on January 19, 2013 Reply
  • OMG! Love this salad! Thanks for sharing…

    - Linda Cunningham on January 7, 2013 Reply
  • I am always looking for whole food recipes to pin and share and try with my nutrition group challenges ( I tried this one and loved it and so did a lot of my groups. Thanks!

    - Ryan Chapman on January 2, 2013 Reply
  • I made it with the addition of Rotel tomatoes according to another recipe I had and it was great! It is such a friendly recipe, I don’t think you can mess it up.

    - Pam on December 31, 2012 Reply
  • What if fresh corn isn’t available. It’s not in season here in WI.

    - Michelle on December 27, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Michelle, You can use frozen, but it won’t have the same fresh crispness.

      - Jenn on December 27, 2012 Reply
    • You most certainly can use canned corn! But I really really really recomend you use Shoepeg corn. It is almost white and so tender and sweet and crunchy, even canned

      - Divo on February 19, 2013 Reply
  • Probably a silly question, but do you cook the corn before adding it? Also, could you make this the day before the event? Thanks. 🙂

    - Biddy on December 23, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Biddy, Yes cook the corn and you can make it in advance…just don’t add the avocado until the last minute or it will turn brown.

      - Jenn on December 23, 2012 Reply
  • Hi there, can I leave the cilantro out? Also, can I replace the black beans with something else? Like edamame? Also, if I can’t find fresh corn can I use canned corn?

    - joseline on December 13, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Joseline, I’d say yes on the cilantro and edamame, but I wouldn’t use canned corn. Hope that helps!

      - Jenn on December 14, 2012 Reply
    • Corn from the cob is ideal but frozen is a good substitute in the off season. I used a 16 oz bag of frozen corn. I put the corn in frozen and took out the large chunks of ice. You could defrost the corn in the refrigerator ahead of time, whichever works for you. Skip the canned corn because it will leave a metallic taste.

      - Erica on May 9, 2013 Reply
  • I made this last night for a work potluck and I got several compliments! It was sooo yummy and very easy to put together! I used regular spanish onions instead of shallots and it still tasted great! I will definitely be making this for myself again!

    - Susan on December 12, 2012 Reply
  • DELICIOUS!!!! I made this tonight and it is so yummy. I cut the recipe in half and only used 2 tablespoons of olive oil. I didn’t realize until I went to make it that I didn’t have any Cayenne Pepper so I substituted with Paprika. Thanks for this recipe I will be sharing!!

    - Danielle on December 10, 2012 Reply
  • I found this recipe on pinterest last spring. I have made it several times. We LOVE it. It is delicious with grilled chicken breast, fish, and flank steak!! We have made it for guests and everyone always raves about it. Even my picky 3 and 6 yr olds clean their plates.

    - Liz on December 4, 2012 Reply
  • What can I use instead of cilantro?

    - Michelle on November 10, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Michelle, You can either leave it out or use Italian parsley instead.

      - Jenn on November 10, 2012 Reply
      • Jen isn’t Italian parsley cilantro?

        - Michelle on July 2, 2013 Reply
        • Hi Michelle, No, Italian parsley is flat leaf parsley (as opposed to curly parsley). Cilantro does look like parsley but it tastes very different.

          - Jenn on July 2, 2013 Reply
  • I have been making my own version of this for years! I leave out the sugar and oil, add a 4oz can of chopped green chilies, taco sauce or salsa to taste, and 1/2 onion chopped. I call it “Texas Trash” and everyone loves it!

    - Lynn on October 21, 2012 Reply
  • Made it this Friday. The family and my friends LOVED it! Had to make another batch last night. It’s the best bean salad I’ve ever had! I did however use less oil, but it still turned out absolutely delicious! : )

    - Maria on October 17, 2012 Reply
  • Will be keeping this one!!

    - Misty on October 15, 2012 Reply
  • I’ve made this a few times now for potlucks and get togethers and it’s enjoyed by all…even the critical foodies.

    I love your website and hope you never stop blogging your recipes. Tres bien!

    - Erin on October 14, 2012 Reply
  • 9 tablespoons of olive oil seems like an awful lot – has anyone made it with less? Does it still turn out great?

    - Alicia on October 9, 2012 Reply
    • You will not even know there was that much olive oil in there. We asked the same question but you will never know it is in there.

      - Michelle on October 9, 2012 Reply
  • Hate to sound kitchen ignorant but how do you zest a lime???

    - lillian on October 6, 2012 Reply
  • I love this salad. I made it all the time. Sometimes I kick up the pepper for some spice.

    - Jen on October 3, 2012 Reply
  • Looks wonderful! What could I put in place of sugar to keep right flavor? Want to make this! Thanks!

    - Barbara on October 2, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Barbara, You could try honey, agave or maple syrup…or just leave it out.

      - Jenn on October 2, 2012 Reply
  • This is, without a doubt, my fav salad of all time. My daughter is vegetarian and she loves it too. I serve it at every family gathering.

    - Nicki Howerton on October 2, 2012 Reply
  • This salad is so tasty…Had some leftover so I added some bow-tie pasta and took it for lunch the next day. Yum!

