Sweet, Spicy, Salty Candied Pecans

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These candied pecans are perfect to serve with cocktails or toss over salads, and the best part is that they take just 15 minutes to make!

candied pecans

Photo by Alexandra Grablewski (Chronicle Books, 2018)

Once you start, these candied pecans are hard to stop eating! They’re perfect to serve with cocktails, toss over salads or just keep around the house over the holidays. They also make a delicious homemade gift.  The best part? You only need four simple ingredients to make them — and if you start right now, you’ll be done in 15 minutes.

What You’ll Need To Make Candied Pecans

ingredients for candied pecans


Begin by combining the Confectioners sugar, kosher salt, cayenne pepper and 4 teaspoons of water in a medium bowl.

confectioners' sugar, salt, cayenne and water in bowl

Whisk until combined.

whisked candied pecans mixture

Add the pecans to the sugar mixture and stir until evenly coated.

mixing the pecans with the sugar mixture

Place the nuts on a parchment lined baking sheet in a single layer.

pecans on baking sheet

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until the nuts are crusty on top and caramelized on the bottom.

baked candied pecans

Slide the parchment off of the baking sheet onto a countertop — this stops the nuts from overcooking on the hot baking sheet.

nuts cooling on countertop

When the nuts are completely cool, use your hands to break them apart.

candied pecans broken apart

Transfer the nuts to a bowl and serve, or store in a covered container for up to a few weeks.

candied pecans

Photo by Alexandra Grablewski (Chronicle Books, 2018)

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Sweet, Spicy & Salty Candied Pecans

These candied pecans are perfect to serve with cocktails or toss over salads, and the best part is that they take just 15 minutes to make!

Servings: Makes 2 cups
Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 10 Minutes
Total Time: 15 Minutes


  • 1/2 cup Confectioners' sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 4 teaspoons water
  • 2 cups pecans


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F and set an oven rack in the middle position. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the Confectioners' sugar, kosher salt, cayenne pepper, and water.  
  3. Add the pecans to the sugar mixture and stir until the nuts are evenly coated.
  4. Transfer the pecans to the prepared baking sheet and arrange in a single layer. Do your best to make sure the nuts are evenly spread out (if they are clumped together, they won't cook evenly). Scrape out every last bit of glaze from the bowl and drizzle over the nuts. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until the pecans are caramelized and the caramel on the baking sheet is a rich brown color but not burnt. (The nuts around the edges will darken first; watch closely so they don't burn.)
  5. Immediately slide the parchment off of the hot baking sheet and allow the pecans to cool completely on the countertop (this stops the cooking process and prevents the nuts from burning). Once cool, remove the pecans from the parchment, breaking apart any clusters if necessary, and store in an airtight container for up to two weeks.
  6. Note: If the nuts are sticky after cooling, that means they are a bit undercooked. Pop them back in the oven for a few minutes and let cool again.

Nutrition Information

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  • Per serving (8 servings)
  • Serving size: 1/4 cup
  • Calories: 217
  • Fat: 20 g
  • Saturated fat: 2 g
  • Carbohydrates: 11 g
  • Sugar: 8 g
  • Fiber: 3 g
  • Protein: 3 g
  • Sodium: 178 mg
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg

This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Edamam.com. Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. To obtain the most accurate nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.

Gluten-Free Adaptable Note

To the best of my knowledge, all of the ingredients used in this recipe are gluten-free or widely available in gluten-free versions. There is hidden gluten in many foods; if you're following a gluten-free diet or cooking for someone with gluten allergies, always read the labels of your ingredients to verify that they are gluten-free.

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Reviews & Comments

  • Hi Jenn, these pecans are amazing and yes very simple thx so much! I was wondering if using walnuts with same technique and recipe would have the same delicious results ? Let me know what you think, thx again for all your great recipes 👌🏽 !

    • — Janio Quadra on November 28, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Janio, glad you like them! Yes, you can definitely use walnuts here as well. 🙂

      • — Jenn on November 29, 2020
      • Reply
  • Wonderful quick recipe!
    Make it and share the recipe often

    • — Genia on November 26, 2020
    • Reply
  • Easy, did just what u said, 60 year old pop pop not very good at cookin

    • — Art Shoemaker on November 25, 2020
    • Reply
  • Our family loves these, thanks for sharing!

    • — Johnette on November 22, 2020
    • Reply
  • So, so good! I made a batch this morning to bring to a (socially distant) Halloween driveway party at my neighbor’s house tonight. Then I ate a couple of them, and then a couple more. And then I had to make another batch because one just isn’t enough!

    These are delicious and so easy to make. Your recipes are the best! This one is going in my binder of Keepers. Thank you Jenn!!

    • — Ellen on October 31, 2020
    • Reply
  • I just finished making these and they turned out beautifully! I followed the recipe verbatim (the only tweak was adding a mere sprinkle of hot smoked paprika), baking 12 minutes at 350ºF. The sugar came out nice and brown (not burnt) and the glaze is crackly and not sticky. The only trouble is, I keep having to test one to make sure they’re really okay…and then I have to test another one…and then a couple more! I made these to take as a host gift for a friend, but I’m worried they won’t make it out of the house 🙂

    • — Jessee J. on October 19, 2020
    • Reply
    • LOL – glad they turned out well!

      • — Jenn on October 19, 2020
      • Reply
  • Delicious! Made exactly as written and they came out perfectly crunchy and lightly spiced. Batch 1 never made it off the counter as we couldn’t stop eating them. Added a little pumpkin pie spice (1/2 tsp) to batch 2 and liked the results.

    • — Christina on October 19, 2020
    • Reply
  • I had to bake the pecans about 25 minutes to remove the “stickiness.” Took them over to a friend’s house for a party and as the evening progressed, the pecans became sticky again. We did have humid weather…tasted great though.

    • — Native Texan on September 24, 2020
    • Reply
  • I’ve tried many methods for making spiced nuts using either a sauté pan or the oven and this one is easiest and works exactly as stated. I like adding cinnamon and cumin to the mix. LOVE. Will make again and again.

    • — Mary Toombs on September 22, 2020
    • Reply
  • Just tried this today with almonds! Perfect!

    • — Joan on September 10, 2020
    • Reply
  • Fantastic and soooo simple!

    • — Denise on August 30, 2020
    • Reply
  • I have made this for years as a party snack and everyone loves it. I get nervous about cooking, but Jenn’s instruction style has a way of helping my confidence and making it easier than I think.

    • — Maria R. on August 29, 2020
    • Reply
  • Simple and delicious. I cut the cayenne a little and subbed with a little smoked paprika. Love, love. It’s a keeper!

    • — Wendy on August 4, 2020
    • Reply
  • Love the taste but side down is golden perfect side up is sugary beige looking! Should I be turning over?

    • — Tish on August 4, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Tish, That’s just how they come out so it doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong (and you don’t need to flip them over). Once you crumble them up, you shouldn’t notice the different colorations.

      • — Jenn on August 5, 2020
      • Reply
  • This has become my go-to recipe for flavored nuts! It is SO easy and good. I’ve made it with pecans, walnuts, and, just now, with cashews. All have been delicious. Thank you for such a useful recipe.

    • — CJ Klein on July 16, 2020
    • Reply
  • Is the cooking time the same if you use raw pecans?

    • — Paige on June 25, 2020
    • Reply
    • Yep – hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on June 25, 2020
      • Reply
  • We couldn’t gobble these up fast enough…great for gifts too.

    • — Kari P. on May 30, 2020
    • Reply
  • Would this work for cashews as well?

    • — Emma on May 11, 2020
    • Reply
    • I like this with pecans because the glaze gets into the nooks and crannies, but it will work with cashews as well. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

      • — Jenn on May 11, 2020
      • Reply
      • Love this recipe! Simple, but so delicious. I added 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, as one reviewer suggested and only used 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper.
        Thank you, Jenn. These are the absolute best candied pecans.

        • — Ranee on November 24, 2020
        • Reply
  • Jenn, Thank you so much for the pecans. They were
    wonderful and were perfect in my pineapple spinach salad. I couldn’t believe how easy they were.

    • — Mrs. Angela Judy, Gastonia Nc on April 24, 2020
    • Reply
  • Family loved these as is, but I can’t have much real sugar. So lately I’ve been switching it up using 1/2 sugar substitute and 1/2 brown sugar substitute in place of the powdered sugar. I’ve also been using peanuts, cashews and almonds instead of the pecans. Very tasty treat!

    • — Dawn on April 14, 2020
    • Reply
  • These are delicious! (Except, the water ratio listed is incorrect). With additional water this recipe is perfect! Once these cooled, I had nothing but crumbs left. Perfect! Thanks

    • — Carmen on March 8, 2020
    • Reply
  • Tasted great!!

    • — Zara on March 5, 2020
    • Reply
  • Sadly these never made it to a jar for storage….we ate them right off the parchment paper. I only had chopped pecans available (I was dying to try these so I used what I had). They came out perfect. Next time I will make with whole pecans, as I think they look prettier. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe Jenn!

    • — Stephanie on March 3, 2020
    • Reply
  • Have never written a recipe review before … but these are amazing. I added 1/4 tsp cinnamon. Made them a few hours ago, thinking we could add them to salad for weeks to come… but they are almost gone. So good.

    • — Lisa on February 29, 2020
    • Reply
  • I made this recipe. And was very disappointed. I bought some really fresh pecans when traveling in Texas. I wanted to make something really good with them. The recipe looked good and I’m an experienced cook. I made it as directed. It was a gooey mess. I had to toss them in sugar to get them apart. I won’t make this again.

    • — Lolly Hinkle on February 11, 2020
    • Reply
    • Hi Lolly, So sorry to hear you had a problem with these! It sounds like they needed a few extra minutes in the oven.

      • — Jenn on February 12, 2020
      • Reply
      • I agree but I didn’t want them to burn. As I’m sure you know once something is burned it’s ruined. Gooey could be fixed. I think the recipe would work better with more nuts or less water. I may try it again. Lolly

        • — Lolly on February 12, 2020
        • Reply
  • I’m not a big pecan lover but really love almonds and walnuts. Would this recipe work for them? Thank you!

    • — Eileen Brennan on February 4, 2020
    • Reply
    • I like all the crevices that pecans have as the glaze gets into those, but both almonds and walnuts will work as well. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on February 4, 2020
      • Reply
      • Jenn – you are always so responsive. Thank you!!

        • — Eileen Brennan on February 5, 2020
        • Reply
        • You’re so welcome! ❤️

          • — Jenn on February 6, 2020
          • Reply
  • Has anyone tried cooking the pecans in an air fryer?

    • — Meg Mayo on February 2, 2020
    • Reply
  • I just finished making these nuts to go on my salad for tomorrow’s Super Bowl get together. I had to use half walnuts since I didn’t have enough pecans. Definitely better with the pecans because of their natural sweetness. I’ve made these before with just pecans and loved them!

    • — Denise on February 1, 2020
    • Reply
  • Fantastic holiday gift! Made for 9 people and 3 of them asked for more. Stories of spouses eating entire jar before they even got a taste! So simple to make and can economical if you have a club store for pecans and local dollar store for jars. Have passed this recipe on to those to proverbially teach them to fish so they can enjoy these when the desire strikes. Thank you!

    • — Sharon on January 30, 2020
    • Reply
  • Of course it was wonderful, it was your recipe. You rarely fail to have a winner. Was a great holiday treat along with macaroons and your apple pie.

    • — Susan rittenberg on January 2, 2020
    • Reply
  • I just made these! Oh my my my😍
    Thank you!

    • — Halima McDonough on December 31, 2019
    • Reply
  • We live in an RV in south Texas every winter. This winter we met a man who owns a pecan grove, and we were able to buy many pounds of cracked (not shelled) pecans for a reasonable price. I have made this recipe at least a dozen times in my little toaster oven, and gave them as Xmas gifts to our friends and neighbors. Everyone loves them!

    I didn’t have cayenne pepper the first time I made then, so I substituted Chipotle Chili Pepper by McCormick. I’ve made every batch with that since. They are a hit!

    And SO easy!!!!

    • — Connie Carufel on December 31, 2019
    • Reply
  • I was just given a bag of Schermer pecans, huge, gorgeous halves and i will make a double batch tomorrow. If I use a large sheet pan, can I do them all on the one pan? Giving the recipe 5 stars because II know they will be wonderful and perfect for my Rose Bowl party

    • — Carol Winkelman on December 30, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Carol, I know I’m responding too late to be helpful, but for future reference, it’s important that there is enough room on the baking sheet that the nuts don’t overlap. How did they turn out?

