Cornbread Muffins

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These tender cornbread muffins are the perfect side to any Southern or Southwestern dish. You can whip up the batter in no time!

cornbread muffins

These tender and sweet cornbread muffins are the perfect side to any Southern barbecue or Southwestern-style dish. My kids love them so much that I’m constantly swatting their little hands away from the bread basket so they don’t fill up before the main course.

I know that baking at dinnertime might seem a little ambitious but these muffins are super-easy to prepare. You can whip up the batter in ten minutes, and I usually serve them instead of a starch. Leftovers are delicious for breakfast, reheated and slathered with honey butter or jam.

What You’ll Need To Make Cornbread Muffins

how to make cornbread muffins

How To Make Cornbread Muffins

Begin by whisking the eggs in a medium bowl.

whisking the eggs

Add the honey and milk and whisk to combine.

adding honey and milk to the eggs

In a separate large bowl, combine the flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, and salt.

combining the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl

Whisk to combine.

whisking the dry ingredients

Add the egg mixture and the melted butter to the dry ingredients.

adding liquid ingredients and melted butter to dry ingredients

Whisk until just combined.

mixed cornbread muffin batter

Spoon the batter evenly into the muffin pan, filling each cup about 3/4 full.

cornbread muffins ready to bake

Bake for 17-20 minutes, or until the tops are set and golden. Note that they will not dome.

baked cornbread muffins

Cool the muffins for a few minutes in the pan, then serve warm with softened butter.

How To Freeze Cornbread Muffins

These muffins taste best when served right out of the oven but can be frozen in an airtight container or sealable plastic bag for up to three months. Thaw for 3 for 4 hours on the countertop before serving. To reheat, wrap them in aluminum foil and warm in a 350°F-oven until hot. Alternatively, you can heat muffins in the microwave at 50 percent power for 30 to 45 seconds, or until just hot; do not overheat or muffins will get tough.

cornbread muffins

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Cornbread Muffins

These tender cornbread muffins are the perfect side to any Southern or Southwestern dish. You can whip up the batter in no time!

Servings: 12 muffins
Total Time: 30 Minutes


  • 1-1/4 cups all-purpose flour, spooned into measuring cup and leveled-off
  • 3/4 cup yellow cornmeal
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 3/4 cup milk (preferably whole but low-fat works too)
  • 1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, melted and cooled


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F degrees. Line a muffin pan with paper liners or spray with non-stick cooking spray. (I prefer to use non-stick cooking spray so the muffins get nice and crisp on the edges.)
  2. In a medium bowl, break up the eggs with a whisk. Whisk in the honey, and then the milk. Set aside.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Add the milk mixture and the melted butter to the dry ingredients. Whisk until just blended. Do not overmix; it's okay if there are a few lumps. Spoon the batter evenly into the prepared muffin pan, filling each cup about 3/4 full. Bake for 17 to 20 minutes, or until the tops are set and golden. (Note that the muffins will not dome.) Cool the muffins for a few minutes in the pan, then serve warm.
  4. Note: If you'd prefer to make this as cornbread rather than muffins, spray an 8-inch square pan with non-stick cooking spray and bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.
  5. Freezer-Friendly Instructions: Cornbread muffins taste best when served right out of the oven but can be frozen in an airtight container or sealable plastic bag for up to 3 months. Thaw for 3 for 4 hours on the countertop before serving. To reheat, wrap them in aluminum foil and warm in a 350°F oven until hot. Alternatively, heat muffins in the microwave at 50 percent power for 30 to 45 seconds, or until just hot; do not overheat or muffins will get tough.

Nutrition Information

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  • Serving size: 1 muffin
  • Calories: 216
  • Fat: 9 g
  • Saturated fat: 5 g
  • Carbohydrates: 30 g
  • Sugar: 12 g
  • Fiber: 1 g
  • Protein: 4 g
  • Sodium: 305 mg
  • Cholesterol: 53 mg

This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.

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Reviews & Comments

  • Best sweet cornbread recipe I’ve ever made. I followed the recipe exactly as listed except that I added 1 cup of frozen sweet corn to the mixture. My cornbread DID dome even though the recipe states it does not, not sure if possible due to the corn added to the recipe. Oh, this recipe doubles beautifully! I did spray my muffin pan to get the crispy exterior as suggested. Thank you for a fail proof recipe! Next time, I plan on adding frozen sweet corn and jalapeño.

    • — Christy on September 18, 2020
    • Reply
  • If you were using buttermilk would you change the measurement of the regular milk?

    • — Marsha on September 10, 2020
    • Reply
    • I’d actually recommend sticking with regular milk here — sorry!

      • — Jenn on September 10, 2020
      • Reply
  • made this tonight to have with leftover chili – we usually have toast but it was cool and rainy and I thought the warm muffins would be perfect – the recipe looked easy and quick. And it was – from idea to plate in less than 30 minutes. I enjoyed them as is – but may try with a little less sugar… made 11 in my muffin tins. Thanks for an easy tasty treat!

    • — Nicola Morgan on September 7, 2020
    • Reply
  • These corn muffins are delicious and have wonderful texture. Mine turned out a little dry though and I’m wondering how to correct that.

    • — Barbara on September 2, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Barbara, Cornbread is naturally a little dry but next time, try using 1-1/2 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of cornmeal instead. (The cornmeal adds to the dry texture.) Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on September 2, 2020
      • Reply
      • Hi Jenn, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am also thinking that I may have used more flour than was intended. I usually work with weight rather than volume. Do you know how much the 1 1/4 cup of flour you use in the recipe weighs?
        By the way, I just received your cookbook a few days ago and I’m working my way through it. I made Sam and Harry’s steak salad last night. It was terrific. I mostly bake a great deal and I’m bored to death with cooking. You have rescued me!

        • — Barbara on September 2, 2020
        • Reply
        • Hi Barbara, The flour would be the equivalent of 160 grams. Also, most of my recipes (including this one) have conversions to weight. To view them, scroll down to the recipe and immediately under the recipe title on the right side, you’ll see a little toggle. If you move it from “cup measures” to metric, you’ll see measurements that will work for you. And thanks so much for your support with the cookbook – I hope you find lots of new options to alleviate your cooking boredom! 🙂

          • — Jenn on September 3, 2020
          • Reply
  • Amazing!

    • — Lauren LaCour on August 31, 2020
    • Reply
  • This recipe is so easy and so good!!! I made the muffins last week and just made them again.
    They are the Best Cornbread Muffins. If you’re looking for a good recipe, don’t waste your time looking. You have found it 😁

    • — Donna on August 24, 2020
    • Reply
  • This recipe is perfect! The corn muffins were dense and moist and not too sweet. I followed the recipe though substituted milk for full fat oat milk (Oatly) and its was seamless. You are a TRUSTED recipe source always. Thank you!!

    • — Akhberet on August 16, 2020
    • Reply
  • Loved the recipe!!! Moist inside and crunchy top!! A little honey and butter on top, in heaven. *Side note,?I followed recipe and had enough batter to made 10 Muffins not sure 🤔 how someone could do a dozen.

    • — Miss Bri on August 16, 2020
    • Reply
  • Made this today and it was so good!! Decreased the sugar to only 1/4 cup and 1 tbsp. Thank you for this!!

    • — Lauren on August 16, 2020
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn

    Could I substitute 3/4 cup of EVOO instead of a stick of butter?

    • — Karen on August 15, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Karen, If you want to use oil, I’d suggest using half oil and half butter. They won’t have as much buttery flavor, but as long as you use some butter, it should work. Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on August 16, 2020
      • Reply
  • I made the cornbread muffins but put them in a 8×8 pan – this is great with chili

    • — Karen on August 15, 2020
    • Reply
  • Made these never made homemade before,they were great,love your recipe, Thanks!!,had company over they loved them ,and husband loved them,and he is picky on cornbread!muffins where something I will make again!

    • — Roxanna on August 8, 2020
    • Reply
  • Hi, thanks for the recipe Jenn. The muffins tasted great with warm butter however, I would prefer them to be more moist. Any advice on how to do it? Thanks

    • — Tricia Chang on August 7, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Tricia, Cornbread is a little dry by nature but next time, try using 1-1/2 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of cornmeal instead. (The cornmeal adds to the dry texture.)

      • — Jenn on August 10, 2020
      • Reply
  • Delicious! I froze some to have with our first batches of chili this fall. Would you recommend using buttermilk in these? I have some that I need to use up. Thanks again, Jenn!

    • — Amy on August 7, 2020
    • Reply
    • Glad you like them! I’d stick with regular milk here though. 🙂

      • — Jenn on August 7, 2020
      • Reply
    • I’ve made these numerous times and they are great. Would you get the same result if you cut the recipe in half? Thank you!

      • — Danice on August 8, 2020
      • Reply
      • Sure, Danice, that should be fine. You can also make a full batch and freeze half if you’d like. See the bottom of the recipe for freezer-friendly instructions. 🙂

        • — Jenn on August 9, 2020
        • Reply
      • Made other recipes for cormeal muffins including the recipe on the corn meal box. This by far has the best taste and texture. Made exactly as the recipe recommended and they came out great! Thanks!

        • — Sue on September 7, 2020
        • Reply
  • Do you have suggestions for how to adapt this recipe for baking at high altitudes?

    • — Mary on August 6, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Mary, Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with high-altitude baking so I don’t have any wisdom to share. You might find this page useful though.

      • — Jenn on August 6, 2020
      • Reply
  • Made this tonight and reduced the sugar by half and added a cup of frozen corn kernels. Turned out fantastic!!!

    • — Luanne on August 6, 2020
    • Reply
  • this was a wonderful recipe! i made it for my family with chili and it was delicious. i added some cheese on top and reduced the sugar to only 2 tbsp of honey and it came out very crumbly and light. will definitely make again.

    • — Joone Li on August 3, 2020
    • Reply
  • Tried making corn muffins for the first time and it came out perfect. It was delicious, moist and well enjoyed by my family.

    • — Leeta Singh on August 3, 2020
    • Reply
  • Perfect! I used gluten free flour and 4 small mini loaf pans and they came out great. Thanks!

    • — Kristin on August 2, 2020
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,

    Got a question, can I use stone ground corn flour instead?

    • — Fiona on July 27, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Fiona, It should work. I’d love to know how it turns out.

      • — Jenn on July 27, 2020
      • Reply
  • Perfect, really flavorful and moist.

    • — taty on July 25, 2020
    • Reply
  • Perfection on the first try. Far superior to any other cornbread muffin recipe I’ve tried. They are super tender and moist. I used half the sugar and the muffins turned out plenty sweet enough. So happy to find a keeper recipe. Thank you!

    • — Kathryn Mader on July 18, 2020
    • Reply
  • These muffins have been a huge hit with the numerous people I’ve served them to! I’m looking forward to trying this tonight in the 8-inch square pan!! Thank you for the wonderful recipe 😁

    • — Kally on July 16, 2020
    • Reply
  • Way too much salt!

    • — Nancy Douglas on July 14, 2020
    • Reply
  • Absolutely perfect! Served them with the herb grilled chicken and black bean salad. Fabulous and easy dinner.

    • — Alex on July 12, 2020
    • Reply
  • Best cornbread muffins! Perfectly moist, which is hard to get in cornbread, and perfect amount of saltyness and flavor

    • — Carissa on July 11, 2020
    • Reply
    • Came out great and taste amazing! Only one issue, they taste a little salty. Will use half the salt next time.

      • — Chhaya on August 11, 2020
      • Reply
  • Can I use polenta instead of cornmeal? Or are they too different?

    • — Anna on July 3, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Anna, Polenta should work – enjoy!

      • — Jenn on July 4, 2020
      • Reply
      • Can I just use honey? I don’t want to use sugar:

        • — Jae on August 14, 2020
        • Reply
        • I wouldn’t recommend it — the muffins are likely to burn. Sorry!

          • — Jenn on August 14, 2020
          • Reply
  • Delicious! Cut the recipe in half for a family of 2 & they turned out amazing!

    • — bsides4ever on June 23, 2020
    • Reply
  • Hello Jenn, I am a devoted follower of the Jenn Segal School of Cooking and Baking. When my friends tell me I’m a great cook and baker, I reply, “It’s all Jenn Segal.” And many happily joined your team or bought your cookbook.

    My question is what adjustments should I make to your cornbread recipe if I prefer to bake in an 8” x 8” pan or a 9” x 9” pan rather than a muffin pan? And would you suggest one size as better than the other?

    Thanks for your help!

    • — Karen Murphy on June 15, 2020
    • Reply
    • Karen, your sweet words made my day – so glad you like the recipes and I really appreciate you spreading the word about the blog! I’d go with the 8-inch square pan. Bake time will be different; I’d start checking for doneness at about 30 minutes. Enjoy! 🙂

      • — Jenn on June 16, 2020
      • Reply
  • Amazing recipe! Just made my second batch. Followed the recipe to a t, and my muffins domed like crazy both times! They are so fluffy and tasty! Extra bonus of this recipe that this is SO EASY!! Also, they freeze beautifully. I would encourage people to try different honey types – had different honey for two different batches, both super tasty, but the first batch was made with Australian blossom honey (which has caramel and raisin notes) and oh, boy, this was so good! Thank you, Jenn!

    • — Mari L on June 12, 2020
    • Reply
  • Delicious! One of the better cornbread recipes I’ve made. Very moist!

    • — Dar on June 5, 2020
    • Reply
  • Great texture and absolutely delicious! These cornbread muffins turned out amazing… even tastier with some added maple syrup on top:)

    • — Lillian on June 4, 2020
    • Reply
  • Funny how hard a time I had finding a good cornbread recipe. So many are more ‘cake-y’ than crumbly. This recipe made the grade. Less cake like than a regular muffin, but not fall-apart like some corn muffins. Great corn texture while maintaining its structure. Toasted with butter – amazing.

    • — John McLachlan on June 3, 2020
    • Reply

    • — LEYLA OZSOY on May 28, 2020
    • Reply
  • The best cornmeal muffins ever! So moist, just the right sweetness.

    • — ELIZABETH BROOMER on May 28, 2020
    • Reply
  • My father told me he didn’t like cornbread muffins and then this happened..I add a bit more milk and they’re delicious. now my elderly father loves my cornbread muffins…in fact I can’t quite get a hold of one lol unless I make them in the middle of the night and steal a few lol…great recipe!!!

    • — Ross Kelly on May 26, 2020
    • Reply
    • First time I ever tried making cornmeal muffins , could not believe how tasty and light these were. So easy to make and will definitely make them again .

      • — Cindy McCluskey on June 7, 2020
      • Reply
  • So I made these about a year ago and I thought they tasted a bit dry and grainy. I decided to give them another try but this time using the brand of corn meal in your picture and weighed my ingredients using your metric conversions. They were perfect and delicious!!

    • — Nancy A on May 22, 2020
    • Reply
  • This cornbread muffin recipe is the best of all the cornbread recipes I have tried. My family loves them and they are my biggest critics. I make them in a jumbo muffin tin and that yeild 6. Just have to bake a bit longer than one would if you use a standard 12 tin. These muffins are good anytime and great with chili.

    • — Nancy V on May 21, 2020
    • Reply
  • Just made this for breakfast and it is delicious! I followed recipe exactly except, I left out the extra 2 tbs of sugar and since I wanted some fresh corn in it I used the kernels of 1 ear corn with 1/4 cup of the milk in the blender for 2 pulses only to break up the kernels then added this to wet ingredients. It came out perfect, baked for 20 min in a 6 muffin pan!!! It is moist, not too sweet and the kernels breakup the dry texture of the cornmeal. Thanks for your recipe!!!