    - Tina W on October 1, 2012 Reply
  • We have made this several times for get togethers at work. Always a hit and never have to bring much home.

    - sarah on September 29, 2012 Reply
  • This is the best black bean salad we’ve ever had, and I make it now once or twice a week for snacks and healthy treats! Thank you!

    - Melissa on September 20, 2012 Reply
  • I love love love this, healthy, and so filling!!!

    - Debbie on September 20, 2012 Reply
  • This is great served with tortilla chips, used as a salsa type dip. Big hit.

    - Jan Rooney on September 19, 2012 Reply
  • I found this recipe on Pinterest a while back and finally made it today. It’s wonderful! Thank you!!

    - Lindsay P on September 18, 2012 Reply
  • I made this for a family gathering and added a can of diced green chili’s. Loved it!!

    - Jennifer Lopez on September 10, 2012 Reply
  • I tried this at a family bbq! It was delicious. I promptly asked for the recipe and have made it twice since. It is always a hit! I also pinned it on Pinterest!

    - Lisa on September 9, 2012 Reply
  • Just want to thank you for the amazing recipe. We have really enjoyed it.

    - Tracy on September 7, 2012 Reply
    • You are welcome, Tracy! Glad you enjoyed!

      - Jenn on September 7, 2012 Reply
  • My mom has made this a few times now and we LOVE this. I’m forwarding this recipe to myself, my sister and my cousin! I can’t wait to make this for a potluck for work.

    - Molly on September 3, 2012 Reply
  • My mom and I just made this and it was delicious!!!!
    we had plain quinoa so we added that and it was excellent!
    Thanks for posting this, def going to make it again

    - jordy on August 25, 2012 Reply
  • Our daughter in law made this and added fresh tomato and green pepper…delicious !

    - Sondra on August 10, 2012 Reply
  • I make this with raw corn cut off the cob. Its so crunchy, and takes less time!

    - Laura on August 7, 2012 Reply
  • I made this salad over the weekendand did not like the olive oil and lime vinaigrette, so I rinsed it off and usedTrader Joe balsamic vinaigrette .
    It was delicious .

    - Helen on August 6, 2012 Reply
  • Looks great and the only change I made was grilling the corn on the cob first. The added grilled flavor really put it over the top.

    - Gale on July 25, 2012 Reply
  • I have made this 3 times, I love love love it…I cut the olive oil in half bc I thought it was too much, and used can corn bc Im well…a busy mom like many others! It was a hit by all ages at the table, 13 months to 60! Thx for the recipe!

    - Charli on July 21, 2012 Reply
  • Hi there, do you know about how many calories each serving would be?

    - Kerrie Anderson on July 20, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Kerrie, I’m sorry, I don’t have nutritional info for my recipes but I know there are sites online where you can plug in ingredients and they calculate nutritional content for you.

      - Jenn on July 22, 2012 Reply
  • Please add a printer friendly way version of this. Otherwise I have to write it out because I don’t want to have print out all these comments.

    - Lora Fabio on July 19, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Lora, There is a little red “printable recipe” button under the recipe title at the bottom of the post.

      - Jenn on July 19, 2012 Reply
  • I made this for a BBQ yesterday — a recommendation by a co-worker; and it was a hit. Everyone asked for the recipe. My husband thought it would be better with more cilantro and more pepper (he loves spicy food). And I did use half brown sugar and half regular sugar. Simply delicious! Oh, I served it with scoop corn chips!! h

    - Mary on July 15, 2012 Reply
  • made this for a family function today, but added tomatoes and onions. everyone, even the picky eaters, loved it!

    - Sarah on July 15, 2012 Reply
  • LOVED this dish!! I added jalapenos to it simply because I love them and it went with the rest of my meal. Definitely a new favorite!!

    - Jamie on July 13, 2012 Reply
  • This is so good! It’s vegan and easy and requires almost no heat to make. Thank you!

    - stephanie on July 6, 2012 Reply
  • Made this today, it was delicious. Highly recommend. Used red and yellow pepper and did not use corn.

    - Sara on July 4, 2012 Reply
  • Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this recipe!!!
    I made it last night and couldn’t stop eating it; it is so amazing!
    I added a wee bit more cayenne, as I love spice;
    and wow! I will definatly be making this salad for
    Every BBQ I go to!!! Also at home for myself all the time:)

    - Julie on July 4, 2012 Reply
  • I just found and made this, exactly as written. It is one of the most amazing salads I’ve ever had! Thank you for sharing!

    - Melissa on July 2, 2012 Reply
  • on my list to make. but i dont like peppers. i think im gonna try this with garbanzo beans. do you think that would work??

    - trisha dowling on June 27, 2012 Reply
    • Yes!

      - Jenn on June 28, 2012 Reply
  • I loved making this dish. Using packaged corn saves time. It really makes a difference when you wait an extra day to eat this. To make this healthy, I also made my own chips. I bought corn tortillas at the store, cut them in the pieces, and baked them at 375 until toasted. These are great with the recipe above!