      • — Jenn on January 2, 2020
      • Reply
  • Another hit from Jenn. These pecans are “wildly delicious.” I just made them and can’t stop eating them. Thanks again for a great recipe.

    • — Virginia on December 30, 2019
    • Reply
  • How can something so delicious be so unbelievably easy to make? These nuts are the bomb. Will be making them again and again. Thanks for a great recipe!

    • — Pam on December 30, 2019
    • Reply
    • These nuts are absolutely delicious. I wanted to use my leftover pecans from Christmas and found this lovely gem of a recipe. Thank you!!!

      • — Tara on January 2, 2020
      • Reply
  • These are exactly what you said- scrumptious. I made 4 batches in one afternoon and they were devoured over the holidays. You can’t have just one. Thanks.

    • — Marie J Taylor on December 30, 2019
    • Reply
  • Wonderful recipe. However, I almost wish I hadn’t learned about it as I have no will power.

    • — Kathy on December 29, 2019
    • Reply
  • I made these for Christmas gifts but…. the first batch I followed recipe exactly and they were too peppery so I added cinnamon and more sugar. Also baked on buttered foil. They were awesome. People have been asking for the recipe.

    • — Amanda on December 27, 2019
    • Reply
  • I’ve never reviewed a recipe before, but I made four batches of these over the Christmas holiday and wow were they a hit! People immediately wanted the recipe so they could make them for their holiday gatherings. This is one of the easiest and fastest snacks you can make.

    Note: I used a Splat sheet instead of parchment paper. When they were done, I lifted the sheet off the cookie sheet and cooled them on the Splat. They turned out perfectly and cleanup was a breeze.

    • — Debby on December 27, 2019
    • Reply
  • Very delicious and easy! I gave them as part of a anniversary gift basket. I used half the amount of cayenne….came out perfect! Thanks Jenn!

    • — Amissy on December 26, 2019
    • Reply
  • Made these with cashews for my mom for Christmas. Long story short, I need to make her more because everyone BUT her ate them!

    • — NANCY NOVATNEY on December 26, 2019
    • Reply
  • Oh my goodness these are delicious and we really like the spiciness! I’ve made them several times and they are so easy and quick to make with the best flavor!!
    I’ll have to try some of the other recipes in the blog soon.

    • — Catherine Gates on December 24, 2019
    • Reply
  • Super easy recipe and tasty. Mine remained sticky even though I used 3tsp H2O instead of the 4. I also baked for the full 12 minutes. It was disappointing! I would use much more cayenne too as the kick was super mild

    • — Jenny on December 24, 2019
    • Reply
  • Jen, can we talk? You failed to address how seriously yummy these nuts are. I have just made 4 batches (thank you Costco for the big bags of pecans) and I’m having to beat my husband to keep him from eating all of them. I have made them for gift baskets which I’ll be giving to my neighbors along with others goodies. Thank you.

    Wishing you and your family an abundance of health, happiness and prosperity in the year to come.

    • — Marie J. Taylor on December 21, 2019
    • Reply
    • lol ❤️

      • — Jenn on December 22, 2019
      • Reply
  • I have a ton of marcona almonds left from a party. Would they work? I’d leave out the salt since they’re already really salty. Thx.

    • — John Taylor on December 21, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi John, the almonds will work here, but I think the recipe works best with pecans because of all the crevices they have. Hope that helps!

      • — Jenn on December 23, 2019
      • Reply
  • Can you use a mix of nuts or just the pecans? Just a comment. I hate your website because of all the embedded videos and ads. Scrolling doesn’t work well because they are always reloading. It is verry annoying.

    • — Lisa G on December 21, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Lisa, You can use any mix of nuts here but I happen to like pecans best because they have lots of nooks and crannies for the candied coating to settle into. And regarding the ads, I do use an outside company to run them, and I have to constantly monitor to make sure that the site doesn’t get too ad-heavy. I wish I didn’t have to have any ads at all…it’s a balance between user experience and the high cost of running a site. Thank you for the feedback and I’m truly sorry for the frustration.

      • — Jenn on December 23, 2019
      • Reply
    • Oh me too on the never ending ads and videos as it does make trying to read Jen’s latest posts almost impossible. I also understand ads are part of keeping a website up and running but at the same time, it would be nice if there wasn’t sooooo many of them.

      • — Joycelyn on December 30, 2019
      • Reply
  • This is a keeper! My family loves the perfect combo of sweet and spicy.

    • — MaryAnne Mahurin on December 21, 2019
    • Reply
  • Can you use a silicone mat rather than parchment paper?

    • — Diana on December 19, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Diana, I haven’t made these using a silicone mat, but I suspect it should work. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on December 20, 2019
      • Reply
    • I used my silicone mat & it turned out fine ( but just had to bake them a few extra minutes.)

      • — Kelpkat on December 22, 2019
      • Reply
  • Good. Subtle flavor.

    • — Kay on December 18, 2019
    • Reply
  • Just made two batches today and they’re exquisite! Added cinnamon to both, less cayenne for kids’ one, extra for adults. Baked 10 minutes. A little sticky until cooled completely to their crunchy perfection. These are my new sweet and spicy pecans. Thanks!

    • — Martha Parks on December 16, 2019
    • Reply
    • I loved these pecans — They are truly amazing. My husband isn’t into spicey so the next batch will not have the cayenne but will have cinnamon.

      Thank you for this very easy recipe.

      • — Annie D on December 20, 2019
      • Reply
    • Delicious! I think these will be an entertaining and hostess gift giving staple because they are so easy too!

      • — Patti on December 23, 2019
      • Reply
  • After trying many candied pecan recipes I finally found the one. No oil or butter so no greasy pecans, and really easy. Next time I might use 1 tsp less water to make sure the sugar doesn’t run off the nuts. Watch these like a hawk while baking and don’t take them out too soon or caramelization won’t be as good. I made 8 cups of these for a party and they disappeared. Poof.

    • — John Taylor on December 15, 2019
    • Reply
    • These are amazing and oh so simple!
      I substituted Swerve sugar replacement for the confectioners and added 1/4 tsp. cinnamon making them low carb/keto friendly.

      Is it possible to use butter in place of the water?

      Thank you for an excellent recipe : ))

      • — Andi on September 3, 2020
      • Reply
      • Glad you like them! I haven’t tried these with butter, but I wouldn’t recommend it — sorry!

        • — Jenn on September 4, 2020
        • Reply
  • These are really delicious ! And so simple. Perfect for the holidays. Thank you!

    • — Leslie on December 14, 2019
    • Reply
  • LOVE this recipe, glad I took a chance on it.

    It’s amazing that such a simple set of ingredients creates such a wonderful snack that can be used to so many purposes! I brought them to a meeting I was co-hosting and they were a hit. I’m packaging these up in nice decorative bags and handing them out with gifts. AND they do add a nice crunch to salad. They have a great balance of sweet and spice to them, and roasting brings out the flavor of the pecan. Thankful that I live in an area where Pecans are plentiful.

    • — Kristine T. on December 12, 2019
    • Reply
  • I made these nuts and packaged them in a pretty holiday jar for a hostess gift. Before I even returned home, the hostess was texting me, wanting the recipe! Thank you, Jenn, for this easy, yet elegant treat … a big hit at home and gifted.

    • — Felicia on December 10, 2019
    • Reply
  • I have made this recipe many times for the last few years, I tweak as needed for “heat.” Many compliments! Thanks

    • — Joyce on December 9, 2019
    • Reply
  • Jenn,

    I love your recipes. Could you tell me if it’s okay to use ground red pepper in place of cayenne pepper in the recipe for candied pecans?


    • — Tricia on December 9, 2019
    • Reply
    • Glad you like the recipes! And, sure, ground red pepper should work. 🙂

      • — Jenn on December 10, 2019
      • Reply
  • I added 1/4 t. Cinnamon. I was asked for he recipe and told me they we’re the best pecans they ever had!

    • — Reed Parnell on December 9, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hello! I recently moved to a house with a pecan tree so I have more pecans than I know what to do with! This recipe looks amazing! Do you use toasted or raw pecans to start?

    • — Julia on December 7, 2019
    • Reply
    • Wow- lucky you! Either raw or roasted pecans will work here. Enjoy. 🙂

      • — Jenn on December 8, 2019
      • Reply
  • Fantastic! Another amazing recipe from Jenn. Fast, easy, simple and delicious. Our family likes a little less heat, so I halved the cayenne and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth created by the spice. I will definitely make again. Next time I might sprinkle some sea salt flakes on the pecans immediately after they come out of the oven.

    • — Alicia McLelland on December 6, 2019
    • Reply
  • I have made these many times and intend to again for Christmas. People love receiving these as presents. The hardest part is not eating them all myself! Excellent recipe.

    • — Monica on December 5, 2019
    • Reply
  • Jenn, I now believe in fate! I had planned to make these today for a family gathering this weekend. Thanks for reading my mind and making the recipe so handy.

    • — June Venable on December 5, 2019
    • Reply
    • LOL- my pleasure! 🙂

      • — Jenn on December 5, 2019
      • Reply
  • Hi Jenn, your recipe online is different from your cookbook. The salt, cayenne pepper amounts are different as is the directions for mixing in the water. Why?


    • — Mo Peterson on December 3, 2019
    • Reply
    • Mo, Sorry for any confusion. The one on the blog is the most updated version. If the book goes to a second printing, it will be updated. Hope you enjoy if you make them!

      • — Jenn on December 3, 2019
      • Reply
      • 2 words…… Thank You!

        • — Shannon on December 14, 2019
        • Reply
        • 💗 You’re welcome!

          • — Jenn on December 14, 2019
          • Reply
      • My family loved these! I made a single batch yesterday, which disappeared in a flash. So today I made a double batch. Something I learned: while a double batch fits on a single baking sheet, the nuts remained sticky, even after baking them several minutes longer and until they nearly got too dark. I’ll continue to make double batches to have enough for snacking, but I’ll bake them on two sheets to allow more room for the nuts.

        • — MrsT on December 16, 2019
        • Reply
  • These are excellent, and the recipe so simple. I’ve made them twice now. Texture and flavor are over-the-top good and that hint of heat from the cayenne is a great touch. Unbroken halves in a pretty jar make a welcome hostess gift, and broken or chopped nuts are delicious scattered over desserts like pudding, ice cream and, over pumpkin pie with whipped cream. This is an A++++ recipe.

    • — Carolyn Osborne on November 28, 2019
    • Reply
  • I just made these and the 12 minutes was perfect. My only problem is to leave them alone so that I will still have enough to take to my friend’s place later!!! Yum!!!

    • — Anne MacGregor on November 24, 2019
    • Reply
  • This recipe is so so good. My vegan daughter-in-law loves these!
    Thank you for a great recipe!!

    • — Leslie Devaney on November 21, 2019
    • Reply
  • These are absolutely delicious and ridiculously easy to make! I add more cayenne, because we really like spice in our household, but that’s up to your personal taste. I find that they need to be toasted at least as long as the recipe calls for, or even a little more depending on your oven. That way they get really good and crispy. They are delicious with goat cheese on a cracker or added to a salad for a sweet and spicy crunch. Of course, they’re great on their own with a cocktail. Super tasty!

    • — AR on November 18, 2019
    • Reply
  • These are super easy and quick to make and always wow my guests. There are so many uses for these fantastic nuts. My family likes heat, so I like to kick up the cayenne juuust a little bit. I have also eliminated the cayenne all together from some of my heat intolerant friends. Either way you try it, they always turn out amazing!

    • — Mary on November 18, 2019
    • Reply
  • This is a delicious recipe but the nuts did not get crusty and caramelized after the 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees, or after extending the cooking time, whereupon they burned. After checking other similar recipes, I made changes to the cooking time as follows –
    Bake the nuts at 250 degrees for 40 minutes, stir, turn oven down to 200 degrees and bake for an additional 40 minutes. Stir and set aside to cool. (If nuts still don’t look crusty enough after the second baking for 40 minutes, put them back in the oven for about 5-10 minutes more.

    • — Diane Kurt on November 10, 2019
    • Reply
    • This recipe is excellent! I quadrupled the recipe, using a 2 lb (8 cup) bag of pecans from Costco. I didn’t have powdered sugar so I substituted granulated sugar (2/3ds of the called for powdered sugar). I dissolved the sugar in a sauce pan with the cayenne, salt, and water by bringing it to a boil, then poured it over the nuts, then baked as called for on 2 parchment lined cookie sheets. I stirred the nuts and spread them back out twice between the 8 and 16 minute mark. My nuts turned out perfectly!!!! Gorgeous and delicious. I cooled the nuts on a clean baking sheet with gel ice packs underneath it.
      Thank you so much!!!! Looking forward to sending these with my husband to work and making more for our family Christmas Eve party. Yum!

