Broiled Feta with Garlicky Cherry Tomatoes & Capers

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broiled feta

Over the past few weeks, temperatures in DC have been climbing over 90 degrees, and opening the back door feels like walking into a full-on steam room. Even the thought of heating up the kitchen is unbearable so I’ve been making lots of salads and appetizers for dinner. My poor husband may starve but that’s another story ;). This is one of my new favorites: burst cherry tomatoes, capers, and a flash under the broiler transform an ordinary block of feta into a surprisingly addictive and flavorful spread. It’s meant to serve four as a starter, but with a crusty baguette and a bottle of chilled rosé, I think it’s the perfect summer supper for two.


Begin by sautéing the garlic in olive oil until golden.


Add the tomatoes and cook until they start to burst.


Stir in the capers.


Place the block of feta in a small baking dish and scatter the tomatoes around the cheese.


Broil until the feta is softened and browned on top, about 4 minutes. Serve with a crusty baguette or pita bread and enjoy!


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Broiled Feta with Garlicky Cherry Tomatoes & Capers

Servings: 4
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 10 Minutes
Total Time: 20 Minutes


  • 1 (8 ounce) block feta cheese
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
  • 10.5 ounces cherry tomatoes, preferably different colors, halved
  • Scant 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
  • Pinch sugar
  • 1-1/2 tablespoons tablespoons capers, drained


  1. Preheat the broiler and set the oven rack in the top position. Place the feta in a small (1.5-quart) baking dish and set aside.
  2. Heat the oil in medium saucepan over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook, stirring constantly, until lightly golden, 1 to 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes, salt, pepper and sugar; cook, stirring frequently, until the tomatoes are softened and starting to burst, 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the capers.
  3. Scatter the tomatoes around the feta and broil until the feta is softened and browned on top, about 4 minutes (but keep an eye on it as broilers vary greatly.)
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Nutrition Information

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  • Calories: 226
  • Fat: 19g
  • Saturated fat: 9g
  • Carbohydrates: 6g
  • Sugar: 4g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Protein: 9g
  • Sodium: 732mg
  • Cholesterol: 50mg

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Reviews & Comments

  • I am excited about making this for tonight’s hurricane party. Would fresh basil work well in this? When would you add it? Thanks!

    - Colette Dryden on September 13, 2018 Reply
    • Sure, Colette – I’d add a 2 tablespoons to the cooked tomato mixture, then another tablespoon right before serving. Stay safe 🙂

      - Jenn on September 13, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was a very simple appetizer to make but was excellent! Made the house smell wonderful with the garlic and tomatoes and our guests loved it served with baguette slices. It was even better the next day reheated and spread on crusty bread! Next time I think I will let the cheese block warm up a bit closer to room temp before placing under broiler so the middle and bottom will become softer. Plan to make it again this week!

    - Autumn on September 9, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Excellent! I can’t think of a better way to use up my bumper crop of cherry tomatoes.

    - Kate on September 8, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    WOW! Another “award winning” recipe from Jenn. This is super easy and a true “crowd pleaser.” You’ll always win with Jenn! :- )

    - Tissa Loehr on September 2, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Excellent! Served as an appetizer along with the chickpea salad. The feta cheese was devoured and many requested the recipe. I enjoyed the chickpeas too and wonder if it’s a LI thing 😉

    - Michelle on August 26, 2018 Reply
  • Absolutely DELISH!!! OMG! No lie, made this 3 times in a week! THAT GOOD! HONESTLY! MAKING again as I type!

    - Maarejayne on August 16, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Oh so delish! I had this for dinner tonight with pita chips – what a taste treat! The briney flavor of the capers really makes the tomatoes and garlic sing. This concoction would taste terrific tossed with pasta. I’m pretty sure I will be trying that some day. : )

    - Linda O. on July 31, 2018 Reply
    • 5 stars

      I concur

      - Maarejayne Williams on August 16, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this last week, omitted the capers as didn’t have any. Served with Baguette and a simple salad. It was really tasty, we enjoy Feta in salads or sandwiches, and this was a first time broiling it. Thanks Jen!

    - Kate on July 12, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars


    - Sandra on May 31, 2018 Reply
  • Hi Jenn, Can I substitute the feta for a different type of cheese?

    - Carmen on May 30, 2018 Reply
    • Hi Carmen, I’m not certain how readily available haloumi is, but that would work well here. You could also try something like blue cheese or Brie, although I’ve never used them here. Just make sure to keep an eye on it while it’s in the oven!

