Bacon & Gruyère Egg Bites

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If you like the sous vide egg bites from Starbucks, you’ll love this homemade version — no sous vide equipment required!

I came up with this recipe at the request of my mother, who loves the Bacon & Gruyère Sous Vide Egg Bites from Starbucks. “Sous vide” is a French technique that refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food and then cooking it gently in a water bath to a precise temperature. It gives the egg bites a distinct silky and custardy texture. The good news is that you don’t need a sous vide machine to make Starbucks-style egg bites at home. By cooking the egg bites in a muffin tin at a low temperature and placing a pan of water in the oven to create a steamy environment, you can achieve a similar result.

To mimic the flavor of the Starbucks version, I used the ingredients listed on the Starbucks website as a guide. The formula is about equal parts cottage cheese and eggs, plus shredded cheese, bacon, and hot sauce. You can whip up these bites in a blender in no time, and they make a convenient, rich, high-protein breakfast or snack that keeps in the fridge for up to 3 days or freezes well for up to 2 months.

What You’ll Need To Make Bacon & Gruyère Egg Bites

egg bites ingredients

Step-by-Step Instructions

Add the bacon to a small nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. frying the bacon

Cook, stirring frequently, until crisp, 5 to 6 minutes.

frying the bacon

Using a slotted spoon, transfer the bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to drain.
draining the bacon on paper towels

In a blender, combine the eggs, cottage cheese, Gruyère, salt, pepper, and hot sauce.

eggs and cheeses in blender

Blend until completely smooth, 30 to 45 seconds.
blended egg bites mixture in blender

Pour the egg mixture evenly into the prepared muffin pan, filling each well about three-quarters full.

egg bites batter poured into greased muffin pan

Divide the bacon evenly over the egg bites.

adding bacon to egg bites

Using a spoon or your finger, press some of the bacon into the batter so it is not all floating on top.

pressing the bacon into the egg bites mixture

Bake for 20 to 23 minutes, until the eggs are set.
baked egg bites

Remove the egg bites from the oven and let rest in the pan for about 5 minutes. Use a small spoon to loosen the egg bites from the edges of the pan and carefully lift them out onto a plate. Serve warm.

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Bacon & Gruyère Egg Bites

If you like the sous vide egg bites from Starbucks, you’ll love this homemade version — no sous vide equipment required!

Servings: 12 egg bites
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 25 Minutes
Total Time: 35 Minutes


  • 4 slices bacon, diced
  • 6 large eggs
  • 1-1/3 cups (4% milkfat) cottage cheese
  • 1-1/4 cups shredded Gruyère (or a blend of Gruyère and Cheddar or Monterey Jack)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon hot sauce


  1. Bring a kettle of water to a boil. Set one oven rack in the middle position and another in the lowest position. Preheat the oven to 300°F.
  2. Place a 9x13-inch metal or ceramic baking dish on the lower rack and fill it halfway with the boiling water from the kettle. This will create steam in the oven, which will help the egg bites to cook gently and attain a custardy texture.
  3. Spray a nonstick muffin pan generously with nonstick cooking spray.
  4. In a small nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, cook the bacon, stirring frequently, until crisp, 5 to 6 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to drain.
  5. In a blender, combine the eggs, cottage cheese, Gruyère, salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Blend until completely smooth, 30 to 45 seconds.
  6. Pour the egg mixture evenly into the prepared muffin pan, filling each well about three-quarters full. Divide the bacon evenly over the egg bites. Using a spoon or your finger, press some of the bacon into the batter so it is not all floating on top. Bake for 20 to 23 minutes on the middle rack, until the eggs are set.
  7. Remove the egg bites from the oven and let rest in the pan for about 5 minutes. Use a small spoon to loosen the egg bites from the edges of the pan and carefully lift them out onto a plate. Serve warm.
  8. Make-Ahead/Freezer-Friendly Instructions: Once cool, the egg bites can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 3 days. Reheat in the microwave at 50% power for 60 to 90 seconds. The egg bites can also be frozen in an airtight container for up to 2 months. Defrost in the refrigerator overnight and reheat using the microwave.

Nutrition Information

Powered by Edamam

  • Serving size: 1 egg bite
  • Calories: 148
  • Fat: 11 g
  • Saturated fat: 5 g
  • Carbohydrates: 1 g
  • Sugar: 1 g
  • Protein: 10 g
  • Sodium: 281 mg
  • Cholesterol: 116 mg

This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.

