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Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Charming? Check. Kitschy? Absolutely. But who can resist red velvet cupcakes with their subtle chocolate flavor, gorgeous hue, and lavish swirl of cream cheese frosting on top?

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Charming? Check. Kitschy? Absolutely. But who can resist red velvet cupcakes with their subtle chocolate flavor, gorgeous hue, and lavish swirl of cream cheese frosting on top?

red velvet cupcakes on marble.

The best quote about the allure of red velvet cake comes from Southern food writer Angie Mosier, who said, “It’s the Dolly Parton of cakes—a little bit tacky, but you love her.” It’s true: the cake is sometimes appallingly red, but I don’t know anyone who can resist it. This version, modestly adapted from Dam Good Sweet: Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, New Orleans Style by David Guas and Raquel Pelzel, is my all-time favorite. The cupcakes have a subtle chocolate flavor, deep mahogany color, and lavish swirl of tangy cream cheese frosting on top.

You should know right off the bat that these cupcakes are made with a lot of food coloring. After all, the color is the main idea! There are many theories as to why the cake is red, but no one knows for sure; to read about it, check out this wonderful New York Times article.

“Delicious, moist, just the right amount of sweet, and absolutely lovely!”


What You’ll Need To Make Red Velvet Cupcakes

ingredients to make red velvet cupcakes.
  • All-purpose flour: Provides the structure for the cupcakes. Use the spoon-and-level method when measuring to ensure accuracy.
  • Dutch-processed cocoa powder: Adds a lovely subtle chocolate flavor characteristic of red velvet cupcakes. Natural cocoa powder can also be used, but the cupcakes won’t be quite as chocolaty.
  • Baking soda and baking powder: These leavening agents help the cupcakes rise and become fluffy.
  • Unsalted butter: Adds richness and moisture to the batter; also used to grease the pans to prevent sticking.
  • Light brown sugar: Contributes to the cupcakes’ moisture and adds a subtle molasses flavor.
  • Red Food Coloring: Provides the signature red color of red velvet cupcakes. I recommend using gel food coloring, such as Wilton (No-taste) Red Gel Icing Color, as it lends intense color without affecting the taste or consistency of the cupcakes. (See FAQs below for more details.)
  • Eggs: Bind the ingredients together, adding structure and contributing to the cupcakes’ richness.
  • Buttermilk: Its acidity reacts with the baking soda for lift and tenderizes the flour, making the cupcakes soft and moist while adding a slight tanginess. If you don’t want to buy a whole carton, see my easy method for how to make buttermilk with milk and lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Cream Cheese Frosting: Made with cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract, this slightly tangy frosting adds a luscious finish that balances the sweetness of the cake.
  • Jump to the printable recipe for precise measurements

Step-By-Step Instructions

Begin by combining the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

dry ingredients in mixing bowl.

Whisk until well combined, then set aside.

whisked dry ingredients in mixing bowl.

In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine the butter, light brown sugar, vanilla and food coloring.

butter, vanilla, brown sugar, and red food coloring in bowl of electric mixer.

Mix on low speed until combined (go easy — you don’t want to splatter red food coloring all over your kitchen!) and then increase the speed and beat until light and aerated, about 2 minutes.

creamed butter and sugar mixture

Scrape down the bowl and add the eggs one at a time.

adding eggs to creamed butter mixture.

Beat well after each addition.

creamed butter mixture in mixing bowl.

Then mix in one-third of the flour mixture.

adding dry ingredients to batter.

Follow that with half of the buttermilk.

adding buttermilk to batter.

Mix in another third of the flour. Then repeat with the remaining buttermilk and flour.

finished red velvet cupcake batter in bowl.

When the batter is well-mixed, spoon it into the cupcake pans, filling the liners almost to the top.

red velvet cupcake batter spooned into muffin tin and ready to bake.

Bake for 22 to 24 minutes, until the tops are set and a cake tester comes out clean.

red velvet cupcakes in pan fresh out of the oven.

Let the cupcakes cool on a rack.

red velvet cupcakes cooling on rack.

Meanwhile, make the cream cheese frosting. When the cupcakes are completely cool, use a butter knife or small offset spatula to swirl the frosting over top. The cupcakes are best enjoyed fresh on the same day.

red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on marble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend gel food coloring over liquid food coloring?

