Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas

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These quesadillas are filled with gooey melted cheddar, shredded chicken and a smoky chipotle-tomato sauce.

Crisp tortillas filled with gooey melted cheddar and shredded chicken in a sweet and smoky chipotle sauce — these are the best quesadillas! The recipe is adapted from the website of Curtis Stone, one of my favorite chefs and cookbook authors.

What you’ll need to make Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas


What gives these quesadillas such distinctive flavor is the canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. They’re small peppers (usually red jalapeños) that have been dried and smoked, and they come in a spicy, smoky tomato sauce.

You can find them in the Latin section of most supermarkets. The recipe calls for six peppers, seeds and all. I know that might seem like a lot, but the quesadillas aren’t all that spicy. However, if you’re making them for young children you might want to cut back a bit.

How to make Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas


Begin by cooking the red onions and garlic in olive oil.


Add the diced tomatoes and minced chipotle peppers.


And cook until the liquid is gone and the mixture is thickened.


Stir in the shredded chicken, salt, honey, green onions and cilantro. Keep the filling warm while you prepare the quesadillas. (Note: the chicken mixture can be made up to two days ahead of time.)


Heat a flour tortilla on a griddle or in a sauté pan. Cover the entire tortilla with cheese and spread the filling over one side.


When the cheese is mostly melted, fold the tortilla over the filling into a half-moon shape.


Cook until crisp and golden, a few minutes per side. Repeat with the remaining tortillas. Serve immediately with sour cream and lime wedges, if desired.


To see the original recipe by Curtis Stone, click here. I altered the recipe primarily by increasing the ratio of chipotle-tomato sauce to chicken (for more intense flavor), increasing the honey (to add a bit more sweetness), omitting the avocado (I thought it was unnecessary and muted the other flavors), and decreasing the amount of cheese and filling in each quesadilla (to make them easier to eat).

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Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas

These quesadillas are filled with gooey melted cheddar, shredded chicken and a smoky chipotle-tomato sauce.

Servings: 6
Total Time: 45 Minutes


  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 large red onion, chopped (about 1-1/2 cups)
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/3 cup minced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (you'll need about 6 chilis)
  • 4 vine-ripened tomatoes (about 1-1/4 pounds), seeded and diced
  • 3 scallions, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2-1/2 cups cooked shredded chicken (white and/or dark meat)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup chopped cilantro
  • 6 10-inch diameter flour tortillas
  • 4 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • Sour cream, for serving (optional)
  • Lime wedges, for serving (optional)


  1. In a large sauté pan, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the onion and sauté until soft, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and cook 1 minute more. Stir in the chipotle peppers and tomatoes. Cook until most of the liquid from the tomatoes has evaporated and the mixture is thickened, stirring often, about 20 minutes. Stir in the scallions, honey, chicken, salt and cilantro. Keep warm.
  2. Heat a sauté pan over medium heat and spray lightly with nonstick cooking spray. Lay a tortilla in the pan and heat until hot to the touch but not crisp (air pockets may form). Flip the tortilla over, then sprinkle 2/3 cup of the cheese evenly overtop, being careful to keep it off the pan. Spread a generous 1/2 cup of the chicken mixture over half of the tortilla. When the cheese is mostly melted, fold the tortilla over to cover the filling and form a half-moon shape. Cook until the tortilla is crisp and golden and the cheese is melted, adjusting the heat as necessary, a few minutes per side. Repeat with the remaining tortillas. Let the quesadillas rest a few minutes to allow the filling to set, then cut into wedges. Serve with sour cream and lime wedges, if desired.
  3. Note: If you have a large griddle, use that to make the quesadillas so you can make a few at a time. Also, be sure to serve your quesadillas hot of the pan (or off the griddle), otherwise, they’ll get soggy and the cheese will harden. If this does happen, you can pop them in a 350 F degree oven to heat them up, but they won’t be as crisp and gooey as they are fresh. The chicken mixture can be made up to 2 days ahead, cooled, covered, and refrigerated.
  4. Note: The nutritional information does not include the optional ingredients.
  5. Freezer-Friendly Instructions: The cooked quesadillas can be frozen for up to 3 months. After defrosting in the refrigerator, reheat them, wrapped in foil, in a 325°F oven until hot, 20 – 30 minutes.

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Nutrition Information

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  • Serving size: 1 quesadilla
  • Calories: 694
  • Fat: 45 g
  • Saturated fat: 19 g
  • Carbohydrates: 39 g
  • Sugar: 11 g
  • Fiber: 3 g
  • Protein: 34 g
  • Sodium: 1383 mg
  • Cholesterol: 121 mg

This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.

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Reviews & Comments

  • Thank you Jenn! You continue to please my family through multiple recipes of yours…to many to mention. This was our latest today. I have your cookbook and looking forward to the new one too!

    • — Sara on November 27, 2020
    • Reply
  • Amazing recipe! I’ve been getting into cooking more recently and this was very easy to follow and tasted FANTASTIC! I’m not a spicy fan, so I used less pepper and utilized more of the sauce the peppers are in and it was a DELIGHT! I’ve made several times. Thanks Jen for a great recipe once again!

    • — Mckenzi on November 17, 2020
    • Reply
  • Excellent! No more need to be said

    • — Tony on November 13, 2020
    • Reply
  • I am a huge fan Jenn but I found this recipe too spicy! I had never used chipotle peppers and was convinced after your comments that they were more smokey than hot….not so. I won’t be making these again but will go on and try another one of your tasty recipes.

    • — Cynthia Corcoran on September 14, 2020
    • Reply
  • Excellent! The honey cuts some of the heat from the chipotles but the flavor remains.

    • — jcpspear on September 13, 2020
    • Reply
  • I tried it and as with the majority of your recipes, it was delicious! Thank you.

    • — Michella on September 12, 2020
    • Reply
  • Amazing! What a simple and great dish. Thanks again Jenn 🙂

    • — Taline on August 16, 2020
    • Reply
  • These are absolutely divine. I will absolutely be making these again. I had a bit of leftover of the chicken mixture after making the quesadillas. I had it on a bed of spinach for a salad the next day—that was incredible too!

    • — Jenna on July 20, 2020
    • Reply
  • A must! Quick and simple and delish. It was a hit for dinner. I love it.