    - Jackie on June 25, 2012 Reply
  • Made this last night. Put it in shrimp fajitas and as a side with chips. So good!!!!! Bet it will be even better today! Definitely a keeper!

    - laurel on June 25, 2012 Reply
  • This is an absolutely delicious summer salad. It’s worth all the chopping … I HIGHLY recommend it (I served it with the Margarita chicken, double YUM!)

    - Lori P on June 24, 2012 Reply
  • Made this last for impromtu deck party for neighbors and friends.Everyone LOVED IT and they are picky eaters. I recently became a vegetarian and thought I would be the only one who will eat this but I was pleasantly surprise to hear it was the star of the party it paired really well with my husbands famous jerk chicken. Thank you this will be a staple at every party!

    - Sophia on June 24, 2012 Reply
  • Made this dish for the first time for my friend who is a recently converted vegan. She, myself and everyone in her family loved it! I made it without the avocado(the ones I had were rotten) and I only and lemons in the fridge so I used it instead if limes. I made a bunch and took it to a camping trip 2 days later, and got great reviews about it. The adult campers topped it on their hog dogs vs using the other condiments. It even tasted better since the flavors had more time marinate together. Looking forward to making it again… This time with the avocado.

    - Crystal on June 21, 2012 Reply
  • I have been making this for my “gourmet taco nights”. So flavorful and healthy this is going to be served very frequently during these warm summer months, with ground turkey and a margarita on the side 🙂

    - Meg on June 21, 2012 Reply
  • Another change is that I don’t always have fresh corn and have used frozen sweet corn the flavor is still great!

    - Lisa M on June 20, 2012 Reply
  • This is a family favorite…my son eats it on everything grilled chicken, over salad, and with tacos. The only change I’ve made is the color of peppers. If I don’t have red then I use orange or yellow.

    - Lisa M on June 20, 2012 Reply
  • Very good recipe, colorful and healthy. I would make this one again.

    - Debbie F on June 20, 2012 Reply
  • I made this dish for company and they loved it! I grilled the corn in its husks rather than boil it and it added additional flavor. I also omitted the avacado because I’m not a fan and it was still amazing! The longer it sat in the fridge the better it tasted. Its a keeper!

    - Jill Fuhrman on June 20, 2012 Reply
  • Just made this and was SUPER easy and SUPER tasty! Perfect for summer!

    - Brandi on June 18, 2012 Reply
  • Recently made this for a company picnic, and it was very well received and completely gone. This is fantastic!

    - Jenny C. on June 17, 2012 Reply
  • Nutrition content?

    - Jennifer on June 11, 2012 Reply
  • I wondered about putting the avocado in it and refridgerating it. Will the avocado turn brown or mushy?

    Tried it upon completion and the flavor is amazing! Can’t wait to try it after it’s been chilling for a day. Just concerned about how/if the avocado will change in consistency or color. Thank you!!

    - Jennifer on June 11, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Jennifer, It’s best to add the avocado closer to serving time, but in my experience the lime juice in the vinaigrette keeps it pretty fresh.

      - Jenn on June 11, 2012 Reply
  • This looks and sounds wonderful…my only issue is we don’t like/eat cilantro…can you think of anything to substitue?

    - Marge on June 8, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Marge, You can simply leave it out or substitute flat leaf parsley. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on June 9, 2012 Reply
  • This is AMAZING! My hubby and I have been grazing on it the past two days for lunch and dinner. So flavorful. Thank you!

    - Chey on June 8, 2012 Reply
  • This was fabulous — i used half the olive oil, added onion, and a gn. pepper and it was beyond good. My husband and I grazed on it for 3 days. Yummy! I also bought parsley instead of cilantro on accident(I was soo ticked) so next time I make it I will add the cilantro because its normally one of my favorite things. Thanks again for an amazing recipe.

    - Trista on June 4, 2012 Reply
  • Made this yesterday and it tastes even better the second day! This will be a mainstay in my summer dinner/lunch rotation!

    - HoneeB on June 4, 2012 Reply
  • This was my first official “Pinterest” recipe that I created; and it was fantastic. I resisted the temptation to add any sort of meat. The only change I made was that I omitted the avocado. I threw mine in a tortilla and ate it as a wrap. So good.

    - Brian Root (@beekayroot) on June 3, 2012 Reply
  • This was a fabulous salad! I had to add chopped chicken to please the man in the house ; ) I will definately be making more of this!

    - Debby on May 31, 2012 Reply
  • Jenn, This is the best black bean salad I have ever made in my life. I love this just the way it is, it doesn’t need one more thing. Thank you so much for this it’s awesome!

    - Lorna on May 27, 2012 Reply
  • I don’t particularly like avacodo, so although this recipe sounds really good, there must be something you could suggest to replace it with.
    Thank you, Sondra

    - Sondra on May 26, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Sondra, You can just leave it out, or add a bit more corn or red peppers.

      - Jenn on May 27, 2012 Reply
    • Mango also is very delicious in place of the avocado.