      • — Jennifer Jensen on December 23, 2019
      • Reply
      • One more thing. Altitude could be a factor. I’m at about 4700 ft above sea level. The higher you go, the longer it takes to reach the correct temperature.

        • — Jennifer Jensen on December 23, 2019
        • Reply
  • Jenn,

    This recipe is AMAZING…..how far in advance can I make these if I am giving as gifts? I plan to put in mason jars. Thanks!


    • — Lucia Cross on November 5, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Lucia, Glad you like these! They’ll keep well for about a week.

      • — Jenn on November 5, 2019
      • Reply
  • These sound great. I have been making candied pecans for years and I can make them well in advance for gift giving. Can this recipe be frozen?

    • — Carol on October 31, 2019
    • Reply
    • I don’t think these would freeze very well, Carol — sorry!

      • — Jenn on October 31, 2019
      • Reply
  • Jenn
    This recipe looks amazing and simple to make. What kind of pecans do you use? Roasted and salted?

    • — Mary on October 29, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Mary, either raw or roasted pecans will work, but I’d go with unsalted. Hope you enjoy!

      • — Jenn on October 29, 2019
      • Reply
  • This is a great recipe. I have used others suggestions and increased pecans to 3 cups and it cooked perfectly. I liked my old recipe with brown sugar and a spicier version so occasionally I will swap in 1/8 of a cup brown sugar in the confectioners sugar (still total 1/2 cup sugar) and increase cayenne to 1 teaspoon. These changes require the water to increase by 1 teaspoon. Either way you can’t go wrong; very easy, quick and almost zero clean up. Delicious on a charcuterie board or in a salad. Thank you!

    • — Kelly on October 13, 2019
    • Reply
    • Kelly, could you share your recipe with the brown sugar? I have been looking for one with brown sugar but no egg whites and haven’t found one.

      • — Lisa on December 19, 2019
      • Reply
  • I made this recipe, and after the 10 minutes they did not look “crusty” on top, so I left them in for 5 minutes more and they burned. Should the oven temp be turned down if the nuts have to go back in?

    • — Diane Kurt on October 12, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Diane, I think perhaps you missed the “sweet spot” in terms of timing — based on your oven, it sounds like 10 minutes wasn’t enough so instead of leaving them in for 15, next time I’d try taking them out at about 12. Also, when you remove them from the oven, let them cool completely before removing them from the parchment. This will allow the coating to harden.

      • — Jenn on October 13, 2019
      • Reply
  • Simply put, Outrageous! If you are reading this and haven’t made them yet, stop reading and get to it!

    • — Chas on August 19, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Jenn! Making these right now but just want to make sure I have the right kind of salt. My kosher salt looks really big! Is this right? I also have pickling salt which I think is similar but smaller.

      Everything I’ve made from your site is incredible! Can’t wait for these.

      • — Melissa on December 2, 2019
      • Reply
      • Hi Melissa, If your salt is labeled “kosher” you’ll be good to go. (And glad you like the blog! ❤️)

        • — Jenn on December 2, 2019
        • Reply
  • I made these last week. They are amazing….so I have to make some more today! I’m planning to make these as gifts at Christmas.

    • — Monica on August 13, 2019
    • Reply
  • These nuts are wonderful! So simple to make, and a delicious combination of flavours. Thanks for a great recipe!

    • — vivian on July 23, 2019
    • Reply
  • My husband does a wine tasting at a local Wine Store on Cape Cod. I have made these nuts for him and have gotten rave reviews. He also hands out copies of your recipe to the customers. This recipes goes great with both wine and champagne. Have used many of your recipes and enjoyed them all.

    • — Pauline Richard on July 13, 2019
    • Reply
    • Happy that the nuts get good reviews and thanks so much for handing out the recipe! 🙂

      • — Jenn on July 13, 2019
      • Reply
  • I just love this recipe. Great for giving at Christmas!

    • — Lily on June 27, 2019
    • Reply
  • I submitted review on 4/11/19 where I commented that baking for 10-12 minutes did not work for me as the nuts came out too sticky.
    I just had a thought. Might the fact that I live in Hawai’i where we frequently have high humidity be factor?

    • — Suelyn Tune on June 24, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Suelyn, I’ve never thought about that but, yes, I think if it’s particularly humid, that it may have an impact. You may want to keep them in the oven for 2 to 3 minutes longer – just keep a close eye on them. And, once they’re completely cool quickly put them in an airtight container. Hope that helps if you try these again!

      • — Jenn on June 25, 2019
      • Reply
    • I am in the Seattle area and the nuts came out too sticky for me too. When I left them in longer (for about 5 min. more), they burned. This is a delicious recipe, so I really want to master it!

      • — Diane Kurt on October 12, 2019
      • Reply
  • Hi Jen,
    Love every recipe of yours that I’ve tried! I made these today for the third time, but they came out sticky and soft. I only cooked them 11 minutes – my mistake. They have now cooled and are still not crispy enough. Can I pop them back in the oven to crispen?
    Thank You!

    • — Gail on June 24, 2019
    • Reply
    • Yep that’s what I would do. Enjoy!

      • — Jenn on June 24, 2019
      • Reply
  • I should try these again but…as much as I love the idea of these, I really didn’t love them. I was trying to replicate the oh so good Trader Joe’s sweet and spicy pecans and I felt like these missed that mark. I didn’t technically burn them but I may have just left them in a minute or two too long. They had what I felt like was a burned flavor. Maybe I’ll take out earlier next time.

    • — DallasColoradoBear on June 21, 2019
    • Reply
  • These were amazing. So easy. No whipping egg whites like so many recipes call for. I had them at a party and had to make more while the guests were there!

    • — Colleen on June 21, 2019
    • Reply
  • I made these to garnish a salad. I had a few left over that I put out to go with cocktails. Now my brother-in-law wants them every time he comes to my house! This recipe is easy and delicious.

    • — bbsms on April 12, 2019
    • Reply
  • I love this recipe! However, I have baked the nuts for 10-12 minutes in 3 different ovens and not once have I been successful. I’ve adjusted the recipe by using 3 cups of pecans (instead of 2) and baking for 18-20 minutes. They come out crispy and delicious. I’ve received many compliments and requests for the recipe. I’ve also found that doubling the recipe also doesn’t work. The nuts come out too sticky.

    • — Suelyn Tune on April 11, 2019
    • Reply
    • These were amazing and so easy! I had to substitute chipotle pepper powder because I was out of cayenne. The result was a slightly Smokey sweet flavor. I would definitely use the chipotle again even though I was nervous about substituting it. Another fool proof recipe from an amazing chef! I bought your book and got it today. I am so grateful for and inspired by your recipes. Thank you!

      • — Jill R. on September 1, 2019
      • Reply
      • So glad you’re enjoying the recipes, Jill. Hope you find lots of new favorites in the book, too. 😊

        • — Jenn on September 2, 2019
        • Reply
  • Made these for grazing snacks for Thanksgiving. They were perfect as is. Would not change a thing!

    • — Nancy Leist on April 11, 2019
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn,
    I made these for Christmas gifts and they were a huge hit. They were a hit in another way that might surprise you. We have a wonderful sushi restaurant in town. We are regulars and really enjoy that creativity and artistry that the chef puts into his delicious food. I gave him a jar of these pecans, thinking that he would just eat them himself. The next thing I knew, he made a beautiful monk fish liver pate dish that was absolutely beautiful and used the pecans as a garnish. I did not taste it myself, but have been told that it was delicious. So your pecans have garnered acclaim in the sushi world! Love your blog-you inspire me on a regular basis-

    • — Jane on February 7, 2019
    • Reply
    • Wow – that’s really cool — I’m flattered that they used them!! 🙂

      • — Jenn on February 7, 2019
      • Reply
  • Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I had a terrible time getting these off the parchment paper. They stuck like crazy and when I pulled at them the paper came with. Next time I think the parchment needs to be sprayed!

    • — Nancy Kahm on February 1, 2019
    • Reply
    • Hi Nancy, So sorry you had trouble with these! They should not stick at all – are you sure you used parchment paper and not wax paper?

      • — Jenn on February 1, 2019
      • Reply
  • Just made these from your cookbook where you instruct to add pecans to sugar mixture and then add water. Makes more sense to make the glaze first and then add the pecans. They were crazy delicious anyway but still looked pretty powdery out of the oven. Since I will be making these again as soon as I replenish my pecan stash I will try it this way next time. Thank you!

    • — Amber Anastasi on January 21, 2019
    • Reply
    • Can I substitute walnuts for pecans?

      • — Lindsay on September 29, 2019
      • Reply
      • Hi Lindsay, I find this recipe works best with pecans but walnuts will work too.

        • — Jenn on September 30, 2019
        • Reply
  • What a fast and easy recipe. I made this with walnuts to add to a shrimp dish and they worked deliciously! Thanks Jenn for sharing another keeper.

    • — Zee on January 20, 2019
    • Reply
  • These were delicious!!!! So easy snd quick! After I tried the exact recipe, I decided to change up a bit as my taste buds seem to diminish with my age! First a couple tips: stir dry ingredients together before adding liquid. Use a fork to separate pecans after you pour them onto the parchment. I like more spice/deeper flavor so I made one batch using 2 teaspoons water and 2 teaspoons soy sauce plus garlic salt instead of sea salt and another batch using 2 tsp water and 2 tsp worchestershire sauce. A great recipe to change up and experiment with! Thanks again, Jenn. Love your cookbook

    • — JoAnn on January 20, 2019
    • Reply
    • Great tips!

      • — Merlinda Guerra on December 5, 2019
      • Reply
  • I always add just a bit more sugar to mine but otherwise I follow the recipe. It’s so quick and easy. Everyone in my house loves them, the are gone as quick as I can make them.

    • — Martha Inzenga on January 3, 2019
    • Reply
  • These have been on heavy rotation in my house for the past year and a half – so much so that I had to put some restrictions around when we can eat them! They’re amazing!!! The recipe is perfect as is, they’re ridiculously easy to make and they’re delicious. I’ve made them as gifts and always get requests for the recipe. I’ve accessed this recipe so much that it is now a regular fixture of my Google search bar! Thank you for sharing!

    • — Irina on January 2, 2019
    • Reply
  • I just discovered this recipe last month and have made several batches for Holiday gifting. So easy to make and everyone loves them!

    • — Mary from NJ on December 30, 2018
    • Reply
  • This caught my eye because I usually do candies pecans with brown sugar and butter.

    I followed your recipe but I only had Maldon sea salt and it worked perfectly. I added less than the kosher recommended in fear of it being the wrong ratio comparatively but noticed when they came out of the oven they needed a bit more salt. Your recipe is perfect!

    • — Saima on December 24, 2018
    • Reply
  • I’ve used this recipe at holiday time for a few years now as a salad garnish and in as a crunchy appetizer. It is truly tasty, easy to make, and a crowd pleaser.

    • — Jennifer on December 21, 2018
    • Reply
  • The best recipe to take to a party. I’ve made them several times & have gotten great comments on there taste. They’re incredible. Can’t stop at a few. When I make them at home, they never last long.

    • — Shirley W. on December 21, 2018
    • Reply
  • Could you use this glaze on something besides nuts. The nuts are great but I also need spicy candied bacon, think this would work? Thanks for all the great recipes.

    • — Diane VTyer on December 21, 2018
    • Reply
    • I do think that’d work, Diane. I’d love to know how it turns out with bacon if you try it. 🙂

      • — Jenn on December 22, 2018
      • Reply
  • This delicious recipe is perfect for any gathering, gifts for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, and friends! Every single person that has ever tasted these delicious nuts, always asks for the recipe!

    • — Rosemary Dunbar on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • I’ve made these multiple times, and they are SUPER easy, last a week (if you don’t devour them on day 1 🙂 ), and are great as an appetizer or in salads. Restaurant-yummy you can easily make at home.

    • — Amy Smith on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • These are delicious and hard to resist! Made a double batch and placed in jars for Christmas gifts.