I recommend gel food coloring because it’s much more concentrated than liquid food coloring. This means you can achieve the deep, vibrant red hue characteristic of red velvet with less product, which can affect the batter’s consistency and taste bitter when used in large quantities (especially when it comes to red). I use Wilton’s Red (No-taste) Icing Color. You can find it in the cake decorating section at craft stores, like Michael’s or A.C. Moore, or order it online.

If you’d like to omit food coloring altogether, you can try to find an all natural substitute (though I know of none that give the same intensity) or just leave it out.

Can I make these red velvet cupcakes as a layer cake?

Absolutely! The recipe makes enough to fill two 9-inch cake pans. The baking time for the cake layers will be about 30 minutes, or until a cake tester comes out clean.

Can red velvet cupcakes be frozen?

Yes, the cupcakes can be frozen without the frosting for up to 3 months. Let them cool completely, wrap them individually in plastic wrap, and then in foil. Thaw overnight on the countertop before serving. (Wait until the cupcakes are fully defrosted to ice them.)

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Charming? Check. Kitschy? Absolutely. But who can resist red velvet cupcakes with their subtle chocolate flavor, gorgeous hue, and lavish swirl of cream cheese frosting on top?

Servings: 24 cupcakes
Prep Time: 25 Minutes
Cook Time: 25 Minutes
Total Time: 50 Minutes


For the Cupcakes

  • 3 cups all purpose flour, spooned into measuring cup and leveled-off with a knife
  • ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons Dutch-processed cocoa powder (see note)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1½ teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 2 sticks (½ lb.) unsalted butter, at room temperature, plus more for greasing the pans
  • 1 (1-lb.) box light brown sugar (2¼ cups)
  • 2 teaspoons Wilton Concentrated Red (No-taste) Gel Icing Color, or 3 tablespoons normal liquid red food coloring (see note)
  • 2½ teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 3 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 1¾ cups buttermilk (see note)
  • Cream Cheese Frosting


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line two cupcake pans with paper liners. Lightly grease the tops of the pans with butter or nonstick cooking spray (it's okay if the nonstick spray gets inside of the paper liners).
  2. In a large bowl, combine the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Whisk until well combined and set aside.
  3. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment (or large bowl if using a hand mixer), mix the butter, brown sugar, food coloring, and vanilla on low speed until combined (take care to mix slowly—you don't want the red food coloring to splatter all over your kitchen). Once blended, increase the speed to medium-high and beat until aerated and pale, about 2 minutes. Use a rubber spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition and scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary. Reduce the speed to low and add one-third of the flour mixture, followed by half of the buttermilk. Add another third of the flour followed by the remaining buttermilk. Finish with the final third of the flour mixture and mix until just combined. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, then spoon the batter evenly into the prepared cupcake pans, filling almost to the top of the liners. Bake for 22 to 24 minutes, or until the cupcakes are set and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Let cool on a wire rack for about 15 minutes, then remove the cupcakes from the pans and set on a wire rack to cool completely.
  4. When the cupcakes are cool, use a butter knife or small offset spatula to spread the frosting lavishly over top. The cupcakes are best enjoyed fresh on the day that they are baked.
  5. Note: In baked goods, Dutch-processed cocoa powder has a richer, more chocolatey flavor and darker color than natural unsweetened cocoa powder. It's worth getting for this recipe, but natural unsweetened cocoa powder may be substituted if necessary; just increase the cocoa powder to ½ cup and decrease the flour by 2 tablespoons. Keep in mind that the chocolate taste won't be quite as pronounced and your cupcakes will be a brighter red.
  6. Note: If you’d like to make your own buttermilk, check out the easy method here.
  7. Note: Red (no-taste) concentrated gel icing color is made by Wilton and sold at craft stores (such as Michael's or AC Moore) in the cake decorating section. It is superior to ordinary liquid red food coloring, which can taste bitter when used in large quantities.
  8. Freezer-Friendly Instructions: The cupcakes can be frozen without the frosting for up to 3 months. Let them cool completely, wrap them individually in plastic wrap, and then in foil. Thaw overnight on the countertop before serving. (Wait until the cupcakes are defrosted to ice them.)

Nutrition Information

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  • Serving size: 1 cupcake
  • Calories: 474
  • Fat: 23g
  • Saturated fat: 14g
  • Carbohydrates: 65g
  • Sugar: 51g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Protein: 5g
  • Sodium: 227mg
  • Cholesterol: 85mg

This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Edamam.com. Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.