      - Jenn on May 31, 2018 Reply
  • 4 stars

    Easy and delicious. What more could you want.

    - Gillian on May 14, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Absolutely delicious, and oh so easy.

    - Maura on April 25, 2018 Reply
  • 1 stars

    This is one of the easiest and best appetizers I have made. I am getting ready to make it for the second time!

    - Jeanne C on April 3, 2018 Reply
    • But you gave it only one star?

      - Sara on July 21, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Just made this and loved it. Made a couple adjustments: added halved pitted kalamata olives, and added a squeeze of fresh lemon after taking it out.

    Ended up with way too much liquid. Probably didn’t cook down the tomatoes enough before adding to the bak8ng dish?

    - Amy on March 23, 2018 Reply
    • Hi Amy, the cooked tomatoes definitely produce a lot of juice. If you found the finished dish to be a little too liquidy, just drain some of the juice from the saucepan before adding it to the baking dish.

      - Jenn on March 23, 2018 Reply
      • 5 stars

        Thanks for the reply. Tried it again tonight and it turned out perfect. Just had a few less tomatoes and cooked them a bit longer. Also, broiled in my cast iron tangine base, which worked really nicely.

        - Amy on April 25, 2018 Reply
        • Glad it worked out – thanks for the follow-up!

          - Jenn on April 25, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Omg, this was so good! Made this for a girls night, everyone LOVED it! Served it with homeade bread, definitely going to make it again!

    - Rachel on March 17, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is the BEST appetizer and is now my new favorite. So easy and full of flavor!!! Thank you!!!!

    - Mary Beth on March 3, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I love savory appetizers, and this is one of our family’s favorites! I like to use multicolored heirloom tomatoes when I can find them and serve it with lightly toasted baguette slices, which are perfect for soaking up the sauce!

    - Amy E. on March 1, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    A beautiful and easy appetizer! I tried this out so that I could serve it at my Oscar Party. It is delicious–the perfect combination of sweet and salty. It’s a great bruschetta topping too.

    - Roberta Winchester on March 1, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is one of my go-to appetizers! I agree that paired with a salad and a glass of wine it can be a dinner in and of itself. It is prettier if you use multicolored tomatoes but tastes great either way.

    Just a note: I tried to use a “milder feta” to please a crowd, which is Bulgarian. It was way too soft, more watery, did not brown well and seemed to fall apart. I do not recommend using Bulgarian feta.

    - Gracesmom on February 25, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Everybody loved it! They didn’t even know what it was- thought it was some new kind of cheese! I will be making this again!

    - Andra on January 2, 2018 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I’ve made this recipe several times, and it’s always a big hit. Tonight I added four anchovies cut into approximately 1 cm pieces. It was delicious. It didn’t come close to overwhelming the dish. I did, however, also delete any extra salt, because otherwise it would have been too salty.
    Why don’t I see any of the other comments?

    - Chuck Cairns on December 18, 2017 Reply
    • The anchovies sound like a tasty twist, Chuck! To see the other comments, click on the “reviews” button that shows up immediately under the recipe title at the top of the page.

      - Jenn on December 19, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I LOVE this dish and it is so easy to make. I like to use crumbled or slice up the block a little so that it melts a little more. Also, I like a little less feta so that it doesn’t overpower the tomatoes.

    - Laura on December 11, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I absolutely love this dish. I have made it as directed in this recipe and served it with pita bread, but I have also made it as a sauce to spoon over fish. In that case I cut the feta up in bite size pieces. It is delicious over swordfish or cod. I would think, any fish without a very strong taste. Tilapia would be good, too. Whereas, I don’t think I would serve it with salmon. A little lemon squeeze over it all adds to the delicious taste. Its so easy and quick, yet adds so much interest to a meal.

    - April on December 7, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Fabulous! This recipe is now a constant at our home – appetizer for a group or dinner for a couple of us!! I don’t change a thing. I’ve made it with in-season tomatoes and with store-bought tomatoes and both work well. My only word of advice is to find a high quality feta, because it really is the star of the recipe.

    - Pam Kidder on November 30, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Forgot the 5 star rating on my review

    - Liz on November 30, 2017 Reply
  • I have made this exactly as written and it’s amazingly good! I’ve also done it with provolone and it’s equally delicious. It’s a wonderful appetizer and I always get rave reviews.