      - Sarah on June 23, 2012 Reply
  • Oh! I also added 2 cans of chick peas and 2 cans of rotel, drained. Must try. It’s awesome.

    - Bri on May 26, 2012 Reply
  • I have made this twice now. The second time I doubled it and left half at home and took half to a BBQ. It’s so good and the whole family loves it! Great with chicken, or just rolled up in a tortilla with cheese. To cut out a lot of fat and calories I only used 1 Tbsp of olive oil and I used stevia instead of sugar. It’s still delicious!

    - Bri on May 26, 2012 Reply
  • This is soooooooooooooooo good! Love it!

    - Donna on May 26, 2012 Reply
  • love it

    - Cathy Cogdell on May 24, 2012 Reply
  • I am making this on Monday and wanted to add grill chicken, jalapenos and tomatoes and put it in corn tortillas. Any thoughts?

    - Ailsa on May 24, 2012 Reply
    • I think that sounds great, Alisa. Depending on how much you add in, you may need to increase the dressing.

      - Jenn on May 24, 2012 Reply
  • I don’t care for bell peppers at all, so I substituted tomatoes. Too early for fresh corn (at least at the local store), so I used diced white onions. SO GOOD! My husband, a devout carnivore, said he could have eaten a big bowl of his salad for dinner alone. Thanks!

    - Brenday on May 24, 2012 Reply
  • Also… the 2nd time I made it with canned corn b/c I was short on time, and I will say the fresh corn is so much better and crunchier.

    - Nichole on May 22, 2012 Reply
  • Love this recipe. Have made it twice now for get togethers and it’s been a hit both times. Thank you for sharing.

    - Nichole on May 22, 2012 Reply
  • Looks awesome and similar to another recipe I have used…. Also, Vinaigrette is in the title- is there a red wine vinegar or rice vinegar missing from the ingredient list?

    - Lauren on May 22, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Lauren, I use the word loosely — lime juice is the only acid in the recipe. Hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on May 22, 2012 Reply
  • Sounds delicious, and so easy! One caveat: after reading about Monsanto’s GM corn, would recommend using organic corn from your favorite store or Farmer’s Market !

    - Christine Gallo on May 21, 2012 Reply
  • My niece made this for a family get-together this weekend and it was fantastic! Can’t wait to make it myself.

    - KayS. on May 21, 2012 Reply
  • Made this lovely salad last night for our Victoria day bbq and it was a bit hit – am taking the leftovers to my brothers BBQ today 🙂 will def make gain. Thanks

    - Jane on May 20, 2012 Reply
    • I made this salad last night to go with the main dish. It was delicious and easy to make. I am having the leftovers for lunch the rest of this week.

      - Lisa on June 20, 2012 Reply
  • Its a great salad, been making it for ten years now! Really only need 2-3 T olive oil.

    - Renee on May 19, 2012 Reply
  • No matter how many times I make this, it’s always a HUGE hit! It is my most requested dish next to my potato salad.

    - Andea on May 15, 2012 Reply
  • Prepared this for a family dinner and it was a total hit!!! I love this salad and could eat it every meal.

    - Nicki Howerton on May 15, 2012 Reply
  • This was great! Will be making again soon! Thanks for the recipe!

    - tami on May 15, 2012 Reply
  • My sister made this recipe alongside her backyard barbecue spread and everyone chomped it up! it is the perfect accompaniment to grilled chicken and steak.

    - Meg at Peaches and Cake on May 15, 2012 Reply
  • Absolutely the best!!! I started using less red pepper and added halved grape tomatoes. Delicious served with tequilla lime chicken!

    - Paige on May 15, 2012 Reply
  • This was a big hit at our last cookout. It was really good with doritos scoops.

    - sharon keevert on May 15, 2012 Reply
  • I used tomatoes instead of the pepper & red onion instead of shallots, but otherwise went directly by the recipe.

    I tried it immediately after assembling and thought it was too spicy, tart, and weird tasting. 2.5 hours later it was the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!

    - emily morrison on May 14, 2012 Reply
  • Made for the first time yesterday and have eaten it for every meal since! I do have one question… has anyone tried making it without garlics/shallots? Just something I’m particular about when I bring food to work… raw garlic leaves the worst taste in my mouth.

    - Kinzie on May 9, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Kinzie, I can totally relate! I’m somewhat tolerant of raw shallots and garlic but avoid raw onions at all costs. Anyway, I wouldn’t leave them out but you might try cooking them first in a little olive oil. That should mellow them out enough. Please let me know how it turns out if you try it.

      - Jenn on May 9, 2012 Reply
      • Made the salad last night (I told you I’m obsessed) with sauteed garlic and shallots — still tastes delicious! I used about a tablespoon of olive oil to cook, then another tablespoon just as I was turning the heat off and put that all in the bowl. Then added 4 tablespoons of oil as actual dressing. So, so delicious.

        - Kinzie on May 10, 2012 Reply
  • I made this salad last night and everyone loved it!!