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  • Hi Jenn,

    I’m making a red velvet cake for a friend’s birthday. I’ve been comparing multiple recipes and noticed that a lot of them use a little vinegar alongside the buttermilk (just 1 tsp or so). I was wondering the reason for the vinegar and why you opted out of using any in yours. Curious what the flavor and texture differences might be in the various recipes I’m looking at. Thanks!

    • — Adrienne on April 9, 2023
    • Reply
    • Hi Adrienne, I’m honestly not sure why recipes would use both buttermilk and vinegar. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful!

      • — Jenn on April 11, 2023
      • Reply
  • can I add black gel food coloring to the frosting?

    • — Vanessa S on February 7, 2023
    • Reply
    • Sure, that should be fine.

      • — Jenn on February 7, 2023
      • Reply
  • I made these last year and they were amazing! I’m making them today for my Daughter’s birthday. I bought Red Velvet Bakery Emulsion. Can I use this instead of the Wilton Gel icing colour? If yes, do I use the same amount?

    • — Terri on June 17, 2022
    • Reply
    • Hi Terri, Glad you liked them! I’m not familiar with that product so I can’t say for sure whether or not it would work. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful!

      • — Jenn on June 20, 2022
      • Reply
  • This is the best recipe I’ve tried for Red Velvet cupcakes. They were tasty & moist. The recipe may look labor intensive but the results are well worth the time.

    Could you use green gel coloring to make Green Velvet cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day?

    • Sure, Kathy – although not sure how strongly the green color will come through with the cocoa powder.

      • My 4 year old and I just made these and instead of dying the cupcakes we dyed the frosting green for St Patrick’s day and added green sprinkles! So good, not too sweet and cupcakes were moist. (I have made many of Jenn’s recipes and she’s my go to for cooking!)

        • — Whitney A on March 18, 2022
        • Reply
  • Hello, what would be a measurement in cups for the butter please?

  • Hi Jenn! Would it work to add in some mini dark chocolate chips into the batter? I would like to try and make a 2 layer cake out of this as you have noted below. I thought maybe the little chips can add some nice crunch.

    • Sure, Alana, I think it would be fine to add some mini chips. Please LMK how it turns out! 🙂

  • Hi Jenn,

    I trust your recipes so much that I plan to bring these to a party with my in laws! Untested beforehand! I know you recommend the spoon and sweep method for measuring flour, but do you happen to gauge the measurement in ounces? My measuring cups are fickle. I trust my kitchen scale much more.

    Thanks! I love everything you create.

    • Hi Norah, So glad you like the recipes!! The great majority of my recipes (including this one) include conversions to metric/weight measurements (they are in grams as opposed to ounces). To view them, scroll down to the recipe, and immediately under the recipe title on the right side, you’ll see a little toggle. If you move it from “cup measures” to metric, you’ll see measurements that will work for you. Hope that helps!

  • Hi jenn
    With the buttermilk has to be low fat?i saw different in the store.

    • No, it doesn’t need to be low fat. Whatever buttermilk your store carries should be fine. Enjoy!

  • Hi Jenn
    Can i make this cupcakes 2 day in advance? It won be dry if i do?
    What do you recommend?

    • — Fanny Velasquez
    • Reply
    • I don’t recommend it, Fanny — sorry! One day ahead should be fine though. Enjoy!

  • I’m making these soon, and I have a question. How much of this batter and how long would I have to bake it for if I were to make this in a 2×9″ cake pan? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Fatima, I’d keep the recipe the same and use two 9-inch round pans. Bake time would be around 30-35 minutes. Hope you enjoy!

      • Hi Jenn, may I ask how much frosting do I need if I make a 9” cake with your cupcake recipe please?

        • — Charmaine on January 6, 2023
        • Reply
        • Hi Charmaine, This is the cake version of your recipe. Hope you enjoy!

          • — Jenn on January 9, 2023
          • Reply
    • Hi Jenn.
      Can i make this recipe 9×13
      Pan? Temperature and cooking time?
      Thanks so much ❤🤗

      • Sure, Fanny, that should work. I’d bake it in a 350° oven for about 25 minutes but keep a close eye on it. Please LMK how it turns out!

  • My first attempt at red velvet cupcakes; this is an excellent and easy to follow recipe.

  • OMG!!! Amazing. These were a hit on New Years Eve 2021. We had to celebrate the end of 2020 with something fantastic & these did not disappoint. The frosting is so good you will want to put it on everything. The cupcakes were so moist and delicious. My family eats gluten free and I was able to substitute GF flour (I use King Arthur) cup for cup without any issue and without compromising taste. I would absolutely recommend and will make again.