    • — Lorraine on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • Oh, yes, these are delicious. Made them for a cocktail party, and my husband and neighbors gobbled them up and then raved about these nuts. I doubled the recipe, and because I had some whole almonds, I used equal parts of pecans and almonds. Great mixture. Might throw in some raw cashews next time. I had to bake them a bit longer to get the hard glaze. I do not know if this is because I live at high altitude, or because I doubled the recipe. So good, I am making them again today. And doubling the recipe. And adding a nice bag of nuts on my cookie tray. Thanks for this delicious treat.

    • — Wendy McAllister on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • These are awesome, even my 11 year-old loves them!

    • — Alice Hughes on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn, I made these again, great as always but I noticed you add water before nuts now, it does coat them easier. Big hit with everyone, I temper cayenne depending on who I’m sharing with, thanks

    • — Joyce on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • I can find only one problem with this recipe…they don’t last very long! They truly are amazing! This is the second year I am making them over the holidays and they are getting more requests than some of the old familiar treats.

    • — Joyce on December 20, 2018
    • Reply
  • Just finished my 3rd batch. Absolutely the easiest thing ever to make. And like other posters, it’s extremely hard to maintain self-control when these come out of the oven, I didn’t use water, but I took the suggestion of another post that used bourbon & it was heaven. I also used rum that was distilled with pecans & honey…awesome

    • — Pat on December 19, 2018
    • Reply
  • This recipe is pure perfection. So quick to make, and tastes AMAZING. To quote my husband: “these are tiny bites of heaven”. I just finished making 6 batches, and will be adding it to all of my christmas gifts. I tried adding cinnamon to one batch, and it was quite good, but ultimately decided it was better when strictly following the recipe and leaving cinnamon out.

    • — Christina on December 18, 2018
    • Reply
  • For some reason, I wasn’t able to check the stars with my first response. Gives me the chance to thank you for your feedback about sugary crumbles. You’re the best!

    • — Sandra on December 16, 2018
    • Reply
  • I read this recipe this afternoon. I have already made 10 batches!!!!!!
    I use spiced nuts for holiday gifts and misplaced my go-to recipe. And I’m grateful! This recipe is by far superior, less sugar and less time!
    I used pecans, almonds, and walnuts. I added cinnamon to the dry mix.
    Thank you very much for this easy, friendly and less sugary recipe! I will be following your ideas, for sure going forward.

    • — Melanie Hamilton on December 16, 2018
    • Reply
  • Are they good if you bake ahead of time and keep in one of the Christmas tins? Just trying to make ahead for my company’s upcoming visit!

    • — Penny on December 16, 2018
    • Reply
    • Yes definitely – they keep well.

      • — Jenn on December 16, 2018
      • Reply
  • Another 5-star recipe! You weren’t kidding when writing 15 minutes and you’re done! Spicy and delicious, and a very gift-giving recipe for sure! When I gathered the finished pecans together and scooped them into a container, there was quite a bit of sugary crumbles left on the parchment. To be expected?

    • — Sandra on December 15, 2018
    • Reply
    • Yes that’s normal, Sandra. Glad you enjoyed them!

      • — Jenn on December 16, 2018
      • Reply
  • Do you have any suggestions for a salad to add these to? Nuts are really expensive where I live so I’ll only make a small quantity, and if I serve them as a snack I’m sure they’ll be gone in 5 minutes! 🙂

    • — Lynnsey Schneider on December 10, 2018
    • Reply
  • Best recipe for candied nuts I’ve ever made! Can’t keep them in the house…they evaporate! Super easy to make. Bake them long enough so they’re not sticky, then finish eating them in one sitting.

    • — Lorna Sura on December 10, 2018
    • Reply
  • The only thing I hate about these nuts is that we eat half of them before we get them out to guests! They are fantastic. I just bought two big bags of pecans from Costco to make these for Christmas presents.

    • — Geneva Girl on December 10, 2018
    • Reply
  • Fantastic recipe. So easy! I made 2 batches of these to take to an auction/fundraiser. If people could taste before they bid, they would double their offer. Love your sight Jenn!

    • — Lisa Woods on December 10, 2018
    • Reply
  • I made some to bring as a hostess gift to a cookie party. It would be a shame if I ate the whole batch myself! 😉

    • — Angela on December 2, 2018
    • Reply
  • Can you use bourbon in place if water?

    • Sure, Grace – that sounds delicious!

  • I just made these for Thanksgiving again, back by popular demand! These are so simple and so tasty. I’m pretty sure they’ll reappear for Christmas.

  • Hello! Can I substitute any sugar for the confectioners? Or is that critical to the recipe?

    • Hi Maria, Unfortunately, it’s critical to the recipe – sorry!

    • I didn’t have confectioner’s sugar and used 1/4 cup light brown sugar instead. I haven’t tried with confectioner’s sugar yet, but they are really good with the light brown sugar!

  • Do you sift the confectioners sugar before measuring?

    • Hi Susan, No need to sift before measuring. Enjoy!

  • I’d made spicy pecans for years – a dozen ingredients and a kitchen that looked like an explosion had taken place. Delicious but oh the mess and so time-consuming. Made these just because they seemed quick and easy – they were far superior! When does that ever happen??! 😊 Thank you.

  • Amazingly quick and delicious! Great to give as holiday gifts! Yummy!

    • I decided to try these as I wanted a version without butter, like my usual version. Not sure where I went wrong but my batch stayed super sticky. I put them back for more time but had to stop for fear if burning them. Tastes great but won’t be able to give as a gift.

      • — Becky on December 7, 2019
      • Reply
      • Hi Becky, sorry you had a problem with these. Were they actually burning when you put them back in the oven? If not, my guess is they didn’t cook long enough. Also, were the nuts in a single layer? If not, they can stick together.

        • — Jenn on December 8, 2019
        • Reply
  • These are so good and so simple to make! Everyone asks for the recipe.
    5 Stars!

  • These are amazing and so super easy. I’ve used them as an appetizer or chopped up in salads.

  • I make this often since they’re hard to resist. Thank you for the recipe!

  • Delicious and so easy to make. They were a huge hit.

  • Best recipe EVER for candied pecans!!!

    • — Gay Lee Freedman
    • Reply
  • what temp?

    • Hi Linda, These get baked at 350°F.

  • These are delicious!

    At first they were very sticky, but they hardened up by the next day. Is this always the case? Just curious.

    • Hi Weezie, If they were very sticky, it sounds like they may have been a bit undercooked. Interesting that they hardened up a bit the second day. Maybe they were still a bit warm when you found them sticky?

  • We really enjoyed these-thank you! Do you know if almonds would work?

    • Glad you enjoyed them! You can use almonds here; I like the pecans best because they have so many crevices for the coating to get in, but any nuts will work.

  • These burnt severely in my oven at 11 minutes, so be careful to watch them like a hawk, the second batch were done perfectly at 8½ – 9 minutes and taste like the title states. Totally fantastic level of sweet spicy and salty!

    • — Anthony Ivers-Read
    • Reply
  • Hi Jenn. I can’t wait to try these out for our dinner party tomorrow, which will basically feature some favorite recipes from your website. 😊
    Question on this one before I try it out: in the video you add the water last, after the nuts, and in the written directions you add the nuts last, after the water. Is one preferable over the other?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Cindy, Sorry for the confusion! I changed the recipe since making the video after getting feedback from readers. It’s easier to add the nuts last. Hope your dinner party is a success!

      • Hi Jenn.
        The dinner party was a GREAT success and everyone loved your recipes ( and asked for them!).
        I just got the notice from Amazon that your cookbook has shipped. I am very excited to receive it. Thanks for sharing your passion for good food.

        • Glad the party was a success and everyone enjoyed the food (and thanks for your support with the cookbook)!! ❤️

  • Hello, Jenn! I was wondering how long do these keep in an air-tight packaging? Will they still be as crunchy even after a week? Or will they lose their crispiness after some time? Also, won’t they stick together when you package them? Thank you in advanced, I will appreciate your reply! 🙂

    • Hi Kaye, these are best if eaten within about a week (but you can probably get away with a few extra days tacked onto that). Yes, they will remain crunchy if stored in an airtight container. And if the nuts are cooked correctly (enough time in the oven) they shouldn’t stick together when you store them. Hope that helps!

  • I have made with pecans…loved!!
    I only have walnuts and need to know if I can use them instead. 🧐

    • Hi Lynn, I prefer pecans but, yes, walnuts will work, too.

  • Oh my gosh, so good! I made 3 batches of these last Christmas. Even if you use convection bake, make sure to keep it at 350*. Be sure the top of nuts are crusty before cooling or they will end up soft. You want them crunchy but not burned so keep an eye on them. I found that I had to bake for the entire 12 minutes. Everyone loved them.

  • I have made these for years, great on salads or roasted vegetables. They were a popular Christmas gift this year and a great snack all year round.

  • Your husband is correct in his name for these nuts!! I can eat these all day! After having some spicy glazed pecans at a high end resort I was hooked. I even got the chef at the resort to give me the recipe. I tried and tried to make them but they never came out the right consistency. I could never get the beautiful glaze I was looking for until THIS recipe!! I was always using regular sugar and they would come out grainy or too sticky.Thank you for “the secret” of using powdered sugar-perfection! Not to mention delicious with the hint of spice!

  • My family has always loved my roasted pecans from a simple Bon Appetit recipe years I found years ago for pumpkin seeds which includes just peanut oil, butter and kosher salt. Well, along came these nuts and there is a new favorite in town.

  • This recipe is one of the favorites in my home both with kids and adults. It is so easy to make and everything is gone just like that. No one seems to be able to stop themselves from eating more and more. I added more spice as we tend to eat more spicy food.

    • — Madhuri Krothapalli
    • Reply
  • I’ve been making a similar version of this recipe for years but Jenn has solved my biggest dilemma: cleaning up after baking. The sugar mixture just adhered to the pan like concrete. I used foil and lost much of the coating as well as breaking lots of the pecans. Parchment paper is a fabulous solution! (Why didn’t I ever think of that? 🙂 Thanks, Jenn!

  • I made these pecans for Christmas this year, and 5 more times since! The absolute right combo of sweet, salty, and spicy! Incredibly easy to prepare and a favorite to bring to parties! You can adjust the amount of spicy by adding more or less cayenne. I agree with your husband! Totally amazing!

  • I’d give this 10 stars if I could!! Soooo easy, soooo crunchy, not too sweet and perfectly spicy…You should win an award for this one. I’ve made it 6 times since Christmas, giving a few batches away as gifts. I brought the ingredients to a friend’s house last week. I asked her for a bowl, a spoon and a cookie sheet. 10 minutes later we were munching on these incredible nuts! She wrote down the simple recipe and swore she’s going to make them time and time again. I can’t thank you enough for this recipe!

  • This recipe is super easy to make and so delicious! I made it as the recipe reads. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Whenever I bring this to a party; it goes fast.

  • These nuts are truly irresistible! I made a batch just before Christmas and really enjoyed them. Then I made some to give as a Christmas gift. Made some for New Year’s Eve gathering. Made some for when we had some guests a couple of days ago. Every time I have made them I get the same response…”I need this recipe!”. I have gladly shared your website with all! These nuts are so easy to make, tasty, with just the right amount of heat and sweet. I’ll be making these often!!!

  • Hi, Jenn! I made these twice in single batches and they were excellent. Yesterday, I doubled the recipe, and the glaze was thick and gloppy. I whisked the dry ingredients together as I did before, using the confectioners sugar at that time, as I did before. I thought that it seemed a bit thick, even when it was only dry ingredients. When I mixed in the water, it really became gloppy, and when I baked it, it didn’t have that pretty glaze, but was a whitish, thick mess. What could have gone wrong? And can these only be made one batch at a time? Thanks!

    • Hi Jane, Doubling this recipe shouldn’t be a problem; did you double the water too? If not, that would account for the thick glaze. If you try it again and find it to be gloppy, add just a few more splashes of water until it reaches the right consistency.

      • Hi, again. Yep, I doubled to 8 teaspoons. What concerned me is that when I whisked the dry ingredients today, it already did not look as smooth as usual. Every ingredient I used was brand new. I only had coarse kosher salt on hand, but I did pound that so that it was a lot finer. Any ideas?

        • Hi Jane, that’s a head-scratcher because it sounds like you did everything right. I don’t think the salt would have an impact. Is there any chance you could’ve made a measuring error? Also, although this doesn’t really sound like it was the issue, when you bake these, it’s important that you separate the nuts so they’re not overlapping (as they don’t crisp up that way).

  • Just want to say that I am throwing away and deleting most of my recipes with flavored nuts. This one is perfect, and I don’t need any others. Thank you!!

    • 🙂 So glad you like them!