Gluten-Free Adaptable Note

To the best of my knowledge, all of the ingredients used in this recipe are gluten-free or widely available in gluten-free versions. There is hidden gluten in many foods; if you're following a gluten-free diet or cooking for someone with gluten allergies, always read the labels of your ingredients to verify that they are gluten-free.

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Reviews & Comments

  • These are very very good! Used mostly egg whites, I used 1% Cottege cheese. I had to quadruple the cooking time and they are still loose. Maybe because I used mostly egg whites?

    • — Christina Popso on October 24, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Christina, I haven’t made these with egg whites but I suspect the combination or egg whites and 1% cottage cheese required them to be cooked longer. Glad they turned out well though!

      • — Jenn on October 25, 2021
      • Reply
  • What brand(s) of sesame (toasted or plain?) do you recommend?

    Thank you.

    • — Joann Hutchings on October 22, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Joann, I’m assuming you’re referring to sesame oil — if so, I like Sun Luck toasted sesame oil.

      • — Jenn on October 25, 2021
      • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,
    I love these! Have made them with variations- one time with pancetta- another with mushrooms and another with mushrooms and zucchini. Tried lower % cottage cheese- and even tried 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites to lighten up calories. All tasted great.
    Question- I just got a silicone muffin pan and they came out quite loose and needed quite a bit more cooking time. Is that because of the silicone? Suggestions?

    • — Amy on October 10, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Amy, so glad you like these! I don’t have any experience using silicone pans, but if they came out differently the first time you used it, I suspect it had to do with that. Next time I’d leave them in for a few extra minutes. 🙂

      • — Jenn on October 11, 2021
      • Reply
  • These are amazing! My husband eats the Starbucks version multiple times a week and he said your recipe is better than theirs!

    • — Andrea Watson on October 10, 2021
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn!
    I just made these egg muffins, using your recipe and instructions with the addition of 1.5 cups fresh spinach. They were delicious! I cooked an extra five minutes but when removing from the muffin cups, noticed they were teetering on falling apart. (I greased the muffin tin with olive oil.) Other than being a touch salty, I found them wonderful! QUESTION: What adjustments should be made to ingredients or cooking time if replacing bacon with vegetable such as spinache, broccoli, shredded carrot? Thanks for a delicious recipe and way to change up our morning eggs.

    • — Bella on October 7, 2021
    • Reply
    • So glad you enjoyed them! If you’d like to swap out the bacon with veggies, just make sure you cook them first and season them well. Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on October 9, 2021
      • Reply
  • Yo! I was super dubious of all the reviews that said these were better than Starbucks since Ive tried a few copycat recipes before to recreate them, but man this is it! Ive made them both in muffin tins and a silicon egg bite mould they are always incredible.
    I’ve tried reducing the gruyre to a generous 1/2 cup to keep them under 100kcal/serving and have used 2% cottage cheese, which works wonders but does take a few extra minutes in the oven as others have indicated.
    Sautéed portobello mushrooms with spring onion, and chunky country ham have been my two fav combos.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • — Laura on October 6, 2021
    • Reply
  • I’m really excited to make these! Have you or anyone else tried making these with a lower fat percent cottage cheese like 2%?

    • — Mandy Clugh on October 2, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Mandy, I haven’t tried these with 2% cottage cheese, but a few readers have commented that they have pretty successfully, but they may take a few more minutes to set in the oven. Please LMK how they turn out if you try it!

      • — Jenn on October 3, 2021
      • Reply
  • This is much better than the Starbucks egg bites, I had them one time but I generally make my own. There is a cafe downtown that makes great coffee and pastries but they don’t have anything low carb or keto friendly.

    When I was there the other day getting an Americano I asked if they had anything low carb, they said they didn’t but that we should brainstorm and come up with a couple of things they could make. This is the recipe I’m going to suggest. It’s better than mine, simpler and delicious. I can serve this with some slices of avocado drizzled with a little lemon and salt. The perfect light meal, good protein and healthy fats, very low carb.

    Thank you for another great recipe.

    **Regarding the cheesecake question from a week ago, in the end I made it with a little less than 1 1/2 cups of sugar and it was absolutely incredible. It was thick, dense, creamy, the right notes of vanilla and the slight tang from the lemon. I did add a little lemon zest and a tiny bit of nutmeg to the graham cracker crust and I made 50% more crust so I could build it up an inch on the sides. Everyone loved it, they said it was art!

    I know this isn’t the cheesecake recipe but for anyone reading my review on these egg bites, go make the cheesecake too!

    • — JLH on October 1, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi, glad to hear you like these enough to suggest them as an option At the cafe you frequent! Also, happy that the cheesecake came out well with your tweaks – thanks for taking the time to follow up!