  • Hi Jenn,
    I am new to baking and am going to attempt to make these for a girls’ night in themed party for my friend’s 24th birthday. I got icing pipettes and am going to try to make some floral designs. Every YouTube video focuses on buttercream for decorating, but I want to keep my designs fairly simple – just a swirl. Do you think the cream cheese icing will work to make rose designs with a pipette?

    • Hi Lindsay, Unfortunately, I don’t think this frosting is thick enough to get the look you’re going for. Sorry!

  • Hi Jenn,

    I would like to make a red velvet layer cake using this recipe. Any advice on baking times, pan sizes and oven temp? Thanks.

    • Hi Rachel, I’d keep the oven temp the same and use two 9-inch round pans. Bake time would be around 30-35 minutes. Hope you enjoy!

  • Hello Jenn,
    Can you give me a better measurement of the flour, cocoa and coloring if I do only half a batch of this recipe please.
    Thank you!


    • Hi Joyce, you’d just need to cut all the ingredients in half. Hope you enjoy the cupcakes!

      • I read your advice on measuring 1/2 ingredients if one wishes to make a smaller batch of cup cakes. What is your advice regarding half of 3 eggs?

        • Hi Mary, For the 3rd egg, beat it in a measuring cup, discard half of it, and use the remaining half. Hope that helps!

  • Hi there! You mentioned that the cupcakes can be frozen – I was just wondering if the batter can be frozen and used at a later date to bake more cupcakes. Additionally, can the cream cheese frosting be frozen? thank you

    • Hi Shobna, I don’t recommend freezing the batter or the frosting. Sorry!

      • Thank you for your quick response. Would it then be ok to halve this recipe? Or would it compromise the taste… thank you

        • Hi Shobna, It’s perfectly fine to halve the recipe. Enjoy!

  • my daughter wants a red velvet cake for her 5 year old birthday! i’m going to try this. we love your recipes. i am going to use 2 — 9 inch round cake pans, but can’t figure out how to adjust the frosting to cover. also, any natural red dye alternatives you think could work well?

    • — annie bernstein
    • Reply
    • Hi Annie, two 9-inch pans would be fine and you should have enough frosting. And, I don’t think any natural alternatives for the red food coloring will give you that same intensity — sorry! Hope your daughter enjoys!

      • This is a fantastic recipe and rivals our local bakery. I was unable to get the Wilton color, but found and used Lorann Professional Kitchen Red Velvet Bakery Emulsion( sold at Hobby Lobby). The cupcakes had good flavor and the frosting put it over the top. Thank you!

  • Hi Jenn,
    I made these and they were amazing! So delicious and I even sent them out to my coworkers. However, the frosting came out very liquidy rather than like a glaze which makes it drip across the sides. Any way I can find a fix for this? Thanks!

    • Hi Enzo, Sorry to hear you had a problem with the frosting. Did you make any adjustments to the recipe? Did you use reduced-fat cream cheese? If not, it could be that you slightly overbeat the frosting which can use it to be runny.

  • Can I use Hershey Dark Cocoa Powder? How much food coloring do I put if this powder is ok to use.

    • Hi Joyce, you really need Dutch-processed cocoa powder here — sorry!

      • Ok thank you

      • I made this recipe and loved it! They turned out perfectly. I love the way you broke down everything and how it all came together. Will keep this recipe for future use.

  • Delicious! They were enjoyed!! Thank you! I’m forever keeping this recipe.

  • Hi! My son is a fan of the color blue. Would this recipe work if I used blue food coloring?
    Btw I love your recipes.

    • Hi Nabeela, I’ve never made them with anything other than red food coloring, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Please LMK how they turn out!

  • I am a seasoned baker/cook and must say hands down, these cupcakes along with the frosting are fabulous. They are so moist and have a nice crumb. The frosting is superb and not overly sweet. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes. Everything I have tried thus far has been so delicious. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

    • So glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

  • Out of curiosity, why did you choose to use multi-purpose flour vs. cake flour?

    • Hi Gina, I try to develop my baking recipes with all-purpose flour whenever possible because that’s what most people have on hand. Hope you enjoy the cupcakes if you make them!

  • how long would you cook the cupcakes if you are making mini ones

    • — Lenore Liberman
    • Reply
    • Hi Lenore, they will take anywhere from 10 to 13 minutes so keep a close eye on them. Hope you enjoy!

