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best ever rice krispies treats

I’m always hesitant to say a recipe is the “best ever,” especially for a dessert like Rice Krispies Treats that everyone knows and loves. But once you’ve tinkered around with a recipe for weeks — asking your kids, their friends, and basically anyone who passes through your house (tutors…cable guy…electrician…) to sample different versions — you can say it’s the “best” with some confidence. Sure, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the original back-of-the-box recipe but it can be made so much better with almost no effort. So why not?! Start with more butter (lots more) and brown it; increase the marshmallows, and stir in some at the end for extra gooeyness; add vanilla; and don’t forget the salt because a little salt makes anything sweet taste so much better. (And if you want to take it up a notch further, check out my all-time favorite Rice Krispies Treat recipe made with an extra secret ingredient.)


Begin by melting the butter in a large pot over medium-high heat.


After the butter melts, it will begin to bubble, foam, and turn golden around the edges. Eventually it will turn a dark golden color and smell nutty — watch carefully, it will go from golden brown to burned quickly. (You’ll see little bits of brown sediment forming; that’s okay.)


Once the butter is browned, remove the pan from the heat and add all but 2 cups of the marshmallows, the vanilla, and salt.


Place the pot over low heat and stir the mixture with a wooden spoon until the marshmallows are completely melted. Remove the pan from the heat and add the cereal.


Using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon, stir until evenly combined. Add the reserved marshmallows.


Stir until they are softened and partially melted — you want pockets of goo.


Press the mixture into an even layer in the prepared baking pan and let cool for at least an hour.


Use the foil overhang to lift the treats onto a cutting board, then cut into squares. Enjoy!


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Best Ever Rice Krispies Treats

Servings: 18 to 24 squares
Cook Time: 15 Minutes
Total Time: 15 Minutes, plus one hour to cool


  • 12 tablespoons (1-1/2 sticks) unsalted butter
  • Two 10-oz bags mini marshmallows, divided
  • 3/4 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 8-1/2 cups Rice Krispies or crispy rice cereal (use gluten-free if needed)


  1. Line a 9 x 13-inch pan with heavy duty aluminum foil and lightly grease with softened butter. Set aside 2 cups of the marshmallows.
  2. In a large pot, melt the butter over medium-high heat (save the wrappers for pressing the mixture into the pan). After the butter melts, it will begin to bubble, foam, and turn golden around the edges. Eventually it will turn a dark golden color and smell nutty -- watch carefully, it will go from golden brown to burned quickly. (You'll see little bits of brown sediment forming; that's okay.) Once the butter is browned, remove the pan from the heat and add the remaining marshmallows, vanilla, and salt.
  3. Place the pot over low heat and stir the mixture with a wooden spoon until the marshmallows are completely melted. Remove the pan from the heat and add the cereal. Using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon, stir until evenly combined. Add the reserved marshmallows and stir until they are softened and partially melted (you want pockets of goo). Transfer the mixture to the prepared pan and, using the butter wrapper or damp fingers, press the mixture gently into an even layer in the prepared baking pan. Let cool at room temperature for at least an hour.
  4. Use the foil overhang to lift the treats onto a cutting board, then cut into 18 to 24 bars, depending on how large you'd like them. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 days.
  5. Freezer-Friendly Instructions: To freeze, place in layers separated by wax paper in airtight container. Freeze for up to 6 weeks. Let stand at room temperature for about an hour before serving.

Nutrition Information

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  • Per serving (24 servings)
  • Calories: 162
  • Fat: 6g
  • Saturated fat: 4g
  • Carbohydrates: 27g
  • Sugar: 15g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Protein: 1g
  • Sodium: 93mg
  • Cholesterol: 15mg

This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.

Reviews & Comments

  • These have ruined me for all other rice krispie treats for ever… So good!!!!!

    • — Kari Brashers on November 10, 2018
    • Reply
  • Hi living in London I ran out of golden grahams so made this . How come despite the same amount of Rice Krispies and marshmallows you use less butter? I had a heck of a time mixing the Rice Krispies into the marshmallow mixture so I ended up using almost 2 cups less. Just curious

    • — Leeann on November 3, 2018
    • Reply
    • Hi Leeann, Sorry you had a problem with these! I’m honestly not sure why I used a different amount of butter here. (I developed the two recipes separately and have never had a problem with either one.)