    • — Jazmin on May 20, 2020
    • Reply
  • Great recipe! What I really like about this recipe is that it is a great base for any additional ingredients you may want to add. After I combined the the wet and dry ingredients, I folded in chopped bacon (that I cooked & candied with brown sugar), scallions, jalapeño peppers, and cheddar cheese—and I paired my muffins with a honey butter I made. They came out yum! I will say, if you are a person that likes a more dense cornbread (not light and fluffy like this recipe calls for) you may want to consider how you’ll tweak it to your liking.

    • — Aubrey H. on May 15, 2020
    • Reply
  • I made these this morning for tonight’s Mother’s Day BBQ. I subbed buttermilk for whole milk and used 1/2 c coarse-ground cornmeal + 1/4 c regular because we prefer the texture but followed the rest as written.

    Holy DELICIOUSNESS, Batman!

    Light, fluffy, and sweet but not obnoxiously so! The test batch didn’t even get a chance to cool before they were devoured. This is my new go-to recipe!

    • — Natalie on May 10, 2020
    • Reply
  • Made these today.Delicious! Made a couple of changes though. I used self rising flour so I didn’t need baking powder or salt and I didn’t add honey. My husband doesn’t like his cornbread very sweet but I did add the sugar. He loved it! The bread was not crumbly and had
    a really good crust. We always heat the pan first for a better ctust!

    • — Deborah Beard on May 6, 2020
    • Reply
  • I’ve tried many cornbread recipes, this one is simple and really delicious. It has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, and the muffins are very light and tender.

    • — Heather on May 3, 2020
    • Reply
  • Made these muffins last night exactly as written (sprayed the muffin pan to get the crunchy edge) and they were delicious! Very moist, crunchy edge, wonderful flavor. Also followed the recommendation to bake them so they’d be ready with dinner (still warm). So worth it! Thank you!

    • — Wendy on April 30, 2020
    • Reply
  • Thank you!! These muffins are just to die for. My boys literally inhale them and they disappear in no time. I have made 3 dozen in the last week already! A definite keeper in our house forever.

    • — Mel on April 29, 2020
    • Reply
  • Jenn,
    I like the ingredients you have in your recipe. I was looking for a corn muffin top recipe. Any chance I could bake these on a baking sheet to get the muffin top I am looking for?

    • — Carol on April 28, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Carol, I’ve never made these as muffin tops so I can’t say for sure, but I suspect it would work. Please LMK how they turn out if you try it!

      • — Jenn on April 28, 2020
      • Reply
      • Jenn, I was successful in making this recipe into muffin tops. Depending on the size, baking times were about 8 to 12 minutes. I baked them until they were golden brown on the bottom. Delicious recipe, next time I hope to perfect the size and shape of them.

        • — Carol on April 29, 2020
        • Reply
        • Glad they turned out well! And thanks for reporting back – I’m sure other readers will find it helpful!

          • — Jenn on April 29, 2020
          • Reply
    • Hands down, the best cornbread recipe EVER! Can’t say anything more, other than a must try!

      • — Gilda on May 28, 2020
      • Reply
  • Fantastic corn muffins! Perfect texture, level of sweetness and so easy to make. Thank you for another family favorite! Perfect with chili or just as a simple breakfast bread.

    • — Beth on April 26, 2020
    • Reply
    • Do you think I can add fresh corn to the recipe? What should be adjusted? thanks!

      • — Jazmin on May 19, 2020
      • Reply
      • Sure, Jazmin. I’d add about 1 cup to the batter along with the dry ingredients and butter. Please LMK how they turn out!

        • — Jenn on May 20, 2020
        • Reply
  • Jenn, Can I double this recipe ?

    • — Carol O'Neill on April 25, 2020
    • Reply
    • Sure!

      • — Jenn on April 26, 2020
      • Reply
  • These muffins are SCRUMPTIOUS!! I tried it for the first time three or so months ago and I thought “how it is possible that they are so perfect from the first try?” Then I baked them again and sent them to my daughter’s college to share with her friends for breakfast, many thanks were received. When I bake them to share with my coworkers- they are gone in a flash. I plan on making them again soon (being home teleworking all the time) and I can’t wait to bring them back to the office once we re-open. This recipe never fails and it’s makes the most delicious muffins ever! With a few ingredients always handy and ready in a “few minutes” they are the best breakfast for me (my hubby is a not a muffin person). For this reason I freeze them in a container or ziplock bag and I have them anytime I need to make my breakfast complete, They Freeze Very Well. YOU MUST HAVE THIS RECIPE HANDY!! Thank you Jenn!

    • — Oksana on April 20, 2020
    • Reply
  • These were so simple and amazing! I typically don’t love cornbread because it’s always so dry and crumbly. These were moist and a lot less crumbly. The taste was amazing too- a little more salty than sweet which I thought was perfect

    • — Carissa on April 18, 2020
    • Reply
  • Super easy to whip up with everything I had on hand. Big pot of chicken chili is up next to serve these with. Great recipe. In my files!

    • — Diane on April 16, 2020
    • Reply
  • Loved these. Did not find dry at all or not sweet enough as some other reviewers have suggested. Maybe they are used to the grocery store cornbread that’s more like a sticky, processed, “corn” flavored cake (no judgement, I have my attachments to things like this too). Thought this was a winner as basic recipe that will please most and went really well with the Best Beef Chili.

    I feel like I’m cheating using your recipes sometimes because they are all so well balanced and easy to follow. Now my friends and family think I’m an amazing cook and really I’m just following your instructions… I’ve tried many to date and have concluded that while they might not all be 100% to my personal taste, they are all fantastic. I’d feel comfortable serving to guests without having tested first–that’s how consistent you are!

    • — Kathryn on April 15, 2020
    • Reply
    • 🙂

      • — Jenn on April 16, 2020
      • Reply
  • Scrumptious!

    • — Tonya on April 14, 2020
    • Reply
  • Not much of a baker and not a big fan of trying to eat a handful of crumbs.
    These were great and so simple to do. Perfect next to a sweet potato/black bean chili.

    Only two of us, so I made a half batch – figured she’d eat one and I’d eat two, and save the others in the freezer (thanks for the instructions). Didn’t happen. Won’t waste my time on that again. Damn the calories – full speed ahead!
    Thank you, again and again and again……

    • — Craig on April 10, 2020
    • Reply
    • 🙂 Glad you both enjoyed!

      • — Jenn on April 12, 2020
      • Reply
  • Yummy. I’ve been looking and testing, looking and testing — I will now stop looking and keep this recipe! Easy and delish. My opinionated husband said they were awesome!

    • — kiki on April 8, 2020
    • Reply
    • 🙂 Glad you found “the one!”

      • — Jenn on April 9, 2020
      • Reply
  • Not very “corny”, next time I would add more cornmeal and less flour, and not sweet enough. I think it needs more like 1/2 cup of sugar. Also kinda dry. I was surprised given the 5 star reviews.

    • — Deb Kane on April 5, 2020
    • Reply
  • Very good but not the best I’ve made. This will be my backup recipe when I don’t have sour cream.

    • — Dease on March 26, 2020
    • Reply
  • I was wondering why mine domed a lot. 1 Tablespoon of baking powder as instructed.

    • — Kris on March 25, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Kris, Was your oven fully preheated? And using a little extra flour can create more of a dome. Did you use the spoon and level method to measure the flour? Even a few extra ounces can make a big difference. This article/video explains it nicely.

      • — Jenn on March 25, 2020
      • Reply
    • I love this recipe. It is the easiest recipe ever, the taste is amazing, I changed a bit, I used a little bit more corn. It is the best recipe !!!! Love it !!!

      • — Irene Ramos on April 3, 2020
      • Reply
  • We have made these at least 6 times since first finding the recipe. Excellent corn muffins. I personally add an extra 1/3 tbsp (1tsp.) baking powder for a little extra rise.

    Made another batch today again as all we do lately is sit in the house and bake and eat. May as well enjoy it.

    • — Fred on March 23, 2020
    • Reply
    • 🙂

      • — Jenn on March 24, 2020
      • Reply
  • I followed your recipe to the letter and my muffins turned out FANTASTIC! Golden brown, crisp on the edges – when I turned the muffin tin over – they all just ever so gracefully slid out. Melt in our mouths smooth and tasty. My wife was very impressed – and I have you to thank! These will be getting made again, and again! I may adjust slightly – blueberries, cranberries, maybe some crumbled bacon and cheese.

    I am a 58 year old male – have never tried to make a cornbread muffin in my life – but this recipe is a WINNER!

    Thank You!

    • — Barry Emslie on March 22, 2020
    • Reply
    • So glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

      • — Jenn on March 23, 2020
      • Reply
  • I made this recipe using all-purpose gluten-free flour and finely-ground yellow cornmeal. I don’t care for sweet cornbread, so I eliminated the sugar & used 3 T. honey (total). I also used half buttermilk & made cornbread, not muffins. I am impressed that I could change the recipe so much & it still turned out great! My partner & I will eat it often.

    • — Kay Mullins on March 22, 2020
    • Reply
  • Can I substitute white cornmeal for yellow?

    • — Deb on March 20, 2020
    • Reply
    • Sure – hope you enjoy! 🙂

      • — Jenn on March 20, 2020
      • Reply
  • I usually love many of your recipes. Followed this exactly as written. So dry… no taste… and realized I made the same recipe with the exact results 2 months prior! Tossed both batches in the trash. My bad and won’t happen again.

    • — Ellen on March 11, 2020
    • Reply
    • My husband and I loved these muffins. I made them using a mini muffin pan without Paper liners and they came right out of the pan perfectly without sticking which made me so 😃

      • — Patty Conroy on April 23, 2020
      • Reply
  • Made these last week. Delish! perfect! and so easy and quick to whip up. thank you

    • — Vicki on March 8, 2020
    • Reply
  • I am making these now. 3 minutes left to go and I see that they are raising quite a bit. I didn’t expect them to at all so I overfilled the cups (full) because I had more batter than 12 muffins at 3/4 full. I also used half and half because I didn’t have any milk on hand, and I accidentally used bread flour. I suspect it was the bread flour that is the culprit for the rising of the muffins. I am excited about them, none the less. It was very easy recipe to whip up so I will definitely try them again (with the correct flour). I wonder about adding corn kernels as I have seen in other recipes. Would I reduce any liquid or accommodate or can I just add the corn straight up? (And, would it matter if it was frozen, canned or fresh?)

    • — Melinda on March 7, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hope they turned out okay! Yes, you can add corn to these (frozen, canned, or fresh should work – if using canned, drain it, if using fresh, cook it). I’d add about 1 cup to the batter along with the dry ingredients and butter. 🙂

      • — Jenn on March 9, 2020
      • Reply
  • I liked the recipe, but thought I should give it 4 stars due to using too much sugar and butter.

    I only used 2 T sugar and 1/2 the butter and thought they came out great.
    I used a muffin pan(no liners), coated with coconut oil.

    • — Jan on March 1, 2020
    • Reply
  • Successful recipe! I Wanted a little heat to accompany a pot of mild chili I made for grand kids gathering. I added 1 finely chopped jalapeño (seeded and membranes removed). Adults appreciated additional heat in muffins. Everyone raved about muffins 😁

    • — Theresa on February 27, 2020
    • Reply
  • question…its not a smart question…I don’t have a muffin tin other than very large. best to use a pan, or large muffin tins? thanks

    • — Gerri on February 4, 2020
    • Reply
    • That’s a perfectly reasonable question! You could go either way, but I’d suggest using an 8-inch square baking pan. Bake time will be different; I’d start checking for doneness at about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on February 5, 2020
      • Reply
    • What is the baking temperature??! Huge miss in the instructions.

      • — Smk on February 26, 2020
      • Reply
      • Hi Smk, the muffins should be baked at 350°F/175°C. Hope you enjoy!

        • — Jenn on February 27, 2020
        • Reply
      • So you leave 2 stars because of user error? Yikes

        • — Michele on March 4, 2020
        • Reply
      • Huge miss on your part – if you read the instructions – it says preheat oven @ 350.

        • — Barry Emslie on March 22, 2020
        • Reply
  • What a great recipe! I made it today and my family dug in! I will make this recipe again. Thank you!
    I’m wondering why the amount of sugar stays in cup measurements when I change the recipe to metric.

    • — MJ on February 2, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi MJ, glad you enjoyed the muffins! The lack of conversion to metric for the sugar was just an oversight on my part – sorry! I’ve updated it.

      • — Jenn on February 3, 2020
      • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,
    I followed your recipe to the letter and have to say these are some of
    the best cornbread muffins I’ve ever tasted. We made mini muffins with
    your chili and Franks dip for the Super Bowl today 2.2.2020
    Best regards,

    • — Kim Scott on February 2, 2020
    • Reply
  • This is an awesome cornbread recipe!

    • — Howie on February 2, 2020
    • Reply
  • Can I add shredded cheese and jalapeno or habanero jelly to the mixture before baking? Also do we cut down on the cooking time if using mini muffin tins? Thanks in advance!

    • — Leisa on February 1, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Leisa, you can definitely add shredded cheese to the batter but wouldn’t add the jelly. Instead, I’d just serve it on the side. And for mini muffins, I’d bake them for 10 to 12 minutes. Hope that helps and that you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on February 2, 2020
      • Reply
  • Good Morning Jenn:
    I made the Ziti Sausage Casserole last night for my family and it received rave reviews. Thankyou.
    I want to make your Cornbread muffins – which sound delicious. I have the regular Cornmeal – but not the Stone ground Cornmeal. Will the Regular yellow Cornmeal still work for this recipe?

    • — Joy on February 1, 2020
    • Reply
    • Sure, that will work (and glad the ziti was a hit)! 🙂

      • — Jenn on February 2, 2020
      • Reply
  • Thanks for sharing this recipe. Amazing! No more Jiffy for me! I ate 3! Had to stop myself.

    • — Sandra on January 21, 2020
    • Reply
  • These are great! I usually use a mix (Jiffy) but discovered I was out after promising them as a side for chili. I was impressed at the flavor, lightness, and texture. No more need for the mix. I’ll make these from now on.

    • — Mary on January 19, 2020
    • Reply
  • First time making cornbread muffins! Easy to follow recipe and they turned out perfect. I saw another recipe that called for canola oil instead of butter, I wonder the difference? Thanks!

    • — Jen on January 18, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Jen, Glad you enjoyed the muffins! I like butter here as it gives the muffins more flavor than the oil would.

      • — Jenn on January 19, 2020
      • Reply
  • These turned out fantastic! Not too dry but still has that crumbly cornbread texture. I have yet to try one of Jenn’s recipes and have it not turn out spectacularly

    • — Matt on December 29, 2019
    • Reply
  • These are perfect.

    • — Eric on December 29, 2019
    • Reply
  • About a year ago my boyfriend and I went to a restaurant where they served cornbread muffins. We loved them so much we were desperate to find a recipe that would produce the same at home. Came across this recipe, made them the next day and since then have made them several times with great results. They taste the same- or even better- than the ones we had! Followed the steps and all the ingredients as stated, never failed to make great muffins! We absolutely love them and needless to say they don’t last very long in our home 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • — Cristiana on December 16, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hi, I’m about to make these for Thanksgiving and I noticed that some people used buttermilk and it was fine, but you told one reviewer not to… do you not recommend buttermilk?

    • — Bonnie on November 26, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Bonnie, Milk and buttermilk are not interchangeable in baking so I wouldn’t want to recommend it w/o trying it first. That said, many readers have used it with good results.

      • — Jenn on November 26, 2019
      • Reply
      • Thank you… I will use whole milk; cannot wait to try the recipe as so many reviews love it!!!