    - Lynn on May 6, 2012 Reply
  • Love this recipe and make it all the time! I used about 1/2 of the olive oil though and instead of sugar used Stevia 🙂

    - Lindsay on May 4, 2012 Reply
  • Just made this for tomorrow, my house smells yummy from the lime & cilantro

    - paula on May 3, 2012 Reply
  • This recipe was a hit at my social gathering. I loved it and even my picky husband did as well! Definitely worth the time and effort to make! I followed the recipe exactly and let it sit overnight and most of the next day and it tasted amazing!

    - Nicole on May 2, 2012 Reply
  • I love the addition of avacado to this salad. I make something similar using my lime and citrus habanero olive oil and garlic cilantro balsamic. I’ll have to get some avocados!

    - Liz on May 1, 2012 Reply
  • I made this tonight and it was fabulous!!! I did make a small change by not cooking the corn at all, just cut it off the cob in all its raw glory. 🙂 I loved the crunch it gave. Thank you for the recipe. I am definitely making this again.

    - Jodi on May 1, 2012 Reply
  • I’ve made something similar to this several times from the site and love it! I lighten it up by reducing the oil and increasing the lime juice. I use green onions instead of shallots and there’s no sugar in that recipe and I add a bunch of halved grape tomatoes. Because I don’t like avocado, I leave it out. My husband and I love it! I’ve made it several times. It’s not usually a crowd favorite (too healthy? LOL) and it IS time consuming due to the chopping but I make it because it’s so light and filling. 🙂

    - Lisa on April 29, 2012 Reply
  • This may be a dumb question…but do
    you zest the lime into the mixture or do you only zest if using a juicer?

    - ande acton on April 24, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Ande, You zest the lime into the mixture. Hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on April 26, 2012 Reply
  • Amazing -looks good.

    - Patridi on April 23, 2012 Reply
  • Looking forward to trying this recipe. It looks yummy

    - Gale Manwaring on April 20, 2012 Reply
  • So yummy and good for you:)!

    - Joy Nash on April 20, 2012 Reply
  • Found this salad on pinterest and finally had the chance to make it tonight. I have to say that the picture does not disappoint. It truly tastes as wonderful as it looks and that was a quick taste before I placed it into the refrigerator to let the flavors marry. Can’t wait until dinner 🙂

    - Susan on April 19, 2012 Reply
  • This is the best salad I have ever made! Thank you for sharing the recipe 🙂 I share this recipe with all of my friends now. It has been an instant favorite and an instant love.


    - Meredith on April 17, 2012 Reply
  • I roasted my corn and red pepper and it turned out great!

    - K on April 16, 2012 Reply
  • Add some chopped/seeded jalapeno and green onion! Really good! It’s also really good to mix with a green leafy salad. Make a little extra dressing and toss everything together!!!!!

    - Karen on April 15, 2012 Reply
  • Can’t wait to try this delicious sounding recipe.

    - nancy on April 14, 2012 Reply
  • I make this same dish, but I add quinoa and red wine vinegar.

    - Lisa on April 14, 2012 Reply
  • This looks amazing!

    - Sue on April 14, 2012 Reply
  • Using this recipe to make veggie tacos.

    - Laurie on April 8, 2012 Reply
  • You said that it tastes better as it mellows. ..and you can keep it for several days….but…Won’t the avocados go dark and mushy after a day?

    - Marcia on April 3, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Marcia, The instructions say to add the avocado right before serving but that said, the lime juice in the vinaigrette will keep it from discoloring for at least a little while.

      - Jenn on April 4, 2012 Reply
  • Looks awesome!! And delish!

    - BusyWorkingMama on April 1, 2012 Reply
  • This recipe is AMAZING! This is my second time making it. A LOT of chopping but SO worth it. I make this just for myself and eat off it for days! Thanks so much for such a delicious recipe! 🙂

    - Rachael on March 24, 2012 Reply
  • Just wondering if the avocado turns brown after a while? Thinking about making this for son’s open house so it would be sitting out in a bowl of ice on the table.

    - Diane on March 24, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Diane, It will be fine. Just add the avocado right before you serve it. Toss it gently with the salad and the lime juice in the vinaigrette will keep it green for a while.

      - Jenn on March 24, 2012 Reply
  • My family loves this salad. We serve it as a side dish to enchiladas or fish tacos. Soooo good!

    - Heather Binkley on March 21, 2012 Reply
  • WOW! So delicious! I subbed the red pepper for tomatoes and fell in love. Regretfully, I halved the recipe (since I was only cooking for 2.5 of us) and we didn’t have any leftovers. Note: make the FULL amount this recipe calls for–even when cooking for only 2-3 people! It’s really. that. good.

    - Courtney on March 19, 2012 Reply
  • LOVE, love loved this! I served it as a main dish with some baked corn tortillas. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S

    - Nicole @Ruffles and Fringe on March 17, 2012 Reply
  • Hi! I just made this salad for supper. It was WONDERFUL! I had it as a lettuce wrap filling.

    - Whitney McCrum-Morrison on March 16, 2012 Reply
  • Your recipe’s are amazing, thank you!