    - Liz on November 30, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    My new go-to appetizer to make for company! It’s so easy and yet beautiful and delicious!

    - Iralyn on November 25, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This recipe is a Wow! Its easy to prepare, tastes fantastic and looks so festive, (especially if you use red and yellow cherry tomatoes), everyone assumes it was a lot more work than it is! I have made this countless times this summer using cherry tomatoes from our garden and we’re not tired of it yet!

    - Dorie Uscher on September 21, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    My go to recipe for an easy delicious appetizer or quick vegetarian dish. Even good the next day reheated.

    - Margot Sippel on September 18, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Made this delicious and easy recipe tonight. I made it exactly as described with no substitutions and served it with fresh sliced baguette. Everyone loved it. I loved how beautiful and colorful it looked when done and it was a crowd pleaser.

    - Alla on September 16, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is the best recipe in the world! My husband and I love it. We’ve made it our dinner several times during our extra warm Seattle summer. Thank you.

    - Becky on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This has become my go to brunch staple (along with the kale and brussel sprout salad) for a while now. And it is a hit every time. I always follow the recipe faithfully, and add warm pita bread to scoop up all the deliciousness.

    - Em on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I reviewed this recipe about a year ago when I very first made it and have made it multi times since then having a few tweaks. What I discovered is that you can make the whole dish ahead of time (except the feta) which is a time saver for me. And since Feta blocks are fairly thick, I sliced it lengthwise into two thin portions so it covered most of the tomatoes. It broiled up nicely, the tomatoes got hot and then easier to portion out the cheese / tomato when scooped. Thin sliced, lightly toasted french bread (also made ahead of time) works really well – holds up to the soupy texture but can also sop up some yummy juices. What a great recipe to use lots of prolific cherry tomatoes!

    - Mary on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    We had a lot of feta left over (Costco) from the Whipped Feta Dip recipe and decided to make this last weekend. It was insanely delicious. I didn’t change anything and it was a delightful dish with bread or brioche toast. My 3-year-old loved it and even my 10-month-old loved the flavors. I plan to make it again for an upcoming party next month. I served it before a pasta dish and it was a great meal!

    - Katie on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this dish several times and it is always a hit both with grown up s and kids. Foolproof and very easy to make. The only thing I do differently is slicing the feta block before broiling – it’s just easier to serve that way. Thank you Jen!

    - Alla on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • Jenn, I have requests for help with two things. #1. My cheese neither melted/softened nor browned after 10 minutes and then I looked again at the package and noticed that I accidentally bought “non-fat” feta. Is that probably the problem? #2. Since there wasn’t a photo as served, I looked at the baguette and pondered whether to heat the loaf and tear it, slice and broil, slice or tear at room temp… what is your preference? And do you spoon the sauce onto it rather than dip/dunk the bread? Thanks for your thoughts!
    Not rating since I think I bought the wrong ingredients.

    - Judy on September 9, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Judy, I’m afraid non-fat feta won’t work here so that was likely the issue – although keep in mind that even full fat feta won’t melt; it will just soften. And bread will work, and I have served it both ways, but for company I’d do toasted slices and use a spoon to smear the sauce on the bread. Hope that helps!

      - Jenn on September 11, 2017 Reply
      • Thaanks for your help! I’ll try again.

        - Judy on September 14, 2017 Reply
  • Oh wow, this looks amazing!

    Would this work with haloumi instead of feta?

    - Jennifer on August 16, 2017 Reply
    • Yep 🙂

      - Jenn on August 17, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this twice over our recent holidays and it was a HUGE success. Everyone loved it!! So easy to make.

    - Melanie Humphreys on July 18, 2017 Reply
  • Yum!! I would make this again. First because it is so delicious and second, it is so easy!!!

    - Heidi on July 6, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    We really loved it. We will do it again.

    - Maria Luna on July 1, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Such a beautiful presentation and the taste was perfect.

    - Barbara Dowtin on May 31, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This has become my go to appetizer. I always have feta (TJ’s in brine) in my fridge, cherry tomatoes off my trees, when in season, or store bought and capers. It doesn’t take long to put together. I think the tomatoes and capers could easily serve as a side dish. I love, love this recipe.

    - Pattie Ryan on May 20, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Hi Jenn,
    I love all the recipes I have made from your website, esp. the Mediterranean and vegetable recipes! They are very easy to follow as well as delicious. I recommend your website to all my friends Please continue your passion for excellence and continue to inspire home cooks everywhere!