        • — Bonnie on November 26, 2019
        • Reply
  • Hi Jen, I love your recipes and have tried a few. This is my first time baking corn muffins and they came out perfect.
    Can wait for my lads to come home and have a taste. Happy thanks giving later in the week from Ireland. Thelma

    • — Thelma on November 25, 2019
    • Reply
  • This recipe was wonderful! Thank you so much. I substituted gluten free flour and made them mini-muffins (400 degrees for 10-12 minutes). I’ve tried several corn bread recipes over the years, but this one is perfection. Will be my go-to recipe from now on.

    • — Mary Beth on November 23, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn! Quick question on these delicious looking muffins….can the batter be prepared and put in a buttered muffin pan a few hours before cooking? I’m planning on making these for Thanksgiving but need to try and make life easier for myself by doing do! And this recipe can be easily doubled, right? Thanks as always!

    • — Janis on November 22, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Janis, these can definitely be doubled, but I wouldn’t recommend making the batter in advance because the muffins won’t rise well when you bake them. If this helps, you can mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet in another and then combine them and proceed with the recipe when you’re ready to bake them.

      • — Jenn on November 22, 2019
      • Reply
  • I just made these the other day and they were so good! Instead of making them in a regular size muffin pan, I made them in a 24 mini muffin pan and baked them for 10 min. (Next time, I will bake them probably for 8-9 min.)
    I wanted to know if I am able to make/prepare the batter in advance the day of Thanksgiving? If so, can it sit out in room temperature? Put it in the fridge until I’m ready to assemble the muffins? Although the recipe is super easy, I’d rather have one less thing to mix the day of — especially, since I agree that these taste better right out of the oven. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • — Laura on November 22, 2019
    • Reply
    • Glad you liked these, Laura! Unfortunately, it won’t work to refrigerate the batter as the muffins won’t rise well when you go to bake them. If you’d like, you can mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet in another and then combine them and proceed with the recipe when you’re ready to bake it.

      • — Jenn on November 22, 2019
      • Reply
    • I just made the muffins – and they got my picky-eater son’s full seal of approval. He even kept stealing the dough before baking until I took the pans away. Absolutely delicious!

      • — Yael on December 5, 2019
      • Reply
  • Made a batch night before last to bring to work and share. Mine did dome up, but were moist and very flavorful, enjoyed by all who got one. Great recipe!

    The recipe states it makes a dozen, can you triple the amounts, for 3 dozen, and mix all ingredients once, but only bake 1 dozen in the oven at a time? Will the batter quality and
    consistency change while waiting for the previous batch(es) to bake?

    • — Joe G. on November 21, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Joe, glad you enjoyed them! Yes, you could make one batch at a time but because the leavening will get activated when you mix the batter together, the third batch that you make may not rise quite as much. Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on November 21, 2019
      • Reply
  • Yum. So good! Love your recipes. Thank you!

    • — Joy L on November 16, 2019
    • Reply
  • I’d like to make these 2 days before I serve them – would I put them in the fridge in an airtight container? Thank you.

    • — Amy on November 11, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Amy, These are best right out of the oven, but will keep on the countertop (in an airtight container) for a few days. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on November 11, 2019
      • Reply
  • Hi Jenn, I have yellow corn flour on hand. Is this the same as the stone ground yellow corn meal that you use in your recipe?

    • — Louise on November 5, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Louise, Unfortunately, they are not the same. Sorry!

      • — Jenn on November 6, 2019
      • Reply
  • Wow! I just made these muffins and they were great! Greased the pan at your suggestion and it is definitely the way to go. Great texture, taste and nice and moist. Thanks!

    • — Margot C. on October 26, 2019
    • Reply
  • Amazing!! Love these and they’re not hard to make!
    Thank you so much!! An absolute favourite in my household!

    • — Nadine Phillips on October 26, 2019
    • Reply
  • I thought these were great. My husband said he didn’t notice them being any better than Jiffy mix muffins.

    • — Joyce Cary on October 21, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn. Love this recipe! I’ve made it many times before, with both regular flour and also gluten free. Sometimes as muffins, and other times as a cornbread. Perfect every time. I was wondering if I can double the recipe and bake in a 13×9 pan. If so, do I need to make any temperature/baking time adjustments? Thank you!

    • — Christine on October 20, 2019
    • Reply
    • Glad you like these Christine! Yes, you could do that. I’d up the temperature to 400 degrees. It should take about 25 minutes, or until puffed and lightly golden, but keep a close eye on it. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on October 20, 2019
      • Reply
  • My muffins created a dome, not sure why but they are very moist and delicious.
    Thank you for this recipe 🙂

    • — Joyce on October 18, 2019
    • Reply
  • These were yummy. My 8 year old couldn’t get enough! I’ve never made corn bread before and this was easy to follow and they turned out perfectly. I served them with the same chef’s “Maryland Crabcakes” and “Fresh Corn Salad”. I had enough muffins left to serve with Taco Soup (similar to chili) the next evening. I will be making these again soon!

    • — SuziH on October 14, 2019
    • Reply
    • So glad everyone enjoyed them! 🙂

      • — Jenn on October 15, 2019
      • Reply
  • These sound delicious. Can I make these with jalapeño and cheddar?

    • — Diana on October 13, 2019
    • Reply
    • Sure, Diana, I think you could add some of both. Please LMK how they turn out!

      • — Jenn on October 14, 2019
      • Reply
  • Okay, these muffins are DAMN GOOD. A friend brought them to a potluck and I immediately asked for the recipe. Today I made them with buttermilk and they were delicious. They’ve become a total hit with everyone I make them for!

    • — Maria on October 7, 2019
    • Reply
    • Absolutely delicious. Made them 2 days ago and already making them again. A big hit! So moist and not crumbly. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

      • — Indra on October 11, 2019
      • Reply
  • Can i make this as cornbread and not muffins? Use an 8×12 baking sheet?

    • — Jennifer on September 30, 2019
    • Reply
    • Sure, Jennifer — I’d suggest an 8-inch square baking pan though. Baking time will be different; I’d start checking for doneness at about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on October 1, 2019
      • Reply
  • I need the recipe to be dairy-free. Can I substitute soy milk or coffee rich with water (as per coffee rich instructions) for the milk? I’ll also substitute non-dairy margarine for the butter. Thanks

    • — Dorothy on September 25, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Dorothy, Yes, those substitutions will work (I’d suggest the soy milk instead of the coffee rich). Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on September 26, 2019
      • Reply
      • This recipe came out really terrible. I listened to exact directions and it had this terrible after taste!! I’m thinking it has something to do with the 2 tablespoons of baking powder like it says to use..: there is no way it needs that much

        • — Sara on May 18, 2020
        • Reply
        • Hi Sara, I think you may have misread the recipe. It calls for only 1 tablespoon of baking powder. Too much baking powder would indeed give it a bitter aftertaste.

          • — Jenn on May 18, 2020
          • Reply
  • Not a cook or baker, wife busy, have been longing for warm homemade cornbread muffin. Made in large terra-cotta baking cups, got 5 muffins that were out of this world! cooked perfectly at 350 for 32 min thank you. enjoyed.

    • — John on September 15, 2019
    • Reply
  • This recipe turned out great! Not too sweet had a good balance of flavor. My muffins rose nicely too.

    • — Stephanie on September 9, 2019
    • Reply
  • Can you add beans? If so what type is best?

    • — Arlene on September 7, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Arienne, I’ve never added beans to cornbread so it’s hard to say for sure how it would impact them. To play it safe, I’d serve them on the side. Sorry!

      • — Jenn on September 8, 2019
      • Reply
  • Can I reduce the sugar?

    • — Kay on September 5, 2019
    • Reply
    • Sure, Kay, you can reduce it down to 1/4 cup. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on September 5, 2019
      • Reply
  • Can they be made into mini muffins?? Has anyone tried that?

    • — Carrie on August 22, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Carrie, a few other readers have commented that they’ve successfully made mini muffins with this recipe. Bake time will be shorter though – I’d start checking them at about 12 minutes. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on August 23, 2019
      • Reply
      • Can I use honey instead of sugar and a little vanilla

        • — Gina on November 18, 2019
        • Reply
        • Hi Gina, I wouldn’t recommend honey in place of the sugar, but a little vanilla would be fine. Hope you enjoy!

          • — Jenn on November 19, 2019
          • Reply
    • Can I sub margarine for oil?

      • — Hannah on September 8, 2019
      • Reply
      • Hi Hannah, If you want to use oil, I’d suggest using half oil and half butter. They won’t have as much buttery flavor, but as long as you use some butter, it should work. Hope that helps!

        • — Jenn on September 9, 2019
        • Reply
  • Can I use whole wheat flour?

    • — Pat on August 10, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Pat, I think whole wheat flour may make these a bit dry; maybe try replacing just half the flour with whole wheat.

      • — Jenn on August 11, 2019
      • Reply
  • Delicious

    • — Cynthia M Dunning on August 5, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,
    Wondering if I can use buttermilk instead of whole milk? I don’t want to waste it and only have almond milk in the fridge.
    Love all your recipes.
    Thank you,

    • — Kimberly Burke on July 28, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Kimberly, I wouldn’t recommend using buttermilk here — sorry!

      • — Jenn on July 28, 2019
      • Reply
      • I replaced milk with buttermilk and they were fantastic!

        • — Shane on September 8, 2019
        • Reply
  • Hi Jenn! My daughter made these yesterday and everyone thought they were AMAZING! Love that all your recipes taste great!

    • — Nayla on July 20, 2019
    • Reply
  • Are these regular size or mini muffins? Pic looks smaller muffins.

    • — Diana on July 14, 2019
    • Reply
    • They are regular sized muffins. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on July 15, 2019
      • Reply
  • Your recipe is almost the same as the one I’ve been using for years with the exception that I use 3/4 C of sugar, and 1/4 C of veg. oil and 1/4 C of applesauce instead of 1/2 C of butter, my recipe calls for one egg, and I’ve never used honey in my recipe.
    I did make a batch using your recipe but I did substitute the oil and applesauce for the butter, and added a bit more sugar and an the extra egg, I can’t say that the finished muffins were better than my old recipe, but they did turn out every bit as great.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe, and I will be using the extra egg and including the honey as part of my regular recipe from now on.

    • — homer marchand on July 9, 2019
    • Reply
  • This was an easy recipe to follow and make. I liked the sweetness it gave with the honey and the corn grits gave it the bit of a crunch. I adapted the recipe and used a ready made gluten free flour mix instead. Because of this I added a touch more baking powder. The muffins were only a bit heavier than with a regular flour but worked very well. No doubt this would be good with regular flour. I also did not use a paper wrapper and put the batter into lightly buttered pan for the crispness of the outside. Definitely a good recipe.

    • — Greg Semkuley on June 18, 2019
    • Reply
  • Love your recipes

    • — Melissa Rumpel on May 19, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,

    We’re having a barbecue this weekend and I would like to make these muffins and your mac and cheese to go with pulled pork. The temperature for baking here is 350 and the temperature for the baking the mac and cheese is 375. Can I do the mac and cheese at 350 and just bake a bit longer? If so, how much time should I add?


    • — Katy on May 6, 2019
    • Reply
    • Sure, Katy, that’s fine. I’m guessing you’ll have to add 10 to 15 min. for the mac and cheese. Keep in mind that the muffins will take just a bit longer to cook as well, since they’ll be sharing the oven.

      • — Jenn on May 7, 2019
      • Reply
      • Perfect!!! Thanks for your quick reply.

        • — katy on May 7, 2019
        • Reply
  • The baking powder as 1 tablespoon has to be a typo. Should it be 1 teaspoon. I used the 1 tablespoon and they overflowed the pans severely and fell.

    • — jane on April 21, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Jane, So sorry you had trouble – the baking powder measurement is correct. Did you by chance make any substitutions?

      • — Jenn on April 22, 2019
      • Reply
    • Perfect little additions to our brisket meal. Soft, moist, sweet absolutely delicious!

      • — Michelle on July 7, 2019
      • Reply
  • My 5 year old and I love to bake together. This was a fun and simple recipe for us. We didn’t have whole milk, so we subbed 1/2 milk and 1/2 sour cream. Muffins were moist, flavorful and delicious. According to my daughter, her teacher and classmate LOVE corn muffins and have placed an order! Thank you… I think?

    • — Martha on April 11, 2019
    • Reply
  • If you let them stand after scooping the batter into the muffin tins for 15 minutes allowing the cornmeal batter to absorb the liquids they will mound up a bit in the pan when baked off !

    • — Marla M on April 10, 2019
    • Reply
  • So good! My husband wouldn’t quit eating them….had to take them away and freeze lol! I did as one reviewer suggested and used 1/2 butter & 1/2 applesauce, they’re perfect! Thank you Jenn 🙂

    • — Karrie on March 19, 2019
    • Reply
  • I followed this recipe exactly and found the butter to be too much. I was not able to fully mix the butter into the mixture, the excess just floated on the top and I blotted them off with paper towels. I used the metric system, so perhaps with the conversion it got a little off (115g). Maybe 90 – 100g would have been enough. The taste was good, but I used a medium grind cornmeal which was too big. Would use fine grained next time (yep, there’ll be a next time ‘cos it tastes good!). Would like to try adding corns to it too, see how it’ll affect the whole feel of the muffin. Overall thanks for this recipe, it’s so simple and tastes so good!

    • — Jenny on March 13, 2019
    • Reply
  • i’m going to try this today, but can you add corn kernels as well? how or when do you add it. thank you

    • — Maria Maita Kolebaba on March 11, 2019
    • Reply
    • Sure Maria, I’d add 1 cup to the batter along with the dry ingredients and butter. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on March 12, 2019
      • Reply
  • This is my go to cornbread muffin recipe. Delish! To make it a tad healthier I use 3/4 c white whole wheat flour with 1/2 cup all purpose. I also do 1/4 cup melted butter and 1/4 unsweetened applesauce in lieu of 1/2 c butter. Low-fat milk works great too. Still delish!! Thank you Jennifer!

    • — Janine on March 10, 2019
    • Reply
  • I have been looking for a great corn muffin recipe. I just made these tonight and they are THE BEST!!!. So easy to make and they are soft and delicious. Made them just the way the recipe reads. I will be making more tomorrow to freeze!

    • — Susan on March 2, 2019
    • Reply
  • Can I substitute maple syrup for the honey

    • — Maria on February 23, 2019
    • Reply
    • Sure – hope you enjoy! 🙂

      • — Jenn on February 25, 2019
      • Reply
  • Lovely! I just made these lovely light muffins for my son when he comes home from school. These muffins are wonderful! Light and fluffy but with that cornmeal light crunch. Not too sweet as well. Is it possible to freeze the batter for cooking the rest at a later time?

    • — Susan on February 21, 2019
    • Reply
    • Glad you enjoyed them, Susan! I don’t recommend freezing the batter but you can definitely freeze the cooked muffins. Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on February 21, 2019
      • Reply
  • I have to state ahead of time that I have tried countless cornbread recipes with the promise of moist, tasty goodness, all of which failed to deliver. So I didn’t have very high expectations when trying this recipe, except for my experiences with Jenn’s recipes, which have so far been delicious. All I can say is HALLELUJAH my search is over! These corn muffins deliver! They are moist, delicious, and so easy to make. Thank you, Jenn!!

    • — Lisa on February 10, 2019
    • Reply
  • I have made several cornbread recipes, and this one is now my favorite for ease and taste. My husband gave the two thumbs up for this and I agree. I’m not the greatest cook/baker and these came out delicious!! Thank you Jenn!