    - Delilah on March 15, 2012 Reply
  • Thank you for this delicious inspiration!!! Looking forward to try it soon with a zippy Riseling.
    Cheers 🙂

    - Judit - Corina @WineDineDaily on March 14, 2012 Reply
  • I make a recipe very similar to this but, instead of red peppers, I use tomatoes. It is one of my very favorite foods and absolutely DELICIOUS left over! I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I make it. Also, when you use tomatoes, it makes a nice little addition to an egg burrito for breakfast. 🙂

    I’m going to get the ingredients to make the above version for this weekend. It sounds wonderful with the red peppers!

    - Allison on March 14, 2012 Reply
  • Oh my goodness I made a little adapted version of this salad but pretty much the same idea and I put it all over my taco and I ATE it. It was SO GOOD. I love how you can make it ahead of time! Jenn, you have not failed me yet I know I can always trust you for good recipes, thank you!

    I wrote about the experience here:

    - Meg @ Peaches and Cake on March 13, 2012 Reply
  • Amazing and delish! Will definitely be making this again. I only used one red bell because hub isn’t a big fan of bell pepper and it even got his approval! yum!! I also paired with a skinny margarita! 😉

    - skinnybystacy on March 11, 2012 Reply
  • Just made this tonight… absolutely delicious! I cut back on the olive oil (about half), hoping that it would still be good. IT IS! The avocado really tips this over on the scale, it’s an 11 😉

    - Christy on March 10, 2012 Reply
  • I have to try this, looks yummy. Brook, thanks for the points breakdown, I count points too.

    - Lynn on March 9, 2012 Reply
  • Can’t wait to try this!

    - Tricia O on March 6, 2012 Reply
  • Delicious especially with grilled tilapia!

    - Kara Murphy Schmidt on March 3, 2012 Reply
  • I had this today and I did go back numerous times! Soo good. Yummiest ever.

    - Annie Cowing on March 2, 2012 Reply
  • This is a great salad to make for a big crowd or when going to someone’s house for a bbq. It is a crowd pleaser! Plus, it tastes awesome the next day (I put some away for myself before I brought it to a bbq). It is also budget friendly. The ingredient lists seems long, but I bought everything for under $20 (minus the olive oil). I will def. make this again, and again, and again….

    - Beata Harnett on March 1, 2012 Reply
  • I made this for a party. It was delicious and everyone loved it! I will definately be fixing again soon.

    - Catharine on March 1, 2012 Reply
  • This salad has become one of my favorites! I make enough ahead of time to last the week, and I bring it for lunch every day at work. Yum!!

    - Melissa Norton on March 1, 2012 Reply
  • Made this last night and have made it at least 5 times. Its great. I usually have most of these ingredients on hand goes well with the turkey burgers on here as well or any burger on here for that matter.
    Love your recipes Jenn!

    - Sarah on March 1, 2012 Reply
  • i love black beans and corn salads. i’m making this tonight for dinner.

    - m duncan on February 29, 2012 Reply
  • We are on the Daniel diet so I made this using agave nectar, lemon juice & zest because I had them. I also used organic frozen no sugar corn
    It was fabulous & will definitely make it again & again.
    Thank you.

    - Mary on February 26, 2012 Reply
  • I saw this on Pinterest, and I *had* to make it. It’s beautiful and a great dip or accompaniment to Tex-Mex menus. I cut the oil by half, increased the garlic, and added chopped fresh jalepenos. It’s awesome! Thank you so much for sharing.

    - Dawn Earley on February 26, 2012 Reply
  • I made this, this morning and have yet to put the avocado in but I tried it to see how the flavors were coming together and WOW, I want to eat the whole thing! I did put about half the salt in, extra garlic (because we are garlic fanatics) and only had one can of beans, but everything else was as directed. This is my new standby recipe!

    - Caroline on February 25, 2012 Reply
  • I can’t wait to make this! My mouth is watering.

    - Mary on February 22, 2012 Reply
  • This looks mouth watering. I am motivated to try this. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

    - Rachel on February 20, 2012 Reply
  • Great recipe

    - Jackie on February 18, 2012 Reply
    • A friend just made this salad for a potluck and it is awesome! Can’t wait to try it myself.

      - Steve on April 13, 2012 Reply
    • This looks yummy…am making it this weekend, and looking forward to the results…OMG…..can’t wait!

      - Barbara Tilley on April 18, 2012 Reply
    • Quick question: why do we have to zest the limes? Is that suppose to go in the dish as well. Thanks!

      - Molly Hackman on April 19, 2012 Reply
      • Hi Molly,

        Yes, the lime zest goes into the salad and has tons of flavor. Hope you enjoy!

        - Jenn on April 19, 2012 Reply
  • Try it with frozen watermelon instead of sugar! Mmm

    - Naisia on February 10, 2012 Reply
  • I made this for Super Bowl and it was a big hit. My only issue is there was too much liquid at the bottom and had to keep stirring it. When others decreased the oil, did you have liquid at the bottom too? I let this sit overnight since I read the flavors would blend better which they did. Maybe I should have drained this before serving?