    - Lilly on May 15, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I want to bring this appetizer to a Mediterranean themed party. Can I completely prepare it at home and then bring it to the party and warm it up? Also, What happens as this appetizer sits and cools? Can’t wait to try this!

    - Paula on May 10, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Paula, I haven’t made it in advance but another reader commented that she prepares the tomatoes ahead, puts them in a dish with the feta and keeps it covered. Right before serving it, she pops it into the oven. So you could get it prepared to that point and then put it in the oven when you get to the party. Hope everyone enjoys!

      - Jenn on May 10, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was such a fantastic appetizer! Broiling the feta completely transformed it. I will definitely be making this recipe again!

    - Katie on May 9, 2017 Reply
  • Hi Jenn, this sounds delightful. I’d love to make for a dinner party Sat. One of the guests is gluten free. Any suggestions what I could make for them to have with this? The rest of us will enjoy the baguette as you suggest. I’m also making your Morocon chicken for the first time. Thank you Cindy

    - Condy on May 4, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Condy, I’d look for gluten-free crackers. Hope everyone enjoys the meal – can’t go wrong with the Moroccan chicken :)!

      - Jenn on May 4, 2017 Reply
  • 4 stars

    I never thought I liked cherry tomatoes until i tried out this recipe. There are few things that I can make that my vegetarian mother enjoys but this she loved.

    I can never quite get my feta as brown without my tomatoes beginning to burn. And certainly not in 4 minutes. It usually takes me twice as long. Would it help to perhaps put the cheese in first for a couple of minutes by itself?

    Also how soupy would you recommend I leave the tomatoes before adding them to the baking dish?

    - Gayatri on April 30, 2017 Reply
    • Glad your mom likes it! Yes, you can put the cheese in before the tomatoes to get it more browned. And the soupiness of the tomatoes is a personal preference. If you want to drain some of the juices from the tomatoes before adding them to the baking dish, feel free.

      - Jenn on May 1, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this and it was so partner likes his french bread, i warmed some tortillas and had it on warm tortillas, it was just simply divine.

    - evangelina aguilar on April 27, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I just finished making this for the third time in 2 weeks. I love how easy and quick it is to make and the flavours are fantastic! I think it would also be delicious over spaghetti with fresh basil and parmesan. Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes!!

    - Janice on April 2, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Hi Jen I would like to make this with a white fish like halibut and add the feta on top. What do You think?

    - Carla on March 29, 2017 Reply
    • Hi Carla, I think that sounds delicious – you might check out this recipe, which is similar.

      - Jenn on March 30, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    DELICIOUS and SO EASY. I’m making it for the 2nd time right now, this time including onions (and basil, which I think I also included the 1st time). Left out the capers due to personal preference. Just YUM!!!

    - Minna on March 21, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is delicious!!!!!! I found a fantastic Bulgarian Feta cheese at Costco and it came in a two-pack. Perfect, perfect, thank you!

    - Peggy McPhilimy Koger on March 2, 2017 Reply
  • 2 stars

    Made this last night for a party. Really excited to try and was so disappointed! The cheese was like a rock, impossible to spread on toasted bread. Tomatoes were delicious. Not sure what went wrong, would cut the cheese in half if I make this again.

    - Trish on February 27, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    So easy and delicious. Great addition to an appetizer table for something warm and bursting with flavour. Reheats really well!

    - LLLDCCT on February 22, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Made this delicious and easy recipe the other night for company and everyone loved it!

    - Paula on February 15, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Made this for brunch and it was a big hit. I would recommend to make sure your piece of FETA cheese was not too thick. The first time I made this,the Feta cheese was too thick and did not get soft. The second time I made this, I cut the feta in half. ‘Even folks who did not like tomatoes and cheese, loved this. Ate this one night with a loaf of bread for dinner!!

    - Susan Clayman on February 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Simple and delicious. I’ve substituted Queso Fresco for a milder taste for the kids, still excellent flavors

    - LISA on February 14, 2017 Reply
  • Simple and delicious.

    - LISA on February 14, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is so easy! And wonderful! Served with toasted melba thin bread cut into quarters and it left the table! Tomatoes are wonderful! Would make it again, and again.

    - Janie on February 2, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    loved it! Thank you Jenn 🙂

    - Natalia on January 9, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Oh, my goodness…is this ever easy and delicious! Can’t wait to make it again. My husband loves feta. Too bad, as I could easily eat the whole thing myself! Thanks for a great recipe!