    • — JJ on February 7, 2019
    • Reply
  • Delicious buttery taste!

    • — Julie on February 5, 2019
    • Reply
  • They melt in your mouth!!! (and I thought I did not like cornmeal….)

    • — Olga on February 3, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hi. I made mini muffins and they are really good with just the right amount of sweetness. Do you have any recipes for microwaveable mug cakes?

    • — Lesley on February 3, 2019
    • Reply
    • Glad you enjoyed these! As of now, I don’t have any recipes for microwaveable mug cakes – I’ll have to add that to my list of recipes to potentially develop. 🙂

      • — Jenn on February 4, 2019
      • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,
    I’m a foody on a low budget and only the best will do! Yours is the best! It’s become my go-to. I play a little. I use 1/4 cup course corn meal and 2/4 cup fine grade to give the muffin a bit of crunch. Tonight I sifted the dry ingredients, added dried cherries and topped the muffin with course sparkling sugar before baking. Voila! 22 mini muffins-all with a crown. Thank you for the best muffin recipe on the internet. Just took a bite… heaven.

    • — Francine on February 2, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hi. I’m about to make your cornbread muffins and I was wondering if the aamount of baking powder should be 1 teaspoon instead of 1 tablespoon.

    • — Lesley on February 2, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Lesley, I know it seems like a lot but 1 tablespoon is correct. 🙂

      • — Jenn on February 3, 2019
      • Reply
  • Hi Jenn – I only have white cornmeal – would that work as well as the yellow variety? Thinking about making these for a big dinner tomorrow. P.S. Love your recipes!

    • — JJ on January 26, 2019
    • Reply
    • Yes JJ, white cornmeal will work here too. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on January 27, 2019
      • Reply
      • Jenn -Thank you! This recipe is SUPERB. Are you a wizard?! I made two dozen of these with the white cornmeal and everyone loved them. Perfect served with sea salt honey butter, chili con carne, baked mac & cheese, and a Caesar salad (with your tried and true dressing recipe). Thanks for helping us all look like competent cooks!

        • — JJ on January 27, 2019
        • Reply
        • ❤️

          • — Jenn on January 27, 2019
          • Reply
  • Great recipe. I added 1/2 cup of corn kernels to the batter, poured it into an 8-inch baking pan, and grated some cheese on top. It came out thick and fluffy, and I love the sweet and salty flavor. Thanks for sharing.

    • — Jillian on January 23, 2019
    • Reply
  • Thanks this is a keeper

    • — Danny on January 20, 2019
    • Reply
  • These were awesome! I misread the amount of baking powder, ended up adding only a teaspoon. They still came out great! My husband loved them with the pot of chili we enjoyed tonight for dinner. Will definitely be making again!

    • — Cat Spady on January 13, 2019
    • Reply
  • Honey is such a great addition to the cornbread. Sometimes I make mini-muffins and freeze them. This is such a quick recipe to put together in time for dinner.

    • — Jeanne on December 28, 2018
    • Reply
  • Hi Jen,

    We don’t have cornmeal here in Australia can I use polenta instead?


    • — Ea on December 24, 2018
    • Reply
    • Yes that should work!

      • — Jenn on December 24, 2018
      • Reply
  • I do not have honey, should I replace with more sugar? Want to make tomorrow, many thanks.
    Merry Christmas, thank you.

    • — Ellie on December 21, 2018
    • Reply
    • Yes that’ll be fine, Ellie. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on December 21, 2018
      • Reply
  • Perfect as is. Nice crunchy edges. Slightly dense, moist crumb, just as we like it.

    • — Mona on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • I love this muffin recipe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made them. I have always loved cornbread and had a recipe I always used. It is good but it wasn’t as light and fluffy as I wanted. So I tried this recipe and it’s now my go to cornbread. I have also made them as mini muffins and that works well too.

    • — Naomi Pickersgill on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • Hi Jen,

    I’ll be trying your recipe for the first time this weekend and I was wondering if I can also mix in frozen/canned whole corn into the batter? Any suggestions on if I would need to make any adjustments for that to work?

    • — Joana Brackman on December 18, 2018
    • Reply
    • Absolutely, that would work well. I’d add 1 cup to the batter along with the dry ingredients and butter (no modifications necessary). Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on December 18, 2018
      • Reply
      • Very good results from this recipe, like all your recipes! Thank you.

        • — A. Lo on June 2, 2019
        • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,

    Would you make any changes for high altitude baking?

    • — Michelle on December 6, 2018
    • Reply
    • Hi Michelle, I don’t have experience baking at high altitudes so, unfortunately, I don’t have any wisdom to share – I’m sorry! You may find these tips helpful though. Hope you enjoy the muffins if you make them! 🙂

      • — Jenn on December 7, 2018
      • Reply
      • I bake these today. The recipe was easy . I do like our cornbreads a little sweeter but no worries just add a drizzle of honey before eating them. Mines were a bit more crumbly than I enjoyed but definitely could have been an user error.

        • — Cjb on June 9, 2019
        • Reply
  • I have tried dozens of corn muffin recipes, enjoying most of them. This one is, as far as I’m concerned, perfection! I don’t know how the magic happens, but I will be using this recipe from now on 🙂

    • — Cheryl on December 5, 2018
    • Reply
  • These are the best cornbread muffins I’ve ever made! Very tender and not dry at all! Everyone loved them. Will definitely make again.

    • — Bianca on November 30, 2018
    • Reply
  • This recipe is our favorite. My picky son loves these and would eat 2 or 3 in one setting if I let him.

    • — TJ on November 29, 2018
    • Reply
  • I had been looking for a good cornbread recipe and am so happy to have found this one. They came out PERFECTLY! Many compliments from friends and family on these 🙂

    • — Eileen on November 29, 2018
    • Reply
  • Easy and perfect! So buttery.

    • — Heather on November 27, 2018
    • Reply
  • I made these a in a pan for Thanksgiving. I love to tweak recipes so I reduced 2 Tablespoons of the sugar and reserved one Tablespoon of the honey to spoon over the top of the cornbread. Super easy and everyone loved them.

    • — Julie on November 26, 2018
    • Reply
  • These were so good. I had to have another one. Lite and fluffy cornbread with honey and oil instead of butter. Next time I’ll try to purchase some butter.

    • — Kim on November 24, 2018
    • Reply
  • I just made these corn muffins with gluten free flour. They were great. I left out the 1/4 cup of sugar and added a mashed ripened banana with the two Tbsp of sugar. The banana flavor wasn’t even noticed.

    • — Dee on November 24, 2018
    • Reply
  • I just wanted to thank Jenn for answering my last minute question on the corn muffins only one day before Thanksgiving when I am sure she was quite busy. I can’t wait to try these!

    • — Jim B. on November 21, 2018
    • Reply
  • Can I use this recipe but can you help me with baking instructions if I change the baking to mini muffins?

    • — Marlene on November 17, 2018
    • Reply
    • Hi Marlene, The only change would be to reduce the baking time. I’d start checking around 12 to 15 minutes.

      • — Jenn on November 18, 2018
      • Reply
  • Jen, Would these work with gluten free flour?


    • — Marie J. Taylor on November 15, 2018
    • Reply
    • Hi Marie, I haven’t tried them this way, but one reader commented that she made them gluten-free by using fine maize flour and was happy with the results. I’d love to hear how they turn out if you try them!

      • — Jenn on November 15, 2018
      • Reply
  • can you use buttermilk instead?

    • — ab on November 12, 2018
    • Reply
    • I’d stick with regular milk here for best results. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on November 12, 2018
      • Reply
  • Hi Jen,
    I am going to make this cornbread muffin. Can I use half butter and half canola oil?
    Will there be differences in the texture and taste of the results?

    • — Ossy Rehder on November 10, 2018
    • Reply
    • That should be fine, Ossy. They won’t have as much buttery flavor, but as long as you use some butter, it shouldn’t be a problem. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on November 10, 2018
      • Reply
  • Made these the other night to go with some slow cooker beef chili. They turned out amazing!! I followed the recipe exactly, though mine did dome a bit, but I like them that way. I will absolutely make again, thank you!

    • — Rae on November 9, 2018
    • Reply
  • My family loves loves loves this recipe. It’s all I make and we do it cornbread style. I did start hunting up local wildflower honey and it somehow got even better. Thank you so much for this!

    • — Crazycat80 on November 4, 2018
    • Reply
  • I followed the recipe exactly. They were more like cupcakes with a little cornmeal thrown in. My guests did not like them either.

    • — Gickiev on November 3, 2018
    • Reply
  • These are my go-to cornbread muffins. They’re quick, easy, and consistently delicious. I’ve made them dozens of times. I like to reduce the sugar a bit and reduce the cook time to 13-14 minutes.

    • — David on October 29, 2018
    • Reply
  • Can you use medium grain cornmeal for these muffins. I like them a little grainy. Thanks

    • — Norma on October 20, 2018
    • Reply
    • Sure, Norma. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on October 20, 2018
      • Reply
  • The perfect corn muffin! Just the way I like it: crisp on top, fluffy in the middle, with a touch of sweetness.

    • — Lachelle Wilder on October 18, 2018
    • Reply
  • Followed the recipe exactly. My muffins did crown a little. This is the best cornbread I’ve made and I will definitely make again! These were moist, slightly sweet and had the perfect texture. I sprayed the tin with cooking spray and they came out effortlessly. I would definitely recommend this recipe!

    • — Cherie on October 15, 2018
    • Reply
  • These were moist, tasty and very easy to make. A winner with the white bean chili!

    • — Anne Hellie on October 15, 2018
    • Reply
  • I’ve made these muffins following the recipe exactly, and they were delicious. I’ve also made them with almond milk and less sugar, and they were still so good. These muffins are perfect for breakfast and as a snack. My kids love them. Thank you for a great recipe!

    • — Jane S. on October 8, 2018
    • Reply
  • Feeling lazy and want to do it in a pan, 8 or ( inch? baking temp? Thanks Jenn

    • — Carol on September 22, 2018
    • Reply
    • Hi Carol, Yes an 8-inch baking dish whould work — I’d keep the temperature the same but increase the baking time (start checking around 25 min.).

      • — Jenn on September 23, 2018
      • Reply
  • Have you ever substituted buttermilk for the regular milk? I have a carton I need to use up!

    • Technically it shouldn’t work (milk and buttermilk are not usually interchangeable in baking) but other readers have tried it and commented that it worked fine. 🙂

  • Hello Ms Segal,
    Would like to makes these as Madeleines, not muffins. What do you think? Any adjustments other than baking time?
    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Janice, I’ve never used this recipe for Madeleines, but I suspect the only thing you’d need to change is the baking time. I’d love to hear how they turn out!

      • Hello Ms Segal
        First, thank you for your prompt replies always.
        Had planned to make these at end of October for an “ in-between” (Can/US) Thanksgiving party but eliminated at last minute because there was just too much food. But do plan to make someday so will update then. My menu included OUaC’s sausage& herb stuffing, a butternut squash?? recipe from your book, asparagus with peas, cranberry orange sauce, perfect pumpkin pie (Graham crust😌) and …….rustic apple tart. This time it was not “beyond rustic” Yeah, me!! Thank you for so many easy, delicious recipes with very easy to follow instructions. With your help, my party was a great success.
        Happy Thanksgiving (US) cooking to you and all those who make you a part of everyday and special occasion meals.

        • — Janice on November 16, 2018
        • Reply
        • Hi Janice, I’m flattered that your Thanksgiving party included so many OUAC dishes! Hope it was a great day. Happy holidays to you and yours! ❤️

          • — Jenn on November 16, 2018
          • Reply
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder??? seems like a lot

    • Hi Anne – that is correct – hope you enjoy the muffins! 🙂

  • I have to make a lot of cornbread muffins for a party and I want to make them ahead of time. Can I make these and freeze them and then serve them at room temperature? Thank you.

    • Sure, Gigi, they freeze nicely. Enjoy!

  • My family, who are not fans of cornbread, loved these! Thank you! Finally, something that everyone in our family can agree upon.

    • — Crystal Lawrence
    • Reply
  • Easy, tasty recipe. Very impressed

  • Hi! I’m looking for a cornbread muffin that I can use and actually stuff the muffin with a shredded bbq bed brisket😋 Do you think I might be able to add to this recipe to include the muffin having this in the middle?

    • — Daniele Stanford
    • Reply
    • Hi Daniele, I wouldn’t recommend it with these muffins. The batter is pretty liquidy and I think the brisket would either sink to the bottom or make the muffins soggy. Sorry!

  • Is there a specific brand or type of corn meal that you all prefer to use to make this recipe?

    • Hi Martina, I use either Indian Head or Quaker, but the brand doesn’t matter much here. Hope that helps!

  • can we cook polenta muffins the day before???

    • These are best right out of the oven, but will keep on the countertop for a few days. Hope you enjoy!

  • This is a great recipe, the bread is light and moist. This is definitely my go to recipe from now on

  • I made cornbread last night using the recipe on the box of cornmeal. I figured if a company sells cornmeal, wouldn’t their recipe be better than most? Nope! Dry and flavorless! I am thrilled to have found this recipe! This morning I made this to go with my chili. My husband and sons loved it! My husband requested that I print this recipe and add it to my cookbook. Already did haha! I was concerned about using a whole stick of butter, but they’re not greasy or overly fattening. 9 grams of fat per muffin isn’t too bad. I added some honey and cinnamon to some softened butter to spread on these and WOW! Thank you so much for your recipe!

  • Alternately, I want to make 6 big ones! How would you adjust cooking time for that?

    • They should take 20 – 25 minutes – just keep an eye on them!

  • Hi Jenn-
    We adore this cornbread muffin recipe! It is truly the best! I’m going to be taking them to a large bbq and thought mini muffins would be nice. Do you have any suggestions on how I should alter the cooking time?

    • Glad you like them! Mini muffins should take 12 – 15 minutes in the oven.

  • Just made these. They look gorgeous and are very delicious.

  • These are the absolute best cornbread muffins I’ve ever had! My whole family is in love with them! You don’t even need to put anything on them they’re so incredible alone and extremely easy to make!

  • I’ve finally found a recipe for cornbread muffins like those served at Cracker Barrel. These cornbread muffins are tender and delicious. The recipe is easy to follow and yields 12 medium-sized muffins which slice in half for buttering without crumbling apart. I think the butter and honey in the recipe are the key to that result. What a wonderful recipe. Thank you!

    • I am on the internet looking for a copycat recipe for the Cracker Barrel cornbread! Thank you for your comment! We don’t have Cracker Barrel in Canada so this recipe is exciting!

      • — Louise on October 4, 2018
      • Reply
  • Best corn muffin recipe I have come across.

    • — Sharllah Brewster
    • Reply
  • This may be a stupid question but I am going ask anyway. It may help me and someone else out. I have a half bag self-rising flour. your recipe calls for all-purpose flour. Can I use self-rising flour or will it mess up the recipe?

    • Hi Veronica, I recommend using all-purpose, but if self-rising is all you have, you could try reducing the baking powder to 1-1/2 teaspoons and reducing the salt to 1/2 teaspoon. Hope you enjoy!

  • OMG Do Not Make these…they are too delicious and you will end up eating them until they are gone! Didn’t change a thing, they are perfect just the way they are. Going in my recipe box with a strong warning to only make them when I have company coming so I have to share.

  • I left out the honey and these were absolutely delicious. My husband and toddler are huge fans too. This will be my go to cornbread recipe.

  • Amazing! Has a bit of crunch, yet moist. They are a bit sweet and very tasty. I will definitely be making these again.