  • I found this recipe on Pinterest and made these for the first time today. They are absolutely wonderful! My mom came by and said didn’t want to try them. She said they didn’t sound good to her. I convinced her to try them. She couldn’t stop eating them and went home with the recipe!! I’m making a second batch now. Can’t wait to check out your other recipes!

  • I made 16 8oz jars full of these to give to my family at Christmas and they LOVED them! Many attested to the irresistible quality and I myself returned to the “sample batch” over and over. Thank you for posting, the simplicity of the recipe made for easy, pleasant gift-giving.

  • When your guests ask if they can take home the leftovers, you know you have a winner. Amazing how one little nut could be ‘sweet, spicy, salty and candied.’ Absolutely delicious!!!

  • I’ve made them 3 times now – I find I like them better with a few more minutes in the oven, and with an extra 1/4 tsp of cayenne. Soooo good.

  • I tried this recipe and a savory one I had found on the web which included worcestershire sauce. Hubby and I agreed this recipe was the better one.

  • These are flat out delicious. Deceptively simple ingredient list, so easy to make and highly irresistible. I’ll admit we had to make extra batches because the batch meant for guests disappeared. Thanks for this excellent recipe!

  • Super easy and delicious. Followed some of the suggestions and whisked the dry ingredients with the water before mixing in the pecans. Also, used approximately 2-1/2 cups of pecans (this was about how many there were in a 20 oz. bag I purchased.) I found that 17 minutes worked perfectly and gave the pecans a nice crisp coating. Too little water, a mistake I made with one batch, caused the coating to look crackly and not shiny. Still tasted good but I didn’t want to use them for the gift bag I was making (that’s okay, my family enjoyed the rejects!) This is incredibly easy and the only painstaking step is when the pecans have to be put down individually on the parchment paper. I look forward to experimenting with, perhaps, a little less sugar and a little more cayenne. Finally, I have an easy recipe for holiday gift-giving! And my husband thanks you too, Jenn.

  • Delicious. Added extra spices: cumin, Chinese 5 spice, and smoked paprika. So tasty!

  • These were so delicious! I made them for a holiday party. They went fast. They are now in our party recipes file along along with several other recipes from your site. I’ve been singing your praises at home and on Facebook for quite some time. My husband does too! He regularly searches your site for his next recipe. We look forward to receiving our copy of your cookbook in April. Happy New Year!

    • If you don’t mind sharing, I’m curious about other recipes you’ve found good for your parties!

  • These nuts are excellent. Followed the recipe. They took 12 minutes in my oven and they are perfect as is, but you could probably add a few more pecans, 1/4 to 1/2 cup possibly, as there was a little more of the sugar mix in the bowl. Will make them again for sure.

  • Followed recipe and made several times; gave them as hostess gifts! Very popular. Easy and delicious!

  • I added 1 t gr cinnamon and subbed 2 T egg whites for the water. I cut the cayenne to 1/4 t as many do not like a lot of heat. I upped the pecans to 3 c (approx) since I had so much coating in the bottom of the bowl. A great hostess gift, ready in no time.

  • Last minute decision to search for a candied nuts recipe. I’m so glad this is the one I picked! Delicious and easy with all ingredients on hand. Thank you and Happy Holidays Jenn! I’m excited that I stumbled upon your site … I’ll be back for sure 🙂

  • I don’t have any kosher salt. Would sea salt work just as well? Excited to make these for Christmas.

    • Sure, Jennifer – you’ll need a generous half teaspoon of sea salt.

  • Could I add some cinnamon?

  • Made 3 batches. Modified method, as suggested by several reviewers, by first mixing the powdered sugar, salt, and cayenne together using a whisk; then added the water. Tried all pecans (wonderful), pecans & walnuts (wonderful) & mixture of walnuts, almonds & cashews–the almonds were just OK. Also compared non-stick foil, parchment, & Silpat. All worked. For a slightly more savory profile try 1/2 tsp coriander, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/2 tsp cayenne, 1 tsp finely minced rosemary, 3/4 tsp kosher salt plus the 1/2 cup powdered sugar. Very nice! Can definitely use up to 2 1/2 cups of nuts for a batch. Thanks for a great recipe! Can’t wait to serve them to guests.

  • thanks for your recipes, so nice not to have to join anything or pay for just a few recipes. I love it.

  • Jen, I have a recipe for Swedish nuts. They are made with egg whites, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Just when I think mycegg whites are stiff peaks, they deflate and turn glossy but still taste good in final product. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong and how to correct. Thanks. I am goingvtovtry your recipe and see how they turn out. Sounds much easier.

    • Hi Diane, I’m not sure you’re doing anything wrong, especially if it all works out in the end — when egg whites and sugar get stiff, they should be glossy. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this recipe; it is definitely less of a to-do.

  • Could I cook two pans of these at the same time in the oven? Would that affect the cooking time? Thanks! (I will rate this once I’ve had a chance to eat the pecans. But they look as if they’ll be excellent.)

    • Sure – I’d suggest rotating the trays one while they’re in the oven to ensure even roasting. Enjoy!

  • Hi Jenn, wondering how long these keep and if these would work as Christmas gifts? Or are they better served the day of?

    • Hi Kristin, these definitely don’t need to be served the day you make them. They keep nicely for about a week. Hope your recipients enjoy!

  • Made these for Thanksgiving, wished I had doubled the batch. That good! Didn’t and wouldn’t change a thing.

  • This were tasty, though not perfect for me due to texture. I really wanted them to be drier with a harder/crunchier glaze when finished, but much of my coating stayed sort of tacky, sticky, and chewy like caramel. Which is the intention? My measurements were correct, but I’m guessing a lighter glaze coating would help since the nuts that got less coating were crunchier and more to my taste.

    • Hi Erin, if they were sticky, they probably needed just a few more minutes in the oven. If you prepare them again, extend the baking time by a couple of minutes.

  • I love these! They are the perfect vegan go-to and you can make them in minutes. I will be making them for a mid-week work party tomorrow and love the fact that you don’t have to refrigerate or keep them balanced as you walk up several flights of stairs.
    I like to mix the water into the sugar mixture before I add the nuts. If you don’t do this, you risk having the occasional white spot on a nut, or you have to take some extra time and wait for it to dissolve. Also, I really don’t measure the nuts and they come out fine when I over and under measure. If you double the batch, make sure to cook one layer at a time.

    • Hi Cameron, I feel silly that I didn’t think to do this! I have re-tested the recipe using this method and have updated the photos and recipe – thank you!

  • I have made these nuts more times than I care to remember now. The only complaint people have had about them so far is that they cannot stop eating them. Of course I now know better than to make them when I’m alone. These should really come with a warning sign: you can’t stop at one!

    • — Malak Abu Shakra
    • Reply
  • These really are amazing. For example, after Thanksgiving dinner, we were all stuffed…nevertheless, as we sat around and talked, the bowl of pecans was emptied. So simple, and perfectly timed at 10 minutes.

  • Love this recipe!!!!! My wife asked for recipe for 2 coworkers at her job. I’ve recently retired and now have time to cook more. I’ve made 4 of your meals-snacks and couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you, sincerely Dave Moore

  • These perfectly named pecans were a hit at a Thanksgiving gathering. The recipe was easy, can be made ahead, and if there are any left over, store well for a few days. Delicious!

  • Made these at the last minute on Thanksgiving…really good…watch the bake time. Nicely crunchy and sweet with subtle heat. Wonder if subbing cashews would be good?

    • Hi Hedy, glad you liked these! I’m partial to pecans because they have lots of nooks and crannies for the glaze to get into, but any nut will work here.

  • I made these at the last minute to take to Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws. Perfect as written…watch the baking times as nuts can quickly become overdone. Initial sweetness gives way to subtle heat…totally irresistible. They were gone in no time. I think I might try subbing cashews for the pecans. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • These are incredibly wonderful. This is the best recipe I have made and I have thrown many pounds of inferior spiced pecans in the trash. Living in south Louisiana, we like our food spicy and this was perfect. Kuddos to Jenn for this sharing this recipe.

  • These nuts are soooo good!! My spouse is constantly nibbling on them. I made some for gifts for Christmas but he ate them so now I’ll be making another batch or two or three! We don’t eat a lot of spicy hot foods but the little tang from the cayenne made these quite acceptable and not overly sweet.
    I’ve tried this recipe with other nuts too, specifically hazelnut and walnut. I prefer it with the walnut but that may be just me.

  • I’ve made this pecan recipe 3x already. So very delicious & yet one of the easiest recipes I’ve seen out there for glazed nuts. For my son that loves spicy hot, I might double the cayenne in the recipe when he comes to visit

  • I made these nuts to top my Thanksgiving salad. They were so good and SUPER easy. Since I typically have walnuts on hand, I used walnuts instead of pecans. I also added a little bit of cinnamon for a more of a festive taste. Great recipe. Thanks!

  • These were amazing. I accidentally used 4 T of water instead of 4t and they were still wonderful.

  • tasted good but was a gooey mess.

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry, Richard – try cooking them a few minutes longer next time.

  • Yum! Easy and quick to make. This was a new addition to our Thanksgiving celebration and enjoyed by all!

  • I’ve made these pecans several times now. I’m amazed at how good they are with such few ingredients. My only hint is to be sure to bake until they are crusty on top or else they will be sticky when cooled.

  • Thought I’d try these for giving as a hostess gift over Christmas. They are perfect! Just the right amount of heat and sweet. I did have to bake mine about 10 min longer. Once Upon a Chef is my go-to website, I have made so many of Jenn’s recipes and they are all amazing!!! Boo hoo, as a Canadian we can’t get in on the Breville oven giveaway!!!

  • I substituted cinnamon for the cayenne, because I didn’t want the spicy flavor. Used 2 and 1/2 cups pecans, and there was plenty of coating. Could probably use another 1/4 cup of pecans. Watch carefully so you don’t burn them! Delicious and so easy!

  • I made these nuts as a Thanksgiving appetizer. Everyone loved them! I’ve made them 2 times more in less than a week! I’m going to make them for Christmas gifts for all of my out of town friends and relatives!!!! Thanks Jen for such an easy gift! I love all of your recipes!!!!

  • Do you recommend raw pecans or previously roasted/salted?

    The only nuts I had on hand were raw almonds and they just don’t have that crunch. Perhaps it’s the type of nut.

    I do have Trader Joe’s Roasted and Salted Pecans, but they are already pretty crunchy. Not sure if I should try this recipe with them.

    Thanks so much. Love your recipes and website.

    • Hi Camille, either raw or roasted pecans will work (but I wouldn’t use ones that are already salted). So glad you like the recipes – hope you enjoy this one too!

  • So good – huge hit at Thanksgiving and we’ll be making more for gifts this holiday season!

  • Excellent recipe, made it for xmas girls afternoon, now they want me to do 4 lbs for the hospital auxiliary Xmas bake sale!! Love your recipes and ideas.

  • Hi Jenn,

    I have young kids so am reluctant to add the cayenne pepper. Will they be ok if I leave it out or is there something I should add in its place?


    • Fine to leave it out, Elizabeth. Enjoy!

  • Oh my! Going to a cocktailmparty this evening, wanted to bring a nibbly and so I made these! Did not use all pecans, had some cashews, almonds and peanuts as well, turned our absolutely amazing. I hope there will be some left to share! I highly recommend this. Fast, somple, easy clean up. Thanks for this great recipe.

  • How long will the keep in a sealed container? Wanting to make them as a wedding favor so I would like to make them in advance.

    • Hi Kellie, These are best if eaten within about a week (but you can probably get away with a few extra days tacked onto that. 🙂

  • What temperature do you bake on?

    • Hi Bill, If you click on the “recipe” tab, it will take you to the detailed instructions. Enjoy!

  • I made this and the recipient raved about how amazingly delicious it was.

    I did not have cayenne pepper; so I just used liquid hot sauce. I added it to the Confectioners sugar and salt.

    If someone you know LOVES pecans and hot sauce or cayenne pepper, you must try this recipe! It is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

  • These are a family favorite of ours. I make them periodically and they disappear fast. You should seriously double the recipe. Excellent! Thanks, Jennifer

  • After reading this recipe, I didn’t understand how it would work as a coating for pecans. It seemed too simple. I’ve made this twice and I followed the recipe exactly. The pecans have a crisp coating that is a little sweet, spicy, and salty; just like it says. This is a simple recipe that doesn’t taste like a simple one.

  • Perfect and easy. I was looking for the Union Sq nut recipe to review but came across this one. I love both recipes because they are easier than my versions but even better.