    - Tammy on February 8, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Tammy, There is a generous amount of dressing with this salad. I prefer it that way, especially if I’m serving it with chicken and need a bit of a sauce, but you could certainly decrease the quantities a bit. If the only issue is having to stir it a lot, you can serve it in a shallow dish so that the dressing doesn’t all sink to the bottom. Hope that helps!

      - Jenn on February 8, 2012 Reply
  • This was pretty good. I’d make this again with a few substitutions. I’d use lemon instead of lime and probably 4 tbs instead of 6. I’ll definitely cut the oil to 5 tbs next time. I ALMOST did and regret adding it all now. I like red onions more than shallots so I’ll do those and I’ll probably add a bit more cayenne. Oh, and it definitely needs more avocado. 3-4 for avocado lovers like me. Oh, and I’ll definitely add mango chunks next time and omit the sugar. My friends and boyfriend really liked it as is.

    - Isbelle on February 7, 2012 Reply
  • I substituted with canned corn and added grape tomatoes. It was a big hit at our church supper!

    - Regina Farmer on February 6, 2012 Reply
  • Corn is not in season any more. Do I substitute canned or frozen?
    It looks & sounds wonderful.

    - Mary on February 1, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Mary, Lots of people have been having luck with frozen corn. That should definitely be better than canned. Good luck and hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on February 1, 2012 Reply
  • I use WHITE SHOEPEG CORN in a can, it is crisp and tasty : )

    - Nichol on January 31, 2012 Reply
  • This was super yummy! I made a couple changes to eliminate some calories and for convenience (splenda instead of sugar, added some chopped up banana peppers, cut oil in half and used the juice from the banana peppers and replaces shallots with red onions). Fresh corn is out of season and it was still really good with canned.

    - Run with Jess on January 30, 2012 Reply
  • Is there a weight watchers point count to this??anyone??

    - Kathy Henriksen on January 29, 2012 Reply
    • I used 3 med avocados, reduced the oil to 5T and (because we like a bit more garlic) used 4 cloves. With these modifications, using 8 servings for the entire recipe, it equals 8 points per serving.

      - Wilma on February 7, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Kathy,

      I just added up the points and it’s about 6 points per serving (not including avocado). And I also cut the oil down to 6 tablespoons. If you add the avocado, which I will cause I love it… add another 2 points for 1/4 of a medium avocado. It’s not as low in points as I was hoping, but I might cut back on the oil next time.

      Hope this helps!

      - Brooke on February 19, 2012 Reply
      • For the ww points, what is the serving size?

        - Lisa on April 7, 2012 Reply
  • Delicious!! Served it with fish tacos. It was perfect. I also used frozen corn…no fresh available, turned out great! thanks.

    - robin on January 29, 2012 Reply
  • I just made this salad and I can tell you its absolute amazing!

    - Katherine S on January 28, 2012 Reply
  • Does anyone know how many cups this makes?

    - Erin on January 27, 2012 Reply
  • I make a similar version of this we call “Cowboy Caviar” Cant’ wait to try this one too!

    - Ronda on January 24, 2012 Reply
  • I cant eat bell peppers. Could I substitute a good firm tomato, like Roma, deseeded of course?

    - Rebecca on January 23, 2012 Reply
    • Hi Rebecca, You could definitely substitute a tomato. Hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on January 24, 2012 Reply
      • I can’t stop eating this stuff!! I am a vegan and added a few roasted almonds and green olives. Let’s put it this way, if I was on death row (which I am not) this would be my requested last meal!!

        - Grace on January 24, 2012 Reply
  • I literally just made myself sick on this. SO GOOD! We ate it over brown rice. Hubby added steak and shredded cheese to his…daughter added tortilla chips. They said it reminded them of a Chipotle Bowl. Thank you!!!

    - Toma on January 21, 2012 Reply
  • Got to try this

    - Rosalie Nicholson on January 21, 2012 Reply
  • One of my coworkers brought this today and shared the recipe. This is awesome…Got to make it for the Superbowl!!

    - BB in BNA on January 13, 2012 Reply
  • I made this tonight and it was delish! I cheated, though, and did not use fresh corn. I used a bag of Steamfresh white/yellow corn…steamed and cooled. It tasted great and still had crunch!

    - Claire on January 13, 2012 Reply
    • Forgot to mentioned that I also halved the recipe, so one bag of corn was the perfect ratio for one can of beans and one avocado.

      - Claire on January 13, 2012 Reply
    • Great tip on the steamfresh corn, Claire. Especially for winter when corn is out of season. Thanks for your comment!

      - Jenn on January 13, 2012 Reply
  • I made this, with some changes- I thought 9 tablespoons of olive oil seemed too much so I used 5 instead, and deleted the sugar- we also like our spicy food so I added a shake or two more of the cayenne, and served it with slow roasted pork tacos- it was absolutely delicious and I am making more tomorrow! I still found it to be on the wet side, so perhaps I will use 5 TBL of lime juice instead, and I also grilled my corn-

    - Heidi on January 10, 2012 Reply
  • I made this and you were so right! Folks kept coming again and again. I ran out of the salad soon. This is staying in my favorite. It is so simple and amazingly tasty. Thank you for sharing.

