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Ghost Cupcakes

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Made with lollipops and store-bought fondant, these ghost cupcakes are fun to make with kids.

Cupcakes decorated with ghosts.

My kids love these ghost cupcakes, not least because they’re made with lollipops and fondant. Fondant is the smooth, rollable icing with a playdough-like consistency that’s typically used on wedding cakes. No worries, you don’t have to make fondant from scratch — it’s easy to find at any craft store.

What you’ll need to make ghost cupcakes

Cupcake ingredients including suckers, cornstarch, and buttercream fondant.

How to make ghost cupcakes

Begin by rolling out the fondant to about 1/16-inch. Be sure to dust your work surface with cornstarch so it doesn’t stick.

White fondant rolled on a counter.

Use a 4-inch cookie cutter or paring knife to cut circles.

Circles cut out of rolled fondant.

Place each circle over a lollipop and form into the shape of a ghost.

Fondant curved overed a lollipop.

Place the ghost lollipop in the center of a cupcake.

Lollipop with fondant stuck into a chocolate cupcake.

And, finally, squeeze out little eyes with the black decorating gel.

Cupcakes decorated with lollipop and fondant ghosts with eyes.

For a wonderful homemade chocolate cupcake recipe, click here.

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Ghost Cupcakes

Made with lollipops and store-bought fondant, these ghost cupcakes are fun to make with kids.

Servings: 12 cupcakes
Total Time: 30 Minutes


  • 2 pounds white buttercream fondant
  • Cornstarch, for rolling the fondant
  • 12 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting
  • 12 small lollipops, such as DumDums
  • 1 small tube black decorating gel


  1. Dust your work surface and rolling pin lightly with cornstarch. Roll half of the fondant out into a large circle about 1/16-inch thick. Using a 4-inch round cookie cutter or paring knife, cut out circles. Gather any scraps into a ball; roll and cut again. Roll out the remaining fondant and repeat until you have 12 circles.
  2. Place each fondant circle over a lollipop and form into the shape of a ghost. Place each ghost lollipop into the center of a cupcake, pushing all the way down. Using the black decorating gel, squeeze out little eyes.

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  • Hi Jenn! I made your vanilla buttermilk cupcakes just last weekend and they turned out fantastic! I was actually looking for your go-to chocolate and happened across this, but there’s no link to the actual cupcake recipe; which is your favourite? (Please note that I don’t want to make red velvet….) Keep ’em coming and thanks from Vancouver!!

    • Hi Melanie, glad you liked the vanilla cupcakes! Here’s a link to the chocolate ones. You asked my favorite– they’re both really delicious; I think it depends on whether you’re more of a vanilla or chocolate person :).

      • Thank you Jenn! I was referring to your fave chocolate cupcakes so I’m sure these will be just as (respectively) good as the vanilla buttermilk ones. I’ll report back soon!!

  • Can I make these the day before? Or the frosting and the fondant ghost should be placed on the day of serving them? Thanks!

    • Hi Serena, Yes, it’s fine to make them ahead.

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