      • — Jenn on November 6, 2018
      • Reply
  • Absolutely THE BEST!! I get so many compliments when I make these for parties. They always vanish too! Thanks for such an EASY, amazing recipe!

    • — Kathy on October 24, 2018
    • Reply
  • This recipe really is the best!!! My partner and I can’t believe how overwhelmingly gooey and delicious the result is. Thank you!

    • — CJ Meckbach on October 16, 2018
    • Reply
  • Worst recipe ever. It’s a complete disaster… Do not try

    • — Joey on October 13, 2018
    • Reply
  • Best ever!! This is the only recipe I use and it’s perfect as is.

    • — Jenny on October 8, 2018
    • Reply
  • These are the best rice krispie treats I have ever had! The brown butter and the golden grahams are the secret. These have become a much requested treat within our extended family.

    • — Tamara Wilson on October 4, 2018
    • Reply
  • I love this recipe. I add colored sprinkles to make my granddaughters unicorn rice bars. These are good treats

    • — Cheryl lee on September 6, 2018
    • Reply
  • Hands down the best recipe ever!!!! I sent to my son at college. He was able to trade one small rice crispy treat for two mac and cheese bowls

    • — Kathryn Bright on August 15, 2018
    • Reply
  • I can bake almost anything. An elaborate wedding cake? No problem. A 24 layer Dobosh Torte with Swiss meringue buttercream? Can do! Candies, cookies, and more, I can do. But I, for some reason, have never been able to make a halfway decent rice krispie treat. (seriously, you could break your teeth on my earlier attempts.) . Until now. This really is the best recipe around!

    • — Nikki from Tikkido on August 6, 2018
    • Reply
  • Thank you for this recipe. It was a hit for my husband that has never tasted homemade rice krispies! The browned butter adds an extra layer of sophistication.

    • — LindaKathryn on July 24, 2018
    • Reply
  • SoOOooOooo GOOOOD!!!! I haven’t been eating sugar for the past 2 months and decided this was this recipe to cheat with (and it was worth it). These have such a great depth of flavor, I will be making again for F&F 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    • — Shannon on July 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • These were super simple and came out great! I made then for the 4th or July and i went to the store to get the supplies and luckily got the last box of rice crispies!!!

    • — Savannah on July 3, 2018
    • Reply
  • I am an avid home baker. I like Rice Krispie Treats but never made them for anyone but family. I felt like they were a cheat, like store bought cookie dough. And then I made THESE! These are truly The Best Ever. I even tried tweaking them, adding more butter or more marshmallows. Went back to your recipe. I’ve taken them to work, to bake sale, parties… always get the same reaction, they look at them , take one, take a bite, then they get that look on their face! Joy! Thanks for a great recipe. Katrena-June 2018

    • — Katrena Smith on June 23, 2018
    • Reply
  • I made two batches of these for an end of the school year party & they were a huge hit with the adults & children! The amount of browned butter plus addition of vanilla, salt & 2nd batch of marshmallows really amped the flavor without changing it so much they didn’t taste like Rice Krispie Treats anymore. A couple of people said I should sell them!

    I made as written but did dip one end into melted white chocolate & sprinkles.

    • — Jill on June 3, 2018
    • Reply
  • The title does not lie. The combo of the browned butter and vanilla is the kicker. I used more krispies–about 10 cups–cause I don’t like them too goopy. Thought they were perfect. So did everyone at the BBQ. The pan was practically licked clean.

    Also used the mallow/butter base for s’mores treats (golden grahams + chocolate chips). All were devoured, with people making a point to tell me they were “seriously good.”

    I did notice the marshmallows initially had a hard time mixing with the browned butter. I kept the heat on and vigorously mixed for maybe 4-5 mins and eventually it combined together.

    I will be making these again and again. So happy I found this recipe.