    • — T Toney on July 15, 2020
    • Reply
  • Really good, my husband says I could serve those in a restaurant. Thanks

    • — Rose on July 9, 2020
    • Reply
  • Hi! Wondering if we can substitute steak for the chicken? Not sure how this would affect the flavor?

    • — Sylvia on July 3, 2020
    • Reply
    • Sure, Sylvia, this should work with steak. Just make sure to season it with salt and pepper. I’d love to hear how they turn out if you try them!

      • — Jenn on July 5, 2020
      • Reply
  • Hi Jenn!
    I just made these quesadillas and I love the flavor! I am just wanting more of the flavor in each bite. I’m wondering if you have any suggestions? When cooking these, I boiled my chicken breasts and then shredded them and seasoned them with salt and pepper before adding them to the mixture. I am wondering if I could maybe cook the chicken differently so that the chicken itself has more flavor? Maybe a brine or a marinade? I would love to hear your thoughts!

    • — Rachael on June 10, 2020
    • Reply
    • My other thought is that I may have cooked off too much of the tomato liquid. I cooked the mixture for closer to 30 minutes than 20, because it seemed like there was a lot of liquid! But, once I added the chicken, the mixture seemed too dry.

      • — Rachael on June 10, 2020
      • Reply
      • Yes, I do think you likely reduced the sauce too much. Also, I like to use a store-bought rotisserie here as I think it adds more flavor than your standard chicken breasts. Hope that helps!

        • — Jenn on June 10, 2020
        • Reply
  • Oh my goodness I made this today and I couldn’t believe I was capable of making something so delicious except it’s not really me, it’s THIS RECIPE. Thank you Jenn!! I’m a loyal fan.

    P.S. The sour cream is a must. It complements the flavours perfectly. I tried having salsa and guacamole (also with Jenn’s recipe) on the side but they were completely unnecessary and even detracted from the flavour of the quesadilla.

    • — Sarah on June 8, 2020
    • Reply
  • Hi Jen, I think this would have been really good except it was too hot for my taste. I used 3 smallish peppers and was surprised at the amount of heat. Is there another way I could still use the filling other than a soup? (I just made taco soup that’s in my freezer) Do you think using it in a burrito with sour cream, beans and rice would take it down a bit? Or perhaps incorporating it into cheese enchiladas (I’ve never made them before-so not sure how I’d do that) Any advice would be great. I do want to try this again, the sauce was wonderfully fragrant while simmering; perhaps one pepper with the seeds scraped out? Thank you 🙂

    • — Millie on May 11, 2020
    • Reply
    • Sorry you found these to be a bit too spicy! Either of those options would work. I like the idea of the burrito as the sour cream in there will help to temper some of the heat.

      • — Jenn on May 12, 2020
      • Reply
  • These are AMAZING! The sauce and chicken is incredible, I can’t wait to make again.

    • — Lisa Hymas on May 2, 2020
    • Reply
  • So simple and so good! This may now be my favourite way to use up leftover chicken. The flavour combo of honey and chipotle was GENIUS. The one substitution I made was to use a can of Rotel tomatoes, because I never have fresh tomatoes on hand.

    Yet another winner by Jenn! Thank you.

    • — Listen Linda Listen on April 28, 2020
    • Reply
    • Made it today and it was delicious!! A little on the spicy side so definitely reduce the amount of peppers for kids or if you don’t like spice.

      • — Suzanna on June 20, 2020
      • Reply
  • I made this recipe tonight after you posted it on Instagram a few days ago. I happened to have everything on hand. It was delicious! The bit of honey really added a nice touch. Thanks for another great recipe!

    • — Lyne H on March 26, 2020
    • Reply
  • Are these able to be made and then frozen?

    • — Amy on March 15, 2020
    • Reply
    • Yes, they can be. See the bottom of the recipe for freezer-friendly instructions. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

      • — Jenn on March 15, 2020
      • Reply
  • Hi Jenn
    I think that you’re among the very best bloggers out there – on par with Cooks illustrated and Serious Eats. I know that you need to make a living. All that said, can you do something about that HORRIBLE pop-up ad for seniors flu shots? I was looking at one of your posts and the ad came up twice! Totally blocked my screen both times. I was so aggravated that I gave up on my recipe search – holy cow! It just came up again! While I am writing this! PLEASE Jenn – you’re better than this!

    • — Heather Lampman on February 20, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Heather, thanks for your very honest comments. I’m sorry the ads have been really intrusive! I know how frustrating it is. Couple questions:
      -What type of device are you using? If it’s an iPad, the ads can move around depending on how you’re holding it.
      -If you’re using a computer, do you have it in full-screen mode? If not, depending upon how narrow the page is displayed, if the ads don’t have room to be alongside the content, they will display on top of it. This will resolve itself with the full-screen view.

      I do use an outside company to run the ads, and I have to constantly monitor to make sure that the site doesn’t get too ad-heavy. I wish I didn’t have to have any ads at all…it’s a balance between user experience and the high cost of running a site. Thank’s again for the feedback.

      • — Jenn on February 24, 2020
      • Reply
  • Have made this several times now and it’s delicious! Made it once exactly as recipe stated and a few other times with some short cuts (can of no-salt petite diced tomatoes, Adobe sauce instead of peppers, and cilantro paste found in produce section instead of freshly chopped cilantro). Definitely tasted better following the exact recipe but was still tasty with the short cuts, and they helped me squeeze this recipe into rotation on busy weeknights. Love this! Thank you for all the great recipes, everything I’ve made from your site is truly delicious.

    • — Renee on February 12, 2020
    • Reply
  • Made these delicious quesadillas a second time…..on my George Foreman grill. I brushed the tortillas on one side with oil, added the filling, folded it over and put on the grill (open end facing upwards) and grilled for 5-6 minutes. Came out perfect, with nice grill marks. Just cut into wedges with a pizza cutter. I can do several of these in short order, for inclusion in a larger Mexican buffet.