    - Vicki Frederick on January 1, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Took this to a New Year’s Eve party and it was gone in 15 minutes. So good! Told everyone about your wonderful blog. Thank you! Happy 2017

    - Bridget on January 1, 2017 Reply
  • Hi! Im going to serve this dish for company and was wondering if I can prep it ahead of time and then throw it under the broiler when my company arrives.

    - Mary on December 29, 2016 Reply
    • Yes definitely, Mary. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on December 29, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Delicious. I followed the recipe exactly. It took longer than 4 minutes to brown (maybe my broiler) but other than that it was perfect. If you don’t like feta I would tell you to try it anyway (it’s that good) because the broiling changes the flavor and makes it more mild.

    - Stacy on December 5, 2016 Reply
    • I think someone asked about making ahead. When I’m having guests I make the tomatoes earlier in the day and put them in a dish with the feta and cover with plastic wrap. Then when I hear guests in the driveway I pop it in the oven. Still turns out perfect . Thanks Jen!

      - Stacy on May 10, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    We love this dish that looks amazing and is very easy to assemble. I would recommend adding Kalamata olives (1/4 to 1/2 cup)and a loaf of crusty baguette.

    - Jane on December 1, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Deee-licious. Don’t need to say anything more, other than TRY IT, YOU’LL LOVE IT!

    - Mandy on December 1, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I had never used block feta before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Oh my – this is an addicting dish! A very flavorful, combination of feta, garlic and tomatoes. Even after the first day, it tasted really good just with crackers as a snack!

    - Mary Cusack on December 1, 2016 Reply
  • Hi, I love Feta but I’m not into garlic. Can I do this recipe without the garlic? any other substitute?

    - Jenny on November 26, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Jenny, you could just omit the garlic or add some chopped shallot instead.

      - Jenn on November 26, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Made this last night for company and it was outstanding !! I will double or triple the tomato olive oil mixture next time because we all put it on crusty bread and really loved that part.

    Thanks for such an delicious and easy recipe !!

    - Char on November 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Fantastic and so easy! We had this before dinner with crusty bread and my whole family loved it. I liked it because it comes together very quickly and the flavors are terrific.

    - Melissa on October 27, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I have made this twice, once as an appetizer and tonight as a main meal. So good and can’t wait to have it tomorrow for lunch.

    - Charlene on October 17, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Really wonderful recipe. Perfect for any season. I subbed green olives because my husband didn’t care for capers but it was DELICIOUS!

    - Crissy Brase on October 10, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I love this recipe. Baking the feta changes the flavor to make it a little milder and my kid lives it. My husband and I love all the flavors together and it is great with some crusty bread.

    - Kim on October 10, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This is absolutely delicious and simple to prepare. I’ve made it (at least 6 or 7 times) exactly as written and it turned out picture perfect. Everyone I’ve served it to, loved it as much as we did. My husband suggested that I try as a pasta dish and it was really good too. The first time I didn’t put enough feta cheese and the next time I put too much but still very good. If mixing it in pasta be sure to pour a little olive oil first before adding mixture. Great recipe and definitely a keeper.

    - Nicki on October 7, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this as an appetizer for my daughters birthday dinner. Her Mother-n-
    law is non-grain and gluten free so I am always looking for an alternative so she can have some to. I couldn’t think of an appropriate veggie except lettuce cups. Romaine and a small head of redicio filled the void. I also added fresh basil for a finishing touch. Everyone loved it.

    - Patricia Leggett on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • This was wonderful! I happened to have all the ingredients on hand and it is super easy to make! We had a little left over and it was also good the day after. This will be repeated often!

    - Esty on October 6, 2016 Reply
    • 5 stars

      Oops – forgot to give it a star rating – 5 stars, of course!

      - Esty on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    LOVED this recipe. I ended up using crumbled feta instead of a block (just what I already had in the fridge so decided to use it) and it still worked beautifully. I also added an extra garlic clove, since I believe you can almost never have enough. and a small handful of pre-roasted garlic cloves (from the Mediterranean bar @ Wegmans). This has become one of my favorite recipes! Thanks for sharing!

    - Jenn on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This appetizer was beyond incredible. So easy, the flavors meld perfectly. I have made it with the capers and without. I prefer without the capers as dish tended to be too salty for me with them included. I have had this dish for dinner sometimes with a glass of wine and it is so satisfying.