    • — Rosemary on May 29, 2018
    • Reply
  • I have been using this particular recipe for a few years now, and have it bookmarked on all my devices. I didn’t know much about browned butter before I began making my own RKTs, but now I am obsessed with brown butter blondies with white chocolate. Thank you for inspiring me to do more. You are a genius and it’s obvious you are an expert.

    • — Alison Fenton Borel on April 29, 2018
    • Reply
  • These are the best ever Rice Krispie bars! I was visiting family and they had this recipe to make for a sweet treat. They were easy to make and really are the best I have ever tasted! Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    • — Brenda on April 29, 2018
    • Reply
  • I absolutely love this recipe! I’m 15 and I love to bake, and I had no experience of browning butter, but your descriptions really helped! I nailed it on the first try! They taste really good and I was worried about having too much butter at first, but the cereal absorbed it. Adding the marshmallows at the very end was genius! I agree, it may be too buttery for some, but I like it!

    • — Cassie on April 6, 2018
    • Reply
    • So glad you enjoyed these, Cassie (and love that you’re 15 and know your way around the kitchen!) 🙂

      • — Jenn on April 6, 2018
      • Reply
  • I am a serious fan of RKTs. Wanted to start making my own because I am tired of spending $3 for one at Starbucks every time a craving hits! This was my first attempt (ever) at making RKT and I went with this recipe because of all the great reviews. While the browned butter, salt and vanilla additions are great, the sheer amount of butter used here is just entirely too rich. I had one and almost immediately felt sick. And I’m far from a lightweight (in both body mass and eating habits!) Proceed with caution here. I could cut the butter in half and I’m sure they’d still be great, and actually edible. Perhaps to each their own. But this was way too rich for my blood/stomach.

    • — S on April 1, 2018
    • Reply
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This was the first time I was able to make RKT without them turning into bricks! Amazing recipe, truly the best I’ve ever had! The only bad part is, I’m going to be gaining 10 lbs of marshmallow to my waistline! Also, beautiful pictures and step by step instructions, thank you!

    • — Laura on March 29, 2018
    • Reply
  • This recipe is absolutely perfect! I never thought of adding mini marshmallows a after mixing in the cereal! This will be a go to for me! ❤️

    • — Laura on March 3, 2018
    • Reply
  • This recipe is seriously incredible. It takes rice krispie treats to a whole new level. My daughters came home from college and that pan was gone in an hour. There’s simply no going back after trying these. To press it down, I just sprayed my hands with cooking spray pushed them firmly down. Waiting for them to cool down is the hardest part!

    • — Heather on March 2, 2018
    • Reply
  • These are the BEST Rice Krispies recipe EVER!!! I would probably add a little extra marshmallows in the middle of process to add even more of the gooey texture.

    • — Kiirston on March 1, 2018
    • Reply
  • Honestly thought how different could any Rice Krispie treat recipe be from any other. But this recipe is really great. The addition of the vanilla and pinch of salt makes all the difference in the world.

    • — CeCe on February 21, 2018
    • Reply
  • I made these for Valentine’s Day and they were absolutely delicious!! I followed the recipe exactly and everyone loved them. They were not too sweet at all… they were perfect!

    • — Rhianna on February 17, 2018
    • Reply
  • These were way to sweet and could never feed these to my kids. Way to much marshmallows and butter. I had one and instantly felt sick. These reviews must be wrong.

    • — Cindy on February 13, 2018
    • Reply
    • I agree way too sweet.

      • — Christy on February 24, 2018
      • Reply
      • Yes and way too much butter had to throw out the whole batch

        • — Crystal Johnson on March 9, 2018
        • Reply
        • Agree!! What a waste of ingredients. All the grease at the bottom and a glob of brown marshmallow. I’ve made RKT so many times and this was awful!! So frustrating also!!

          • — Emily on March 31, 2018
          • Reply
    • Not wrong, just different taste preferences.