    • — PaulainVA on January 31, 2020
    • Reply
  • Made this tonight. So, so good. It is spicy but we like spicy so it was perfect for us. If you garnish with sour cream that calms the heat. Dairy cuts the heat of hot spice which is why it’s always served with cuisines that are spicy. Yogurt with Indian and Thai food; sour cream with Mexican for example. I used plain Greek yogurt because that’s what I had and it was delicious, and effective! You can also just cut the amount of chipotle peppers by a third or even half. It will definitely be a regular. I braised two chicken breasts and then shredded them instead of buying a whole chicken. I also added some fresh spinach to each. Couldn’t taste it very much. I just wanted the extra greens and had some I needed to use up.

    • — Patti on January 12, 2020
    • Reply
  • What a great way to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey (we celebrated early)! I loved it! I added mushrooms and used a tube of chipotle paste, just squirting enough for everything to be lightly coated.

    • — Alli on November 26, 2019
    • Reply
  • Jenn, thanks for sharing this amazing recipe – my family can’t get enough of it! We’ve had it so often that we’re starting to wonder if we can make variations of it. If we replace the chicken by ground beef, are there any alterations to make to the recipe in your opinion? Thank you!

    • — Maria on October 16, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Maria, so glad these are a hit with your family! Yes, I think ground beef would work here; just make sure to season the beef with salt and pepper while browning it. I’d love to hear how they turn out if you try them with beef!

      • — Jenn on October 16, 2019
      • Reply
  • I made this and substituted the chicken with veggies to accommodate a luncheon guest.
    Had to print out 4 copies for the guests before they left. What more could I say to top a review like that???

    • — Dorothy on September 21, 2019
    • Reply
  • I’m very surprised that so many people loved this recipe. I followed it exactly, and these turned out to be ridiculously spicy hot. I only ate one because I was so hungry. I do not recommend this recipe with so many peppers.

    • — Beth on June 27, 2019
    • Reply
  • Made this today. Reading the reviews, I did use less of the peppers – I had some in the freezer so I guessed but know I put in less than a 1/4 of a cup. I liked the spiciness. Loads of leftovers (only had 8 inch tortilla’s and used 3), but plan on making a soup. Should be great, thanks 🙂

    • — Sandra D on June 20, 2019
    • Reply
  • I love quesadillas, and this will be on our dinner table this weekend. The way you have broken down the prep steps makes it look much easier than I would have imagined. Occasionally I buy pre-made mushroom quesadillas from a local grocery store. Do you have any suggestions regarding seasoning and/or preparation for that variation?

    Btw, I have no problem rating this before I actually make it. I think I have tried all of your Mexican recipes, and you totally get the flavor profiles. And I love Curtis Stone as well. Thanks!

    • — PaulainVA on May 2, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Paulaine, I’d use onions, garlic, wild mushrooms, and cheese and season with cumin and smoked paprika. Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on May 4, 2019
      • Reply
  • I see that this is freezer friendly. From your and others experience, does this taste as good as freshly made? So if I make ahead, I let the quesadilla cool and then wrap in aluminum foil?

    • — Palma on April 21, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Palma, These will always be best fresh, but if you have leftovers it makes sense to freeze (and yes, let cool and then wrap). Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on April 22, 2019
      • Reply
      • Thanks so very much! I made the mixture last night. Wonderful. Cannot wait for tonight’s meal🥰

        • — Palma on April 23, 2019
        • Reply
  • The chilies make it spicy. Too spicy for my liking. I wouldn’t recommend.

    • — Ralph Hagemeister on April 9, 2019
    • Reply
  • My family doesn’t like spicy food unfortunately. What can I use as a substitute for the chipotle?

    • — Gloria on March 20, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Gloria, Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid the heat with the chipotle peppers, and I can’t think of a good substitute as they are an integral part of the recipe. So sorry!

      • — Jenn on March 20, 2019
      • Reply
      • When you’re looking for that same smoky flavor without the heat, try a little tomato paste and smoked paprika in place of the peppers. Not quite the same flavor profile but still delicious.

        • — Leslie on August 9, 2020
        • Reply
  • This is the best chicken quesadilla I have ever eaten (home recipe or restaurant). My entire family loved it. We didn’t mind the heat from the canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and it almost seemed to disappear as we continued to eat. OMG such good flavors. Thanks for this!

    • — Renee on February 17, 2019
    • Reply
  • These were so yummy! I used half canned chicken and half canned jackfruit (because that’s what I had on hand) and the flavors were still fantastic! I thought the adobo sauce would be too spicy at first but it cooked down nicely and combined perfectly with the other flavors. After a few bites my family asked when we could have it again. Thank you for another delicious recipe!

    • — LindaT on February 13, 2019
    • Reply
    • Is there something to use instead of the chicken? We love the chicken version of this, however I wanted to make this for friends (and one is vegetarian).

      • — Karleen on March 22, 2019
      • Reply
      • Hi Karleen, For a vegetarian version, you could replace the chicken with black beans. I’d love to hear how it turns out if you try it this way!

        • — Jenn on March 25, 2019
        • Reply
  • My whole family love this! Excellent recipe!

    • — Esther on February 1, 2019
    • Reply
  • This was so awesome made exactly as stated definitely on my list of meals to cook. Like the fact I made the filling in the morning so after working in the yard all day it was a quick fix for dinner.

    • — Tammy Etheredge
    • Reply
  • This is easy and full of flavor. I’ve added this recipe to my regular weeknight rotation. As a personal preference, I use chipotle sauce–I find I can better control the heat. To make stove-to-table even faster, I cook the chicken mixture, then load it onto tostada shell (either purchased or homemade), add cheese, and broil. You can make 6 at a time on a cookie sheet, which works for our family of 4.

  • These quesadillas are delicious! Thanks again for another wonderful recipe. ☺️

  • This is my family’s favorite quesadilla recipe, especially my husband’s. We have made these many a times. We love the smoky flavor and the heat you get from the adobo peppers and the freshness from the cilantro. Thank you Jen! You always hit it out of the park and make any inexperienced cook look like a pro.

  • can i use leftover turkey instead of chicken?

  • Made these tonight and simply amazing! I skipped the honey and used more of the peppers in adobo! Also, switched up the cheeses. My husband thought they were excellent! Thank you. I haven’t had any issues with any of your recipes!