      • — Jenn on October 4, 2021
      • Reply
  • These are super!

    I made them today in a 9 inch pan instead of little ones. It was fine, but the texture was not as nice as the individual ones. It took about 40 minutes to set properly. Stick to the little muffin cups!

    • — Squeaky on September 25, 2021
    • Reply
  • This is the perfect Starbucks egg bite copycat! I have tried about 6 different copycat recipes and nothing comes close besides these! I think blending the eggs cottage cheese and shredded cheese together makes all the difference so don’t just hand whisk it! I didn’t have gruyere so mixed cheddar and mozzarella and it was delicious! Will be making these again and again for sure!

    • — Rebecca on September 20, 2021
    • Reply
  • I have made these several times following the recipe. When my mom came to visit I made them for her and she loved them.
    I made them today and did not have cottage cheese. I had made a hollandaise sauce and used the extra egg whites (from 4 eggs) and about 3/4 cups of greek yogurt to substitute. They came out pretty good.
    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into posting and publishing your creations. I hope to get your new cookbook this Christmas. It is on all my list.

    • — Robert S. on September 17, 2021
    • Reply
  • Could your recipes have the iron level? that is important for people needing some iron and some that don’t need iron.

    • — Brenda Rice on September 16, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Brenda, I use an online tool called Edamam to calculate nutritional information for my recipes. Unfortunately, if I included all the different nutritional requests that I get from readers on various diets, it would take up too much space on the site–I’m sorry! If you ever have a question about a specific recipe, Edamam is free to use (and does include the values iron), so feel free to plug the recipe ingredients in and you’ll know whether or not it will work for you. Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on September 17, 2021
      • Reply
  • These are even better than Starbucks! Thank you so much for a simple & tasty recipe. I used Costco’s bacon bits to make it even easier/faster/less cleanup.

    • — Rebecca Zins on September 16, 2021
    • Reply
  • Absolutely delicious. My only change was I substituted pancetta for the bacon. Big hit with the entire family. Will make again and again.

    • — Joe Brown on September 16, 2021
    • Reply
  • I made this for a long weekend getaway at a cabin in the woods. They were perfect. Two of them paired with a mimosa and a good cup of coffee were a great start to our day.

    • — Debora on September 16, 2021
    • Reply
  • Just made it! Did a lil leaner way which made each one 95 calories. Thank you soo much!! Love it.

    • — Stooks on September 14, 2021
    • Reply
  • These are so delicious. I love the Starbucks ones so much I had to find a copycat. These are perfect! Mine turned out just a little undercooked so I left them in the oven about 5-6 more minutes, but they were amazing after that. I love the flavors! Thank you so much for creating this recipe.

    • — Amanda on September 11, 2021
    • Reply
  • Made this following the recipe except I used cheddar as there was no gruyere at the grocery store. They are delicious. Will try with gruyere when I can get some; I bet they will be even better. Thanks for this wonderful recipe!

    • — Jean Vandermoor on September 7, 2021
    • Reply
  • I don’t normally leave feedback on recipes (mostly because I forget to), but these egg bites were too perfect to miss the opportunity to thank you. I was looking to recreate the Starbucks version, but did not have high hopes with no sous vide. I am blown away!!! I’ll try this technique with other ingredients too. Thank you!

    • — Kristin on September 4, 2021
    • Reply
  • Love these! Yet another star. Every recipe of Jenn’s I’ve made is consistently great- not just good. I’m a very confident home cook and I love how the recipes are laid out on the website with the photo of what I’ll need and then photos of different steps and finally a printable recipe.

    I subbed pancetta for bacon and it was great. Next batch going to try using spinach and feta and another batch with mushrooms and goat cheese. I love that these are so rich tasting and great re-heated. I don’t know if I have a smaller muffin tin or Jenn’s holds more- but I get 18 out of this recipe.

    • — Amy on August 30, 2021
    • Reply
  • Am I missing the oven temp?

    • — Rhonda Wilson on August 25, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Rhonda, the oven temp is 300°F/150°C. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on August 26, 2021
      • Reply
  • Outstanding recipe! I substituted Swiss cheese as I didn’t have Gruyere, and these were super creamy and delicious! So easy to make!

    • — Linda on August 17, 2021
    • Reply
  • I have not made this, but I do enjoy a lot of your recipes could you add veg to these egg bites like peppers, onions etc…

    • — LindaE on August 11, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Linda, Glad you like the recipes! I do think you could add some veggies to these. I would just sauté them first and make sure to remove any liquid from them before incorporating into the egg mixture so they’re not too watery. Please LMK how they turn out if you try them!