      • — Laura on March 29, 2018
      • Reply
  • This really is the best recipe for rice krispie squares! It is super flavorful because of the browned butter. For new cooks or young cooks with little experience, Browning butter may seem daunting! But your photos are very helpful as are your descriptions of the smell, color and what the butter will actually do during the process. Making this the first time was the first time I had browned butter, but it went well! The recipe turned out fantastic and they were devoured. I think I ended up making three batches that week alone! I’m now on my fifth go since December and I have it down to a science in my kitchen.

    I personally think you could add a hair more butter, maybe a total of 1 3/4 cups? I feel like there’s not enough butter to melt the marshmallows. But it always works out.

    Another tip? Use the mini mallows for better melting uniformity. Or cut up big mallows. They don’t melt fast enough when whole.

    Another tip: the stirring and melting of the mallows into the butter needs to be renamed “beat the ever living snot out of those mallows and stir hard and fast because everything is cooling in record time and you must get these mallows melted!!”

    Last time: when mixing in the cereal, the instructions should read “be prepared to use every ounce of power your biceps can muster and don’t be afraid to get your shoulder into the movement! Move move move! Mush mush mush! Beat that cereal into submission!”. Holy crap is that part a workout!

    Great recipe! Am going to troll some of your others to see what you’ve done with blueberries as of late 🙂 hehe

    • — Barb Neidigh on February 7, 2018
    • Reply
    • OMG I love this review. You just made my day!!

      • — Alisha W. on February 21, 2018
      • Reply
      • had to comment, this is my first time making Krispie Treats and i was terrified of turning them into dust. thanks to you, i am very much looking forward to the next batch. i have a bone to pick with them mallows. >:)

        • — D on September 28, 2018
        • Reply
        • Someone suggested that she kept the marshmallow mixture on low heat while adding the cereal slowly and said that was the ticket! No workout necessary!

          • — Melody on October 17, 2018
          • Reply
  • Amazing treats! the whole family loved them! thank you for this recipe!

    • — Mariya on February 5, 2018
    • Reply
  • Awesome! Made these for a Super Bowl Party, added green food coloring, for the EAGLES, and they were a huge hit! Nice and soft

    • — Amy on February 4, 2018
    • Reply
  • I love how you are something plain and elevate it. Those few simple steps, browning butter, adding marshmallow pockets made something every day special. Just that little bit of effort made a simple treat a dessert!

    • — Ms Vicki Lavender on February 1, 2018
    • Reply
  • Just made this today. I love rice Krispy squares! This recipe has so much flavour, probably from browning the butter and the added salt. I agree with the label of Best Ever Rice Krispy Squares!!!

    • — Rachel Hardy on January 26, 2018
    • Reply
  • Jenn, I am so happy I found your website! Thank you for giving this non-cook the confidence and instruction to make delicious recipes! Question about the butter browning, about how long ? My butter turned a very dark color and when mixed with the cereal, my krispies became slightly brown. They still came out yummy though!! Any tips would be appreciated.

    • — Erica on January 23, 2018
    • Reply
    • I, too, am happy that you found the site! 🙂 The browning of the butter should take 3 to 5 minutes. Perhaps you added a bit of the sediment (that forms when browning butter) to the mixture. That might account for the slightly brown color.

      • — Jenn on January 24, 2018
      • Reply
  • These tasted delicious but turned out rock hard! What did I do wrong? (Yes I used butter and followed the recipe exactly). Maybe they sat out too long? I let them sit for 2 Hours (???) before packing them up. Could that be it?!

    • — Angie on January 23, 2018
    • Reply
    • Angie, Sorry to hear these turned out hard! Letting them sit out for 2 hours shouldn’t make much of a difference. Is there any chance you could’ve made a measuring error?

      • — Jenn on January 24, 2018
      • Reply
    • I love this recipe and so does my family! It turns out perfect every time! The only think I experiment with is the butter. Too my surprise I find that organic butter is the best even better than the expensive European butters. One thing I learned while on the hunt to prefect the RKT recipe was to not pack them too tight when they are warm. Just a light touch to even then out. Over packing will definitely turn them to rocks when cool. 🙂
      Thanks for our family’s favorite recipe!

      • — Courtney on September 16, 2018
      • Reply
  • This is the best rice crispie treat recipe I have used.