    • — Victoria Lugo-ramos
    • Reply
  • I really loved the recipe except it was too spicy. We could not finish our meal because it was so hot. Is there a way to salvage this now that the peppers are already in there? Could I make this into a soup and if so how much water or broth should I add? Thank you!

    • Hi Val, Sorry to hear you found these to be too spicy! Did you use more than 1/3 cup minced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce? Assuming you’re referring to just the filling and not the assembled quesadillas, sure, I think you could dilute this with broth or a combination of broth and water and make a soup.

    • I had the same issue. Those chipotle peppers are VERY spicy. Couldn’t eat them, and we aren’t really wimps about spicy food. These we just too intense.

      • — Jude on January 19, 2019
      • Reply
  • I made these last night, and had the leftovers today. Honestly, they’re better than any quesadilla I’ve had in a restaurant. My family raved like crazy, and didn’t think they were too spicy at all. The flavors are amazing! I suppose if you don’t like spicy you could just cut back on the peppers, but you really need the adobo flavor. Jenn, I also made the buffalo chicken skewers from your book, and those are really good too! Thank you, Jenn (and Curtis) !!

  • Hi Jenn, I am making these for dinner tonight. Do you think I could freeze just the chicken mixture or is it better if I freeze it as the entire quesadilla, as you wrote in the recipe? Thanks!

    • Hi Annie, It’s perfectly fine to just freeze the chicken mixture as well.

  • This is a delicious spin on a chicken quesadilla. I followed recipe as written and added corn and sliced black olives. Definitely a keeper!

  • I wanted to make the quesadillas this weekend. How do I make the shredded chicken? Thanks

    • Hi Amreeta, but if you’d prefer to cook your own chicken, I’d suggest roasting the chicken as described in this recipe. Hope you enjoy!

  • These quesadillas are the most delicious ones I have ever made or eaten! There is a nice heat, with the honey offsetting some of the spiciness (and I like spicy). I initially thought 4 cloves of garlic would be too much, but the blending of all of the ingredients works so well together, and not one ingredient is overpowering. I used a mix of half white and half dark chicken, and left out the cilantro since I did not have any. My husband and I thought they were fantastic and I will definitely be making these again and again. I served them with tortilla chips, sour cream and salsa (the salsa more for the chips than the quesadillas). I thought about serving with a side of refried beans but I did not, which was fine because we could eat more of the quesadillas! These would make a fantastic appetizer also.

  • The best quesadilla! Next time I will add more vegetables because the meat and cheese needed a little something. I was thinking grilled onion/pepper. That is why I didn’t give all stars.

    The basic recipe was very easy. I used a griddle covering two burners for the tortillas, and I made the chicken mix in a cast iron and put it on low. I put one 1/2 cup measuring cup with the chicken mix and a cup measuring cup (with lines on it) for the cheese, scooped, plopped and spread. Couldn’t be easier! PS I made the recipe TO THE LETTER, but my daughter said it was too spicy. I added a PLAIN chicken breast, shredded, to the two others and it came out flavorful also.

  • Hubby approved…delicious!

  • Hey Jen,
    I’d like to make this for my parents, but my dad has a strong dislike for the “smoked” taste associated with chipotle peppers in adobe. Can you offer a recommendation as to a substitute for this ingredient, one which won’t alter the overall flavour significantly?

    Looking forward to attending your book event in Toronto!

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alan, I might try finely minced sun-dried tomatoes. You could also try a not-sweet barbecue sauce. Hope that helps! I’ll be at Indigo Books at Eaton Centre on May 16th from 5-6:30PM for a very casual drop-in book-signing. Hope you can come and say hi!

  • This is an amazing recipe that is so easy to make. I tried it with both chicken and black beans and it’s amazing both ways!! I actually prefer it with the black beans.

  • The whole family loved these, just a little spicy for the littlest one. They were so good, I had been craving *something* that I couldn’t pinpoint for days and these totally satisfied that!

  • This was way too sweet for us. We are used to pretty spicy Mexican food, so I decreased the amount of honey to just a little over a tablespoon. Wish I’d have tasted it first then add a little honey at a time. I’d think 1/2 tablespoon would’ve been plenty for us.

  • I made these quesadillas last night and they were just delicious. I especially loved the layering of flavors, without any one in particular dominating the dish. I did use the recommended amount of the chilis, and the other reviewers were correct in that this dish is not spicy. I did not need to cook the mixture for the full 20 minutes after adding the peppers and tomatoes-perhaps tomatoes are a little less juicy in the mid-west in April! We enjoyed your Best Ever Rice Krispie Treats for dessert. Another home run, Jenn. I can’t wait for my cookbook to arrive :-).

    • Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your support with the cookbook! 🙂

  • I’ve made quite alot of your recipes since following your facebook page, but this one is a keeper and my “go to meal” when all else fails. Easily have all ingredients in the cupboard and everyone is 100% satisfied after having usually more than two! And the recipe is always asked for but I just tell them to follow you on FB!

  • These quesadillas are sooo good. And a great way to use up chicken/turkey leftovers.

  • The filling was excellent and we enjoyed the honey and pepper combo. Not sure at which point I faltered but the underside of my tortillas became oily. Might i have used more oil at the start, not simmered down far enough, or could it have been going straight onto a foil lined, preheated cookie sheet in a 250° oven. All 3? I hope to nail it next time and would love your thoughts. Thanks for all the great, kid friendly but still fun recipes!

    • Hi Joy, Glad you like the recipes! If the oil wasn’t quite hot enough when you cooked the quesadillas, it may have kept the bottoms from crisping up. Also, the bottom of the quesadillas will inevitably get a bit soft/soggy when heated on the cookie sheet.

    • Thanks, Jen, for your support. I have to admit, i ran up here to post before i had my own (we have two toddler girls, almost 2 and just turned 3), so my husband and I eat relatively later. The success for us was that about 45 to 60 min later, we were able to enjoy the most fantastic quesadillas we had yet to try. Patience is key, i suppose is the new mantra here lol
      Best to you and thanks for your thoughts

  • Second time making these and second time totally enjoying! Hubby and Babbas LOVE them!!! I do too!! THANK YOU for your simple and tasty recipes! I am yet to come across anything bland! Coming from the Caribbean I look for spice and flavor and you give both in your delicious recipes!! Keep them coming! I can’t wait to get your cook book!!!!