      • — Jenn on August 11, 2021
      • Reply
  • Yummy! I just made this recipe for the second time. This time I didn’t have bacon, so I substituted for sun-dried tomatoes. It turned out very good too! I used muffin paper cups (I put them inside the muffin tin) and the egg stuck a bit to the paper. Perhaps I should have greased the papers cups? It was delicious anyways. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes with us! I love your website.

    • — Isabel on August 8, 2021
    • Reply
    • Glad you enjoyed, Isabel, and yes greasing the cups will help!

      • — Jenn on August 8, 2021
      • Reply
  • Can you use egg substitute. If so, how much equal 6 eggs?

    • — Barbara on August 1, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Barbara, I’ve never tried this with egg substitute so it’s hard to say. And I’m not sure what the equivalent of 6 eggs would be, but I would imagine the packaging would specify that. Please LMK how it turns out if you try it!

      • — Jenn on August 2, 2021
      • Reply
  • Can you substitute the cottage cheese with half n half or even 2% milk??

    • — PK on July 30, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi PK, I haven’t tried these with half and half or milk, but I have made them successfully with heavy cream if you want to give that a try. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on July 30, 2021
      • Reply
  • Could you use a mini muffin tin, or just the
    full size?

    • — Lori on July 28, 2021
    • Reply
    • Sure, Lori, You could use a mini muffin tin but they won’t take as long to cook; I’d start checking for doneness around 10 to 12 minutes. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on July 29, 2021
      • Reply
  • Easy to make and delicious!

    • — Jackie on July 22, 2021
    • Reply
  • Sooo good!

    • — Beth W. on July 18, 2021
    • Reply
  • I have tried a lot of egg bite recipes only to be disappointed. This recipe is MORE than 5 stars. Hands down the very best. I have now made it twice, the first following the recipe exactly and the second using sausage. It was perfect both times.

    Every recipe of yours is so good I bought your first book!

    • — SherylG on July 16, 2021
    • Reply
    • Glad you liked these and thanks so much for your support of the book! 🙂

      • — Jenn on July 17, 2021
      • Reply
  • absolutely amazing! mine were a tiny bit too salty but that’s an easy fix for next time. the texture is perfect – i had to stop myself from eating all of them at once. absolutely going to be a staple in my house!!! genius idea to steam/bake them. thank you!

    • — J on July 6, 2021
    • Reply
  • Delicious and easy to make! They’ve become a staple in my home.

    • — Leslie B on July 4, 2021
    • Reply
  • Fantastic recipe. Perfect technique to achieve the same texture as Starbuck’s egg bites. Thank you so much for this easy, tasty recipe for breakfast or brunch. Can’t wait to share with friends and family.

    • — Diane on July 4, 2021
    • Reply
  • Made these for a weekend trip and they were delicious! Easy to make and heated easily in microwave. Will definitely make again.

    • — AmyD on July 3, 2021
    • Reply
  • Love these!! So quick and easy. Made these with spinach, onion and roasted red pepper. I think your recipe is better than the Starbucks!!

    • — Lisa on June 27, 2021
    • Reply
  • This came out perfect. No mods needed.

    • — Chris on June 27, 2021
    • Reply
  • About how many ounces of cheese do you use in the recipe? Is the 1 & 1/4 cup packed or loose?

    • — Connie Maynor on June 23, 2021
    • Reply
    • Hi Connie, you’ll need about 4 ounces of cheese. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on June 23, 2021
      • Reply
      • Thanks! Made some today and they turned out great.

        • — CONNIE LYNETTE MAYNOR on June 27, 2021
        • Reply
  • WOW! This hit THE SPOT! I made these and they were DELISH! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • — Mo Banj on June 22, 2021
    • Reply
  • Oh my stars, these are delicious. I pulled these out of the oven a while ago and after tasting one I had to leave a review. THEY ARE DIVINE! Forget Starbucks. These are where it’s at. The texture is absolute perfection. I followed Jenn’s recipe to a T, which resulted in the fluffiest egg bites. Just be sure to use a heavy hand when you spray the muffin tin. I baked mine for 17 minutes since my oven tends to run a bit hot and the eggs were completely set. Way to go, Jenn! Another winner!!

    • — Jess R. on June 21, 2021
    • Reply
  • So long Starbucks, these are the best! They were easy to make and tasted incredible. So creamy and with the bacon and cheese the flavor was so good. I froze half and when I took them out of the freezer and heated them, they tasted just as good as fresh. These will be served front and center for any guests coming for breakfast. Thank you Jenn!

    • — Trudy Black on June 19, 2021
    • Reply

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