    • — Ruthie McCann on January 17, 2018
    • Reply
  • I want to try this, but don’t want such a big pan hanging around (too tempting!). Can I half this & obtain good results? I’m thinking an 8×8 pan should work. What do you think?

    • — L on January 11, 2018
    • Reply
    • Yep that should be fine. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on January 11, 2018
      • Reply
  • AMAZING!! I make these at least twice a month. It is a family favorite.

    • — Anne on January 11, 2018
    • Reply
  • Amazing!! So delicious. Can’t stop eating them!!

    • — Silvy on January 4, 2018
    • Reply
  • Are you trying to say around 3 to 4 teaspoons of vanilla extract? Not three-fourths of a teaspoon? I noticed the same thing with the salt, is it half of a teaspoon or 1 to 2 teaspoons of salt?

    • — Molly on January 2, 2018
    • Reply
    • Hi Molly, Those are fractions – so three-fourths of a teaspoon of vanilla and a half teaspoon of salt.

      • — Jenn on January 2, 2018
      • Reply
  • So disappointed with this. Followed all directions and not enough marshmallows!!

    • — Rose on December 31, 2017
    • Reply
    • Sorry to hear you had a problem with the recipe, Rose! Did you make any adjustments to the amounts of the other ingredients?

      • — Jenn on January 1, 2018
      • Reply
      • I can’t believe you didn’t have enough marshmallows. I followed the recipe to the letter and mine are soooooooo marshmallowy! (Not complaining!)

        • — Emily on January 14, 2018
        • Reply
  • Amazingly delicious!!!

    • — Heidi on December 28, 2017
    • Reply
  • I made this recipe for a xmas party at work and they were a huge hit, I received compliments all day!

    • — Rachel on December 28, 2017
    • Reply
  • Fantastic!!!! So chewy and delicious. I’ve been making these wrong for so many years. My husband and children LOVE this recipe. And it’s so easy. Can wait to deliver them around the neighborhood!

    • — Jessica Hall on December 20, 2017
    • Reply
  • Jenn, I want to send a batch of your Rice Krispie treats to some soldiers oversea. Do you think I can make the recipie as is and ship them? Thank you!

    • — Lu on November 25, 2017
    • Reply
    • Hi Lu, while these are pretty sturdy, I don’t think they’ll be all that fresh by the time they get to the soldiers. Some other options that may work are any of my biscotti recipes (these chocolate biscotti and really well-liked), or Toffee Almond Sandies. Hope that helps (and what a nice thing to do at the holidays)!

      • — Jenn on November 26, 2017
      • Reply
      • Thanks Jen! Ha, I was just thinking about your chocolate biscotti!

        • — Lu on November 26, 2017
        • Reply
  • Very good

    • — Alyssa Mollenkopf on November 11, 2017
    • Reply
  • I hardly ever write reviews, but had too. Hands down, BEST EVER recipe!! Made for child’s bake sale and he was so happy that they sold out and he heard so many kids saying how good they were.

    • — Nicole on November 9, 2017
    • Reply
    • I too, hardly ever write reviews, but had to for this one! They’re delicious!

      • — Rachel Hardy on January 26, 2018
      • Reply
  • Great reviews, so I tried this. Never made rice crispy treats before, but I’d heard it was super easy. AND I bake. Not just regular baking, but gluten free, as well. Completely from scratch.
    Well, I followed the directions, but the butter–on med-high–never browned. It was on about 8 minutes. The sound changed, the smell got the nuttiness. I went for another minute…still no browning. So I pulled it off and added the marshmallows, salt, vanilla. On low, after several minutes, it barely melted. I turned it up higher and higher. Finally, after probably 10 minutes and getting up to medium heat, it became a mass of marshmallow, floating in butter. No matter how I stirred, it just never combined. After another 2-3 minutes of absolutely no change or combining, I figured I’d better start mixing in the cereal. It was a total disaster. Butter coating the bowl(Aside from a deep stock pot, I didn’t have a pot big enough for the whole mixture, so I transferred to a huge mixing bowl) crispies refusing to combine and just sliding all over the place. Complete F-ing disaster. With crispies crunching under my feet, I said “screw it” and turned the entire mixture out onto a huge cutting board and did my best to knead the crispies into the completely unmixed mixture of molten mallows and slippery butter, without burning myself or completely smashing the crispies. I finally gave it no choice but to combine and in the end it tasted ok, and looks fine, but I worked on that for more like 45 minutes and then spent another 45 cleaning up the kitchen. So, can you please tell me… what went wrong. Why didn’t the butter and marshmallow, salt, vanilla mixture never combine?