  • This is by far one of my favorite recipes! Make sure there are enough tomatoes or the dish turns out dry. And, if you don’t like too much heat, try only 2 peppers and remove the seeds.

  • These quesadillas were tasty alright, but my oh my all of those chipotle peppers made it, as my 12-year so correctly said, VERY ‘burny’! Unless you’re a huge fan of super hot food take my advice and reduce the number of peppers from 6 to three.

    This dish is certainly worthy of another try but with the heat turned down to medium…

  • Wow, these are so good! Thanks for another fantastic recipe!

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    5 STARS
    I used 2 chipole peppers

  • Not a surprise, this is another winner! Followed the recipe exactly and, ermahgerd, it’s spicy. Next time I’ll cut down on the peppers by at least half. We are in the middle of a snowstorm and I was out of flour tortillas so I made my own. Seriously delicious.

  • This recipe is very flavorful but a little hot for my taste buds. I plan to increase tomatoes & decrease the peppers to even it out. Otherwise, it’s wonderful.

  • These are the most delicious quesadillas I have ever had. My whole family devoured them. I did reduce the chipotle by half, and they had just the right amount of smoky flavor without too much heat for our tastes. I also used a can of diced tomatoes (well drained) because that’s what I had on hand, and it worked just fine. I do want to try fresh tomatoes next time because I’m sure they will be even better. Thanks Jenn for another winning recipe. You never disappoint!

  • Have you tried this with corn tortillas?

    • No J, but I think it’d work.

    • Hi Jen. How many canned diced tomatoes would be equivalent to the 1-1/4 lbs of fresh in this recipe? It’s allI have on hand. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks!

      • — Lori on April 24, 2020
      • Reply
      • Hi Lori, I’ve never used canned tomatoes for this, but I would guesstimate that you’d need about 2 14 to 15 oz. cans of diced tomatoes (drained). Hope that helps and that you enjoy!

        • — Jenn on April 26, 2020
        • Reply
  • Hello Jen
    My family and friends Love these quesadillas! I am hosting a party for 40 this coming weekend and am hoping for some advice to keep them warm for an hour or so without them sticking together. I plan to use a warming tray to keep them warm for an hour or so-would you separate layers with parchment paper or would baking the quesadillas in the oven be a better method ? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Nicole, so glad you enjoy these! Yes, I do think you could keep these in a warming tray for an hour, and separating them with some parchment or foil is a great idea. Hope everyone enjoys!

  • This recipe was incredible!! My husband and I initially worried about the filling being potentially too “smoky” with the 6 chipotle peppers, but the flavors were fantastic. These are by far the best quesadillas we’ve ever had! After a quick Internet search, we decided to cook the quesadillas in the oven, rather than cooking then one by one on the stove top. We heated the oven to precisely 430F, lightly oiled a cookie sheet with olive oil, placed the filled half-moon-shape tortillas on the cookie sheet, and brushed the top of each tortilla very lightly with olive oil using a pastry brush. We cooked them for eight minutes on one side, and carefully flipped them over and cooked them for another eight minutes on the other side. They turned out perfectly!! Thanks Jenn for sharing all these wonderful recipes – you’ve made cooking so enjoyable for us!

  • Made these tonight. I thought they were great myself though the wife felt they were a little overpowering. Will def make again if I have to eat them all myself lol. But I could have messed up for her because …..I minced up the chipotle peppers and also poured all the juices from the can into my chicken mixture. Should I have omitted the liquid from the can?

    • Hi James, Glad you enjoyed them! This recipe does not include the sauce/liquid from the can (unless you like your food super spicy!).

  • The only thing I would change with this recipe is the butter or oil used on the exterior of the tortilla. We always add a little bit of garlic salt to the butter, not just with quesadillas, but also with grilled cheese, or even breadsticks and rolls. It gives you a very distinct garlic bread flavor before you even get to the good stuff in the middle.

  • This recipe was the BEST recipe ever! I did add chopped jalapeños to the mix but left out the honey. It was fantastic!!! Will definitely be making again!

  • In order to keep them warm while making many, can u place them in the oven before serving? If so what temp? Also, can u pair this with your bean salad.

    • Sure, Sandy – I’d keep the oven at about 250°F.

  • Once again!! This is delicious! I was so skeptical but Jennifer has yet to fail me or my husband.
    I used pre-roasted chicken from the grocery store and just happened to have the rest of the ingredients from another of Jennifer’s recipes.

  • Hi,
    I would love to try this recipe but my husband does not care for the chilies in adobe sauce. Can you please recommend a substitute? Thank you so much. I love your recipes and share them often with friends and family!

    • Hi Laurie, so glad you like the recipes! Unfortunately, I don’t know of a good substitute for the chipotles in adobo and they are an integral part of the recipe. So sorry!

  • The family loved it. I used a three cheese Mexican blend and a little creole seasoning on the chicken. Will make it again and and again.

    • — Brian Bellinetti
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn-

    I love this recipe! I am trying to cook on a budget. Do you think the quality would be compromised if I substituted a can of diced tomatoes (14 oz) for the 4 vine ripened tomatoes? This would save about $2.

    • I think that’s perfectly fine, Dawn. Please let me know how it turns out :).

      • I used a 14 oz can of no salt petite diced tomatoes and they turned out great!

        • Great to hear, Dawn– thanks for the follow-up!

          • Hi Jenn,

            Do you cook the chicken (boil or grill? And shred) and then add to mixture or do you just cut the chicken into thin strips and add to the mixture to cook? Also, do you add any seasoning to the chicken before adding to the mix?

            • — Jen on January 16, 2020
          • Hi Jen, This is delicious (and easy) with store-bought rotisserie chicken, but if you’d like to cook your own, I’d suggest roasting the chicken as described in this recipe. Hope that clarifies!

            • — Jenn on January 17, 2020
  • I very rarely write recipe reviews, but this is so absolutely amazing it deserves a review! I serve it with avocado, chopped tomato, lettuce, and sour cream so I eat a little less of the quesadillas. I made the mistake of making this once while my husband was deployed and was “forced” to eat it all over the course of two days…most of it the first night. lol.