    - Shraddha on January 4, 2012 Reply
  • This was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good.

    - Marina Gonzalez on January 3, 2012 Reply
  • Hi Joanne, You can just leave it out or substitute parsley. It will be good either way. Hope that helps!

    - Jennifer on December 21, 2011 Reply
  • I don’t like cilantro can I use either parsley or basil or am I just better to make it without cilantro

    - Joanne Kersey on December 20, 2011 Reply
  • Alaina Tobias

    Appreciate you sharing, great post.Really thank you! Want more.

    - Alaina Tobias on December 12, 2011 Reply
  • this looks fabulous. Having lived in Texas for 13 years, and now living in Seattle, I LONG for good Tex Mex, but in the end, its what we make at home that tastes best…..

    - Heidi de la Garrigue on December 8, 2011 Reply
  • Yaay, I can’t wait to make this! You made this look so easy I had to try and make it myself… wish me luck, I’m new to the kitchen…

    - Ilse D on November 7, 2011 Reply
  • I just made this recipe and promptly inhaled 2 bowls! So amazing!

    - Dani Richardson on October 23, 2011 Reply
  • I have made this three times and every time I make it my family and friends are always asking for more. I have sent this recipe to other friends and they tell me how mush of a hit it is for them too. I can totally taste the difference of the sugar but dont always add it. It is good with or without. I am going to try your other recipes too. They look delicious. I was attracted to this recipe just because of the beautiful photo.

    - Kimberly Sanchez on October 18, 2011 Reply
  • made this for dinner tonight…tastes so great! thanks for the great idea! I gave you a shout-out on my blog for the recipe creds 🙂

    - Corey on October 1, 2011 Reply
  • This is sooo amazing. Made it with the Tequila lime chicken and chocolate cream pie for dessert. My friends, all real foodies, said it was “the perfect dinner”…it was really good!

    - Heidi on August 31, 2011 Reply
  • Made this last night it was so great. Such a good way to use up veggies from the garden and what is in season. Thanks again for another great recipe.

    - Beautiful1000000 on July 21, 2011 Reply
  • This is an absolutely amazing recipe! My husband, kids and I all loved it and I can see us serving it in a variety of ways. Tonight we opted to have it with grilled chicken and served it atop green leaf lettuce. I added 1/2 cup of finely chopped cucumber and 2 tsp of vinegar to mine. I liked the original and with the added ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

    - heather morrow on July 18, 2011 Reply
  • The same recipe you refer to on the Tequila Lime Chicken does not include the beans.. at least in the photo? I’ve been making a similar version of this salad for some time (less the beans when we are having chicken or fish), but one tip is to desilk the corn, soak it for a few hours in cold water and then dry them. Fire up the coals and brush a bit of olive oil on the corn. Grill it directly over the heat with a sprinkling of salt & pepper. Let them cool and use the kernals in the salad. SOOOO delicious with that roasted, fresh corn flavor!

    - Susan Orton on July 1, 2011 Reply
  • I’ve made this salad FOUR times already! It’s a definite crowd-pleaser. Thanks!

    - Erica on September 29, 2010 Reply
  • I make a version of this…I call it Texas Tabouli because I add rice…it makes a great pot-luck dish warm or cold.

    - Chris Carvajal on September 24, 2010 Reply
  • Made this for a family gathering and it was a big hit. What a great combination of flavors. Yum! Thank you!

    - bethy on September 10, 2010 Reply
  • OK – this recipe and pictures of this recipe make me seriously salivate. Must. Go. Buy. Ingredients.

    - Julie (Etsy Stalkers) on August 25, 2010 Reply
  • Love this version! And I’m glad I inspired. 😉 My parents happened to be visiting when I made this and they couldn’t get enough of it! Also, your photos are just as amazing.

    - Ellen on August 20, 2010 Reply
  • Made this last night with grilled Mahi Mahi, very good!

    - taryn on August 18, 2010 Reply
  • I have a party at work next week and it is a Mexican theme. your timing is perfect. Thanks for posting.

    - Lisa on August 5, 2010 Reply
  • What a beautiful-looking salad! I love the combination of ingredients, too… very fresh and summery.

    - Alisa on August 5, 2010 Reply
  • very nice – perfect salad for me! Love your photography! I hope you will submit this (and more) to


    - kathy on August 5, 2010 Reply
  • I make this salad all the time in the summer. I will confess though, if I am feeling lazy, I will just pour some Paul Newman’s Lime Vinaigrette dressing on it – Scrumptious!

    - Chris Tucker on August 5, 2010 Reply
  • That looks so delicious. I’m going to HAVE to make it tonight!

    - Koek! on August 5, 2010 Reply
    • This looks healthy but I’m hesitant because of all the oil added. Have you tried making it without the oil?

      - Laura on May 17, 2015 Reply
      • Hi Laura, You can reduce the oil a bit but I wouldn’t omit it completely.

        - Jenn on May 18, 2015 Reply
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