    Thank you,

    • — Zoya on November 6, 2017
    • Reply
    • Hi Zoya, sorry to hear this was a bit of an ordeal for you! Did you by chance use margarine or a butter substitute? That might account for the problem with the ingredients combining.

      • — Jenn on November 7, 2017
      • Reply
      • What did you use for this Recipe-Butter or Margarine??? And can I ask what brand it was?? I am going to try to make this and what them to turn out Great like yours….every time I had made them they turn out hard as a brick after they set up😪 Thank You!!

        • — Jennifer on December 19, 2017
        • Reply
        • Hi Jennifer, I use regular store-brand butter; nothing fancy. Did this recipe come out hard for you? If so, happy to try to help troubleshoot!

          • — Jenn on December 19, 2017
          • Reply
  • The name says it all. The best!!

    • — Mike on November 1, 2017
    • Reply
  • All I can say is OMG these are ooey gooey good 😊 I have tried to make good rice krispy treats before and the browned butter is what they were missing. That nutty flavor is 💋

    • — Kelly on October 31, 2017
    • Reply
  • Do you have to have unsalted butter? Does it make a difference?

    • — Sue on October 29, 2017
    • Reply
    • You don’t have to use unsalted butter, but the primary reason that recipes call for it is that the amount of salt in salted butter varies by brand. This makes it harder to calibrate the rest of your seasoning in the recipe. While it varies by brand, most salted butter has approximately 1/4 tsp. salt per stick, so you can reduce the salt in the recipe as needed. Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on October 30, 2017
      • Reply
    And the tip to use the butter paper to spread out the mixture was genius!

    • — Candace on October 22, 2017
    • Reply
  • These are amazing! I am not normally a fan of rice krispie treats but I needed to make them for my son’s daycare. After I made them, the batch didn’t even make it to daycare because my husband and son ate so many of them. They are fantastic!

    • — Lindsay on October 19, 2017
    • Reply
  • These were amazing! Great recipe!

    • — Kay on October 8, 2017
    • Reply
  • Omg… Finally found the recipe for PERFECT rice krispy treats! Yes!

    • — Kristina Gusman on October 1, 2017
    • Reply
  • I made a batch for my kid’s birthday treat for her classmates and they all LOVED it, including the teacher who couldn’t resist sneaking a bite before the birthday song was sung…..
    I used Trader Joe’s rice krispies and marshmallows (less “bad stuff” in the ingredients than Kraft brand) and they turned out really delicious. The big marshmallows took a little time to melt but wasn’t too tedious.
    The browned butter heightened the taste – highly recommend!! Am making again this weekend….

    • — Ponyo on September 15, 2017
    • Reply
  • My husband always loved the large rice krispie treats with the partially melted marshmellow, but my attempts only ever tasted ok. This is the perfect recipe if you like that little bit of marshmellow chunk in your treat! Everyone loves this recipe!

    • — Nicole on September 15, 2017
    • Reply
  • Omg, this was the best rice krispy treat I have ever had in my life. My kids loved them too! The instructions were so easy to follow.

    • — Tiffany on September 14, 2017
    • Reply
  • First time making Rice Krispie treats. Recipe was great. Unfortunately put husband’s grandfather’s cake pan in dishwasher and ruined it. Can I add peanut butter to this recipe?

    • — Byul on September 14, 2017
    • Reply
    • Sorry to hear about the cake pan!! I haven’t added peanut butter to these, but a few other readers have commented that they’ve added a few tablespoons with good results.