  • These are incredibly good, especially when made with freshly shelled pecans instead of bagged ones (the bagged pecans just never taste as good as the freshly shelled ones). They go fast, so make a bunch! Perfect for holiday gatherings.

  • Pecans are to sticky what can i do.

    • Hi Terry, Try putting them back in the oven a little longer – they just need a few more minutes.

  • So delicious, easy, and perfect for entertaining!

    I made these last night when friends came over for drinks before dinner. If you’re like me you are always running around making sure everything is clean before entertaining. I needed something like this that can be in the oven in a couple minutes and warm but cooled enough to eat in 15 minutes right when guests are arriving.

    My friend mentioned she prefers nuts like these very spicy and that next time I should consider adding more cayenne, but for me it was perfect the way it was so I will probably ignore that suggestion!

  • Absolutely perfect as an appetizer! The heat keeps you from eating too many!

  • Holy mackerel, Jenn; this recipe is so simple and so fantastic! I’ve used all sorts of nuts in addition to pecans: walnuts, brazils, almonds, hazelnuts, blends of nuts. I put bowls of them out when friends come over, and no one can stop eating them. Thank you for sharing!

  • Can I use this recipe to candy mixed nuts too?

    • Sure! (I like the pecans best because they have so many crevices for the coating to get in, but any mixed nuts will work.)

  • Although I’ve just gotten around to writing a review, I’ve been making these nuts for two years and just made two pounds today!! OMG, I’m going to need an intervention! This is the best glazed pecans recipe I have found during my many years of searching. They’re very tasty and the hint of Cheyenne pepper adds a surprising kick to the flavor. They also aren’t overwhelmingly coated with sugar so you’re able to actually taste the pecans. Keep up the good work, Jenn. You are awesome!!

  • I made this recipe to bring to a wine/cheese party & it was a hit! My hubby & I couldn’t stop eating the pecans before leaving for the party. Delicious & very hard to resist!!! The recipe was super simple to put together. I was done & cleaned up within 30 minutes!!! The people at the party took one bite & were all asking “wow – these are amazing” & “I can’t stop eating these”. Note: I didn’t have kosher salt so I just added 1/2 tsp of table salt & was perfect for our taste!!!

  • Delicious! Can you freeze these?

    • I don’t think they’d freeze very well– sorry!

  • These are so perfect for setting out for get togethers (or hiding from everyone for self-indulgence!). I used pecans fresh from last fall’s harvest from the trees in our yard, rich with flavor, and the result was very very good. So much better than store-bought, by far!

  • Made this recipe. Doubled the quantity as I had a huge bag of pecans left over in my freezer from holiday baking. It just doesn’t get any easier than this! Wow. So since we love spicy things I added a couple of dashes of our favorite hot sauce and then added a light sprinkle of some crunch, flaky Fleur De Sel. These nuts are beyond crazy good. Next holiday season I will be adding these nuts to my Gifts From the Kitchen list.

  • I’ve been looking for something without egg whites as I don’t like the look. These were perfect. Made them again for a Kentucky Derby Tea and modified it the following way and, oh my gosh! It’s another whole variation! Doubled sugar, salt and cayenne. Used 5 cups pecans. Added 3 TBSP Jack Daniels and 1 TBSP water. Absolute perfection!

  • LOVE these… In fact, I’m going to make them now!

  • I agree with the previous review. I was very skeptical about using water. These are delicious! They’re so easy to make. These would make a great gift.

  • Wow these are awesome! Even before they’re baked! I like that you don’t need to add any butter or other fat. I was skeptical at first using just water but it totally works,

  • Great receipe! So much easier than working with granular sugar and long low temps. Thanks!

  • My friend brought these over the other night. I asked her for the recipe. She sent the link. Have made several batches. Love love love these. I will be making these as gifts this Christmas.

  • This recipe is so easy to make and tastes great. I love to make these and package them up for my holiday baskets.

  • I’ve just made them to go with my mixed greens salad and they are the best recipe so far. So so easy, thank you.

  • Oh I really didn’t need to stumble upon this recipe and find out these nuts existed. Just finished making a batch, except next time I’ll use confectioners sugar ( I only had light brown sugar on hand). These barely had time to cool off before kids and husband came in kitchen to see what smelled so good. They are absolutely the easiest, tastiest “snicky-snack” as my Grammy would say, ever.

  • Jenn thinks these might last a week: I think that would be if you were anywhere near them and nibbling away!
    I made these weeks before Christmas, put them in sterile jars as gifts, stored them in the fridge and have never had so many compliments or requests for a recipe before. So, in my opinion these are a very good make ahead gift idea. (And if you are worried, make a jar for you to test. Worst case scenario, you would have to eat them all yourself…)

  • OH MY Goodness… these pecans are absolutely delish!!!! I’ve made them before but with egg whites and sugar… nope, not hardly as good as this recipe. #yum#thnx

  • Must stop eating these. Made a similar recipe a few years ago involving egg whites. This was better tasting & easier. Love this recipe.

  • I couldn’t find the recipe I made last year at Christmas time AND am so glad I didn’t. BECAUSE these are so much BETTER & EASIER! I doubled everything except I used 1/2 tsp cayenne & 1/2 teaspoon apple pie spice. It wraps so many classic holiday flavors into one amazing treat! The cayenne keeps me from eating “too many” and satisfies my sweet/savory craving at the same time. They also fill your home with a wonderful festive aroma! I’ll be back to try some more of your other recipes soon. Thank you for blessing others with your talents! Happy 2017 to all!

  • Perfect and reliable recipe. I baked them 14 minutes and they were crispy and lovely. I made the glaze before adding the nuts though (water first) as it avoided getting white sugar spots in the crevices of the nuts. A small detail really- these are fabulous!

    • — Stephanie Robins
    • Reply
  • Perfect balance of sweet, salty, spicy!! Yum yum:)

  • All I will say is oh my these are good. Afraid I will eat them faster than I get them in a container! Thank you for the recipe.

  • I just made these, and substituted good bourbon for the water. Delish! Add bourbon one teaspoon at a time; four teaspoons may be too much.

  • Tasty and so easy and quick to make-I didn’t change a thing except doubling the recipe and adding a few walnuts because I was short on pecans. Hubs loved them! I am thankful they are going to a party or I would eat them all.

  • Hi Jen, I love your recipes! I don’t have parchment paper. Could I use a Silpat instead?

    • Yes, Petra – that should work just fine. Enjoy!

  • I’ve never made candied nuts before but this recipe is so easy and tasty! I added 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract to the recipe and they are amazingly good.

  • Can I use pecans?

    • Hmmm, did you mean another nut? 🙂

  • Delicious! I served these pecans to my family at Thanksgiving and they have requested them again for a treat at Christmas. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  • Can I use “Reynolds release” alum. foil instead of parchment?

    • Hi Deb, I don’t think regular foil will work, but I suspect you could get away with non-stick.

  • Made these at Thanksgiving and they were a HUGE hit!!! I just bought 6 more pounds of pecans to make for gifts! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • I’ve been looking a recipe for candied pecans and tried a couple using granulated sugar and various seasonings but I wasn’t happy with the results. I tried your recipe today and I’m hooked. The spicy kick is subtle enough to make you keep eating. I’ll be making them for Christmas gifts and wondered how long they can be kept in an air tight container.

  • I’ve made these 3 times already, to share but mostly as an excuse to make extra to keep at home. These are amazingly easy to make and ridiculously delicious. I just add a little more cayenne for an extra kick.

  • I made these last Christmas and took to my parents’ home to share with family members….big hit! There was none to take back home….as family members walked by these, I noticed they all would grab a handful. Easy peasy to make….

  • These nuts are wonderful!! Perfect amount of spicy and sweet. We gobbled these up right away, next time I will make a double batch. I plan to make these as gifts for the neighbor’s this year! Love your website, thank you!

  • I had never made this before but decided last minute to make this and put the nuts into decorative holiday bowls as a gift to my sister-in-laws at Thanksgiving. Oh my….this is a very easy and very delicious recipe. I have already made two batches and they are dangerous….have all the ingredients in my house at all times! Great quick gift or snack when unexpected guests stop in.

  • I love the sweet and spicy pecans. They are always a hit, I used to used maple syrup and they would burn easily, never problem with this recipe. Thanks!!

  • How long will these keep and stay crispy? Can I make them two to three weeks before Christmas as a gift?

    • Hi Judith, While I think there’s a little “give,” these are best if eaten within about a week.

    • Hi Jenn,
      I have your cookbook and love your recipes! I’ve made your the spiced pecans, two times and each time they are very sticky. I live in Hawaii and we have a lot of humidity here. What can I do? Help please.
      Thanks, Kathleen

      • — Kathleen Breeden on November 8, 2020
      • Reply
      • Glad you like the recipes! I think if it’s particularly humid where you live, it may have an impact. You may want to keep them in the oven for 2 to 3 minutes longer – just keep a close eye on them. And once they’re completely cool, quickly put them in an airtight container. Hope that helps if you try these again!

        • — Jenn on November 9, 2020
        • Reply
  • Delicious! Very easy and fast to make.

  • This was sooooo easy and the are soooo delicious! I actually used a mix of hot paprika and chile powder because I did not have cayenne. I also sprinkled more chile powder on the top right before baking. I found I needed to cook them 2 minutes longer, but I think that’s just my oven. I also made a variation using almonds, 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp cloves, 3tsp vanilla and 1 tsp water. Also good!!! (My kids can’t eat pecans) I personally loved the pecans better than the almonds. 🙂

  • Made these at the weekend for a family birthday meal, once I saw the recipe I knew I needed to make them and they were a hit! Thank you so much, I made double the amount and they disappeared. Have been told I have to bring for Christmas Day, definitely a popular choice and I think they will become part of our traditions Xx

  • We hosted a bourbon-tasting so I made this with bourbon instead of water and it made no taste difference. They disappeared almost immediately! Success. Easy and will make it again. But will put the bourbon in the cook and not the recipe 😉

  • are you using raw (freshly cracked) or store bought pecans ?

    • Hi Alison, I use store bought.

    • What temp do you bake them at

      • Hi Sherrie, They bake at 350°F. If you click the “recipe” tab at the top of the page, you’ll find instructions. Enjoy!

  • Loved these, too spicy or maybe it’s my cayenne, great with pecans and walnuts!

  • How long would these keep? I am away to just before Christmas and some make ahead gift goodies would be great.

    • They keep nicely for about a week (but you can probably get away with a tiny bit longer).

  • Love the video! Your photos and explanations are fabulous – and – the addition of a video really brings it all together.

  • For such an easy recipe, the payoff is outstanding. The cayenne provides just enough kick. I NEVER post comments on food blogs until today. Over the past six months, I’ve made your corn bread muffins, chocolate crinkle cookies, banana oat cookies, and now these candied pecans. All turned out wonderfully. Thank you for sharing such well developed recipes.

  • Those who like a little kick to there pecans absolutely love these. They were perfect on my first try.

  • I love these pecans!! I have made them several times and then I can’t stop eating them, hence the name!! Thanks so much!!

    • — abby zemanek tankersley
    • Reply
  • This is really tasty. Can you please suggest a nut recipe that’s a sugar-free version? Thank you.

    • Hi Stuti, many nut mixes use sugar to help coat the nuts and give them that crunchy texture. This page has a few options that don’t contain sugar.

  • I made these to take to my mother’s for the holiday season last year…..my entire immediate family of over 20 people were there…They started munching on these, and before long they were gone! Easy to make with the right amount of heat! Will definitely make again this holiday season.

  • These nuts are so great! I gave them as gifts and everyone requested the recipe. Just the perfect amount of spice. They keep well too.

  • Jenn . . . When you measure the pecans, do you measure in measuring cups or do you go by volume (in which case, how many ounces do you use)?? I know 4oz. of chopped nuts = 1 cup but I don’t know how to figure the pecan halves.

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Edie,
      I use a measuring cup to measure nuts and so you’d need 2 cups here. Enjoy!

  • Hi, Jenn, These nuts are fantastic. I have made candied nuts many times, these are the easiest and tastiest recipe ever!! The first time I made them I followed the recipe exactly. The second time I used a mixture of nuts. Still fantastic. I just made my third and fourth batch together, using half mixed nuts and half pecans. They are cooling now and look perfect. Taking one batch to a friends house tomorrow evening. Thanks so much for the recipe. Love your site!!

  • This recipe is excellent! Who knew the ingredients would stick with just water?! I love that there is no oil used in this recipe. I have already made these twice in one week. I used erythritol instead of sugar, baked for 9 minutes and they turned out great! Thank you!