  • Jenn,
    I wish to use this recipe for a layer cake. Can you advise on baking temps, times and pan sizes to make the adjustment?

    • Hi Joanie- Sure, I’d use 2 9-inch round pans. Bake time would be around 30-35 minutes. Hope you enjoy!

  • Will your recipe for red velvet cupcakes work for a 9×13 inch pan? I love your recipes and visit your site first when looking for a specific recipe. Your cookbook is beautiful and I am giving them to my daughter in laws as a gift this year. Thank you for your lovely recipes!

    • Hi Judy, although I haven’t tried it, I do think you could prepare this in a 9 x 13-inch pan, but I think you’ll need to cut the recipe in half. Please LMK how it turns out if you try it this way! (And so glad you like the cookbook enough to gift it to your daughter-in-laws 💓!)

    • I made these tonight upon request of my daughter and they were delicious! I made 12 large cupcakes but I think next time I will stick with the 24 smaller size because they are easier to manage and some people prefer the smaller size because they are so rich. Thank you for this great recipe!

      • — Terri Pierracos
      • Reply
  • I have not made these cupcakes yet, but the reviews sound incredible. How many mini red velvet cupcakes would I get from this recipe? Can I make them the day before as I need them for a bridal shower brunch the following day?

    • Hi Linda, This recipe should yield about 60 mini cupcakes. I do think these are best served on the date they are prepared. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Jenn! I’m not a fan of red velvet but made them for my daughter who certainly is. They turned out really amazing! I just made a few changes: I added mini chocolate chips and substituted mascarpone cheese for the cream cheese. My family and coworkers love those cupcakes. Thanks for share this and all your recipes

  • It’s a really nice, rich batter. Used an ice cream scoop to place batter in the cupcake tins. I do recommend using the gel coloring as recommended by Jen. I was too lazy to go to Michael’s and used the McCormick in the grocery store. That off taste is very evident. Hopefully, the frosting will help cancel that out. Pretty!

  • Fantastic Recipe!!! Absolutely perfect! Super moist and flavorful. Thank you!

  • Hi Jenn,

    I’m looking to make try this recipe and have a question about the buttermilk – I’m trying to make my own buttermilk since I can’t find it in the stores and was wondering whether vinegar or lemon would be better. I’m kinda worried about the citrus flavor if I use lemon.


    • Hi Ibi, Either will work; I always use lemon and I promise you can’t taste the citrus. 🙂

      • Perfect! Thanks so much! 🙂

        • Made this as a double layer cake and Jenn’s got me feeling like a professional baker out here! Delicious, moist, just the right amount of sweet, and absolutely lovely!

  • Fabulous red velvet cupcake recipe – everyone is in love with the delicious taste!

    • Reply
  • Great recipe. Delicious cupcakes!

  • These are awesome!! I especially appreciate the thorough instructions for making the frosting. 🙂 I’ve made these multiple times and my friends all love love love them.

  • can i use half brown sugar half granulates sugar? please help thanks

    • Hi Aya, I’d recommend sticking with all brown sugar here for best results. 🙂

  • Hi Jenn,

    Attempting to make this for the first time and I wasn’t able to find the no-taste gel but I found the Wilton’s gel icing color in Christmas red. Would this produce the right color intensity with the same measurements as in the recipe?


    P.S. your sour cream bundt cakes are a big hit with all my friends. 🙂

    • Hi Cherry, I’ve never used that one, so I don’t know from personal experience. I did look on Amazon and it doesn’t get great reviews for achieving a red color. You can check them out here. Sorry!

  • Honestly have loved every single dessert I’ve made from one of Jenn’s recipes, so when I was looking for a red velvet cake recipe for my boyfriend’s birthday, I knew I had to look here first! Instead of cupcakes I made two layers in 2 9 inch cake pans. The batter amount was perfect! Perfect crumb and great chocolate-y flavor – too die for with the cream cheese frosting. Only complaint is that the frosting is a little too sweet – in the future I would reduce the powdered sugar significantly. Otherwise the cake was such a hit!

  • Can I use half light, half dark brown sugar?

    • Sure, Flo – that should be fine.

      • Thank you, Jenn! I ended up following the recipe exactly and the cupcakes were a hit for Halloween! I especially appreciated the lack of that bitter aftertaste that’s so commonly found in red velvet cakes. I’m a baking novice but thanks to your amazing site I can pretend I know what I’m doing. 😉 Thanks again!