      • — Jenn on September 15, 2017
      • Reply
  • This is the best recipe ever! I love these. I am not usually a fan of homemade rice krispie treats. I made these for my family and decided to try one and I am hooked. I have mixed in mini chocolate chips, almond butter, butterscotch chips and mini candy coated chocolate pieces. Each time they come out delicious!

    • — GiGi on September 14, 2017
    • Reply
  • Best ever indeed. The butter browning process was a little intimidating (the butter spits!), but it takes these to another level. I love how this recipe makes taller, more substantial treats than others I’ve tried. My family also loved the little marshmallow pieces flecked throughout. This will be my go-to Rice Krispies Treats recipe.

    • — Christina on September 14, 2017
    • Reply
  • These rice krispie treats were DELICIOUS! The browned butter added a layer of scrumptious flavor and the marshmallows added at the end added a little extra texture. The kids loved it and the teacher as well!
    Thanks for another tasty easy-to-prepare recipe!

    • — Ponyo on August 27, 2017
    • Reply
  • Thank you so much for posting this great step by step tutorial/recipe! First time making rice crispy treats and they turned out great! Added sprinkles at the end before putting in the pan and then added more on top after pressing the mixture into the pan. Very happy!

    • — Leslie on August 24, 2017
    • Reply
  • I am making these for my son’s wedding. They are going to surround the chocolate fountain. I would like to do some flavored ones any suggestions??? Has anyone tried to swirl colors? I’d like to figure out how to get a burgandy color swirl

    • — Becky on August 22, 2017
    • Reply
  • I want to add some color with some mini M&m’s. Any thoughts on the best way to this? I’m afraid if I just sprinkle them on the top they will fall off easily?!?

    • — Lisa on August 19, 2017
    • Reply
    • Hi Lisa, I think you could get away with that. I’d add them along with the cereal. LMK how they turn out!

      • — Jenn on August 22, 2017
      • Reply
  • Better than what I’d imagined. I got a little nervous upfront about the Browning of the butter but it was a simple.

    • — Irene Insignares on August 4, 2017
    • Reply
  • I’ve made mine like this before, only what I’ve also done (to get the campfire marshmallow flavor) is toast the marshmallows under a broiler to brown them a bit before scraping the mess into the pot. That’s probably about the only thing you could do to this to take it up another notch and still maintain the feel of a classic (e.g. not adding peanut butter or chocolate chips, or anything else that would degrade the simple and pure flavor).

    • — Phanes on August 1, 2017
    • Reply
  • Not an exaggeration – I have made these at least a dozen times and heard from more than a dozen people that this recipe for Rice Krispies is the best they’ve ever had! Thanks for making me look like a rock star chef Jenn!!

    • — Tamera on July 25, 2017
    • Reply
  • I made these for the very first time! It was a big hit with my family. Very tasty and gooey!! Will never buy them again, will always make homemade ones. I do have 1 question, if I use the regular size marshmallows how much should I use? Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!

    • — Jen Tozzi on July 17, 2017
    • Reply
  • I can’t find 10 oz bags of marshmallows so how many cups total do you need?

    • — Erica Roywr on June 23, 2017
    • Reply
    • I did some very crude math and I believe you’d need a total of about 12 cups. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on June 23, 2017
      • Reply
  • These bars were amazing, our 17 year old farm helper said they were the best he had ever had! i tried making them without browning the butter (forgot, didn’t have the recipe in front of me so went of memory) and i think that and the salt are the secret. They are truly amazing.

    • — Katherine Winquist on June 22, 2017
    • Reply
  • To step these up another notch use almond extract instead of vanilla.

    • — Becky T on May 30, 2017
    • Reply
  • What size box of Rice Krispies do you buy to get the 8 1/2 cup of cereal?
    The family size is 24oz, but I also have an 11oz box of Fruity Pebbles I wanted to make into treats.
    Would I need to cut the recipe in half to do an 11oz box of cereal?

    • I believe the small box of Rice Krispies is 12 ounces and that’s what I’ve used. 11 ounces of the Fruity Pebbles should be enough. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on May 29, 2017
      • Reply
  • These were delish! The only thing that I didn’t like was the aluminum foil did not work out so great. When I started to cut them into squares, it stuck to the rice krispies treats so much that I had to use a knife to cut foil off. I will def be using this recipe again just won’t use tin foil tho!?