    - Susan Hillhouse on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This a great appetizer and was easy to make. We brought this to a party and got many compliments. I can definitely see this as a main course for two as well. I was afraid the feta block was too thick and cut it in half but stuck it back on and it was fine.

    - Owen Dexter on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • WOW!
    We had a plethora of cherry tomatoes in the garden this year, so made this several times. My wife makes homemade sourdough, so fresh baguettes, garlicy tomatoey, cheesy goodness, yumm. With a crisp Savignon blanc, easy to get full on these.
    I took the feta out of the fridge about 1/2 hour before to get it a little soft. I found it melted a bit more and browned up nicely under our gas broiler (just got a new oven recently, and this is the only thing I have broiled yet, so it could be me). I made this in smaller batches after the first time, since it is just 2 of us. 4 OZ of cheese to about the same amount of tomato seems right for us as an appetizer

    - Michael on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    We made this recipe several times this summer, especially after receiving a bounty of cherry tomatoes from our neighbor. So delicious and very easy to pull together. It paired nicely with some grilled salmon. I needed a quick meal this past weekend and thought I had all the ingredients on hand, but had forgotten that I had used up all the capers. Some lemon juice and parsley made for a nice last minute substitute, but we really prefer the recipe as posted.

    - Liesel on October 6, 2016 Reply
  • Do you have a favorite brand of feta?

    - Julie on September 25, 2016 Reply
    • I like President brand. (Be sure not to get the fat free version!)

      - Jenn on September 26, 2016 Reply
  • 4 stars

    I tried this dish the other night and it was so simple and so delicious. I forgot to get capers so added onions instead and it was really good. The juices and soft cheese were devine!

    - Mikela on September 20, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was so delicious! Something about baking the feta makes it milder and changes the texture. Perfect with the moroccan meatballs and pita…

    - Rebecca on September 19, 2016 Reply
  • This dish looks amazing, but I am making it for a crowd of 12 hungry adults as an appetizer. How do you recommend I multiply the recipe? Should I make it in three separate dishes? Help.

    - Jean on September 12, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Jean, You could use 3 separate dishes or just one larger one (it should hold at least 4 quarts). And I would just multiply all the ingredients by 3 to have enough for everyone. Hope they enjoy!

      - Jenn on September 13, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    We have to rave about this recipe! I added a small handful of freshly cut mixed herbs from my garden, and that added a nice freshness to the flavor. The bottom of the feta melted slightly and leaked some “feta juice” into the tomato mixture, and that added a lot.

    Jenn, how would it be with a dozen or so Greek olives, halved or coarsely chopped? How about with some anchovies? I don’t want to give it too much of a “putanesca” flavor, just to add some umami flavor. What do you think?

    - Chuck on September 8, 2016 Reply
    • So glad you enjoyed it, Chuck! I think the diced olives would go beautifully here.

      - Jenn on September 8, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This recipe was one of the big hits of the summer at my house. I made it again and again! I also add some herbes de provence and black olives. It even freezes well. I made the recipe up to the point of putting it in the oven, but put the baking dish covered with aluminum foil in the freezer instead.

    - Amy M on September 7, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    As other users have noted….this is so good and easy too!! Will definately be making this one again.

    - Nicole on September 6, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I have made this about 5 times and everyone loves it! It comes out perfect every time. Loves the flavors and so easy.

    - Maud Gonne on September 3, 2016 Reply
  • Perfection in individual au gratin dishes. We used the last of our Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and I halved the recipe for 2. A bit of focaccia and Chardonnay, rounded out our late summer dinner perfectly n

    - Jeanne on September 2, 2016 Reply
  • 4 stars

    We liked this. But have to say – reading someone’s review, I now want to try this with goat cheese. 🙂

    - alicia on September 2, 2016 Reply
    • 4 stars

      Tried with lemon flavored goat cheese. and regular goat cheese. REALLY GOOD!!

      - Alicia on December 2, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I am obsessed with this. I was looking for something to do with the huge amount of cherry tomatoes from my garden and stumbled upon this recipe. The texture of the feta when it’s warm is outrageous, and the tomatoes create a sort of sauce. My mouth is watering again!

    - Terri on September 1, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Another 5 star recipe from OUAC-thank you! Made it as a light supper with a salad & good baguette one night- my mom raved! Making again tonight but doubling the tomatoes & serving over very thin grilled chicken cutlets and couscous-Yum!