  • Make a chocolate sundae and use these as a topping. The sweet and spice mixing with the chocolate/vanilla is absolutely outstanding!

  • Can you use this recipe using pistachios ? If not do you have any recipe using pistachios?

    • Hi Eileen, I’ve never tried this recipe with pistachios but I think it should work. Please let me know how it turns out if you try it!

  • Would this work with other nuts or a combination of nuts? What would you suggest?

    • Hi Ellen, You can use any nuts you like, but I think the recipe works best with pecans or walnuts because of all the crevices they have.

  • Hi, do you use raw or roasted pecans? I’ve read the entire reviews and couldn’t find any comment about using the nuts raw or roasted. Thanks.

    • Hi Connie, either raw or roasted will work here — enjoy!

  • Have been making these for months, tinkering with the recipe now and they are impossible to resist. I use chipotle powder instead and use a bit less than the 1/2 teaspoon. I also use 2 1/2 cups pecans and 4 1/2 teaspoons of water. And I don’t know if it’s my oven, but I cook them for 14-15 minutes. They are a crowd favorite and go great with a plate of cheese and grapes.

  • Honey, let me tell you…
    These are the easiest, tastiest pecans you will ever eat. Didn’t have cayenne pepper available so I used ground chipotle chili pepper instead, and used a bit of pink salt (as recommended in the reviews), and baby… Ummmm ummmmm ummmm! Made a spinach salad and added the nuts. We ate the rest (what few there were). Made 2 more batches today and hope we have some left for the rest of the salad this evening. Gave it an extra minute or two because I’m in a humid area, but kept a close eye on them. I will be playing around with the spices a bit and promise to keep you posted. Oh My Goodness! This recipe is an absolute must!

  • I just made my first batch and they are so good! I have to admit, I ate quite a few as I was putting them in a container. Great recipe!

  • Awesome recipe. This is my very first time trying a candied pecan recipe. I love spicy foods, so I added a little more cayenne. I will do this again.

  • Just made the candied pecans for New Years Eve party and they came out perfect. Only problem was when I served them. Party was in an open house in humid Florida and they got icky. I recommend keeping them in the air conditioned rooms.
    Also, so easy to make!!

  • I Love candied pecans and this recipe is not only easy but satisfies all 3 cravings in one!! I will be making this for our New Years dinner.

  • For those having problems with stickiness, I have a few suggestions. The most likely reason for stickiness is that the pecans did not cook long enough and therefore the sugar did not reach a high enough temperature. The goal is to get the sugar to the hard-crack stage, which is between 295 and 309 degrees. If you have an infrared thermometer, that helps a lot.

    Another thing I do, which seems to help, is immediately after the pecans come out of the oven, I put them in a large metal bowl, spray lightly with canola oil and stir until they cool. This seems to help with keeping them separate, not sticky and gives them a nice gloss.

    Thanks for the recipe. They are amazing.

  • I did 2 batches and loved the ease and simplicity of your recipe. Some tips I would like to share: pumpkin pie spice pecans is yummy, add the water to the spices and mix well before adding nuts and non stick aluminum foil is the way to go! Thx for the recipe.

  • This recipe is awesome! First time making candied pecans and it won’t be my last. I followed recipe to a T, but after I transferred wax paper to cool on counter the pecans are stuck and when I try and take them off some of the wax paper is coming off too! A little wax paper won’t stop me from eating them, but what’s your advice for my next batch? Thanks!

    • Hi Sara, Glad you liked them. Wax paper is not non-stick. Next time use parchment paper and you’ll have no issues 🙂

  • How long can they keep in a glass jar?


    • They’ll keep well for about a week.

  • I made 2 1/2 pounds of pecans and they turned out awesome!!! But sadly, I’m allergic to them. But happily, I used cashews and peanuts that I had on hand and were delicious too. Great recipe!

  • Very tasty but we threw away as many pecans as we kept because they were stuck to the parchment paper. What did we do wrong?

    • So strange Lynn because parchment paper is non-stick. Are you sure it was parchment and not wax paper? I use Reynolds Parchment with a lot of success.

    • Same thing happened to me (may not have let them cook long enough). However, after placing the parchment paper and pecans all together in a tin for a day or two they were no longer sticky and came off the paper without my help.

    • I suggest you didn’t bake them long enough for the sugar to set up firm. Even a minute or two short in the oven will cause them to be sticky.

  • I made 6 lb. of those Sweet, Spicy & Salty Candied Pecans yesterday for holiday gifts. The first 12 batches came out excellent. The last 4 batches were totally sticky. Same oven, same ingredients, same everything. I can’t use the last 8 cups of pecans. Any idea of what happened? They are delicious but so much is ruined. HELP!

    • Sorry to hear you had trouble with the last few batches! It may’ve been one of a few things: 1. That you didn’t have the nuts for those batches in a single layer, causing them to stick together; 2. They may not have cooked for long enough; 3. Your oven temperature may have fluctuated (mine does) causing it not to be hot enough. Hope that helps!

  • I made two batches of these yesterday and while delicious, they are sticky. I saw the notes to try baking them linger or hotter next time, but is there anything I can do to
    Resurrect these two batches. I am storing them in Tupperware, but they are gooey!
    (They still taste great, just awkward to give as gifts or even to eat). Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Cindy, Try placing them back in the oven to dry out. It’s very important that they be in a single layer, otherwise they’ll be sticky.

  • I have made these what a great on the go snack

  • These are the best! I have to make a triple batch to keep up with the demand!

  • This is a great recipe. I make a lot and put it in fancy jars to give out at Christmas time…

  • These are amazing. I will be making them again for Christmas Eve.

    1. Tasty!! Easy!! Quick!!!!! Served this as a snack for my book group of very hip retired ladies and included it in some gift baskets. Many, many compliments. Thanks!

    2. I just saw this recipe – would this work on a chex party mix also?

      • Beth, unfortunately I don’t think so. I think the cereal may get soggy :(.

      • I would add the “finished” nuts to the Chex mix.

      • I would only add them immediately before I served them. That way, they should work.

    3. I made these today and they turned out great. I made a double batch and I’m so glad I did. Great recipe and delicious.

    4. I made this recipe and the nuts were very sticky, but quite tasty. Should I have done something different for them not to be so sticky?

      • Hi Suzanne, Sorry they didn’t turn out perfectly. Next time, try cooking them a bit longer or turn the heat up a tad. They should be dry.

    5. No parchment paper, will foil be ok?

      • Sorry, Gabs. I don’t think foil will work.

    6. Used to make candied pecans with maple syrup but would burn quickly if not on top of. This recipe is much easier and delicious!!

    7. I made these for thanksgiving and everyone raved about them! I’ll be giving jars for holiday gifts in a couple of weeks!! Thanks so much!!

    8. This recipe for spicy and salty candied pecans was a hit at my house, and has become a staple for snacking for us-and especially when company comes. These pecans are irresistible!!! Thank you Jenn!

    9. How long will these last in air tight container? Do they need to be refrigerated?

      • Ellyn, They will keep for about a week in an airtight container and do not need to be refrigerated. Enjoy!

    10. I just ordered some buttery, rich pecans from Bella Viva Orchards and was looking for an interesting recipe to use them in. Wow! This recipe has such a great combination of flavors that complement the pecans perfectly.

    11. Really SO Good, and so EASY! Made 20 minutes before our guests arrived and they raved about them. Thanks!

    12. Mine are coming out sticky on the bottom, I baked a little longer, 3-5minutes…what am I doing wrong? They are crunchy on top, sticky to the touch???

      • Hi Michelle, Are you spreading them in a single layer?

    13. Loved the nuts. I was looking for a few appetizers to set out while putting Christmas dinner on the table. I made them yesterday afternoon. My neighbors stopped by, as well as my daughter in law. Alas, no more nuts. They are the easiest I have ever made. I did only use 1/2 tsp kosher salt and half the cayenne, but I would add the full recipe next time. We all agreed they would be so great in a salad too. I plan to make a double batch for Christmas. All your recipes are spot on. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    14. Irresistibly good! Thank you for a recipe I am sure I will use many times.

    15. So fast and easy for such a great snack.

    16. I just made these nuts for the first time and they are really good! I plan to give jars of them as Christmas treats to my coworkers!

    17. How long will candied pecans stay fresh for gift giving? How far ahead of. Christmas can I make them?

      • Hi Becky, They keep for about a week.

    18. I have made these many times – for me, for friends and for family – I have used all kinds of nuts, including walnuts, almonds, pecans and Brazil nuts. This recipe is easy and the nuts remarkably delicious!!!

    19. How long can these be storages. Would like to make for Christmas gifts served in small canning jar (without canning as it were.) Need to start early (in Nov.) for the amount I want to make.

      • Hi Jeanita, I would say they keep well at room temperature for about a week. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’d freeze well. Sorry!

    20. Love this recipe. Would be great as a hostess gift.

    21. These are great. For the longest time I made much more complicated pecans from Frog Commissary Cookbook. Now I’m a convert, both for ease and taste.

    22. This recipe turned out great! So easy to make, and the ingredients are things I always have on hand so I can whip up a batch last minute. This recipe is a huge crowd pleaser – the cayenne is the best part!

    23. These are delicious!

    24. Such an easy, moorish recipe, used the less expensive walnut, they were wonderful.
      Wendylou OZ

    25. I love the candied pecans !!! So easy yo make and everyone asks me fir the recipe.

    26. 5 Star Recipe! The perfect combination of sweet and savory, theseare delicious yet easy to make.

      I sometimes bump up the cayenne to 1 tsp. for a spicier mix or use a less kosher salt in the sugar mixture and then lightly salting the glazed nuts with pink salt.

    27. Be sure to double the recipe. These disappear FAST!!

    28. I searched for a recipe after eating a lunch salad with strawberries and candied pecans at a restaurant. I loved the salad, especially the pecans. The pecans I made following this recipe came out perfectly! The only “negative” is that they are incredibly hard to stop eating! I have also found using the recipe with almonds equally dangerous. My husband loves munching on them as much as I do. I keep telling myself it’s OK, as nuts are a great protein snack! The most amazing part of this is how absolutely simple the recipe is. Thank you!

    29. Just made these this morning for testing. i needed a sampling of something on the tables for my daughters wedding, this did not disappoint. I am from the south and these are perfect for an outdoor wedding, and can’t wait for everyone to taste them!
      thank you so much! Mary

    30. My family LOVED these pecans. So easy! Note: After the first batch, I cut back the cayenne to 3/4 the recommended amount…we preferred them a little less spicy.

    31. I’m probably the lone dissenter because I was disappointed in these; however, I have another recipe for candied pecans that’s hard to beat. What I did love about them though, is that they’re an excellent sub for chopped toasted pecans in cookies, especially biscotti, and quick breads. For snacking nuts I’d give them 3 stars, but for baking I’d rate them 5 stars!

    32. These are absolutely THE BEST! I can only make them to take to parties, because otherwise I will eat the whole batch in a sitting… Thank You!!!

    33. As the others have said, these are delicious and easy. Great on salads and with cocktails. I too put the mix together first and then added the pecans. That way there was not any white on the pecans. My only tip is use a Silpat. It works beautifully. Thanks Jenn!

    34. Delicious — don’t even fully describe how amazing these are. Highly recommend!

    35. I was tempted to make a half batch to “try” the recipe, so glad I made the full batch. It disappeared quickly and 2 days later I was making a double batch. I’ve made this with walnuts, pecans, almonds and mixed nuts. All delicious!

    36. I love your recipe for Candied Pecans. I made it and took them to work, my coworkers now want me to keep making it, it’s a treat that is pretty easy and fairly healthy!!

    37. Oh my! I had a large bag of almonds left from another recipe, so I used those instead of pecans. The substitution worked well, but I will use pecans next time. I appreciate how quickly this goes together and the short bake time…..perfect for making multiple batches without having to be in the kitchen for hours! We will enjoy these this weekend while watching March Madness basketball! Thanks for a great recipe, Jenn!

    38. I made your recipe for the sweet, spicy, salty pecans! They were a hit with all that tried them. I would not change a thing in the recipe…also a wonderful gift to wrap up for any holiday or birthday treat!

    39. Absolutely scrumptious! Many years ago, my grandmother used to make parched pecans, using only butter and salt. These are like a new twist on an old family favorite.

    40. These were amazing in both taste and ease to make! They are truly hard to resist. I made a few batches before I could stop eating them enough to make several more batches for gift-giving during the holidays. They are a go-to recipe for me for a quick, impressive item to bring to a party.