    • — Alaine on May 20, 2017
    • Reply
    • Hi Alaine, It’s important to use heavy duty foil (such as Reynolds) — if you don’t have it, you can also use parchment paper.

      • — Jenn on May 22, 2017
      • Reply
      • They now have non-stick foil. That’s what I use. (typically, the non-stick side is the dull side)

        • — Steve Nathan on July 30, 2017
        • Reply
  • I most definitely will try this because no doubt it has to be a winner. Whenever I make Rice Krispie Treats I spray my stirring utensil w/cooking spray, it helps keeps things from getting so sticky. I also spray the pan for easy removal. I will give the foil method a try. Usually they don’t last long enough to be cut, just pull off some and gobble.

    • — Ruby on May 19, 2017
    • Reply
  • How long can you keep them? I wanna make them now and keep them for 2 months til the event I’m using them.

    • — Sara Nyambayar on May 13, 2017
    • Reply
    • Hi Sara, You can freeze them for up to 6 weeks. To freeze, place in layers separated by wax paper in airtight container.

      • — Jenn on May 13, 2017
      • Reply
  • This recipie IS the best ever! I’ve already made them twice. Trying to restrain myself and not eat the whole pan! The goey pockets of marshmallow was a genius idea!

    • — Sarah on May 11, 2017
    • Reply
  • These are absolutely delicious. The chunks of marshmallows from the 2C you hold out and the salt are what make these stand out. I am next going to try the recipe with the Golden Grahams!
    Thank you for sharing this Jenn.

    • — Mary Manzer on May 11, 2017
    • Reply
  • My kids love this, esp the extra gooey factor!

    • — Lisa Lee on May 11, 2017
    • Reply
  • The brown butter really makes a difference.

    Thank you for another great recipe.

    • — Heidi Van Stone on May 5, 2017
    • Reply
  • I made these Rice Krispies and didn’t want to share. The brown butter, salt and vanilla made all the difference! YUM!

    • — Beth H. on April 29, 2017
    • Reply
  • These are definitely kicked up a notch !
    Love them!

    • — Maria morelli on April 27, 2017
    • Reply
  • I just made these and they ARE the best Rice Krispies Treats ever! I’m going to have to hide them from my sister!

    • — Vicki on April 14, 2017
    • Reply
  • Oh my goodness. These are too good for my health. Way too easy to whittle off an edge here and there : ) I can’t wait to try your other version! Thank you!

    • — Jamie on April 9, 2017
    • Reply
  • These are absolutely delicious! I never liked Rice Krispie treats, but these are a keeper!!! The golden ones are even more amazing 😉

    • — Heather M. Jacoby on April 6, 2017
    • Reply
  • My husband and I agree…these are the best Rice Krispie treats we have ever had.

    • — KA in Colorado on March 31, 2017
    • Reply
  • Made these for my teenage son and his friends and they just about inhaled the platter. Had to immediately make a second batch. Thank you!!

    • — Stephanie on March 28, 2017
    • Reply
  • I live in a country where marshmallows are hard to come by, but that jarred Fluff stuff is plentiful. How would you modify this recipe to use Fluff instead of marshmallows? (Or would that be a terrible idea? I’ve never had Fluff!)

    Thank you!

    • — jess b on March 23, 2017
    • Reply
    • Hi Jess, I’ve never tried it but on the Rice Krispies website it says that 1 jar (7 oz.) marshmallow crème can be substituted for marshmallows, so you’d need 2 jars. Please lmk how it turns out if you try it!

      • — Jenn on March 23, 2017
      • Reply
      • I added the LorAnn peanut butter oil extract in with the butter, vanilla mixture and then browned.

        Once the marshmallows had melted I added a shake of cinnamon and 2 rounded tablespoons of peanut butter to melt together. Then added the Rice Krispies.

        Amazing recipe!

        • — Cathi on July 9, 2017
        • Reply

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