  • I looked up on Google best homemade cornbread muffins I followed another recipe and it burn to crisp. I got my jiffy muffins down pack but I wanted make from stracth where just as good or better than jiffy.I started dating a guy. He likes cornbread muffins These were declious easy to make. You pictures helped me out. Dinner was delicious my man loved my muffins

  • I have been cooking for over 50 years, but have never found recipes I really loved until I stumbled upon your site several years ago while searching for something different to surprise my husband. I just made your Cornbread Muffins, and they turned out better than any I have made before – light, tender, and, oh my, those yummy crispy edges! I have added this recipe to my binder, and I took note that I have dozens of your recipes on file, all of them winners!! Thank you for perking up my cooking experiences.

    • That is so nice to read, Jean – so happy you’re having success with the recipes! 😊

  • Wondering if you could use buttermilk in place of regular low fat milk ?

    • I don’t recommend it, Cynthia – sorry!

    • The best cornmeal muffins ever !!

  • I made these today and they are delicious! I heat them in microwave for a few moments and pour syrup on them. Sooooo good!

  • These muffins are easy and quick to make and the tastiest cornbread muffins with a hint of sweetness.

  • These were really good. I’m not a fan of cornbread but these pair well with Ribs and chili. If you are planning to serve this corn bread with a very spicy stew/dish, I would recommend adding a bit more sugar to the recipe for the cornbread for balance.

  • I make cornbread a lot. This is, by far, the best recipe I’ve made. It will be my “go to” from now on. I tweaked it just a little. I can’t eat sugar. I replaced the sugar & 2 Tbls honey with 1/2 cup raw honey. It came out perfectly. Thanks for the recipe!

  • These are THE best cornbread muffins. Very light and fluffy but they don’t crumble apart like cornbread sometimes does. I omitted the sugar and increased the cornmeal to 1 cup. I also added gouda and roasted red pepper. This made 12 huge, peaked muffins.

  • Made these corn muffins for dinner and they tasted great! It went well with my chicken wings. It’s extra yummy especially when you drizzle with a little bit of honey! 🙂 Although, I found mine a little crumbly. Did I do anything wrong?

    • — Jessica Anne Evangelista
    • Reply
    • HI Jessica, these really shouldn’t be crumbly – did you make any changes to the recipe? Did you spoon the flour into the measuring cup and level it off?

  • This is now my go to recipe for cornbread muffins. My family and love the sweet balanced taste. I made these for work and my co-workers like them better than traditional muffins. Just be careful using a nonstick pan, they tend to burn if you leave them in the oven long. Best to lower the temperature.

  • I love this recipe because it is so easy and my family loves these!! Thank you for another wonderful recipe!!

  • Cornbread has always been a favorite of my mine and I love to pair it with other soups and chili dishes from the blog. The white chicken chili is always delicious and the corn bread provides an excellent balance to the light spice of the soup. I decided to bake the bread in a 12″ cast iron skillet ratger than the muffin tin. I increased the baking time slightly and just kept an eye on it to see when it was ready. Despite the change in pan, it still turned out great and moist.

  • These cornbread muffins are a delicious addition to any meal, especially soup. I took some to a neighbor who immediately had to have the recipe. The honey adds just the right touch of sweetness. I didn’t change a thing in the recipe. Why tamper with perfection?

  • This is an amazing recipe, I have made it twice already in one week! Second time I made it I did not add the sugar but kept the honey also added 1/2 cup of cheddar plus a little for the tops and baked it in a round cake pan. Super wasy and great texture.

  • So good! 24 thumbs up from my daycare kids.

  • Made a batch today, they were so good I ended up making a total of 3 batches! They are the best cornbread muffins I have ever tasted. I followed the recipe as written. Each batch made 12 muffins. They are light, fluffy, and crisp on the outside. Just the perfect amount of sweetness. Thank you so much for this fabulous recipe. My coworkers and I will enjoy these tomorrow with my homemade Chili. This is a keeper!

  • 1 tbsp of baking powder??? Should that be tsp?

    • nm. 🙂

    • Yes 1 tablespoon

  • Made these for supper tonight and they were soooo good. I have printed this out and will keep it on my cookbook. Thsnk you for a great receipe.

  • So delicious! Made these tonight to serve with dinner. Best corn muffin recipe I have ever tried. Tender, rich and flavorful.perfect texture. Just perfect. Thank you!

    • — Nancy Benedetto
    • Reply
  • These were delicious. Nice and light on the inside with a nice crisp texture on the outside. Although it says to serve them warm they had cooled down by the time we had supper. Still very yummy!

  • Can I used Unbleached flour or gluten free flour with this recipe ?

    • Unbleached flour would be fine for these muffins – hope you enjoy!

  • I have been making cornbread from scratch for several years, but my daughter-in-law gave me your cornbread muffin recipe, and I was sold. They are the fluffiest, tastiest cornbread muffins that I have ever had. I will recommend this recipe to all of my friends.

  • First time making cornbread. Found this easy to follow recipe. It made a dozen not the 20 that was called for. Still quite impressed with how they turned out. I will be making these again. Absolutely delish.

    • — Jared Verbeski
    • Reply
    • Edit: This did make 12 which it called for. I mistakenly read the time for the amount.

      • — Jared Verbeski
      • Reply
  • I made these muffins last night to go with shepherd’s pie, and they were perfect. No more boxed corn muffins for me! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe.

  • Can almond milk be used in place of regular milk?

    • Sure, Shannon, almond milk should work here. Enjoy!

  • I make these cornbread muffins every time I make chili or soup. They are perfect with dinner and even better the next morning with butter and honey. They aren’t too sweet and come out of the oven moist perfect! Everyone in my family loves these!

    • — Christina Bowman
    • Reply
  • first time i tried this and followed all steps, my husband loved it! it’s not too sweet and it’s moist…however, i only made 9 muffins instead of 12 so wondering what i did wrong there

    • Hi Winkle, so glad these turned out nicely for you! I’m not quite sure why this yielded only 9 muffins – that’s a head-scratcher! Next time, I’d just make sure to evenly fill up each muffin cup, so that it yields 12 muffins (even if they’re a tiny bit smaller).

    • I got exactly 9 as well. I used a cupcake pan.

  • Delicious! Perfect recipe!

  • Delicious, moist and just the right amount of sweetness. Just had them with collard greens and black eyed pea soup. Yum!

  • These muffins are awesome! I used buttermilk and added 1 teaspoon of my homemade vanilla.

  • Lovely 😊

  • I made these tonight and they were a hit! Thanks

  • I made these as mini-muffins last night and baked them for 13 minutes. They came out perfectly and were a hit with the whole family. I don’t even want to think about how many I ate! Great recipe.

  • I made these and added chopped up jalapeño for some heat and they were delicious!

  • I only have corn meal mix in the pantry. Can I use that in the same amount as the flour and corn meal combined?

    • — Krystal Brooks
    • Reply
    • Hi Krystal, My guess is yes but it’s really hard to say since every mix is different. Sorry I can’t be more definitive!

  • Can you adjust recipe to use cream corn? Would that add anything

    • I don’t recommend creamed corn for this recipe, Pam – sorry!

  • Made these last weekend to serve with chili and everyone loved them! I’ve always used a box mix and these are so much better! No more boxes for me!

  • All I have to say is that the cornbread muffins were amazing!!! I have two very picky eaters and they loved them and they were all gone in one sitting.Thank you so much for sharing your recipe:) Happy Holidays!!!

  • if I use an 8″ square pan, baking temp and time please…making to go with black bean soup

    • Hi Carol, the temp should remain the same and I’d start checking for doneness at about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

      • 25 minutes was perfect. Had a wildflower honey, (don’t know where it came from) and the cornbread was delicious; would it taste the same with plain old honey? Served with a black bean soup with sour cream lime cilantro sauce and chopped tomatoes. Great on a snowy night.

        • Hi Carol, thanks for the follow-up – glad you enjoyed! Because there’s not a ton of honey in the recipe, I suspect the cornbread should taste essentially the same with regular honey.

  • Very yummy!! Made them to go with steak chili. Great combo!!

    • — Lisa VanderHaar
    • Reply
  • Perfect corn mufffins!! I have made corn muffins many times and this is by far the best recipe. Perfectly moist but a little crisp, a little sweet, a little savory. SO good.

  • I tried 2 other cornbread recipes before I tried this one, and this one is by far my favourite! It has the best flavour and is moist and fluffy! My fiancee wouldn’t stop eating it..he barely touched the first two recipes I made! Super yummy! Will be making it again for Christmas dinner 🙂

  • These are the best corn bread muffins ever! For me its one of those recipes I know by heart/memory since I make it so often. My family loves them and as Jenn recommends even the leftovers are great warmed up with butter. Super yumm…!!

    • — Santwana Singh
    • Reply
  • We had company this past weekend and I made a big pot of chili and this cornbread. The cornbread wws just perfect with the chili and it’s so easy to make! I made it in a 8×8 pan and it came out perfect. Thanks for making me look like I know what I’m doing Jenn! Your recipes always make me look good!

  • I’ve used this recipe so many times but never made a review.. I follow the recipe exactly as stated and the corn bread comes out perfectly every time. This is a moist and sweet cornbread, so I prefer eating it with something spicy, especially chili. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  • Family favorite, the second time I made this I cut the sugar in half because the first time it was a bit too sweet.

    • My mom called them “cake muffins”! But I didn’t mind the sweetness. But I too will cut the sugar in half next time. Besides that, these muffins are awesome!

  • Wonderful muffins. I used to have problems with recipes, but now that I weight all my ingredients, everything comes out picture perfect and tastes wonderful. Thanks Jenn for also putting Metric amounts on all your recipes.

    • — Althea in Wyoming
    • Reply
  • My new go to recipe for corn muffins. They come out perfect every time!

  • This cornbread recipe is so delicious! I made it exactly as directed and it turned out perfect! thank you!

  • This is my go-to recipe for corn muffins since the first time I made them. Great texture with the perfect touch of sweetness. Like so many of Jenn’s recipes, simple but so perfect. Thanks!

  • I absolutely love this recipe! Very easy to whip up and pleasing to the taste buds! I give this recipe a thumbs up👍

  • Awesome cornbread recipe. My southern GA family really loved it.

  • Can you freeze these muffins and reheat at a couple days later?

    • Definitely, Rachelle, they freeze nicely!

  • Made it, then realized I had no muffin tins! So I baked it at 375 for about 25-30 minutes in an 8 inch square pan. They came out amazing. The kids and husband ate almost all of it in one sitting. Do you have specific directions you could add to make corn bread instead of corn muffins?

    • Sounds like good improvising; glad you enjoyed! I just added directions for cornbread instead of muffins.

  • Hi I wanted to try this recipe but with buttermilk- any idea of the baking powder/baking soda ratio would look like?

    • Hi Allie, I’d recommend sticking with regular milk here- sorry!

  • Hi, can I use melted butter for the pan? I don’t have the spray.

    • Yes, Andrea, butter will work here. I’d also dust the cups with just a little bit of flour. Enjoy!

  • Came out way too sweet for my liking, tastes more like cake than cornbread. If I were to make this again I would definitely cut out the honey and add half the amount of sugar.

  • These turned out beautifully. Nice and moist with a slightly crunchy top. I found them a bit too sweet for my taste, though, so next time I will either eliminate the honey or cut back on the sugar. I used medium ground cornmeal, but I’ll definitely switch to a finer grind when I make these again.

  • Perfect!

  • My family really enjoyed these! Even hubby who’s not much of a cornbread fan; he said it was very moist and tender. I made a couple modifications (I know, I hate when people do that). I used whole wheat pastry flour because I had it and thought it would produce a more tender crumb (less gluten), without fear of overmixing the batter. We only drink skim milk, so I used 1/4 c. skim milk + 4oz sour cream in place of the milk. I accidentally forgot to add the honey, but didn’t miss it all and found it plenty sweet, so I’ll skip it in the future, too. Went perfectly with a pot of chili for dinner. I only got 11 muffins out of the batter.

  • One word AMAZING

  • Thanks Jenn, another fantastic recipe!! Love your site!

  • Hi, Jennifer!
    This is the second recipe from your blog that I tried, I’ll be coming back for more! I served it with my vegetarian chili and everyone approved. I cut the sugar to 1/3 cup but I thought I would have enjoyed the sweetness contrasting the chili flavors if I had gone a bit sweeter, so I’ll try the original 1/2 cup next time.
    Thank you!

  • Tried this receive yesterday first time and I have to say best receipe for corn muffins. My dinner guests loved them and even asked to take a few home ..

  • My son loves these muffins, especially when they are warm!

  • I’ve made these muffins numerous times. This is the only recipe I use. My husband doesn’t care for corn bread or muffins but once I made these he loves them. I’ve served them with ham, spare ribs, chicken, etc. Thank you so much for this recipe and other recipes I’ve made from your website

  • Can I make 1.5 times the amount in a larger baking pan, not as muffins?

    • Yes, Jane, that should work. Bake time will be a bit different though, so keep your eye on it. Enjoy!

  • So much flavor packed into one moist little muffin! Man, these are addictive!

  • Another great recipe Jennifer! Quick, easy and tasty. Not to mention that I already had all of the ingredients in-house.

  • These are my go to cornbread muffins! One of many recipes from onceuponachef that I have been making for the past year and a half.

  • Finally a recipe for moist corn muffins! They were slightly sweet and very moist. I got compliments from all dinner guests. I think I’ll try to add real corn and/or jalapenos next batch.

  • Best cornbread I’ve made and have tried 2 dozen different recipes this year! Absolutely great. Thus the the one to put in the family recipe box for generations to come

  • Can these be made in a square pan instead of muffin tin?

    • Hi Amy, Yes, an 8-inch square baking pan would work here, but they’ll take a bit longer; I’d start checking for doneness at about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

  • Loved it.
    Reduced the sugar by half, to a 1/4 cup, added an extra tbls of honey and 4 tbls cornmeal. Our family still found it too sweet, will reduce the sugar even further the next time.

  • First time ever making cornbread and i must say it was SOOO GOOD! its a little grainy, but i don’t even care because the taste was SO YUMMY, my whole family loved it! its going to be a Sunday staple in my house now!

  • A few years ago I tried to make corn muffins. I don’t remember how many recipes I tried but I didn’t like any of them so I gave up. I’ve had so much luck with Jens recipes that I decided to try again and I’m glad I did because these are great. I’m so glad I found this website I only wish I found it sooner.

  • The muffins look great! I have not tried them. Can I use this recipe to make cornbread? Thanks

    • Yep – that will work. I’d use an 8 or 9-inch pan.

  • These were fabulous! Made them while the chili was finishing on top of the stove. Thank you! I would not change a thing in the original recipe – had all the ingredients on hand and these were simple and the best!

  • Please provide recipe in cups versus grams or show equivalent. Thank you.

    • Hi Liz, this recipe does have metric conversions. To view them, scroll down to the recipe and immediately under the recipe title on the right side, you’ll see a little toggle. If you move it from “cup measures” to metric, you’ll see measurements that will work for you. Enjoy the muffins!

  • Absolutely delicious and foolproof! I have destroyed many muffin/pie/cake/biscuit/breakfast bar recipes out there and had thrown in the towel. But after my toddler requested our Whole Foods corn muffins, which we were fresh out of, I decided to give it one last go. SO Glad I DID! These muffins are as quick and easy and she claims (the 2 and 3-year olds mixed the ingredients while I made BBQ chicken), and they were deliciously moist and not too sweet. Stumbling on the Once Upon A Chef cook book is truly exciting as I have two small children and am expecting a third. Cooking is something I want and NEED to be excited about. Now I can be! Thank you!!

  • Can this be made into a regular cornbread instead of muffins….