    41. I made many, many batches of these over the holidays. I had to stop making them because they are impossible to stop eating! The only suggestion I have is to add the water to the sugar/spice mixture and stir until combined prior to adding the nuts. When I made them as written the first time I ended up with a few little chunks of powdered sugar in the crevices. Not a huge deal but they looked a little bit better when done the other way. Thanks again for all of your wonderful recipes!!!

    42. These are so moreish!!

      I made these as per your recipe and they were gone so fast I had to make more. I didn’t have enough pecans left in the larder so I substituted cashews and they were just as tasty. My son loved them so much he wants me to send them in all of his future care packages to University.

    43. These are great to give as hostess gifts during the holidays. Wrap them up in cellophane bags with a pretty ribbon and fill a basket at the front door.

    44. These are awesome!! I didn’t have pecans so I used walnuts – I swear they were gone within the hour…and there are only 2 of us….I will blame my husband! Thank you for another great recipe Jen!!

    45. Can you substitue sugar with honey?

      • Sorry, Ana, it won’t work in this recipe.

    46. Excellent recipe. My husband can’t get enough of these (and I’m having to try to resist them). Love this easy and quick recipe for the best roasted nuts. I add more cayenne because we like heat.

      • — Joanne Felthoven
      • Reply
    47. I think the recipe was okay, but also, I didnt’ have kosher salt so I used pink salt. Would that make a difference? It tasted way too salty. I usually don’t use very much salt, so do you think it was the salt I used or maybe I will use half next time.

      • Hi Marcia, So sorry you found the nuts too salty. Re. the pink salt, it depends on how fine the crystals are; if they are fine like table salt, it would definitely make the nuts too salty.

    48. Hi! I only have salted pecans. Can I use those? I’m assuming you used unsalted pecans. What should I cut the salt down to or should I add salt at all? Thanks!

      • Hi Elizabeth, Yes, I would just omit the salt. Taste them once cool; you can always add a little more salt if necessary at that point.

    49. These are absolutely amazing! I found your site by googling Sweet and Salty Nuts. The ingredients were odd, but I decided to give it a try and am pleased. I now have a new recipe that will be in heavy rotation. Would this work with almonds & pecans? Thanks so much for sharing this marvelous recipe!

      • Hi Naomi, Almonds will work, but I have tried the recipe with all sorts of nuts and pecans are definitely my favorite because the syrup sinks into all the crevices.

        • Hi Jenn,

          Thanks so much for responding and for your advice on the nuts. I never buy pecans, but I will for now on!!! Be blessed.

    50. I made these for New Year’s Eve and they were an immediate hit. I let them cool as instructed but many of them stuck to the parchment and I couldn’t get them off without tearing and little pieces of paper sticking to the bottom of the half pecans I used. Where did I go wrong? Should I have sprayed the parchment?

      • Hi Karen, Glad you enjoyed the nuts but sorry you had trouble with the parchment. I’m surprised b/c they should release easily. What brand of parchment paper are you using?

        • RMC counterfold waxed paper …. I’ve had it for over 5 years…it looks like parchment and I’ve used it that way for a long time, but now that I’ve read the box it came in, it says it’s “ideal for handling meats and cheeses and great for wrapping sandwiches and fries”….aha!

          Seems like I’ve gotten away with using it for baking in the past. I’ll buy some real parchment for the next batch, though my husband said he barely taste the paper! Hee. Great recipe, thanks!

    51. I am not a pecan person but these were amazing. Couldn’t stop eating them. My guest loved them also. Very easy to make.
      Thank you so much for the great recipe.

    52. So quick, easy, and delicious!! Thank you..will definitely make again! (Maybe half the cayenne because I am very heat wimpy,lol)

      • — jennifer musgrove
      • Reply
    53. Just made these and substituted Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps for the water. Oh.My.Gawd. Seriously seriously GREAT, easy and fast too! Thx!!!

    54. This is a great recipe. I decided to make it knowing, Ha, that I had all the ingredients, however I forgot I used my Cayenne Pepper on an attempt to dispatch some critters in the spring and did not replace it. So I pulled a package of crushed red pepper out and chopped it up a little more and it worked great. Also I saw the comment concerning too salty so I only used 1/2 t of Kosher salt.

    55. I made the candied pecans but I used maple flavored whiskey instead of water and added a little more cayenne, then I melted some butter . . . really really good!

    56. way too salty

    57. Made these for the first time last night. Husband came home from work and ate half of them. So more needed for Christmas drinks tonight. Will be making double, also going to be making double amount for a New Years Eve party. Thank you from a grateful Brit.

    58. Made these for a holiday party last week and they were amazing. Everyone thought I was this amazing cook and all I did was follow this great recipe. Everything I have made on your website has been flawless. And I can’t even cook!!! PS. Also made the black bean and corn salad. Blew everyone away.

    59. These are ridiculously easy and outrageously good! They starred as a component in a holiday green salad and drew rave reviews. I am going to try this recipe with walnuts and almonds as well.

    60. Love these!! I used powdered coconut palm sugar so mine are darker. I added cinnamon the 2nd time I made them & THE HEAT IS ON. I’ll def keep these as a holiday staple – THANKS!!

    61. I just made them again because I loved this recipe so much. This time I made a bunch and I put them into cellophane bags and tied with bow and added a card with your recipe to give away to dear friends for Christmas.

    62. I’m making these as holiday gifts this year instead of cookies – they turned out great, and it’s so much easier (and less washing too)!

    63. I made these for work and they were a hit. Now I want to put them in Christmas gifts but I am wondering something. Is there any reason that I am missing that this wouldn’t work without the cayenne? I love the spice but I have some people in my world who don’t. I have other candied nut recipes that I can use but this is so easy that I would rather do it this way. Seems like taking out the cayenne would be fine but maybe there is something I am not considering? Thanks!

      • Totally fine to omit the cayenne 🙂

    64. Can I use sea salt and would that change the amount needed?

      • Hi Tiffany, Yes and you would need to reduce to 1/2 teaspoon.

        • Thank you! One more question – have you tried this with almonds or any other nut?

          • I’ve only tried it with walnuts — it works but the pecans are my favorite by far.

    65. Made this for Thanksgiving salad with blue cheese, pears and craisins with a simple vinegrette. What a hit and so easy. Plus they keep since they are sans butter and make great hostess gifts.

    66. I might have missed it, but at what temp do you bake them at?

    67. I tried this recipe to test it before serving it as at one of our family dinners. Oh my goodness, your husband named it well, I could not leave these alone.
      I made another batch and served it along side assorted sweets on our holiday dessert bar. The flavors were a zesty addition to our offerings. We will serve these again, they are delicious!

    68. Hi Jenn,

      I have flakey Kosher salt and coarse sea salt. Will one of these two work just as well in this recipe or is coarse Kosher salt the only way to go. I am making these nuts for small holiday gifts so don;t want to compromise.

      Thanks very much.

      Love your blog.


      • Hi Erica, Thank you! Either of those will work fine; the question is just how much to use. If you have regular table salt, you could use 1/2 teaspoon and that would be fine. Hope you enjoy and please let me know how they turn out 🙂

    69. These are SO amazing! Thanks for the recipe!

    70. So good! Came out crispy just like the picture. Very easy to make.

    71. Oh my gosh! These are the perfect balance of sweet, salty and spicy. This is the third winner I have tried from your website. You are batting 1000 🙂

    72. If you want to make for gifts, how do you store them after cooled and before you give them to guests. How long do they last? Covered tightly/loosely??

      • — Ursula Armstrong
      • Reply
      • Hi Ursula, Store them in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place (not the fridge) for up to 2 weeks.

    73. I made these….and yes, the are absolutely delicious. We have tons of pecans in Texas so this is a perfect recipe for sharing with my family and friends. Thanks for sharing!

    74. Made these for family/company last week. They didn’t last long – the combo of sweet/salty/spicy was perfect! Would definitely make these again.

    75. I loved making these nuts. They are so simple and smell delicious in the oven! I think the amount of cayenne pepper is too much for my children, but overall it’s a great recipe. Thank you!

    76. These were a big hit at our last party. Should have tripled the recipe.
      Easy to do ahead too.
      Thanks Jenn!

    77. I make a similar recipe of these every year for Christmas gifts – so I had to try these. They are wonderful! They get nice & crunchy, little spice & great flavor! Just want to eat the whole bowl!!

    78. These nuts are wonderfully delicious. Of course, I can eat pecans by the pound any day.

    79. Amazing!! I’ve made these insanely delicious candied pecans three times in the last week. My husband and I can’t stop eating them. They are so delicious and, better yet, so easy. Every other candied nut recipe I’ve tried or made include eggs/egg whites (which I never have on hand). I’ve been searching for a nut recipe that was a bit less complicated and you came to the rescue. This is so ridiculously easy to assemble….it takes 5 seconds. And the combination of sweet, salty and spicy is perfection! My husband tosses these on his salads but I just like to eat them right out of the bowl. I am going to be gifting these galore this Christmas! Pecans for everyone on my list!

    80. These pecans are absolutely delicious. I have made 4 batches in the last week. The cayenne pepper gives just the right amount of kick.

    81. I made those for Thanksgiving and everybody loved it! Will make some more for sure. Just wondering if the recipe would work if I used walnuts instead of pecans?

      • Hi Andi, Glad everyone enjoyed! I’ve made it with both and it works well, although I must say I prefer it with pecans. You can play around with the recipe and add some spices too, like cinnamon, coriander, ginger, etc.

    82. Before I made these as a nosh to go with Manhattan’s, I questioned whether I really need another roasted nut recipe. There was something about this simple recipe that called out to me. Possibly the use of powdered sugar, which was a first in our home. Anyway, clearly, the answer was YES, I needed to make these! Totally “makeagainable”, and we flipped. My only tweak, based on other nut recipes, was that I replaced the 4 tsp. of water, with 4 tsp. beaten egg white. I and am “nuts” about these 🙂

    83. One of the best things I have ever eaten!!!! Amazing, and a hit at the Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone loved them! Did not have Kosher salt, so I subbed 1/2 tsp. of regular salt. Worked out great!

    84. Are the spiced & candied pecans better the day of serving or made in advance? How many days can younmake them in advance of an event?

      Thank you.

      • Either way; they are delicious made fresh but also keep well for several days.

    85. These pecans are so delicious, and I am not usually a fan of nuts. But be warned, you cannot just have one!

    86. My daughter and I just made these nuts to bring to a holiday party tomorrow. I think we may have to make another batch…we can’t stop eating them!

    87. What amount of the sugar, salt, and pepper do you use?

      • Hi Tyler, Scroll down underneath all the photos and you will find the recipe — or click on the recipe tab at the top.

    88. This may be a dumb question but I’m wondering if you use unsalted pecans (from the baking aisle) or salted pecans!
      Thank you!

      • Hi Michele, I use unsalted pecans from the baking aisle. Enjoy!

    89. These look delicious! I would like to make a big batch as gifts. Does the recipe double/triple/quadruple easily? Or do I need to change it for a big batch? Thanks and I can’t wait to try these!

      • Hi Janet, Yes, should work just fine. Please come back and let me know how they turn out.

        • I tripled the recipe and it came out with too much stickiness underneath. Any remedy? Any longer in the oven and they might have burned.

          • Hi Suzanne, The caramelized sugar should harden. Did you let the nuts cool completely before pulling them off the parchment?

            • I did, but there was a syrup underneath. Maybe they were too close together. I ended up putting them back on a new parchment in a warm oven for about and hour and they are fine now. Thanks for your reply.

              • — Suzanne
    90. Hi! I love ALL your recipes! This sounds espiecally good :-). Can I use other nuts except pecans? Peanuts, pistachio, etc?

      • Hi Anette, Thank you! You can sub any nuts you like, although I do think it works best with pecans or walnuts because of all the crevices.

    91. And I thought the recipe I had was good.
      These are GREAT and easier to make!!

      Another WINNER from Jenn!!!

    92. These sound amazing and easy. Do you think it would work with brown sugar instead of confectionery sugar? Maybe heating the brown sugar with the water to carmelize it a little?

      • Hi Melissa, I’ve only tried the recipe with Confectioners’ sugar so can’t say for sure, but I worry the brown sugar might cause the nuts to burn. I’d probably stick to the recipe — it works beautifully.

    93. Oh my word, just made these nuts and they are wonderful! Thank you for your easy and delicious recipes!

    94. When I saw these, I knew I had to make them, and they are so addictive! Thanks for the recipe.

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