  • This is super yummy! Whole family loved it.

  • Worked perfectly with rotisserie chicken marinated in adobo sauce, which I heated in the microwave. Used my crepe pan to heat the tortillas, sprinkled with Mex cheese mix and added the chicken. Really made the dish for me.

  • Hi Jen
    Can you tell me how you recommend cooking the chicken to shred for the quesadillas? I have tried to boil in the past but it always came out tough and bland.


    • Hi Megan, It really is delicious (and easy) with store-bought rotisserie chicken, but if you’d like to cook your own, I’d suggest roasting the chicken as described in this recipe.

  • A great recipe to jazz up your typical weeknight quesedilla. I backed off on the tomato (3) and peppers (4) and it was still spicy but not overpowering for the kids/teens.

  • these are so good. When I make them for the kids, I cut the chilis in half. But when they aren’t around, I used the whole third cup at least.. Love them with sour cream and home made fresh salsa.

  • hi! it looks great and am planning to try it. Can i avoid the honey for preparation ? and second do i need to pre-cook the chicken before i add the shredded chicken in the pan? am a newbie in the kitchen arena..

    • Hi Parul, I think you could cut back the honey, maybe to 1 Tbsp, but it does help to balance out the smoky flavors in the dish. And the recipe calls for pre-cooked chicken so as long as it’s already cooked, you don’t need to cook it any more than that. It really is delicious (and easy) with store-bought rotisserie chicken. Enjoy!

  • Can the filling be frozen? Can’t wait to make this!

    • Yes, Rupal, I think that would be fine!

  • Hi,
    Love this recipe… would like to substitute the chicken for veggies???? Any recommendation and would I follow recipe the same way?
    Thank you,

    • Sure, you could do that. I would saute the added veggies right along with the others in the recipe until they are tender. Some good options would be bell peppers, mushrooms and corn. Black beans would also be a great addition. I’d love to hear how they turn out!

  • What can I say? Jenn hit another home run with this recipe.

    I used shredded chicken from 2 split breasts. I like to use white meat from bone-in chicken, because I think it is more moist than boneless skinless breasts. It’s just my preference. I also liked the addition of the honey to offset the intense smoky flavor of the chipotles. The only thing I omitted was the cilantro, as I am one of those “no cilantro please” people.

    Flavorful, fresh, delicious. Can’t wait for the leftovers. Thanks again, Jenn!?

    • — Valerie Bianchi
    • Reply
  • I love these quesadillas!! They are soooo delicious. Perfect combination of flavors!

    • — Nita DerHovanesian
    • Reply
  • Made these on Monday night and my family loved them! My daughter is my taste tester and I always let her take the first bite. She didnt even have words, just sounds of delight 🙂
    Evey recipe I try from your site has been great. Thanks for making me look good

  • Made these quesadillas for super bowl. Served them with roasted tomato salsa and roasted garlic guacamole. Just delicious and a huge hit. I had made the salsa last Sept when I had lots of tomatoes in the garden and froze it in ice cube trays. Really good! Thanks Jenn for more great recipes.

    • — Beverly Kloppenburg
    • Reply
  • Made these for my Super Bowl party. Everyone loved these. Thanks again for another great recipe!

  • These turned out great. I may have over sweetened them a touch but my family loved them. Thanks Jen.

  • These are great. I substituted left over thanksgiving turkey for the chicken and served with fresh made guacamole.

    • — Margaret Higgins
    • Reply
  • I tested this out before making it for company…( family coming) I knowmy “audience”, so used four peppers…just right! I also have some celantro haters…” ewwwww, it tastes like soap!” , so the chopped celantro will go in on an individual basis…( double for me, please!)
    I LOVE that the base for this can be made in advance, and the cooking mess cleaned up before dinner:) Soooo tasty, and soooo easy! Another keeper…..loved it!

  • Very good, thanks

  • I’ve loved every recipe of Jenn’s that I’ve tried. This one is great, too. I tried it with five chipotles and it was too spicy — we ate it all, but everyone requested a bit less spice. I’ll try three next time and work up from there if needed. I successfully used corn tortillas (we’re gluten free) and they worked great. I buttered and browned them on both sides, then added toppings. Thanks for another great recipe! You are a trusted cooking adviser!! 😉

  • These quesadillas are DELICIOUS!! I have been making homemade chicken quesadillas for years and always felt they were somewhat bland. I tried different ways of adding more flavor, but felt I never quite got it right. Then I tried your recipe and WOW so much flavor! My husband insists that I only make quesadillas this way from now on. We have also made the filling for this recipe and used it to make burrito bowls which is also delicious. (This recipe is too spicy for my girls, however, they don’t eat spicy well at all.) Thanks Jen for solving our bland quesadilla problem!

  • This looks amazing will definitely try this tonight. By any chance is there nutrion favts on the recipe?

    • Hi Anh, I just added the nutritional info. (They’re a bit of an indulgence :). Hope you enjoy!

  • These were delicious!! Thank you so much!!

    • — Betty Petraitis
    • Reply
  • This is one of my all-time favorite recipes. I think they are so so so delicious!

    I used to make them with chicken and then stopped eating meat and now make them with 1-2 cans of black beans and they are just as delicious.

    Highly recommend this recipe. I try 4-5 different recipes a week from a variety of blogs and this is still one of my favorites.

  • Does the 1/3 cup chipotle peppers include the sauce too in it? Also are you supposed to use the seeds in the sauce or discard the seeds?

    • Yes, the sauce will naturally cling to the peppers, so the 1/3 cup will be a combination of peppers and sauce. And yes, you do include the seeds. Hope you enjoy!

  • This recipe is AMAZING! A definite keeper…. restaurant quality quesadillas.

  • This is fantastic. Left out 2 peppers for the picky 14 year old, otherwise made as published and will add it to the rotation. Thank you as always!

  • Delicious!

  • Thank you for a great recipe! I made some small changes: only used about a half an onion, and instead of honey I used agave (1Tbsp.) My boyfriend always thanks me for cooking dinner but tonight he would not stop talking about how much he liked this! Definitely a keeper. I may use the leftover chicken filling for enchiladas.

  • Update – I recently made this substituting black beans for the chicken and it turned out wonderfully as well.