    • Sure Alan- I think an 8-inch square baking pan would work here and I’d start checking for doneness at about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

      • Came out great in 8-inch pan…baked for 35 min….thumbs up from everyone here! Thanks!

  • The muffins were good. Tried 2nd batch and I replaced milk with buttermilk, the muffins taste even more amazing❣️

  • These are excellent corn muffins. Made them twice so far. I used buttermilk as I am lactose intolerant and did not want to use almond milk.

  • I’ve never been a lover of corn bread, but my husband of 2 years is from the South. He had made cornbread a couple of times here in Argentina and it just wasn’t good at all. He was pleasantly surprised to come home to these muffins tonight! He said he would gladly eat them again! Me too! I used half corn meal and half fine corn flour plus the regular white flour. Corn meal here is quite coarse.

    • — Camille Callahan
    • Reply
  • I loved them!

  • EXCELLENT! I used coconut milk instead of whole milk, and I added some (drained) canned corn. I also halved the recipe. I made mine the night before and had them for breakfast (with huevos rancheros): to reheat, I poked the tops with a fork, spread some butter, and put them in the oven while I cooked the eggs (so 5ish minutes). Really good recipe!

  • Can these be made as a cast iron skillet corn bread instead of the individual muffins? Thanks!

    • Hi Lyn, I think that would work. Not certain how long it will take though, so just keep a close eye on it. Enjoy!

  • Wonderful! First time I made cornbread and your directions were so easy to follow.

    • — Ginger Hirohata
    • Reply
  • I love your recipes. My son is allergic to dairy and eggs, so I used two flax eggs, rice milk, and a stick of a product called “melt” which is organic and made from coconut oil. Baked for 17 minutes and they turned out delicious! Just some helpful info for anyone trying to bake allergy friendly. Thanks Jenn!

  • My kids always ask me if I am making THE corn muffins and this is the recipe they are talking about. They never liked any form of corn bread until these – now they will fight for the last one. Such a great flavor and texture – they are perfect.

  • Will buttermilk work?

    • Hi Susan, I’d stick with regular milk here.

  • I used Old Fashioned Stone Ground Yellow Cornmeal. The batter was lumpy because of the cornmeal. I used an ice cream scoop to fill my muffin tins with the batter and added a little bit more to some of them. They took 17 minutes to bake. After they cooled down just a little bit, we put homemade caramel sauce on it. The result was DELICIOUS! Loved them!

  • Since I discovered this recipe last week I’ve made them twice and now I’m waiting for my third dozen to come out of the oven now!!!!!

    They are delicious, light and slightly sweet. Love them!!!! I’ve made them for my parents and they keep asking me to make them!!!!

  • Love these muffins! So easy and no mixer required. I made them a 2nd time in a cake pan for my grandsons. I added 1 extra egg and 2 tablespoons extra of milk. I ended up having to bake it an extra 6 minutes, but it was perfect and easily cut into small squares once it cooled.

  • We made some muffins with this recipe today and it turned out like it was shown in the picture. The muffins themselves also tasted very good and my family was happy eating them. I’ll definitely be making these again!

  • Are any adjustments needed to make mini muffins?

    • Hi Peter, the only thing that would need adjusting for mini muffins is the baking time– I’d start checking them for doneness at about 12 – 15 min.

  • I made these muffins today and the taste was very good , but the only thing I didn’t like was the tops didn’t rise enough for me , and in my pan I didn’t Need to spray them so they didn’t get crispy or brown like I like them but will make again

  • Really nice recipe. I used fine corn meal and it’s really nice. Soft and sweet.
    After mixing, I turned away for 2 min and my batter got super thick! I panicked. Used a spoon to fill muffin tin (no liners as per your suggestion) then the back of a wet spoon to smooth the batter. No problem, no reason to worry. Once they were in the oven it all cooked beautifully

  • Omg! These are the best corn muffins ever! I make them every two weeks and freeze them. My friends all love them too.

  • I made these for breakfast yesterday and they were absolutely delicious!

    • — Waikelegirl0229
    • Reply
  • Just made these muffins, they’re delicious ? ?

    • — Christina Gomez
    • Reply
  • What is the best way to reheat these muffins

    • Hi Kitty, To reheat them, just wrap the muffins in foil and warm them in a 350-degree oven until hot.

    • 17 seconds in the micro….wrapped in a paper towel

  • Made them last night. They were very good, however I only had 9 muffins and they weren’t done after 20 minutes, not even close. The bottoms were also not nicely browned. And no, I didn’t fill all the way to the top, used one Ice cream scoop per muffin filled each about 80pct? My muffin tins make 12 muffins. I weigh my ingredients always, and had a thermometer in my oven to check for temp (always when I bake), so I really don’t know what the problem was. Any idea? I used the regular oven, not the convection one, maybe that’s it? Did you use convection? things tend to brown faster on it. Would have been 5 stars if the cooking time had been accurate. Tks, Atheen

    • Hi Atheen, that sounds like a bit of a mystery as you’ve addressed the things that can often go wrong– carefully measuring your ingredients and ensuring that your oven temperature is accurate. I wish I could shed some more light on what went wrong- I’m sorry! BTW, I base all my recipes on the traditional oven setting– not convection– so that wouldn’t have been a factor. Next time divide the muffins evenly into all 12 cups and they should bake more evenly.

  • I just made these and they are INCREDIBLE…my parents love corn muffins and always buy these at grocery store with unhealthy and horrible ingredients so I’m so glad I found a recipe to make for me (and them!!!)

    I made it with your exact measurements and thought next time I would try making them with less sugar and butter (to make them “healthier” ) but after eating one I really wouldn’t want to alter the recipe because it is perfectly sweet and buttery!!!!

    Is there any way you could suggest to make them healthier and keep it as delicious lol?

    • Ha! I have reduced the sugar by a few tablespoons and they are still good, but reduce the salt a tad too if you go that route. Unfortunately you need all that butter 🙂

  • Fantastic! Goes great with BBQ.

  • Do you have a suggestion to make these muffins gluten-free?

    • Hi Sarah, I haven’t tried them this way, but one reader commented that she made them gluten-free by using fine maize flour and was happy with the results. I’d love to hear how they turn out if you try them!

  • Hi, I tried your recipe once and it was AMAZING. Everybody loved it! I’m planning on making them again, except this time one of the guests has an allergy on honey… I was wondering what I can use as a substitute for honey. Maybe granulated sugar? Maple syrup? Please help…

    • Hi Alyssa, It’s perfectly fine to replace the honey with either maple syrup or more sugar. Glad you enjoyed them!

    • Try Aguave nectar it’s great replacement for the honey!

  • Made these as mini muffins in a silicone
    baker. Turned out great ! No sticking at all.
    Baked about 14 minutes

  • Amazing! So, so yummy! The best I’ve ever had…anywhere!

  • This truly is the best cornbread recipe I’ve found ! It is flexible with the ingredients while still keeping the delicious flavour. I can’t eat dairy products so I adjusted the recipe by changing the milk to almond milk and used a vegan margarine ( Nuvel) instead of butter. You’d never know they were dairy-free ! Thank you !

  • jenn i want to hug you forever
    these are so delicious!!
    i am 15 years old, bake em for my family every now and then and they are gone in less than 24 hours
    bless your soul honey because i go to heaven every time i eat these
    100/5 stars

  • I just baked these this morning …let me just say the Best corn muffin EVER!!! Finally this will be the go-to recipe. I used the stone ground cornmeal since I do like a slight graininess to it. They are perfection!!!!
    thank you! Michele
    ps I think that honey sets them apart!

  • I’ve been looking for a perfect cornbread muffin recipe and I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found it! These are amazing! I followed the directions exactly. I used refined coconut oil to grease the muffin pan and the muffins didn’t stick and came out with a beautiful crust. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  • These muffins were absolutely delicious. Last night my husband and I enjoyed them alongside the author’s Maryland crab cakes, and this morning I tried her recommendation for breakfast (topped with cherry preserves.) I don’t see a reason to ever make toast again! These are wonderful any time of the day!

  • We loved the taste of these corn muffins but they spread all over the muffin tin. I could have filled more than 12 spaces. I wondered if the 1 tablespoon of baking powder is the reason they spread all over the flat surface and even almost down on the oven racks. Was that a typo mistake and it should have read 1 tsp.? The taste and consistency was great.

    • — Delores McElmurry
    • Reply
    • Hi Delores, Sorry to hear the muffins caused a bit of a mess! The tablespoon of baking powder is correct. Is there a chance you may have measured another one of the ingredients incorrectly?

  • Was not able to find exact cornmeal that you used. Only found 1 type which is Old Fashioned Stone Ground Yellow Cornmeal. Will I have to adjust anything to make your recipe as great as it sounds?

    • Hi Jenny, I think the muffins will have a slightly different texture (more grainy), but I think it should work without any adjustments. I’d love to hear how they turn out!

    • Hi! Sorry that it is late. But I used Old Fashioned Stone Ground Yellow Cornmeal. The batter was grainy a bit, but the muffins (you know.. after they were baked) tasted delicious! I would give it 5 stars ?

  • I would say this is the best recipe for cornmeal muffins I have tried. Usually other recipes produce heavy, dense or lumpy muffins- these are perfect! Not too sweet and not too dry! I was in a rush and substituted canola oil for the melted butter, but they are still wonderful!

  • I had been searching for a cornbread recipe for years that my picky boys would like, and this was a winner! Light, moist and perfectly balanced. I’m allergic to dairy, so I substituted almond milk for the milk and non-dairy margarine for the butter.

    Question: Would there be a way to modify this recipe (without losing that beautiful texture) to use whole wheat AP flour, either in whole or part? (I’m always looking for ways to increase fiber.)

    • Glad your boys liked them, Jennifer 🙂 I do think you could sub half of the flour with whole wheat — or try subbing all with King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour.

  • If you like sweet, moist cornbread then this is the recipe for you. Absolutely delicious.

  • Made these tonight for the first time-so yummy! They are sweet, light, a little crunchy on the edges (used a non stick muffin pan). I used salted butter, so I just omitted the salt from the recipe. This recipe is a keeper, thank you!

  • Just made these and they are so delicious! Cake-like consistency, but still corn bread. Even better, made it in iron skillet and it turned out perfect ! Thanks Jen for another keeper.

  • I don’t have honey, can it be replaced or left out?

    • Hi Lisette, I haven’t tried them this way, but a few other readers used maple syrup instead of the honey and were happy with the results. You could also just replace with more sugar.

  • Hi Jen,
    How can I make these dairy free? What can I substitute for the milk?Thanks

    • Hi Tamar, you could use a dairy free milk like almond milk, and margarine in place of the butter. Hope you enjoy!

  • The best corn bread I have ever tasted! Thanks for sharing.

  • yummy!

  • Hi! Can’t wait to make these. Do I have to use unsalted butter or can I use salted ?

    • Hi Jackie, Yes, you can use salted butter here, but you’ll want to adjust the amount of added salt accordingly. While it varies by brand, most salted butter has approximately 1/4 tsp. salt per stick, so you can reduce the salt in the recipe as needed.

  • can you use buttermilk instead of milk in this recipe

    • Unfortunately, buttermilk won’t work here. Sorry!

      • Worked for me!

        • — Dease on March 26, 2020
        • Reply
    • A couple of earlier reviews stated they used buttermilk with excellent results.

      • I used buttermilk and they turned out awesome. I also added a tsp of my homemade vanilla.

  • Will this revipe work eithout sugar? I’m from a Southern family that never did sweet cornbread.

    • — Harriet Turner
    • Reply
    • Hi Harriet, I wouldn’t completely omit the sugar, but you could definitely cut it back to 1/4 or 1/3 of a cup.

  • Hi Jenn, I want to make this cornbread muffins, I am wondering if the muffins will stick to the pan or are they easy to take out?

    • Hi Serena, You should not have a problem with the muffins sticking; just prepare the pan with paper liners or nonstick cooking spray. (I prefer to use nonstick cooking spray because the edges get nice and crisp.) Enjoy!

  • Fantastic recipe! Easy to make and very tasty! My mom had tears when she tried them, she said her mom used to make the same way! It tasted just like her moms and it brought memories back! She had tried to make them so many times and it didn’t taste the same! Thank you!

  • Yummy! Hubby said they were the best corn muffins…ever! Served with Irish butter and cinnamon honey along side your fabulous White Chicken Chili.

  • Hello
    THese look and sound sooo good!
    If i wanted to make them more of a corn muffin to with coffee how much sugar do you suggest??
    thank you!

    • Hi Michele, these muffins are already a bit sweet, so it’s really not necessary. If you do want to up the sweetness, though, you could add another 2 Tbsp. of sugar. Hope you enjoy!

  • After trying countless recipes, searching for the perfect corn muffin, we finally found it!!! Everyone loved them- best ever!!!

  • This is the best corn muffin I’ve ever had. Do they freeze well?

    • They do freeze well, Kate. Glad you enjoyed them!

  • Love this recipe… I brushed with butter at the 17 & 20 minute marks. This is a keeper recipe…absolutely perfect!

  • I’d like to make these to go with white chili for Bunco. I would like to make them the night before and just reheat them. At what temperature should I reheat them, and for how long? What is the best way to store them prior to reheating? Thanks!

    • Hi Stephanie, You can store these in an airtight container on your counter. To reheat the muffins, just wrap them in foil and warm them in a 350-degree oven until hot.

  • Hi Jenn
    If I want to make this recipe in one pan rather than as individual muffins, what size pan do you recommend?

    • Hi Lynn, I think an 8-inch square baking pan would work here and I’d start checking for doneness at about 30 minutes.

  • These cornbread muffins are absolutely delicious! My husband and I love them, and I make them often.

  • Hi Jenn, If I wanted to make the muffins in mini muffin tins, would the recipe still work well? And what bake time and temperature would you suggest?

    • Hi Jackie, Yes, mini muffins would work. You can leave the temperature the same but start checking them for doneness at about 12 – 15 minutes.

      • Jenn,

        I made the muffins over the weekend, some at the regular size and some at the mini size. Both batches turned out perfect! My family raved about them and this will definitely be an annual request for Thanksgiving. Thank you!!


  • Can I premake the batter the day before and refrigerate?

    • Hi Alex, no muffin batter should be refrigerated overnight. Any batter that uses a chemical leavening such as baking soda or powder, or eggs must be baked as soon as it gets wet or it won’t rise. You can measure the wet and dry ingredients and keep them separate, but once they are mixed, it should be baked.

  • I wonder about adding additional ingredients like red peppers, jalapenos, bacon and onion?

    • Hi Jackie, I think any of those add-ins would work!

  • Can i add corn from the can? If so, what would be the right measurement?

    • Sure Shirley! I’d add 1 cups worth to the batter along with the dry ingredients and butter. Enjoy!

  • Finally a cornbread that is moist, has flavor and easy to make. This is the first recipe I’ve made from your site, but I know it won’t be my last. THANK YOU JENN.

  • hi. If I were to only want to bake 3 muffins for my school practical,how much must I reduce the ingredients to?

    • Hi Amirah, you’d need to divide the amount of ingredients by 4.

  • Best ever! Everyone loved them. I would rate these 5

  • I made these muffins this morning for breakfast and they are fantastic! Reminds me of the ones we would have at the diner or lunchonette growing up. Definitely a keeper and no longer going to buy the packaged mixes. So simple to make! Thank you!

  • Best cornmeal muffins I made! And I’ve tried many, many recipes. This one is a keeper! (I can’t drink milk, so I replaced with rice milk). Delicious and moist!