    - Jill on August 26, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I had purchased the ingredients for this dish earlier in the week and never gotten a chance to make it. Boy was I pleasantly surprised tonight while searching for something in the refrigerator to realize I had the makings for this tasty dish. My husband and I took your advice and ate it alone as our only dish. It was delicious. Another great recipe.

    - Katrina on August 26, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was so simple, the perfect summer dinner! The warm feta, smeared on freshly toasted ciabatta bread, with the slightly sweet and bursting with flavor tomatoes on top……
    Thank you for this great recipe!

    - April S. on August 25, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this tonight for dinner with my daughter and son-in-law, and all of us were over the moon about it. Simple, delicious, and irresistible!

    - Donna on August 25, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This recipe is amazing!! I hate when people offer reviews and then say all the things they changed (!), but now I have to do that….and it was accidental, I promise! I don’t care for Feta but that’s beside the point. I didn’t have any! So I used goat cheese and I have to say, I cannot imagine it being any more delicious than it was. Some of my guests even placed some of it on their steaks!!! FABULOUS RECIPE. Thanks so much.

    - Corinne Murphy on August 25, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Perfect summer bite before dinner! Especially with cherry tomatoes from my garden.

    - Oak on August 25, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Not only was this delicious the first time around, but the leftovers were fantastic on homemade pizza dough.

    - Karen on August 25, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Simple and Delicious like all of your recipes. I used the leftovers in an omelette.

    - Avra Novarr on August 21, 2016 Reply
  • Can you reheat this recipe as I would like to try it before serving it to friends. If yes, how would you recommend that I reheat it ( oven, microwave??? )

    - Lynn on August 20, 2016 Reply
    • Yes, Lynn, that’s fine. You can easily reheat it in the microwave.

      - Jenn on August 21, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Best appetizer I have eaten all summer!! So happy to have a new recipe for my abundant cherry tomato crop. Reminds me of Greek Saganaki. Thank you for another fabulous recipe!!

    - Linda on August 18, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This was so quick, easy, and DELICIOUS! I just substituted kalamata olives (my sis-in-law won’t touch anything with capers) and sprinkled some fresh dill on top after baking. Seriously good – thanks for another amazing recipe!

    - Sue on August 18, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    My husband doesn’t like feta. What other cheese would work for this? My son has had something like this in a restaurant and he said can we make this mom.
    Thank you!!

    - Diana on August 18, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Diana, I’m not certain how readily available haloumi is, but that would work well here. You could also try something like blue cheese or Brie, although I’ve never used them here. Just make sure to keep an eye on it while it’s in the oven!

      - Jenn on August 18, 2016 Reply
    • I think goat cheese would be amazing with these flavors too, though you’d likely have to do it in slices/discs as it’s typically sold as a log. I made a similar recipe all last summer with goat cheese and it was a great pairing!

      - Erin on August 18, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Colorful, delicious and easy to make dish that you can serve hot or cold.

    - Joy on August 18, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    This recipe is excellent, so easy and quick to make, 15 min and supper is served on a hot summer day, the colors add to great taste.

    - irma on August 16, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I served this tonight as a starter and it was a big hit! Served four perfectly with toasted baguette slices. One change: the top of the feta cheese was getting brown, but it was not getting soft on the bottom, so I cut the block in half crosswise and put the two pieces side by side in the pan. Worked perfectly! Thanks for another great recipe!

    - Ruthie on August 15, 2016 Reply
  • This recipe is heavenly. My picky 7 and 10 YO ate this without a word of complaining. Thank you.

    - Sanjay Dave on August 13, 2016 Reply
  • I’d be serving this as the main dish, so I was wondering: could I add, say, crumbled Italian sausage? Or something else?

    - Willliam Gross on August 12, 2016 Reply
    • I think you could William, but you’d have to cook it first. It may be simpler if you just serve it on the side.

      - Jenn on August 12, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Kindly add me to the roster of your readers who have flipped for this easy, yet utterly satisfying recipe. We had a friend over for dinner last night, and when I told Tom about this recipe, he said that he would plant his face in it. Tongue in cheek, I actually made him his own private appetizer….yes, 8 oz. of cheese just for him! This will be made more often than a “regular rotation”.