    • Love that idea!

    • I’m making a vegan version with gardien ‘Chikun strips’ and a vegan questo cheese, can’t wait- black beans are a great idea to boost the fibre and protein.

  • I made this dish for my family last Sunday and I end up making it 3 days in a row. Everyone simply adore the richness in flavor from the smoky chipotle in adobo sauce.

    I use mozzarella cheese since it is very difficult to find Monterey Jack cheese in my country. It is very delightful indeed.
    Thanks a bunch Jen…

    I hope you will share another Mexican delicacies: Chile Relleno

  • I loved very much. Kids loved but would like less spicy next time. I myself thought they were perfect. Mmmmm thank u so much.

  • What is Adobo? Is that a sauce? Not sure I see that in the instructions

    • Liz, The chipotle peppers called for come canned in an adobo sauce which has a sweet and smoky flavor. Chipotle peppers are usually small red jalapeños that have been dried and smoked. You can find them in the Latin section of most supermarkets.

      • 10 stars!!! My husband kept telling me how delicious they were!!!! My son couldnt have enough!!!

  • These are so delicious. My husband went crazy for them, called them ‘restaurant quality’. I’ve cooked AT LEAST 10 recipes from your site and every single one is a keeper. Thanks Jenn!

  • Receita espetacular!!!

  • I want to make the best tasting chicken possible for this dish. How would you suggest preparing the chicken?

  • I love the addition of chipotle peppers!

  • Um, yum! These are chock full of flavor and quite simple to make. 13 y/o loved the spice level, as did hubby. I did not add salt and did not miss it at all. Keeper recipe, especially with a little guacamole smeared on them. Thanks for a great and simple recipe!

  • Made these last night and loved them ! Will definitely be making again .. Less a chili or two ! Lol

  • I really want to make this but I have a question. I like chipotle but I can’t tolerate any kind I can’t do really spicy I can tolerate the chipotle sauce but not actual peppers so is this really spicy? And if it is is there anything else I can substitute the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce with? Thank you

    • Hi Raya, Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid the heat with the chipotle peppers, and I can’t think of a good substitute as they are an integral part of the recipe. So sorry!

    • Smoke flavour could be achieved by using a few drops of liquid smoke or smoked paprika

  • I made these about a month ago and they were great. I did add the avocado to the top because I love them, but they definitely don’t need it because they are so flavorful. I think I might reduce the honey next time because it tasted strong to me. My son loved them and said they are definitely something he wants again which is a thumbs up from him.

  • Great recipe! I have found variability in the heat level of adobo peppers, so I add and taste before adding all called for.

  • I made these last night for my family. My husband, who is very hard to impress, said they were the best quesadillas he has ever had and I totally agree. I boiled my chicken in chicken stock, shredded, and then added to the mixture. They turned out just like the pictures and were amazing.

  • Wow these Chipotle quesadillas are so amazing, really nice flavor, and my wife really loved them! I will definitely be coming back to your website for more recipes.

    • — RoboCook McNoob
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,

    I have some leftover chicken from your Grilled Chicken Fajita recipe, do you think I could use that for these quesadillas, or do you think the flavors might be too strong?

    Sorry I clicked the stars in error, I haven’t tried the recipe yet but I am sure it will be as delicious as all your others!

    • Hi Mary, I think the chicken will work fine for this recipe. Hope you enjoy 🙂

      • Loved them, amazing flavor!

  • This was the second recipe I tried from your website. These were fantastic and last night I made them again using store-bought shredded chicken and canned tomatoes to cut down on time. I shredded the chicken along with some cumin and ancho chipotle pepper and added queso to the cheese mix. I add avocados to mine and sour cream to my husbands…awesome! Very much looking forward to trying additional recipes

  • I made these for my daughters graduation party where we served a variety of hearty appetizers. this recipe was a HIT! I made a double batch of the sauce in advance and refrigerated it. Only needed one batch of sauce for the part so I did freeze the other batch. Using it about a month later with shredded chicken thighs and it was just as wonderful. Black beans and roasted sweet potato are also a great addition.

  • These were so good! The chicken filling was just delicious. I probably used half the amount of chipotle peppers. I had a very small , 3.5 oz can and it was perfect. It only had 3 peppers in it, and I used all the sauce. I took some of the seeds out, but I think I’ll leave them in next time. The filling was smoky but not spicy. My entire family loved them. I think I will double the recipe and freeze half in the future since there’s a lot of chopping involved. Having a prepared batch of the chicken will make for a really quick meal. Great recipe!

  • Added a can of diced green chillies to quesadilla recipe. Improved an already great recipe.

  • These were fantastic. My husband described them as “fluffy” and “way better than anything you get out there”, meaning most restaurants. One question…I used 6 small peppers, de-seeded 4 of 6 to reduce heat, was short the 1/3 cup due to the size of the peppers, so I added more sauce from the jar to make up the difference. Yikes, they were almost inedibly spicy for my taste and almost my husband’s who loves heat. Did I go wrong when I added the extra sauce? Should I have just stuck to the 6 peppers, despite being under the 1/3 cup? I’m guessing so. Will definitely make again, so your advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks for another great one!

    • Hi Kelly, Glad you enjoyed! It’s hard to say…the sauce is spicy but there is always some variance with the spiciness of the peppers too. Next time, I would stick with just the peppers (not the sauce) and remove all the seeds — if the filling mixture needs more heat, you can always add some of the seeds back in.

  • I really liked these! I added extra chipotle because I love the taste and spice. Would recommend trying these — so flavorful.

  • Great recipe. Have been missing my Mexican food since moving from Houston and this is fitting the bill nicely. Also used the filling in hard shell tacos. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stellar!!

  • can this be frozen @ any point?

    • Hi Lala, I do you think you could freeze these after they are cooked.

  • LOVE this recipe! I live in Arizona and this recipe was a great new way for me to use Chipotle chilies! As with all of your recipes, this one was very easy to follow and the pictures are a perfect additional tool to help novice and seasoned cooks alike.

    The quesadillas had just the right amount of smokey heat – and my family loved them as well!

    Thanks so much for posting this yummy recipe!