  • Awesome muffins!
    I had to resist the urge to eat them all myself. :0)

  • Most definitely I must give this a 5+ rating. I have been years looking for a “KEEP” corn muffin recipe. Yahoo–This is it.

  • Great Recipe! Made a double batch! Your recipes never disappoint!

  • The best cornbread recipe I have ever used. My husband loved them.

  • After trying countless cornbread recipes, I now have my go to recipe. The muffins have a great texture and absolutely no crumbling. They paired perfectly with fresh caught fried fish! Yummy

  • We really loved these muffins!

  • If I double it, would it cook okay in a 9×13 pan? Cooking for a bigger crowd.

    Thanks! Love this recipe for my family.


    • Yes Sam, you could do that. I’d up the temperature to 400 degrees. Keep an eye on it, but it should take about 25 minutes, or until puffed and lightly golden. Hope you enjoy!

  • Nailed it! Great recipe – stays together and doesn’t crmnble. great texture and taste. no butter needed. wish i had more leftover!!

    – donna cohen on June 20, 2016 REPLY

  • Hi! This is a really good recipe, I have done it many times and has allways been delicious! Of course as all your other wonderful recipes.
    Thank you

  • I made these today for the first time using organic corn flour I already had and 1/2 cup of fresh sweet corn. They were delicious; thanks so much for the recipe.

  • When you say spoon the flour into the measuring cup, does that mean that adding the flour to the cup in another way would change the measurement?

    • Hi Adena, Yes, believe it or not, it can make a difference; similar to brown sugar, flour packs. Scooping the ingredient with your measuring cup will cause packing and you’re more likely to use too much flour that way.

  • Great easy recipe. Moist and a touch of sweetness made these corn muffins a favorite for my family. Thanks for the recipe chef Jenn.

  • Fabulous recipe. I loved them and will make often. Thank you!!

  • Wow Jenn! Thanks! Best cornbread muffin “from scratch” recipe that I have tried. I did cut the sugar to 2tblsp. and added approx. 3 tblsp. of honey. They turned out just like your photo. As a tip, after I sprayed non-stick oil spray to my cupcake pan, I sprinkled very small pinches of cornmeal in the cups. Worked really well for getting the muffins out with ease.

  • Made this recipe three times now and it is been a great hit every time! To me it has perfectly balanced flavors and texture! Thank you for sharing this! You make me look good ;D

  • I just realize I have self rising Corn Meal I saw the review about self rising flour would I do the same with self rising Corn meal reduce baking powder to 1 1/2 tsp and salt to 1/2 tsp?
    Thank you Sheryl

    • — Sheryl Proctor
    • Reply
    • Hi Sheryl, I think that should work. I’d love to hear how they turn out!

  • This is the BEST ever corn bread recipe!!-and I have tried several. I live in Kenya-and for some reason I find the sugar we use here in most of the online recipes I have tried too much. So I halved the sugar and the honey. Then I used margarine and since its salted, I halved the salt. PERFECTION! This recipe inspired me to start the journey of putting together a recipe book-so that I can have a collection of all my go-to and favorites. Thanks a bunch Jenn!!

  • Thanks for answering my question so quickly. This is the best corn muffin recipe, I have tried many including the one on the box and had terrible results . They came out perfect ( although we like ours a little sweeter), they were moist and delish. I used margarine because I had no butter and they were still good . Thanks so much for the recipe I shall never need box mix again(which believe it or not I have ruined several times)yay.

  • I don’t have butter can I use margarine or oil instead and how much if yes?

    • Hi Tina, yes I think you could get away with either margarine or oil and the amount would be the same (1/2 cup). Enjoy!

  • Very moist and tasty. I added a few frozen blueberries into middle of batter and made even tastier! Did use 1/4 c.corn oil and 1/4 c. Melted butter, due to cholesterol problems. I will make these again!

  • Whoops forgot to rate

  • I made these to go with Easter ham . As I live in the UK I used Polenta ( soaked it in milk for 30 min) and as a bread not muffins . Unbelievable!! The best cornbread I have ever had .

  • INCREDIBLE! Will never make another cornbread recipe again. Perfect blend of sweetness and buttery-ness.

  • Made this for dinner! It’s delicious

  • Being as my muffin tins were accidentally thrown out, I was wondering if I could bake this recipe in a baking pan. If so, what size and any change in oven temperature?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Trish, you could bake this in a 9 x 9 baking dish at 400 degrees. Keep an eye on it, but it should take about 25 – 30 minutes, or until puffed and lightly golden.

  • It is a amazing recipe.The best corn muffins I’ve ever make from scratch.Thank you very much:).

  • These were absolutely terrific, everyone enjoyed and not dry like other corn muffins I’ve tried.

  • Tried these muffins. The texture was perfect. I cut down the sugar to about 1/3 cup and I still found them too sweet for serving with dinner. Maybe a good breakfast treat.

  • Really nice muffins though a little sweet. Mine were crumbly though. I translated everything to grams as way easier and (I think) accurate (I’m in the U.K.). I used 155g flour which was possibly less than the spooning and flattening of flour (how is this not different for everyone who does it?!), though that weight was taken from a table in an American cookbook. Can I ask what weight your flour turns out to be please? Thank you!

    • Hi Natasha, My weight for one cup of flour, spooned and leveled, is 125 grams (so your measurement was accurate). I do wish we used the metric system in the States — it would make baking much easier! For what it’s worth, all of my newer recipes have metric conversions. You’ll find a button on the top right of each recipe which allows you to toggle between cup and metric measures. I will go ahead and update this one as well. Hope that helps…and next time, it’s fine to reduce the sugar by a few tablespoons if you find the muffins too sweet.

  • Hi Jenn,
    Can you add corn kernels for interesting texture? If so how would you do it?

    • Hi Janet, Absolutely, that would work well. I’d add 1 cup to the batter along with the dry ingredients and butter.

  • hi, i read 1 tbsp baking powder that correct? or is that only 1 tsp? most recipes similiar to this just use 1 tsp. I used 1 tsp because i was afraid my muffins will be bitter from the baking powder. also, although great in taste, my muffins were a little grainy…so i was wondering how can you eliminate this grainy texture?

    • Hi Marianne, 1 tablespoon is definitely correct. As for the texture, the muffins should not be grainy. What type/brand of cornmeal did you use?

  • Thank you this amazing recipe. They’re soft and sweet and not at all dense or crumbly. It’s not the very best cornbread I’ve eaten but it’s an extremely close second.
    I used bacon grease instead of butter because I’m on a bacon kick lately, reduced the salt by half to compensate for the extra saltiness, and greased the muffin tin with bacon grease. The resulting cornbread had a hint of bacon flavour and a nice crispiness around the edges.
    Incidentally, the best cornbread I’ve had was made by a friend and she refuses to share the secret family recipe.

  • Muffins made exactly as directed and they were delish!!

  • The cornbread muffins are the best I’ve ever had! Thanks!

  • Best corn muffin ever according to my family. Great texture and taste, although I barely got one. My son ate 6 with dinner, so that tells you they’re that good.

  • FINALLY!!! I’ve been searching for the perfect cornbread muffin recipe! This is it! It looks exactly like the pic and they taste great!!! I used the exact recipe. But next time the only thing I will do different use less sugar.

  • FINALLY!! A corn muffin that does not make a mess all over the kitchen table. Great flavor and texture.

  • I have made these twice in the last month and both times they worked out perfectly. moist on the inside with that amazing crispy outside edge. Couldn’t help myself and had one to day for breakfast!
    Does anyone know what the calorie count is on these little babies.?

    • Hi Jennifer, I just added the nutritional info to the recipe :).

    • One muffin provides you about 98 kcal, if you want to make “fit” version you can add skim milk instead of whole milk , if you have more questions about nutritional values I can help you:)

      • — Joan |
      • Reply
  • Just made these cornbread muffins and they are to die for…soft with a slight crunch on the outside, moist , sweet and delicious on the inside…exactly what I love in a cornbread muffin. Thank you so much for posting this amazing recipe. I will definitely be making it again …and again…and probably again!!

  • I just made the cornbread muffins last night and they are beyond delicious and so easy to make. A huge hit with the entire family!! Thanks Jenn.

  • Made these as written except for addition of honey. They were just the right side of sweet, honey would’ve made them too sweet for my taste. The recipe made only 9 muffins with the addition of berries. Not sure how it would’ve made 12. My muffin tins were normal size, not those super-sized ones.

  • These are the best corn muffins I have made so far. I will make these regularly. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  • These were awful…so grainy and they were not at all a muffin-tender texture… should the batter sit before baking?

    • Hi Jennifer, So sorry you had trouble with the muffins. The batter does not need to sit before baking. What type of cornmeal did you use?

  • Hi! I want to make these tomorrow night but I don’t have any honey (and can’t pick up any before then). Can I leave out or substitute with anything else? Maple Syrup?

    • Hi Maggie, I’ve never tried them with maple syrup, but I think that should work. Let me know how they turn out!

      • I had no honey either, and used maple syrup. It was great!

  • I have a bunch of corn flour on hand. Can I substitute this for the cornmeal?

    • Yes Shawn, I think you could get away with using corn flour instead of cornmeal, although I do think it will change the texture a bit. Let me know how it turns out!

  • Absolutely fantastic recipe, this is my third time making these muffins and my kids love them. Ive recommended this recipe to a few friends as it’s so simple to make.

  • I made these corn muffins and they were delicious this will be my go-to recipe from now on. For Thanksgiving, I am going to make them in a pan, rather than as muffins. Does anyone know the cooking time for a large rectangular pan (I am going to increase the recipe by half )

    • Hi Chithra, It should work to bake it in a pan, but not sure exactly what the cook time would be — depends on the size of the pan. Just keep an eye on it 🙂

  • These turned out great! The whole family, grandparents down to toddlers, loved them. I didn’t alter the recipe a bit. The honey added a wonderful sweetness and the butter made them perfectly moist. These would be delicious with BBQ in the summer!

  • I made these a couple of times and loved it… but was wondering if i could add brown sugar in place of regular sugar?

    • Hi Kritika, I think that would work just fine. Please let me know how they turn out 🙂

  • Making a vegetarian friendly cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving. It call for store bought muffins. Do you think this will work? Are they very sweet? Are they moist are dry?


    • These are a little sweet but not overly so — they should work very well for dressing.

  • I made the cornbread muffins, these are the best muffins. I would like to thank you for a great and delicious recipe.

  • Thank you for sharing this recipe….these muffins are delicious! I served them as a side dish at a bbq dinner party last night, and everyone loved them.

  • I am hosting Thanksgiving and am looking for a cornbread recipe I can make ahead of time. Have you ever frozen these?

    • Hi Chithra, They freeze well 🙂

  • Very good muffins. Whole family loved them. Like most things, best fresh out of the oven

  • These are quick to make and loved by my family!

  • Has anyone substituted gluten free flour and or coconut milk for whole milk in the muffins?

  • I love this cornbread. It was the last test recipe on a long long list. I am no longer looking.

  • This recipe is foolproof – I make these muffins to go with any main course! They’re the perfect amount of sweetness, and are amazing right out of the oven.

  • I love being able to make these muffins from scratch and never have to pull out a box of muffin mix again. I always get compliments when I make these muffins. The best part is that they are extremely easy to make. Thanks Jenn for another great recipe!

  • Awesome recipe. I love the muffins.

  • I made a double batch of these yesterday and didn’t change a thing. I used non-stick spray on the muffin tins and had a LOT of problems removing them. Even though they didn’t look perfect, they tasted WONDERFUL. I definitely will make these again…maybe paper cup liners next time?

  • Thanks for the recipe! I’ve just found your site and will be making the white chicken chili and cornmeal muffins for a party this weekend. Question: I’d like to make 24 mini muffins — do you have a suggestion for the baking time on those?

    • Hi Jessica, Welcome to the site! I’d start checking at 12-15 min.

  • I made these muffins over the weekend and they are delicious. This is the best corn muffin recipe I’ve tried so it’s a keeper

  • I always relied on corn muffin mixes while living in the US, but now that we have relocated to the UK, they’re not readily available. This recipe was my first attempt at from-scratch corn muffins & they turned out great! The recipe was simple enough for a weeknight meal (I served them with chili) and my family raved over them. I’ll be making them again! Thanks!

  • Seriously – these muffins are AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing another wonderful recipe 🙂

  • Turned out perfect!

    • — Michelle Greene
    • Reply
  • i made the corn bead muffins but a few substitutions that worked. Thought I’d share. My son is recently dairy free. So I substituted water for the milk and vegan margarine for the butter. I also added some ground golden roasted flax seed. Turned out yummy. These will satisfy his corn bread cravings. Thanks!

  • Best corn muffin recipe I’ve ever used! Served them with vegetarian 3-bean chili and they were awesome. Thank you!

  • I’ve been looking for a cornbread recipe for a long time. This is it! Moist, not too sweet and easy to make.

    • — Byul Hutchinson
    • Reply
  • After making 2 other batches of corneal muffins this morning that I found on the web I finally stumbled upon your recipe. I think smaller amount of corn meal really makes the texture of these very nice , exactly what I was looking for. They say three times a charm in this case your recipe was the charm. Thanks so much for a delicious recipe.

  • Just tried your Cornbread Muffin Recipe! Absolutely delicious and so easy! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!!!

  • Omg!!! This are the best corn muffins ever. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  • Used 1/4 c. of sugar- muffins were delicious.

    • — Teresa Fontenot
    • Reply
  • I tried this recipe yesterday and it turned out perfect. It was quick and easy to make. Moist, perfect texture and subtle sweetness. I added shredded cheddar cheese to half of the batter for variety and it worked out well. This is my go to corn muffin recipe from now on. Delicious!

  • These are really good! I don’t eat corn bread or corn muffins often (like maybe twice in my life) but given THESE corn bread muffins I may just be enjoying them more often!

  • I’m particular with my corn muffins, and this is simply the best recipe. The muffin is fluffy and just the right amount of sugar, also super easy to make with ingredients you probably already have. Kids love them too, cannot ask for more. Thank you so much for sharing such a great recipe.

  • What adjustments need to be made for baking these at an elevation of 5300 feet?

  • Can you use baking soda in place of baking powder for cornbread muffins????

    • Hi James, Unfortunately, they are not interchangeable in recipes — sorry!

  • Finally found the perfect recipe! These are delicious.

  • Jen,
    Would it be okay to bake this recipe in a cast iron skillet or small individual loaf pans? Just wondering and if cooking times would need to be altered significantly. Thank you for all of your amazing recipes!

    • Hi Ashlea, That would work but not sure exactly what the cook time would be — depends on the size of the pan. Just keep an eye on it 🙂

  • The corn muffin recipe was perfect in every way! Had reviewed other recipes that called for buttermilk or sour cream…substituting butter for other shortening, but glad I opted for this recipe….took to book club yesterday to accompany host taco soup…so made jalapeño butter to spread on corn muffins…perfectly delicious! Just chop up some jarred sliced jalapeño peppers and mix in softened unsalted butter…enjoy!

    • — Patricia Wilfert
    • Reply
    • Love that idea, Patricia!

  • Perfect…never thought to add honey to cornmeal muffins. So good!!!

  • So glad that I came across this recipe! This was my first time making cornbread muffins and this recipe was so easy to follow and the muffins turned out nicely! Thanks!! Can’t wait to try the pumpkin cornbread recipe next!

  • It does remind me my Aunt’s recipe. I was craving for it.

  • Can I use self-rising flour instead of all purpose? What ad just me would I make if I do (if any)?

    • Hi Shayna, I recommend using all-purpose but if self-rising is all you have you could try reducing the baking powder to 1-1/2 teaspoons and reducing the salt to 1/2 teaspoon.