    - Jeff Winett on August 10, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Outstanding! I made a double batch as an appetizer for our weekly dinner with my husband’s family and it was devoured. The only thing I did differently was to use crumbled feta all over the top instead of the block. Do not skip broiling the feta! There was about 1/3 of a cup left over, which I used in scrambled eggs the next morning. Can’t wait to make this again.

    - Denise on August 9, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Hello Jenn and thanks for the recipe!
    It’s a very good idea for the hot summer days.
    i will surely prepare it and I wonder if it wouldn’t go even better with Haloumi cheese.
    What do you think?

    - Monica on August 8, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Monica, I think it would go great with goat cheese or haloumi. If you prepare it with either, I’d love to know how it turns out!

      - Jenn on August 10, 2016 Reply
      • Hello again Jenn, I would have liked to add a photo of the dish, but it’s gone (eaten so fast!) 🙂
        It was really good with haloumi, the texture of this Cypriot cheese makes it perfect for your recipe, so I highly recommend it, it’s really worth trying it.
        I’ve also added some olives and some button mushrooms – so no need for meat in order to have a nutritious dish.
        Thanks again for this brilliant idea!

        - monica on August 13, 2016 Reply
  • I adore your recipes and will definitely try this! I’m not the biggest fan of feta cheese… Is there another type you think would also work/ hold up to the heat?

    - Alicia on August 8, 2016 Reply
    • Not sure how readily available haloumi is, but that would be good here. You could also try something like goat cheese, Brie or blue cheese, although I’ve never used them here. Just be sure to keep an eye on it while it’s in the oven!

      - Jenn on August 10, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this yesterday as an appetizer, and it was delicious! I added a pinch of dried oregano, which made me think that the leftovers will be great on some pizza dough that I have in the freezer!

    - Karen on August 8, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Sounds great. Is this an appetizer? A side dish for dinner?

    - Meg on August 8, 2016 Reply
    • I think it could be either. Hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on August 8, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Seriously one of the best things I have eaten this summer ! Only thing I did different was add a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice at the end .

    - Robin on August 5, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Truly wonderful. As suggested we had it for a light supper with baguettes and fresh corn. We decided the only problem was that we haven’t been making this all our lives.

    - Emilie Richards on August 5, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I made this last night as part of a light supper alongside your garlic shrimp and it was fabulous. I didn’t change any part of the recipe. Tomatoes are already on my next shopping list to make this again. BTW, I love the option to change the measurements to metric, since that is how produce is sold where I live.

    - Sandi on August 5, 2016 Reply
  • 90 degrees is not so bad – try 102. We too have had lots of salads and cold fruit but I am looking forward to a nice change with the broiled feta and tomatoes tomorrow. It looks and sounds delicious. Many thanks for all your delicious recipes.

    - Emily on August 4, 2016 Reply
  • I love capers but my husband isn’t a fan… Suggestions for a replacement? Olives? I’m sure it gives the recipe some saltiness so I don’t want to omit them all together!?
    Your recipes are amazing btw!

    - Crissy on August 4, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Crissy, Yes, olives would be great. Enjoy!

      - Jenn on August 5, 2016 Reply
    • 5 stars

      i didn’t have capers, either. thought about olives, but ended up adding 1/4 red bell pepper and 1 whole serrano pepper, both chopped, to the tomatoes and garlic (and some extra garlic, too). it was amazing!

      - Hollis Evon Ramsey on January 18, 2017 Reply
  • 5 stars

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I already know I’ll love it, so I’ll rate it 5 stars. Your recipes have all always been 5 stars for me.

    Mainly, I wanted to acknowledge your genius in adding a metric/cup measure converter to your site! I’m always amazed at how many people ask the author to convert recipes just for them instead of finding a converter and doing it themselves. Your utter brilliance in adding a converter to your site must save you lots of time responding to such requests, and hopefully will be much appreciated by users who need metric recipes. Kudos to you!

    - Vicki on August 4, 2016 Reply
  • 5 stars

    Such an amazingly simple but luxurious recipe! I can’t wait to try it! Do you have a recommendation for feta? I have found it very difficult to find a really great one.

    - Tracey on August 4, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Tracey, I use President brand. (Be careful not to by the fat-free version; it’s usually right next to the regular one.) Hope you enjoy!

      - Jenn on August 5, 2016 Reply
    • 5 stars

      I used Macedonian feta, which tends to be creamier. Goat feta was a tad too dry for this recipe. It is a wonderful easy recipe.

      - Walter on August 5, 2016 Reply
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