  • I followed the recipe as written, it was another recipe that pleased the entire family (the seven that were home), including my picky 9 year old son and my “vegetarian” daughter! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  • We have this basically once or twice a month, it’s delicious. We cut down on the number of chipotle peppers, find it to be a bit too spicy but aside from that, another perfect recipe!

    Thank you!!!!

  • This is such a hit! Sometimes you just need more punch in your quesadilla! Thanks!

  • Delicious and very easy to make!

    • — Jessica Herring
    • Reply
  • These were juicy and flavorful. I ended up eating them with a fork because the contents fell out. Delicious nonetheless!

  • Made this for dinner last night following the instructions, and family LOVED it

  • This recipe is AWESOME! It has so many amazing flavors. Definitely a keeper!

  • Made this recipe with shrimp – outstanding!!

    • — Tamera Gjesdal
    • Reply
  • Substitutd canned diced tomatos, and 1/2 and 1/2 mix of sharp cheddar and 4 cheese Mexican mix. Everyone loved them.

  • Guess what’s for dinner @ my house tonight? This will be easy and GREAT!!
    Off to the market!!
    Thanks Jenn-Keep them coming!!

  • I made these tonight, and myself and my husband loved them! Our 9yr old said they were good, and she is picky. I’m looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

  • Living in Arizona I eat a lot of mexican food and these Quesadillas were delicious and easy to make.

  • Yet another wonderful recipe from this site! I now love cooking with chipotle thanks to Jenn! Any suggestions for how to make a vegetarian version?

    • Hi Blair, So glad you enjoyed the quesadillas. For a vegetarian version, you could try replacing the chicken with black beans. Please let me know how it turns out 🙂

  • We made this last weekend when entertaining some old friends (we made it along with the Black Bean & Corn Salad with Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette!) and while it was a little more time consuming than I expected ~ the results were well worth it: everything was divine and devoured!

    Aside: I think the addition of HONEY in both of these recipes is a stroke of genius!

    • — Jesselyn Andersyn
    • Reply
  • We love this! And we are not typically fans of heat. But the smoky heat and well balanced flavors were really yummy and with a relatively quick prep and cook time I was happy. The bonus was, with a couple of slight mods (increasing chicken/tomatoes and decreasing filling size slightly) this made 9 quesadillas resulting in 3 meals for me and my daughters – talk about budget pleasing!

    We added more chicken (3/4 C), more tomatoes (2 more) and more cilantro because I wanted to stretch it … sides of rice and beans along with some sour cream and home made limeade made it the perfect meal!

  • Love these quesadillas! The chiles in adobo have such great flavor! I wouldnt change anything with the recipe! We love the so much I pulled out my copy of the recipe to take with on vacation!! Thanks for all the great recipes.

  • First of many recipes I have tried from this site and another huge hit with my family. Great flavor, fast easy meal to prepare and even great leftovers. This is a recipe I go back to time and time again. You can’t miss with this step by step recipe. Great Tex -mex flavor and not to spicy.

  • I made this for supper. Love it. Easy to make. Thanks for showing me how to fold over the tortilla so it looks nice too. I’m obsessed with your site. I’ve made several recipes over the past week and all are delicious.

    • Thank you, Suzan! So glad you are enjoying the recipes 🙂

  • I love this recipe! I’m a working mom so the best part for me was that I could make the chicken mixture ahead of time which made it much easier to come home from work and get dinner on the table. The recipe called for vine-ripened tomatoes but they didn’t look very good so I substituted plum tomatoes. They were fine, but I would have preferred the juiciness of the other tomatoes…oh well, next time. I agree with the previous reviewer that the most time consuming part was shredding the chicken.

  • Perfect as is 🙂 Loved these!

  • I like this recipe to use leftover roasted chicken. I find it is a little too spicy for my toddler kids but my husband loves it, as do I. The most time-consuming step is shredding the chicken but it’s otherwise a pretty simple dish to make.

  • Delicious! The first time I tried this I made it with leftovers from the Peruvian-style roast chicken. I gotten so many compliments from this recipe, it’s my husband’s favorite quesadilla.

  • Huge hit with my family! Did not change a thing. Wonderful recipe!

  • Your recipes are FABULOUS! They are a hit every time!
    So easy to follow with the pictures showing step by step. I am in love with your site!
    Thank you so much!
    Can’t wait to try this one! Did the baja fish with the chipotle, they were amazing!

    • So nice to read, Addie. Glad you are enjoying the recipes!

  • Made these last night for dinner and my son couldn’t stop raving about them. The chicken filling is even delicious on its own. Definitely going in the keeper file. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!

  • Made this last night, my husband was drooling. We both loved it and it is also great for lunch the next day too. Great smokey flavour with a bit of heat. I will definitely be doing this again!

  • What kind of cheese did you use here, thanks.

    • Hi Charlene, I used sharp cheddar.

  • Love the clearcut directions on constructing a great looking quesadilla – something I had attempted, but not figured out. Mine looked great, but more importantly, tasted delicious. Much better than what you get at most restaurants. Will definitely make them again. Thank you, Jenn!

  • I made this recipe for a second time this weekend with shredded pork. I think it may have been better than the chicken! We added black beans and corn to some and they came out great.

    • Great idea, Kim. I look forward to trying it!

  • I made it & yet again it was a hit , just like the the other recipes I had made from your blog. Keep up the good work .

  • Just finished devouring this meal! Very easy prep, though lots of chopping. Next time I will do the prep hours or a day inadvance. The flavor was WONDERFUL. It was a tad spicier than we like, but so , so good. I will cut back on the peppers next time.
    Very good, great instructions and supporting pics. This will go in our rotation of favorite meals!
    Next time, it would be more helpful if you repeated the quantity of the items within the instructions. I followed along on my iPad and spent a lot of time scrolling down to the quantity and then back to the instructions.

  • I tried this today. I liked the amount of heat and the rich taste. It was a hit at home. Thank you!

  • Wonder if this could be made as a stacked pie?

    • Hi Judy, I think it would work well. Please let me know how it turns out if you try it.

  • I live in the Southwest and I’m always looking for new recipes like this. I’m really glad that I can pick up a roasted chicken from my grocer for this recipe, and that most of these ingredients are already in my kitchen. This shall be tonight’s dinner! Thank you.

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