  • Just made a batch of these to go with my turkey chilli and it turned out wonderfully ! So moist and fluffy. I used 1/3 cup of sugar instead and it was the perfect level of sweetness. Thank you for his fool-proof recipe! Will be making this often.

  • Can’t stop making these amazing cornbread muffins! My 5-year old son even asks me to give him to friends in school… Thanks you, Jen!

  • These are sooooo good!

  • This is a flippin amazing recipe. Use it every time, usin it again. Pretty excited!!!!

  • 5 Stars!!! This is the cornbread muffin I’ve been searching for. Tastes just like my Mom used to make. My family loves them and they are very easy to make. Thank you so much for this recipe❤️

  • Made these tonight for dinner and it was a huge success! I did make the mistake of forgetting the sugar and had to add it at the end. They still came out great, and if I didn’t mess up and have to over stir them, I bet they would have been even better! These were not dry at all or too crumbly. I’m so glad I found this site and can not wait to try more!

  • Best cornbread recipe I have tried. It is a winner for my family. I also included 1/2 cup frozen corn or canned corn. Great recipe

  • Thank you for this delicious recipe! This is the best cornbread I have ever eaten, and I can probably never go back to my previous vegan cornbread baking ways. These are muffin-sized tastes of comfort!

  • These are delicious. I love the touch of honey to give them just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect with meals or just eat them alone; yum.

  • These cornbread muffins are the BOMB! Seriously, the best cornbread muffins I’ve ever tasted. They came out buttery, slightly sweet, slightly salty, and just divine. Will be saving this recipe to use again and again. These are so good I wish I had company over!

  • My corn muffins always too crumbly.
    Hard to spread butter. I use 1 to 1 ratio
    flour and cornmeal mix.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Norman, Have you tried this recipe? It’s not crumbly at all. It helps to use less cornmeal.

  • I made them as mini muffins, and they were a big hit!

  • Hi Jennifer, I’ve made these cornbread muffins many times and they are awesome! Question-do I have to make any adjustments if I were to make them in a mini muffin pan instead? I’m making these to feed a crowd for the game! Thanks!

    • Hi Yvonne, No adjustments other than reducing the cook time; I’d start checking around 12-15 minutes.

  • This is a good foundation recipe – I think buttermilk always makes a better corn muffin. To jazz up the recipe, try adding creamed corn, diced pimento or dicrd roasted red bell pepper and diced jalepeno. I call it a confetti cornbread. Also, glazing the muffin tops with an egg wash or buttermilk wash makes for a pretty presentation.

  • Thinking about adding corn and jalapenos to the recipe…Your thoughts? How much should I use of each?

    Thank you!

    • Yes and yes 🙂 I’d add about a cup of corn and one jalapeno, seeded and minced.

  • The honey cornbread muffins were easy to make- came out with nice crisp sides and were delicious !!

  • I just made these and yum! I had to alter because I can’t have dairy so used Coconut Oil instead of butter and Pure Harvest Almond Milk instead of normal milk. I also halved the amount of sugar. They turned out amazing! So easy and quick. Oh and I also subbed the regular flour for fine maize flour so made them gluten free 🙂

    • Thanks for this info! Did you simply swap the ingredients and use the same amount or did you adjust the amounts in any way?

  • Cornbread Muffins, delightful,lite, and definitely make again.
    4 stars

    • — Charlotte gilbey
    • Reply
  • Just ate my first one! Perfect!
    I had some extra kifer, so instead of milk, I used 1c of the kefir. Delicious! ! Our new family favorite!

    • Just made these with 1c Keffir yoghurt as well as I didn’t have any milk and it turned out great. Hit at dinner party tonight!

  • I made this on Christmas Eve, along with your White Chicken Chili. They were so delicious! They had just the right amount of sweetness. Mmm, I wish I had one fresh out of the oven right now…

  • I have to say – since I discovered this recipe- I have always had so on hand!

    I have added frozen whole cranberries and they were delicious! I am thinking of trying some orange zest as well.

    Instead of egg – I add 2 generous Tbsp of ground Flax to the dry and 6 tbsp extra of milk to the milk-honey mix

    Works perfectly

    Thank you so much for this wonderful easy tasty recipe

  • These corn muffins are wonderful! I don’t consider myself a great cook so I look for recipies that are easy. This was easy and the results were delicious! I served the muffins with vegitarian black bean chili. Great light texture and not too sweet, but sweet enough taste!

  • This is the BEST cornbread recipe I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried 100s! I like to add 1 finally chopped jalapeno pepper and 1 cup of grated sharp cheese to the mix. Also I use a 9″x13″ pan instead of muffin tin.

    • Do you remember how long you had to cook it for using a pan instead of muffin tins?

  • Corn muffins.
    No proportions
    /measurements for making the darn things

    • Hi Saul, Click on the “Recipe” tab or scroll down beneath the photos for the recipe.

  • Can you use these in a bread stuffing recipe

    • Hi Joanne, Sure, that would be delicious.

  • Fabulous! Just made these and have eaten 2 before dinner is even on the table. Very moist and delicious and to think, I’ve been suffering through “Jiffy” all these years. Thank you!!

  • Looks delicious but at what temperature should I bake them at?

    • Hi Momin, Temp should be 350°F. Hope you enjoy them!

  • I made these muffins last night and they were DELICIOUS. I didn’t alter the recipe in any way – they were perfect!

  • I have tried many corn bread recipies and the problem is they always came out very dry.This is fantastic a keeper.I doubled the recipie.The addition of the honey and using butter made them moist.Thank you.I can’t wait to try another recipie!

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    Thanks, I appreciate it!

  • Can I double this recipe? Any adjustments needed?

    • Hi Lisa, Yes absolutely; no adjustments needed.

      • Thanks! I doubled and they turned out great! Served with whipped honey butter and they disappeared. Crowd favorite!

  • Your corn bread muffins were delish! I made them with your crab cakes (which are always a big hit!). So glad I found your blog. I had pinned the crab cake recipe last year on Pinterest but the other day I couldn’t bring up the recipe. Found you on the web. Yay!!

  • Thank you for the cornbread muffin recipe. From the oven to the table, they didn’t last 5 minutes at a recent backyard BBQ. The best recipe I have found to date! Cheers!

    • You’re welcome, Judy. So glad everyone enjoyed them!

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  • Poured the mix into a cake tin and had an amazing sweet cornbread. Thanks for this super easy recipe !!

  • Muy Rico!!! As we say here in Costa Rica. Made them for breakfast with rice and beans. Very good and very easy and fast to make. I love this website.

  • Yum! Made these for dinner tonight they were a real hit. Much better than cracker barrel and we love those.
    Instead of making them as muffins I made them in a 7 inch square pan. When done I cut them into squares. Delicious. Wish you had a place to upload a picture.

    • Reply
  • Great corn bread the only thing that I added was diced jalapenos since my family likes a little spice. They turned out perfect…

  • I made these tonight with some roasted chicken and macaroni salad…..SOOO perfect!!!

  • I made these in a glass pan instead of muffins and it came out delicious!!!!

  • Awesome recipe! My family and I devoured them. Thank you for this website..all the dishes I have tried come out amazing!!

    • So nice to hear, Roshnee. Thank you!

  • I’m not as much a cornbread purist as some of your other readers, and my husband has a sweet tooth – so he LOVED these muffins (and actually wanted them to be sweeter, ha). We just got a cast iron skillet, so will be trying this recipe with that!

  • Too sweet for me- I’m going to cut out the sugar & just use the honey next time. Very easy recipe- I don’t eat cow’s milk so it was nice to find one without buttermilk. I substituted unsweetened coconut milk & vegan “butter” & they turned out fine. Just a tad too sweet for someone who grew up on her granny’s skillet cornbread with cracklings.

    • going to try these TONITE – don’t use eggs so will be adding Flaxmeal and a bit of water

      Has anyone else tested this with flax instead of egg? If so – can you share your method

      I’ve been experimenting over the last few weeks

      • Turned out very tasty, but a little crumbly

  • My family doesn’t like sweet cornbread. Being from the south cornbread isn’t supposed to be sweet!
    So I made this with only 1/4 cup of sugar and no honey. I also used skim milk as that is all we had. It came out fine and we really enjoyed it! It is very easy and quick. We’ll probably make up several batches of the dry mix in ziplocks and then we’ll be ready for a quick mix after work. Good recipe!

  • Yum! These are my new favorite corn muffin recipe! I have made them in both regular size and mini-size. Mini (36 count mini muffin tin) they make around 44-48 – I just baked them about 12-13 minutes instead of the full 17-20.

  • Why be so complicated. Use 11/2 cups self rising cornmeal. Then add a pinch of baking soda stir to mix together. Add 4 eggs slightly beaten and then stir to mix add 3/4 stick butter which has been melted in an iron skillet stir to mix then pour into skillet with reminder of 1/4 stick of butter. or u could bake in muffin cups. Could pour sorghum molasses over cornbread. Now that’s how to make corn bread

    • That’s not her recipe.

  • Well, even though the comments are favorable, we south of the Mason-Dixon Line would call these CAKE.

  • Made these for a family party next weekend. Freezing and thawing later. I think they’re perfect! Omitted salt since I used salted butter and I noticed you used unsalted butter. Thanks Jenn. 🙂

  • I made these for a bunch of my friends. Served with some honey butter, they were the first things to go!

  • Nice, not too sweet. Perfect for dinner. One suggestion – add 1/4 cup roasted corn kernels at very end. just blend until even incorporated and this will be taken to a new level. A wash of butter just after removing from the oven also makes a world of difference.

  • Just Delious, no preservatives & I had them to grab n go! Thank You!

  • I’ve made these a few times now and they are absolutely delicious and so easy to make!

    • — Maria Movsessian
    • Reply
  • Great recipe! I made these in the morning and heated it up just before dinner for my family. Everyone enjoyed them so much! Thank you!

  • I am not usually very successful at baking, but these turned out perfect, excellent with chili. Icut the sugar back slightly, maybe 2/3 of a cup, and used skim milk. Thank you for a great “beginner” recipe with “expert” results. Also, ditto to the minimal fus and clean up, totally just 10 minutes of dinnertime effort.

  • Delicious! I just made these to go with dinner this evening. Thy went perfect with some jalapeño jelly. Great recipe when you’re looking for no hassle cornbread muffins. Thank you for sharing!

  • Love this recipe. Even cold it’s is moist, sweet, crunchier on the outside and so good.

  • These are great muffins, with just a hint of sweetness. I love to bake these in my solar oven so I don’t get my house so hot in the summer. They stay very moist!

  • These were a hit! Perfect with my chili. I was a little short on cornmeal, so filled in with flour and they were still great! I did add a dab of sour cream and about a cup of corn. YUMMY! Thanks!!

  • Absolutely delicious!!!!! Thank you.

  • ive never had the guts to make homemade cornbread, but you make it look so easy!!
    i may try to add dabs of cream cheese in each muffin before i bake. YUM!

    • — trisha dowling
    • Reply
  • Wonderful recipe! For a little more kick, I’d add chopped fresh chiles! To tame the heat a little, you could saute them before tossing them in the

  • This is the BEST cornbread recipe – easy to prepare and so very good! I used to think the one I was using was great but this one beat it! Now it’s the only one I use (& I have never cared for cornbread very much but my husband loves it). Now I love it too! Thanks for the recipe!

  • So, so good served with black bean and corn salsa for an appetizer. Another great staple recipe.

    • — Elizabeth C. in Kansas
    • Reply
  • Yum! Another winner- thank you!

  • Has anyone tried adding a spicy corn relish to this recipe or any cornbread muffin recipe? I think it might be interesting. Thanks!

  • I tried these last week and my husband asked when I could make them again (always a good sign). They were perfect, thank you for sharing.

  • This was so easy to make and so good!

  • These are the best corn bread muffins I’ve ever eaten. I made them for a dinner with my friends Sunday evening and they just vanished! So delicious and moist! -Not to mention super easy!!

  • […] I made these muffins before to go with my chilli con carne but I had about half a bag of cornmeal left so I wanted to do this again. This muffins also happens to be my son’s fav. I just added one extra ingredient, which is the cheese, to the original recipe. […]

  • I used to think I made good cornbread until I made these – they are wonderful! This is the only recipe I use for cornbread now & making muffins is so easy! Thanks for another great recipe!

  • Those were really good! To cut down on cholesterol, I used part butter, part olive oil. Served them with milk for a quick snack, the family loved them. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Oh my my! I love cornbread! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  • Ohh I can’t wait to try this. I have a recipe that uses buttermilk that I love but am always looking to try new ones.

  • I like the idea of using honey in the recipe!

  • I made these muffins for a brunch to go with a frittata and they were a huge hit!! I served them with blackberry jam and they made a great breakfast food

  • I include about 1/2 cup of canned corn – my husband’s idea – and it’s amazing!

    “I know that baking might seem a little ambitious at dinnertime but, rest assured, these muffins are easy to make.”

    – Jennifer is right: they are actually not that much effort or mess. It’s even easier the second (and third and fourth!) time. If she hadn’t included that remark, I would never have attempted it.

    “If you have leftover muffins, be sure to reheat them — cornbread is much fluffier and moister when served warm.”

    – 20 seconds or so in the microwave does the trick!

  • As a Cajun who grew up with cornbread as a staple, your cornbread muffins are the bees knees ….and importantly it’s the addition of the small amount of honey (not a traditional corn bread ingredient). It really does make a difference in the taste …so light and sweet.

    This is a great recipe for making hush puppies also; balls of corn bread deep fried in a cast iron skillet.

  • these will be delicious with the potato/kale soup i made yesterday.

  • These were a hit in my household! My daughters never liked cornbread but this is the recipe that I will keep!!!

  • We are finally getting cooler weather in Central TX, so I made a crock pot full of pinto beans and ham today and made these cornbread muffins to serve with them. They were delicious. Your site is one of my go to places when I’m looking for new recipes idea. Everything I’ve tried has been a success.

  • Great recipe, thanks for sharing. I’ve just made my first batch of these, it certainly won’t be my last.

  • Another great recipe! I’ve tried to make corn bread over the years and have never been very successful. I don’t like buying the store brands b/c of all the processed ingredients. As I’m putting the corn bread on the table my son said “mom, you know I don’t like your homemade cornbread, but I will give this a try”. So he tried it “mom, this is great…can I have another piece”. My daughter and husband all loved it and wanted more…so did I. This corn bread was light and fluffy. It wasn’t heavy which I really liked and it was sweet.
    I did make some minor changes. We don’t use cow’s milk so I substituted Rice Milk & I used Unbleached All-purpose flour & I made this in my medium stoneware pan from PC (which I lightly sprayed first). It turned out golden brown, light and fluffy. It took 25 min at 350.
    Thanks for doing this blog and I can’t wait to try more recipes…

  • Muffins are in the oven!! Can’t wait to taste them 🙂

  • These were WONDERFUL & came out just like the pictures show! They were so easy to prepare & were the best cornmeal muffins I have tried to make (my husband totally agreed)! This will be one of my most used recipes for sure! Thanks a bunch!

  • mmm.I love sweet corn muffins. yum

  • Cornbread is something I’ve never been able to master. Looking forward to trying this recipe. Wish me luck 🙂

    Take care!
    — Chelsey

  • I love cornbread. I’ve never tried them in muffin form though. That will have to change because these look incredible!

    • Muffin form os about the only way I make, as they are easy to grab and go.

  • Those look like perfect cornbread muffins! I have some blueberries in the freezer, I might try adding some to these muffins.

    • Ummm… what a great idea! Blueberries would be delish!

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