  • Hi Jenn
    I use the recipe (reduced by 20%) for two 8 inch pans. When turning out the cakes to cool, the bottom centre part of the cakes stick to the pans. Appreciate it if you can advise the reason. For info I baked them on the second lower rack of the oven.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sindy, It’s expected that they will stick – I’d spray the pans with a nonstick baking spray with flour (such as Baker’s Joy) and then line the bottoms of the pans with parchment circles. Then I’d spray the parchment as well. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Jen! If I wish to make a red velvet cake, would there be any changes made to this recipe?? And these quantities are good for what size of cake please? I want to have 2-3 layers if possible.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Vanita, I would make two 9 inch cakes. Cook time would be around 30-35 minutes. Hope it turns out!

  • My 11 yr old son made these yesterday for his brother’s birthday. They turned out wonderfully. Thanks Jen.

  • Would the recipe need to be modified for a bundt cake and what size bundt pan would be needed?

    • Hi Karen, Yes, I think this could be turned into a bundt cake. You’d need a 10-inch bundt pan and the cooking time would be about an hour if not a little longer. (I’d start checking it at an hour.)

  • I know you have written this could also be two 9 inch cakes, may i ask, if I want just one 9 inch fat thick cake, would i just reduce the recipe by half? Thank you and thank you for sharing your immense experience.

    • Hi Nargess, yes, you could cut the batter in half to make just one 9 inch cake, but it won’t be particularly fat- it will be the thickness of a typical layer in a layer cake.

  • If I want to skip the food coloring (b/c of the chemicals) do you know if I could sub. beet juice and use the same amount?

    • Hi Julie, Sure but you definitely won’t get the same intensity of color — taste won’t be affected though 🙂

      • Hi Jenn, I’m interested in trying the beet juice substitute. Would you recommend 3 tbsp?

        • Hi Jenn, I’ve never tried this with beet juice, but that sounds about right. Keep in mind that you won’t get nearly as much color as with the food coloring.

  • Hi. Do you have a recipe for a soft red velvet crinkles with cream cheese filling? Thanks!

    • Hi Angela, Unfortunately, I don’t but I will add them to my list 🙂

  • I am in awe of your recipes, thanks for sharing. Please what if I want to make this as one big cake? What changes do I have to make?

    • Hi Jackie, Thank you! See my notes under the last photo to see modifications for a cake. Cook time will be about 40 minutes for two 9-inch cake layers, and you’ll need to increase the frosting.

  • I love a good, moist red velvet cupcake, and this recipe delivers!

  • I made these, exactly as the recipe is written. I used the Dutch cocoa & the no-taste Wilton red gel, exactly like what is in the picture. My cupcakes were more of a beautiful shade of dark brown, not red at all. You would never know by looking at them they were red velvet. Maybe with the regular cocoa? But they were very good. The icing is delicious, & I used a piping bag & decorative tip to frost them.

    • Hi Cheri, Yes, these are more of a mahogany color. You can increase the red by reducing the cocoa powder (replace with flour), but you’ll have less chocolate flavor. You could also use regular cocoa; they will be a much brighter red but the taste won’t be nearly as good.

  • I own a bed and breakfast and decided to make Valentine’s special for my bed and breakfast guests this year and serve mimosas in the morning for breakfast and red velvet cupcakes for one of my nightly desserts, so when this came into my email, I was thrilled as so many recipes I looked at had mixed ratings. This was an excellent recipe! Great tip for the food coloring. Found mine at Hobby Lobby.

  • Ahhhh, you’ve completely read my mind! I wanted to ask if you had a recipe for a red velvet cupcake. My son’s birthday is tomorrow and he’d like me to make some for his class. Birthday wish granted! Thanks for sharing Jenn 🙂

    • Aminah, would you mind hoping back to the site and letting us know how they turned out?? I am dying to give this recipe a try and it would be reassuring to hear from someone who has tried it whether they turned out great or if you had to make modifications. Thanks a million!!

      • HI Shereen. I actually did not have an opportunity to make the cupcakes 🙁 However, my son was generous enough to give me a pass w/ the Super Natural brownies, french vanilla ice-cream, drizzles of chocolate syrup and a variety of sprinkles. I do intend to try the cupcakes soon and will be sure to let you know how they turn out. I am fairly new to Jenn’s website, but I have to tell you, I’ve tried at least 14 recipes and they all came out to perfection! Not one has failed me yet. Each dish looks exactly like her photos and taste even better. I have no doubt this recipe is a winner as well 🙂

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